Back and Deader Than Ever

The RADs are free and Draculaura Lala is flashing her fangs with pride But when Daddy Drac pays her a surprise visit everything goes batty Mr D thinks RADs should have their own school, but Lala isn t ready to give up the rights they fought so hard for.It s father against daughter in a battle for Salem s student body Despite the many challenges, Lala is determined tThe RADs are free and Draculaura Lala is flashing her fangs with pride But when Daddy Drac pays her a surprise visit everything goes batty Mr D thinks RADs should have their own school, but Lala isn t ready to give up the rights they fought so hard for.It s father against daughter in a battle for Salem s student body Despite the many challenges, Lala is determined to save Merston High But she might die twice while trying.
Back and Deader Than Ever The RADs are free and Draculaura Lala is flashing her fangs with pride But when Daddy Drac pays her a surprise visit everything goes batty Mr D thinks RADs should have their own school but Lala isn t

  • Title: Back and Deader Than Ever
  • Author: Lisi Harrison
  • ISBN: 9780316186674
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Monster High Four, the final book by Lisi Harrison. I was shocked to hear her say this was the last book, I remember reading there was going to be six. Indeed, I did some digging and searching and found some interesting facts. The Monster High series will continue with a spin-off, Monster High: Ghoulfriends Forever by Gitty Daneshvari out September, 5 2012. Coming to a total of eight books for now. A lot of questions still remained at the end of MH4. Yes, a big transaction was made towards the e [...]

    2. Actual rating: 2.5 stars. I so wanted to give this book three stars, butoh, well. The structure of this book is odd. The monster school plot doesn't make an appearance until half way through the book and it's supposed to be the main plot. The first half is taken up almost exclusively with Melody and her joining a band. I didn't like Melody in this book. Her character has completely changed from the previous book. (view spoiler)[I know that she finds out she's a siren, but the changes could have [...]

    3. I was a little disappointed with the ending. It seemed to me that many key players didn't learn a lesson. I also thought it was pretty sad that in the end the parents still didn't really trust their kids. Though it was told in an upbeat fashion I still felt like the finale fell flat. I was happy with the end results for LaLa but overall it was a rather Blah ending to a pretty dynamic series.

    4. I think is my favorite book of this serie. The main thing why I liked it so much, because of Draculaura's and her father's relationship. It kind of reminded me of my own family And the happy ending! Beautiful.

    5. If I could rate this 2.5, I would.On the one hand, I enjoyed a lot of things in this book. It's just the stuff I didn't like, I really didn't like. The good:More Blue! :D It makes me sad that she won't likely get her own book (since the MH books shifted authors and, I imagine, premises) but I'm glad she got to show up some more.Candace, while only around briefly, was still awesome.Ghoulia.I enjoyed peeking into Lala's history with her father. Her Uncle Vlad is a prime example of a little going a [...]

    6. Ugh thank Ra it's finally all over. It took me two whole months to get through this book because I didn't care. I didn't care one bit about any of these characters or the T'Eau-Dally boring story line that was happening between these pages. These Monster High chapter books have been a huge disappointment. It's such a bummer.I will, however, like I have with my other reviews, give Lisi Harrison credit where it is due - she is a good author and is able to write a teenage voice both well and relata [...]

    7. 1 star.I love the Monster High series and I wish I could say I loved the series finale. But sadly I can't. Back & Deader than Ever takes place about two months after the end of Where There's a Wolf, There's a Way and, seriously, I disliked it from the first three pages. It starts off with Billy and Frankie in a clothing shop freely shopping for clothes (for Billy, if you can believe it), not hiding a single monster feature, and even getting complimented on it! Something is wrong with that! Y [...]

    8. I'm sooo disappointed!!!The previous Monster High novels were a positive surprise. I had fun reading them, even if I'm probably 15-18 years older than their reading target. The first Monster High was good; the second one was OK because I really dislike Cleo's voice; the third one was really good; this one was probably the weakest one.I guess that depends on the characters, Melody and Frankie at least. They are not monsters trying to fit in, which was the main point of the other novels, but just [...]

    9. Dette er det officielt sidste bind i historien om Monster High. Der ér flere bøger, men de på en viderekørende serie, som også er dén der ligger bund for tv-tegnefilmen af samme navn. Efter at have læst dette fjerde bind, undrer det mig at Lisi Harrison ikke bestemte sig for at lave fem. Det havde givet mere mening.Tilbage og mere død end nogensinde er ligesom sine forgængere en sød historie for de lidt yngre. Jeg kan stadig godt lide forfatterens sprog, og de forskellige monstre er vi [...]

    10. The RADS and Normies are now totally integrated at Merston High. The monsters looks are even becoming popular fashion statements. Frankie is obsessed with being normal and Cleo is not liking Frankie catching up to her in popularity. Melody has started singing with a local grunge band and made some new friends. Then Mr. D comes back and as usual he totally ignores Draculaura, so she enters a contest to try and get the school sponsored and get his attention that way. Then Mr. D (not knowing about [...]

    11. So the Monster High books are kind of a "guilty pleasure" for me. I know they're kind of "fluffy" literature (not much substance), but I've enjoyed them nonetheless. This one I'm not so sure how I felt about it. I still enjoyed the book, but I didn't really like how the characters behaved. Cleo, who I had gotten to know so much better in the 2nd book, went back to being a super mean girl, and I really didn't like Melody at all in this book. She went from being this average girl next door to a se [...]

    12. I like this book beacuse this story and the movie or the cartoon is so famous and many of the young kids o teenagers like this book "Monster High Back and Deader Than Ever. The author is Lisi Harrison. The story takes place some time after Clawdeen Wolf's Sassy Sixteen in the last book. And when i check the book in many people like it up and i asked someof my friends in good reads that do they like this book how far have they read the book. And my most of friends like it. Becacuse this book is s [...]

