The Atlantis Prophecy

An ancient organization powerful than the federal government has targeted Washington They ll stop at nothing to destroy the republic and raise an empire The adventure begins with a mysterious military burial at Arlington National Cemetery and a shocking legacy that has explosive implications for America s existence Archaeologist Conrad Yeats discovers in his fat An ancient organization powerful than the federal government has targeted Washington They ll stop at nothing to destroy the republic and raise an empire The adventure begins with a mysterious military burial at Arlington National Cemetery and a shocking legacy that has explosive implications for America s existence Archaeologist Conrad Yeats discovers in his father s tombstone the key to a centuries old warning built into the very design of Washington, D.C Major monuments along the National Mall are astronomically aligned and are about to lock with the stars at a date foreseen by the Founding Fathers Along with Serena Serghetti, a beautiful Vatican linguist with secrets of her own, Yeats explores the hidden world beneath the capital in a deadly race to save it America has a date with destiny, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance.
The Atlantis Prophecy An ancient organization powerful than the federal government has targeted Washington They ll stop at nothing to destroy the republic and raise an empire The adventure begins with a mysterious military

  • Title: The Atlantis Prophecy
  • Author: Thomas Greanias
  • ISBN: 9780743491921
  • Page: 429
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. This is one of many books that have sprung up since the success of Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code." I think in this case the author has also read "Angels and Demons" by the same author. He has then taken themes from both books to "create" his own. Thus we have good looking male scholar/adventurer, expert at cracking codes, running around a capital city (in this case Washington D.C rather than Paris or Rome) with an equally good looking and equally intelligent female helper, searching for an equa [...]

    2. As usual, Thomas Greanias has succeeded in writing another page turning adventure thriller novel. This installment of the series keeps the reader on the edge of their seat the entire time they are reading. If you love a touch of sci-fi-based-history, barely there (almost non-existent) romance, and lots of action, then this book is for you! I would suggest this book to anyone above the age of 16.

    3. Let me first off begin by saying I'm not a huge fan of these types of books so keep that in mind when reading my review. I loved 'The DaVinci Code,' but I recently finished a book of the same genre by Steve Berry. I will say I enjoyed Thomas Greanias much more than Steve Berry. However, it just didn't do it for me.POSITIVES:1) This book was an easy read, very fast moving.2) I did enjoy Mr. Greanias' writing style.3) I did learn some interesting facts about Washington DC and gaining knowledge is [...]

    4. A fascinating adventure to discover an ancient prophecy involving America's pastI read & thoroughly enjoyed the prequel to this novel, Raising Atlantis. Thomas Greanias' story & characters had me hooked. I am a huge fan of ancient mysteries, so much so that I also write them. The Atlantis Prophecy delivers for anyone who enjoys stories where modern-day characters struggle against nearly insurmountable odds to uncover ancient secrets hidden in, and woven amongst, well-known places and mon [...]

    5. While I didn't win this in a giveaway, Greanias sent a signed ARC copy by mistake after I won another one of his novels. It sounded interesting, so I took the first out of the library and it was great.This one was good but it wasn't as good. There was more confusion and it felt a lot more like I was reading a mimic of Dan Brown. It probably doesn't help I read one of Brown's books before this. In this second Conrad Yeats novel, it's 4 years after the Atlantis discovery in Antarctica and Yeats & [...]

    6. The Roman Catholic church, Freemasonry, the Founding Fathers and the ancient lost continent of Atlantis are settings and groups frequently used as key elements in modern thrillers. Apparently, author Thomas Greanias figured why not throw them all into the mix in his first novel, 2005's Raising Atlantis.Archaeologist Conrad Yeats and Australian linguist (and nun) Serena Serghetti explored evidence of the lost continent found in the inhospitable Antarctic. The sequel, The Atlantis Prophecy, picks [...]

    7. Starts with an interesting story about the death of George Washington.Then there’s a lot of running around Washington DC as Yeats (or Stargazer) uses astronomical alignments, signs and coordinates left by his father along with clues left by the Masons to find Washington’s celestial globe that supposedly conceals dangerous information about America’s history. Meanwhile a secret centuries-old organization, the Alignment, is trying to stop him from completing their plan to quietly take over A [...]

