1 thought on “Final Whistle”

  1. It was a really exciting book, I didn't see much of it coming. I was just annoyed at the big cliff hanger at the end.

  2. Really good book. Final Whistle tells the story of Jamie Johnson, new to the international stage of football, but making waves with some stupendous performances in the recent World Cup. I really enjoyed the suspense of how he was playing in so many matches. Recommend this to any football fans.

  3. Jamie Johnson, a player who was in the World Cup, wanted to start playing after he had been injured a few times. But he needed a lot of practice. So Jack and Dillon help him train secretly and do their best to get him to play in the big matches. So when he starts playing his first match against Real Madrid he scores and ties it to 1-1. Then the ball comes at him, he jumps, will he score or not?

  4. Jamie has made it to Barcelona. But in his second match someone kicks his head and he gets injured. Then he fights on with his mentor and then he go back to playing for Hawkstone. but in the last minute he dives for a ball and gets a kick to the head again.

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