Exquisite Breath of Darkness

Being a nearly invincible immortal warrior, Joseph Payne had never paid attention to time, but now time consumes his every thought because he is running out of it Fate is about to rip Mia Harte, the only woman he will ever love, out of his arms because she belongs to Eli Thomas, the relentless alpha male of one of the strongest lycan packs in the Pacific Northwest.
Exquisite Breath of Darkness Being a nearly invincible immortal warrior Joseph Payne had never paid attention to time but now time consumes his every thought because he is running out of it Fate is about to rip Mia Harte the o

  • Title: Exquisite Breath of Darkness
  • Author: Candice Stauffer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Exquisite Breath of Darkness by Candice StaufferJoseph Payne is a two thousand year old warrior. One of his favorite pastimes is facebook. Not his own mind you, he likes messing with profiles of his friends. Six months ago he met Mia Harte. He’s been around her ever since….even though she does all she can to keep him away. He knows she is lycan and can’t be his mate but that don’t stop him from loving and protecting her. Not even though she’s dying and not even when Eli Thomas and his [...]

    2. This is a story of Mia Harte, a supressed lycan because she's sick and hasn't connected to her wolf yet. She doesn't understand why she acts wild at times. Even tho Mia is sick, she's no weakling and can still kick butt!! It's always worse when she is around Joseph Payne, an Immortal and a hunk of an alpha male. He's so in love with her, but she's not his soulmate or is she? Then we have Eli Thomas, who is also a lycan and claims that Mia is his soulmate. As you can imagine that doesn't sit well [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this story and being able to journey along with Mia and Joseph. Believe me, it is quite a journey that has you holding your breath with fear and at times, suspense at other times.The last chapter really made me change my mind about Eli and his convictions. I hope we see more of him in the future.This book can be a stand alone read, but I strongly recommend reading this series from the beginning as there are appearances by previous favorites and their stories are too good to miss [...]

    4. Book: Exquisite Breath of DarknessAuthor: Candice StaufferPublication Date: 6/2012Reviewed by: Tammy - booknooknuts/My Rating: 5 Stars REVIEW:Joseph Payne is a warrior and Mia Harte is a lycan although she doesnt know it. She seems to always find herself in danger. Can Joseph save her from her many risks? Can he capture her heart?Will she become his mate? Eli Thomas seems to think she is his mate but in the end true love wins Very passionate and sexy book !!!!Review copy provided by: Purchased [...]

    5. My Thoughts: This book I mean, wow. At some points I was laughing to the point of tears. From the first page/chapter I was pulled in. The start is comical showing us what the two main characters relationship from the start was. Mia and Joseph have to be my favorite characters with the dark Dmitri coming coming close. (Hope I spelled his name right.) This is an excellent book to read. ;)The Review:First off if you loved Sweet, Decadent Fire or Eternal Breath of Darkness then you will love this on [...]

    6. Book Three in the "Breath" series.Really enjoying this HOT series about hunky vampires & Dragons. Anxiously waiting for next issue coming in October 2012.

    7. this second book is better than this first. way more intense, in more than one way. can't wait for the next book!

    8. Much better plot than book #1, but really bad editing, which normally doesn't bother me, but simple typo/wrong or missing word errors several times per chapter.

    9. He Really Doesn't KnowThis is an entertaining read with some intense and exciting situations. She dying and he is trying to keep her alive. He could give her immortality if she was his mate but she can't be. Even though she is dying, she is not giving up, she is a fighter. Enjoy I did.

    10. Wicked After Dark AnthologyThough this is third in a series I felt it was mostly easy to follow. I liked that we got little snippets of the drama the other characters were going through as well. I thought Mia was a good character, she was strong willed and temperamental but when it really came down to life and death she actually tried to do what was right and not just what her stubborn self thought was right. Joseph was awesome, if a little dense at times, and I loved the banter between the two. [...]

    11. OMG this book was so hot. Joesph is so naughty but in a really hot way. The beginning of the book is hillarious as it throws you for a loop right there. As you read further into this book you get drawn into the world like no other. The relationship between joesphy and Mia is not only hot but hillarious as she is determined to give him a hard time and make things hard for him. Not only that you get a sneak peak into Joesph past with his murderous ex wife. This is diffinitly a great book to read a [...]

    12. Joseph and Mia. Wow! Joseph is the comic relief in this series. He's so funny and loves for Mia to kick his butt. Takes Joseph a while to figure out Mia, a werewolf could actually be his mate. Through a lot of hardship and a kidnapping, he finally figures it out. Love these guys! Love these books!

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