    8. Thomas Greanias- The Atlantis Prophecy (Pocket Star Books 2008) 4.25 StarsConrad Yeats has just seen his adopted father’s burial stone and realizes that there is a hidden code on the tombstone. When America was founded there was built in a warning that could lead to America’s doom. He must work with Serena Serghetti to go through hidden tunnels beneath Washington DC in the hopes of saving America.I enjoyed how this book picked where the last one left off and dives us immediately into a despe [...]

    9. Raising Atlantis from the antarctic ice was just a warm-up. In The Atlantis Prophecy, Thomas Greanias delivers the end-all be-all of secret society conspiracy thrillers. What's the connection between the United States Capitol and ancient Atlantis? You'll have to read it to believe, but once you haveyou probably will.The Atlantis Prophecy (TAP) gives us plenty of historical Church v. Masons mystery, but doesn't give short shrift to the action. But where this story really succeeds is in its charac [...]

    10. So far I am not thinking too much of this series. A bit of excitement with a lot of potential, however I am feeling let down. The author is all over the place with theories and whatever is convenient to pull the story along at the time. Conrad Yeats who is disgraced as a professional always manages to know someone or have a skill that will pull out every life threatening situation he's in, which is ever other chapter. Then there's Nun Serena who can fly a chopper, kick some butt, knows everythin [...]

    11. NO SPOILERS!! I really liked the first book in this series - Raising Atlantis - so I was psyched about this one. This was a good read - no question about it - but some of the action seemed a bit contrived might've been a little too easy for the characters to get in/out of troubled spots more than a few times. I loved the DC references as we live in that area and Mr. Greanias did a nice job of weaving in the geographic references. He also did a nice job of writing in some of the more famous monum [...]

    12. Astro-archaeologist Conrad Yeats is back, with his nun friend known as Mother Earth, to save the United States of America. July 4, 2008 may see the end of the republic unless Yeats can stop an evil group known as the Alignment. General, then President George Washington had his own problems with the Alignment. He left clues for the future "Stargazer" to discover and interpret. Is Yeats the Stargazer that was predicted?This was a better story than the first in the series, Raising Atlantis, if only [...]

    13. This is the second in a three book apocalyptic series by this author. The first one started a search for Atlantis in Antarctica. This book, which takes place in the United States and other places is far more interesting than the first one. It broadens the conspiracy by a group that is planning to take over the Us and make it into a socialist country. Excellent timely story in light of what has been happening in reality in our country these past two years. It ends with a knowledge that there is m [...]

    14. This one was exciting, though not as much so as the first book. Disappointingly, there were not many answers to the questions left hanging at the end of Raising Atlantis. Of course, new questions were added and I must admit, the the third book looks a little slim to have so many answers! I am looking forward to reading it though. Mostly, this book reminded me of the National Treasure movies. All in all, this was an entertaining, though not enlightening, sequel.

    15. First of all, the title is deceptive. The book honestly has nothing to do with Atlantis, apart from the fact that the previous book in the series took place there and someone apparently wanted to make it blatantly obvious that it was a sequel. I didn't mind the adventure-y, "George Washington hid stuff all over DC and now we have to find it" aspect of the story. But the overall plot was far too contrived to be enjoyable. Plus, the fact that the main character's love interest was a nun just annoy [...]

    16. The Atlantis Prophecy is a fun, fast read. That's the only good part.The things that happen to the characters are ridiculous yet that works perfectly to the LOL dialogue. There was a lot of the one liner, cliched, speaking here. If that wasn't bad enough they said the other person's name every paragraph. The reason the book was a fast read was because there was very little description. It told me everything.I think the book or books since this is a series, has very interesting ideas. It just doe [...]

    17. It is a fast moving book. When I read this, I had no clue that it is second in the Conrad Yeats Adventure series. However, it has not much of a link with the first one, except that the first adventure is mentioned at few places in this book.The adventure in this book is written about George Washington and Masonic background and some map which they left to be found in future.I remember reading another book on similar background, so some of the historical stuff was not new for me. Overall the fast [...]

    18. This book is if National Treasure had a baby and it was a book, this would be that book. This book is filled with mysterie and wonder. It kept me involved and It kept making me wonder how the adventure was going to end. If you are into mysterie and adventure I suggest that you read this book. From the very beginning, to the end, The Atlantis Prophecy has mysterie and adventure at every corner. This book paints a vivid picture in your head and the adventure it takes you on is captivating. This bo [...]