    13. And that's it. This book ends the series that was apparently supposed to be six books in total. I noticed some other people mentioned that a different author picked this series up and extended it to eight books, but those books seem to have nothing to do with this series, and since I wanted answers about what happened with Melody, I guess there's no reason for me to even bother with the new series. Boo hiss, I hated this book and thought it was a terrible way to end the series. So many questions [...]

    14. When I heard this was gonna be the last book in the series, I was excited to see what kind of plot twist Ms. Lisi would be putting. I was actually kinda disappointed. In my opinion, the story could have gone without those plot lines. They were opened but never closed.WARNING: Spoilers ahead.(view spoiler)[What ever happened to Melody and Jackson? I don't get it. Does Melody have a relationship with DJ already? And what about Granite? And then the issue with her mother. That's it? She gets to tea [...]

    15. Lisi Harrison does not disappoint in the fourth book of the Monster High series. I like that she adds some new characters and has the old characters expanding their personalities. My only problem is that, like her previous book, there are editorial type problems. For example, in one chapter, Frankie is unsure why Cleo is at the ballot box. The next chapter she's upset that Cleo stuffed the ballots as revenge and made Frankie win (which i don't get how that's revenge, but whatever). I was like "w [...]

    16. 3 stars.Wow, 4 books in and I still find Melody and Frankie annoying. Like seriously, you think just because you're the "new girl" that everyone likes you. Especially boys. Between the two of them, they have 5 boys going "crazy" over them, real or not. They just like to think that they're irresistable. Puh-lease.Also, insta-love. They just met, and then, BOOM! I love you, and now you should love me. The romance is just meh. It's too forced. Some of the pairings are kinda okay, but the main two? [...]

    17. I really enjoyed this series, but the last book was such a let down. Everyone that I had grown to love or grudgingly accept went totally out of character, the stakes were demolished (everythings ok now between monsters and normies) and the ending was so unsatisfying and confusing. I don't know what to make of this mess. From the look of the internet it seems like this series was supposed to be longer but got cut to this being the last book. I'm guessing the author didn't get to wrap everything u [...]

    18. Disappointing in and of itself and as a series finale. Draculaura is my favorite MH character so I was really looking to this fourth and final book in Lisi Harrison's updated take which would put the main focus on Lala (as she is called in this book series). But the characters of Melody and Frankie Stein continue to steal the spotlight in this series. And the resolution of Lala's conflict with her father is basically handled offscreen, as it were. I can appreciate what Harrison was trying to do [...]

    19. Último libro de la saga que me acompaño en mi niñez, para mi gusto y como ya lo había mencionado a lo largo de la historia fue decayendo un poco, pero se ha levantado en este último. Te hace ver, realmente y por fin lo que sufre un rad, que no importa que raza o que tipo de persona seamos, vivimos lo mismo que todos y sentimos por igual, el miedo, la tristeza, el querer demostrarle a todos lo que valemos y más si es a nuestros padres, ya que queremos que se sientan orgullosos. La trama de [...]

    20. I understand that the reason why I dislike this book so much could be because it is targeted toward middle schoolers, but honestly I don't even think middle schoolers would enjoy this book. I guess this author thinks if she can give a brand name to every item she lists in the book and make continuous pop culture references she's a good writer. A lot of these references made the flow of the passages less smooth. This author obviously does not know how high schools and colleges work. In the majori [...]

    21. Aquellos monstruos jóvenes que conocimos en el primer título de la serie Monster High han cambiado hasta este punto. Han conseguido uno de los movimientos más repentinos pero observados de su sociedad, el que los normis acepten a los RAD como personas normales, pues después de todo sólo tienen algunos rasgos diferentes y en general pertenecen a diferentes razas que piensan, sienten y son absolutamente capaces de mezclarse entre sí. Pero a pesar de lo que a muchos nos gustaría ver, esta es [...]

    22. Some books seem to drag on forever. Maybe that, because you cannot get into the style of writing. Or, maybe, it's because you don't give them the proper time and chance that it takes for you to realize that they do indeed get better. As for this book, I gave it many chances, not getting much into it, but that was not enough for me to give it up. And, thank the Goddesses that I didn't.Monster High #4 does indeed start out slow, but stick around. A little over halfway through, it starts getting be [...]

    23. The Good: It's totally weird that I like Cleo de Nile because she's completely self-absorbed and selfish but I do. I don't know I feel like deep down she's really insecure and that really makes me feel for her. I really liked Lala's dynamic with her father, I think that was a nice touch to the story however the book focus WAY too little on her, even though she's supposed to be the main character really. The Bad:Okay what happened to Frankie? She acted completely superficial and selfish for the m [...]

    24. Young fans of the Monster High series will rejoice at the release of its latest novel in the series. This fourth novel, Back and Deader Than Ever, focuses on everyone's favorite vegetarian vampires, Draculara, known to her friends as Lala. With the unexpected and hulking presence of her father, she finds herself thrust into a very unwelcome spotlight as she searches for some way to garner his attention and affection. While she's trying to do that, Frankie is looking to find her place in this new [...]

    25. Yel: 4/5Itzel: 3/5Promedio: 3.5No estoy segura sobre lo que sucedió con este libro. Honestamente deja mucho que desear. -Frankie sigue siendo tan molesta como siempre pero la soporté como he hecho a lo largo de los libros anteriores. Creo que la autora tuvo un claro problema al definirla porque, su "alucinante" del primer libro, se perdió a lo largo de camino y nos quedamos con una Frankie que termina siendo una protagonista cualquiera, de un libro cualquiera. -Lala era uno de mis personajes [...]

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