From MTV to Mecca: How Islam Inspired My Life

Kristiane Backer was one of the very first presenters on MTV Europe She gained a cult following and became a darling of the European press, but something was missing from her life A fateful encounter introduced her to a completely different world to the one she knew, the religion and culture of Islam After reading the Quran and traveling widely in the Islamic world sheKristiane Backer was one of the very first presenters on MTV Europe She gained a cult following and became a darling of the European press, but something was missing from her life A fateful encounter introduced her to a completely different world to the one she knew, the religion and culture of Islam After reading the Quran and traveling widely in the Islamic world she knew that she had discovered her spiritual path and she embraced Islam This private memoir tells the story of her conversion and explains how faith at last gave her inner peace and the meaning she had sought With abundant color photos From MTV to Mecca From babe to burka is like it Bob Geldoff
From MTV to Mecca How Islam Inspired My Life Kristiane Backer was one of the very first presenters on MTV Europe She gained a cult following and became a darling of the European press but something was missing from her life A fateful encounter

  • Title: From MTV to Mecca: How Islam Inspired My Life
  • Author: Kristiane Backer
  • ISBN: 9781908129819
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “From MTV to Mecca: How Islam Inspired My Life”

    1. I was interested in this book for some time but never actually ordered it. Then I had the pleasure of meeting Ms Backer at a conference and decided to get her book while I was there. Thank goodness I did! What a fabulous book! I am a revert to Islam of a similar age to her and grew up watching MTV and going to some of the concerts that she talks about in this book. I was really interested in what led her to Islam and made her decide to leave such a completely different way of life.I really could [...]

    2. From MTV to Mecca - a catchy title, as also is Bob Geldof's endorsement on the front cover: 'From MTV to Mecca? From babe to burka is more like it!' I feel that the publisher's decision to feature the Geldof quote so prominently has more to do with its attention-grabbing properties than any belief that Geldof was seduced by the book; and being an acquaintance of the author's he would have known that she doesn't even wear the hijab, far less a burka.German television presenter Kristiane Backer, w [...]

    3. On her writingThis book is literally her biography for the last 15 years, which is something that I wasn't expecting before buying it. She wrote everything, from her glory MTV days, to her conversion and how is she doing today. Her writing and description over things are too in detailed, which makes the book long winded. She literally describes most of the things down to the last detail, which I would appreciate had this been a fiction. The 449 pages could easily be simplified to 300 pages if sh [...]

    4. Aku tidak tahu apakah aku benar-benar membacanya secara keseluruhan atau tidak. Ini semacam buku autobiografi, atau malah memoar, dari perjalanan Kristiane Backer menemukan hidayah Islam. Jadi, aku bacanya sesekali lompat dari satu adegan ke adegan lainnya. Buku ini tetap menakjubkan lho, meski aku membacanya dengan urutan acak ^^Kristiane Backer adalah VJ MTV pertama yang berasal dari Eropa (Jerman). Saat itu, salah satu kesuksesan MTV adalah menjadi (bisa dibilang) satu-satunya tontonan santai [...]

    5. Far from religion and spirituality, Kristiane Backer was in a world of her own - the entertainment, music and pop video industry, which in turn became a means to discovering herself. In her personal memoir, From MTV To Mecca - How Islam Inspired My Life, the former musical television video jockey (VJ) gives us a full account of her spiritual journey to Islam. Though faced by many challenges, her strong faith gave her the inner peace she had always sought. As one of the very first presenters on M [...]

    6. Kristiane Backer’s memoir From MTV To Mecca is a truly insightful, enjoyable and informative insight into the journey of a conversation to Islam. As I noted on my Twitter account, I hadn’t heard of sister Kristiane previously despite her fame working with MTV in the early 1990’s, but the book highlighted why many people in the entertainment industry, despite huge success, still feel an emptiness that professional success can not fill. It also shows that having a small piece of open-mindedn [...]

    7. I read this book not knowing what to expect and ended up being pleasantly surprised. Kristiane lead a fun filled social life as a TV presenter before exploring the principles of Islam. The book details her early life before the influence of religion, right through to her conversion into a Muslim and the difficulties she faced in this journey.I did not read this for any religious reasons, however I enjoyed understanding some of the underlying principles of Islam, which are grossly misunderstood b [...]

    8. I found myself so immersed to the spiritual journey of Ms. Backer, her book is kind of a living example that lead me to find out the God within ourselves. I felt ashamed of being Muslim but so left behind of seeking the true meaning of my faith. This book is truly an eye opener for to reactive my faith and living the life as Allah has created me to this world. Thank you Ms. Backer for letting us/ me know on how to find The Lord ! Exquisite Memoir.

    9. We were born into muslim families so we beleive that we know what Islam is but after reading this book i realised what Islam actually is. A must read book for everyone.

    10. A journey of the soul. Thank you for connecting me to Islam, in a way I wondered of, but didn't know how to articulate.

    11. An excellent read, though bit lengthy at times but the author grabs reader attention and involves the reader in her character. A captivating story of an MTV star who wasn't satisfied with her glamorous life.In this private memoir Kristiane Backer tells the story of her conversion and explains how faith, despite the many challenges, at last gave her inner peace and the meaning she had sought. In the process she carries out soul searching and seeks answers to diff practical queries which a Europea [...]