    19. Another page turner. I stayed up way too late reading this book. Truthfully, it was over my head a lot with dates and people - the author does a great job of weaving together political, historical, geographical and religious facts and fiction. Although I couldn't picture the landmarks in DC that he wrote around, it was still very interesting to me. A couple of the characters had potty-mouths, which I didn't appreciate. But overall, really good. The last page made me really want to read his third [...]

    20. I'm a big fan of history-based thrillers and I bought this book in the airport in Cancun simply because I liked the blurb. It appeared just the right mix of history and adventure with a pinch of romance thrown in.I never fall asleep with a book in my hands, but this one worked like magic. The intricate twists and turns of the plot, enemies turning into friends and vice-versa lulled me into the embrace of Morpheus when they should've kept me at the edge of my seat.The blurb promises a bang that t [...]

    21. Intelligent plot and weak structure. This is the Atlantis prophecy. Another novel about the masons and how they plot the history of USA. The main event which is happened in the American Revolution Era is ambiguous enough to make all the novel ambiguous too. What happened between Washington and the traitors? Nobody knows What is the role of Vatican exactly and why does church interest in this plot?? Nobody knows I cannot ignore the similarities between this novel and National Treasure movie. But, [...]

    22. Like Dan Brown in the Da Vinci Code, the author makes up myth about the Knights Templar and casts them as evil. He does the same for the Freemasons implying that these two groups had plans for world dominance. With the help of a nun named Serena, aka Mother Earth, archeologist Conrad Yeats becomes involved in trying to track down spheres containing clues about a secret treaty signed by George Washington and stop a worldwide bird fle epidemic while the evil Alliance tries to kill him. Not a bad s [...]

    23. Better than the first book as the plot is a little more complex and the characters are slightly more developed, but the author just isn't that great of an author. I don't think that his writing style is that engaging, even though the topic is. In this one, there is a secret conspiracy to undermine the US government. It's like a weak, more violent version of National Treasure. It's fun, but could have been better if written by a better author.

    24. Otro libro conspiracionista a lo Dan Brown: capítulos cortos, aparentes tintes históricos, aventuras, persecuciones, virus mortales, Iglesia… Es entretenido, con lenguaje simple y de lectura rápida. Sin embargo no tiene ninguna trascendencia, y los personajes no están bien exprimidos. Un libro para leer en el metro o en la playa. Le pongo dos estrellas porque las castellanizaciones de zum (zoom) y güiski (whisky) me han hecho gracia.

    25. This was at once better and worse than the last one. The quality of story telling was much better and more complex and more ummmm, plausible I guess than the first one. However, there were several factual inaccuracies which were annoying and will annoy folks who know a lot of the history, Masonic legends, etc. that form the background of his story. But that aside, even more enjoyable than the last. I plan to keep reading on

    26. Fantastic!This book is absolutely gripping reading! The characters, their relationships, the mystery, history, action, religious dimension, geography, all are so amazingly well done. This book kept me intrigued until the final page. The pictures in my mind were a dim representation of the word artistry painted by the author, but they were vivid nonetheless! What a great way to weave in our country's history with modern day events. Well done!!

    27. I liked this second book marginally better than the first. Maybe it was because there was more conspiracy and less science fiction? Maybe some of the characters were more believable? Maybe some of the insight into security measures around DC were thought provoking? Whatever the case, this was a thrill to read. Does a DNA strand really only form the double helix in one direction? I didn't know that.

    28. A bit weak, kept me entertained tho, probably better as a hliday by the pool book to be honest. Bit disjoined in parts and an almost "oh by the way, the main character can do this because of something that happened a while ago so you'll just have to believe it and keep reading" kind of unbelieveable in parts story

    29. I really liked this book and had a hard time putting it down. There is one small section with harsh language or I would have given it 5 stars. I realized, after I was into it a way, that it is the middle book of a 3 book series. I will have to read the other two. This book did work as a stand alone.

    30. Finished reading The Atlantis Prophecy by Thomas Greanias. Conrad is back this time prevent a discovery that could cause a major shift of power change and a virus from spreading. Seeking out clues his father left behind, Conrad learns more of his family's secret mission and the only way to save the world. If you loved National Treasure the movie you should read this great book.

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