Blood Ties

Book 1 in the Little Town series Police officer Tess Fuller has her hands full trying to maintain order in a poorly resourced small mountain town overrun by the beautiful, arrogant and lawless Bycraft family And nobody in town has suffered at their hands as much as the Fuller family But what will her new sergeant, Finn Maguire, a serious by the books city cop, think ofBook 1 in the Little Town series Police officer Tess Fuller has her hands full trying to maintain order in a poorly resourced small mountain town overrun by the beautiful, arrogant and lawless Bycraft family And nobody in town has suffered at their hands as much as the Fuller family But what will her new sergeant, Finn Maguire, a serious by the books city cop, think of her renegade policing style And will they be able to work together to save Tess life when her feud with the Bycrafts escalates dangerously, while also trying to solve the intersecting mysteries of possible land fraud, an abandoned suitcase of money and a peeping tom with a preference for older women
Blood Ties Book in the Little Town series Police officer Tess Fuller has her hands full trying to maintain order in a poorly resourced small mountain town overrun by the beautiful arrogant and lawless Bycraft

  • Title: Blood Ties
  • Author: J.D. Nixon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. 4 STARS!!!!What can I say, I'm still hooked on J D Nixon. I just LOVE her incredibly endearing characters and her fabulously witty and gritty humor all tied together with a gripping storyline, an off-limits alluring alpha and a trouble-magnet heroine that never fails to capture not only my heart but everyone else's as well.This one takes place in an incredibly small mountain town in Australia, where Tess Fuller just happens to be one of the two police officers presiding in a two-cop town. And le [...]

    2. I'm in a bit of a reviewing funk at the moment so this is all I have for you.A first time read of this author and I have to say I enjoyed her writing. Her characters are creative and there was an easy flow to the plot. I loved Tess, Sergeant Maguire (Finn) and the sexy Jake Bycraft. And then you have crazy Detective Fiona Midden. The stuff she would say had me laughing and cringing at the same time! Loved her.And Lets not forget about the rest of the Bycraft family. I'm not sure what else to say [...]

    3. Tess Fuller had been the local cop at Little Town for the past two years since returning from the city to care for her father. Not wanting to return to the town of her birth, and the place where she’d suffered a terrible trauma at the hands of the local Bycraft family, nevertheless the wishes of her father came first. The Bycrafts had been traumatising the people of the area for decades, especially the Fuller family, and had no thought for the law with their violence and malevolence legendary. [...]

    4. 4.5 stars!! Looks like I found another great series! I'm a huge Heller series fan so I should have known that the Little Town series would be great, too. On to book 2!

    5. 3 StArSAlthough the start was a little slow, this story was full of action. Nixon has a wonderful knack for creating quirky characters that keep you entertained, and slow burning romantic love interests keep you wondering if anything will happen.The Fullers and the Bycrafts have been at odds with each other for centuries.Tess Fuller is a police officer in Little Town where the Bycrafts pretty much do as they want, and have menaced the small town for far too long!!In steps the new sergeant Finn M [...]

    6. I have to admit that I was a little hesitant about reading this book because I have read her Heller book series and have a love/hate relationship with it. I enjoy the story and the secondary characters but HATE Heller and Tilly's ridiculous relationship. I figured this first book was a free download so I might as well give it a try and I enjoyed this story a lot more but this author seems to enjoy writing her characters in a very similar way and that is probably the thing I disliked most about t [...]

    7. Overall rating: 5 starsWriting style: 5 starsStory: 4 starsFlow of the story: 4 starsCharacter development: 5 starsHero: 3 starsHeroine: 5 starsSecondary characters: 5 starsTone of the book: 5 starsEmotion evoking: 4 starsOriginality: 5 starsEnjoyment: 5 starsEffect on me: 4 stars

    8. Gahh I love this author and everything she writes.I was in the mood for something that would totally blow me away that was amazeballs soI decided to read another JD nixon book (the author of heller). I started her little town series and finished book 1. I loved it! lt was fantastic. Hilarious & engaging. Such a great story. Unlike anything I have ever read before. I shall move onto book 2 tonight. Her books are fantastic.The good1) Unique story line fantastic characters engaging plot2) Amazi [...]

    9. This is my first time reading J. D. Nixon and I wasn't sure what to expect. I've heard some people refer to her books as chick lit, some as mystery, some as romance, so I wasn't sure what to expect.After reading it, I understand the confusion. The book isn't easy to shoe-horn into any one genre, having elements of multiple genres.The mystery part of the story wasn't bad at all. I quite enjoyed it and didn't figure it out too quickly. The writing style was easy and smooth. I could easily picture [...]

    10. This rather quirky novel portrays the struggles of Tess Fuller, a one woman police force in a small fictional town. Tess is often on the receiving end of sexual harassment and other forms of bullying by a group of redneck ruffians named the Bycrafts. Her own mother had been raped and killed by older generation Bycrafts and Tess as a little girl had witnessed this horrific event. Thus there is a lot of bad blood between her and the Bycraft clan, except for Jake Bycraft, the one good guy in a rott [...]