    12. A great autobiography, riched with so many directions to experience!Kristiane's story is an inspiration for those who knows the importance of a firm religious faith and motivation for those who are bit confused to obey such path.The fast life filled with materialism, can never nourish a soul. Its colours can blind us all. So, to get the sight back, faith is required. That's what she did.A strong read to discover the light of Islam!

    13. كتاب رائع و ملهم للكاتبة و مقدمة برامج في قناة MTV كريستيانا باكر، رحلة طويلة خاضتها للبحث عن دين الحق، إلي أن وفقها الله لذلك.

    14. The story is good. But after the second half, it gets draggy and I skipped few chapters. This book contains 449 pages. If it is reduced to around 350 pages, I would probably rate it with four stars.

    15. We must always open our hearts and minds in search of knowledge and never stop our journey to learn and improve our way of perceiving fact.

    16. As one of the first ever presenters of MTV Europe, Kristiane Backer had pretty much everything a young girl from Germany might want. Rubbing shoulders with the likes of Mick Jagger, Bono, Bob Geldof and Cat Stevens, her job brought her a cult following and took her to the very heart of the international music scene. However, at the height of her career, a chance encounter with cricketer Imran Khan took her to Pakistan and subsequently led her to convert to Islam. With her new book out today, Fro [...]

    17. Out raged by the fact that I wrot a long review only to be prompted that an error happened and my review was not possible to be saved. haaahhhgh, my 40 minutes wasted.I can now only say that it is a personal account of our sister Christane Backer and it is someting that is really inspiring at times.There is also a lesson for the 'born Muslims' to learn that Islam is not what, sometime, we think it is, rather we, at times, mix religion with cultures.It is also important to see the same and many o [...]

    18. An interesting read.I personally enjoyed reading it as reading people who choose islam by their own will gives me a boost to study my religion better & helps me become more grateful to Allah (swt).Some of the quotes from the book which i found to be thought provoking : It is pain that draws man to his lord,bcz when he is well, he doesn't remember the lord-RumiDie before you die.My house was burned down , now i can see the rising moon -ancient Japanese sayingWhen you accept islam,you don't ce [...]

    19. Very ordinary book of a very impressionable Western women experimenting with Islam. I found her reasons to convert not very convincing at all, claiming to have been inspired by Imran Khan the Pakistani cricketer politician. For me it was a simple case of exploitation using Islam to justify large scale misogyny in Pakistan. How the author failed to notice the poor plight of women on her numerous trips to Pakistan is beyond me. What amazed me more was the author decided to convert to Islam after b [...]

    20. It is an interesting biography read ! The style of the writer is not WOWVery detailed on sometimes unnecessary parts I like when she quotes from books, poems or holy scriptures.You do feel the book is very authentic and reflects the writer's honesty. It is not exaggerated, esp in the vocab words used. The content is amusing, as it is very peculiar to read the "before" and "after" in someone's else life.The writer takes you with her into her spiritual journey.Also, I liked her honesty about what [...]

    21. I am not a Muslim nor planning to become one, or planning to join any religion, so I didn't read it for personal reasons. I'm an atheist I think?I was given it to read by an elderly lady Who has recently converted to Islam? At the age of 92!!??? Mainly for the community and at that age I say you are allowed!Actually I did enjoy the book, I was fascinated by her journey. However I find a problem with her way of thinking and I don't agree with her ways of looking at things. Thinking of the west in [...]

    22. perjalanannya memahami islam dan mencintai Tuhan dapat Hana pahami karena Hana menglami fase yang hampir miriphana juga kagum bagaimana dia bisa menceritkan dengan detail yang dia rasakan dan alamipuluhan/belasan tahun yang lalu:Dada banyak quotes yang Hana suka sampai Hana bingung kalau ditaruh di review kayaknya bakal spoiler abisHahhahahahaha :DWhen you accept Islam, you don’t cease to be the person you were before in youridentity and culture,’ he told me. ‘The only thing that Islam doe [...]

    23. As a convert myself, I didn't find this book entirely convincing. Intrigued would be more like it If I had lived what she went through, I highly doubt that I would have ever converted to islam. So maybe it shows how convinced and right she felt choosing this path She strangely mixes practice, cultural traditions and the religion itself sometimes.But what was more surprising to me, is how not normal her path was : her life seems to have been basically surrounded by celebrities, including in the [...]

    24. I've enjoyed this book a lot - it talks about a very relaxed kinda of islam - which is this author viewpoint and own personal journey ! Its nice to read a book like this i feel from time to time as i like learning about this topic and improving my knowledge on another way of life and culture - i think i may still prefer "from my sisters lips" to this book - yet in saying that i often found this book very hard to put down in the evening ! One that i will defo be keeping on my kindle for some time [...]

    25. i heard a lot about this book. i really wanna read iti guess its very intrestingits kristiane backers autobiography from mtv to mecca from babe to burqa :Dshe changed her name to zohra at the end?thats a very nice name :-)

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