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  1. To be honest I didn't know whether I would like this book or not. The title, cover and covertext didn't attract me that much and I hate to say it but for me those things can make me buy books and read them. Now I have discovered once more that you can't judge a book by its cover (or title or covertext) and that's also the message this book tries to give to its readers!My favorite genre still is chicklit. I love to clear my head and read some love stories without much depth. On the other hand I a [...]

  2. Reading this blurb you could be forgiven for thinking this would be an office romance book, but this is so much more. I already knew from the author that this book had a fantasy element although there is no indication to that in the blurb. To begin with I did wonder about what the fantasy element would be. Then Jess started having very vivid dreams and just like that I was hooked.Jess is an insecure young woman who as had a life time of ridicule she then lands a job working for teen savvy, altho [...]

  3. Reflection by Nadia Kim is a story based on a young woman named Jessica (aka Jess) who works at a fashion magazine. Jess struggles, as most would working in the fashion industry, with body image. Besides her weight, Jess has to overcome her fear of letting love in. Her body and mind are at odds with each other. Jess starts dream walking and lures demons. Can Jess face her fears?This book has a lot of good reviews on GoodReads, and I can see why. It definitely fits into my guilty pleasure genre w [...]

  4. Although I can appreciate Ms. Kim's purpose in writing this book, I have to say that there were some issues with this book. (flow, dialog, character development). Other than that, this book was somewhat decent If you are someone who has self-esteem issues that are rooted in a painful past, then this book is worth reading, other than that, this book needs a good editor.Giving this one, 2 stars.

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