    11. This was a thoroughly engrossing book I picked up for free for my NOOK. I tend to be wary of free books, quality varies greatly. However, I finished this book and immediately picked up the next. The main character Tess Fuller is a police officer in a very small town. Her arch enemies the Bycraft clan make her life miserable. The bad blood between the Bycrafts and the Fullers goes back a very long ways. The MC gets the hell beat out of her a number of times. She has a new boss who doesn't think m [...]

    12. Enjoyed this and plan on picking up the next book to read. I read Nixon's Heller series first, and I realistically think this one is better written (but think that I prefer the Heller books). The two intertwined but separate stories (Tessa's job & Finn) and her conflict with the Bycraft family. I do have to say that I'm not a big fan of her boyfriend. He just annoys me. Its like he pays lip-service to not liking how his family treats her, but is unwilling to do anything about itI really don' [...]

    13. I found this book annoying and unsatisfying. Tess, the small town cop, is simply not believable. On the one hand, she sleeps with a knife because she feels that she's in constant danger, but on the other hand, when her enemies are around, she acts foolishly and gets into trouble. Her profanity, overreacting, and lack of a feel for appropriate behaviour when she's speaking to her boyfriend in the presence of others, make her a difficult character to sympathize with. Her relationship with her boyf [...]

    14. Apparently there are tons of books titled "Blood Ties." This one is written by an Australian author, J.D. Nixon and she uses a lot of slang, which is one thing I had to get used to. The main character, Tess Fuller, is a deputy sheriff in a small town (called "Little Town), and her family has a long history of feuding with the Bycraft family (like the Hatfields and McCoys). She continually confronts the Bycrafts and gets beat up all the time. It doesn't occur to her to maybe get into a different [...]

    15. I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It was a free friday selection via my nook. It started out slow, but really picked up. Some of the story line was a bit unbelievable, but if you look past some of the exaggerations then you will get a pretty good read. I really thought that the two cops would get together by the end of the book, but actually that would likely be a bit far-fetched. It's a fairly large book, with roughly 800 pages, but it held my interest. Good read!

    16. At times brutally graphic violence while at other times filled with scenes of overwhelming heat this story combines the best and the worst humanity has to offer. As if that were not intense enough the ongoing mystery element keeps one guessing until the final twist is exposed.Not for those easily shocked or unable to stomach the realism of the seedier side of life the author exposes to the fullest in this story.

    17. I got this book as a free Nook Book. COULD NOT put it down! The writing was so captivating at times my stomach was in knots hoping Tessa was going to be OK. Can't wait to find the next one.

    18. Appalling. This book contained so much violence against women, and almost normalized this, it turned my stomach.

    19. A great read, full of interesting and kooky good characters and a bunch of evil ones. There are twist and turns galore and conflict at the end of each page. I'll read more of J.D. Nixon's books

    20. So much language! That’s the only reason I gave it 3 instead of 4 stars. Tess was a strong, resilient police officer full of girl power and it was awesome!

    21. First time read of this author and I LOVE her style! Really gritty, it grabs you by the throat, (quite literally in Tess' case) and gives you a good shake before it lets you go. You run the full gamut of emotions and even through the tension amped thrills you get more than a few good chuckles in. Fiona was a scream that made you laugh and cringe at the same time and dare I admit it, we have a family or two similar to the Bycrafts in my small country town. It will be interesting to see what the s [...]

    22. Past and presentThe crossover from past to present was really good. The on going feud from the two families is enthralling if a little weird. Last murders leading to a gruesome way of life. Tess needs to be a bit crazy to put up with it. The fact she is a police officer who gets no in town back up is scary. But well worth the read. Looking forward to the next instalment and of seeing where the relationships to from this.

    23. Very good book, set in small town in Australia where police woman Tess Fuller is struggling to keep law and order. She is joined by a new police sergeant and between them they attempt to solve the major and minor crimes of the town. Very likeable characters, I will try to follow more stories in this series.

    24. Very different from the Heller series. I enjoyed Tess quite a bit. I like that she is able to "take care of herself." I did not like the way she would respond to the Bycraft clan, it is completely opposite of how I think most people would respond - which is why this is a story and not real life.

    25. Beautiful, arrogant and lawless, the Bycrafts have menaced the tiny isolated mountain settlement of ‘Little Town’ for generations in a one-family crime wave. The Bycraft women are uncontrollable, the men violently obsessive and their kids feral. And nobody in town has suffered at their hands as much as the Fuller family.Surviving a traumatic childhood and the continued focus of sustained aggression from the Bycrafts, Tess Fuller has grown up scarred and wary, highly skilled in self-defence a [...]

    26. I rather enjoyed this story. It's a crime thriller with a bit of a difference, in that the crime in question isn't murder, but a peeping tom, which turns out to be more than it appears.JD Nixon lives in Queensland, Australia, and there's a suitable warning in the front of the book, saying that Australian English is used throughout. I thought it was delightful, because it turns out that Australian English is rather similar to South African English, and I thus felt right at home - although I did h [...]

    27. Freekin Wow!!!!,For a free book this was wonderful. You know as well as I do that quality varies wildly in some of these free books. I have found a jem in JD Nixon. The author has created a Modern Day Hatfield and MC Coy type story. The story tells of the bad blood between the Fullers and Bycrafts. The Author is Australian and I believe the story is set in Australia. The book has a very Brittish flavor to it. The language used and slang are fresh and like music to me. I ma a huge fan of British [...]

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