The Tooth Fairy Wars

It s the Tooth Fairy against Nathan, a boy who d rather keep his tooth than get the cash, thank you very much Nathan s lost his first tooth And he s thinking he ll hold on to it, so thanks but no thanks, Tooth Fairy This is one tooth that is staying with its owner.Except the Tooth Fairy has other ideas And we re not talking about some run of the mill garden fairy here.It s the Tooth Fairy against Nathan, a boy who d rather keep his tooth than get the cash, thank you very much Nathan s lost his first tooth And he s thinking he ll hold on to it, so thanks but no thanks, Tooth Fairy This is one tooth that is staying with its owner.Except the Tooth Fairy has other ideas And we re not talking about some run of the mill garden fairy here No, this is the Tooth Fairy She s on a tooth procurement mission, and she s not about to let some little boy get the best of her.But she may have met her match in Nathan.
The Tooth Fairy Wars It s the Tooth Fairy against Nathan a boy who d rather keep his tooth than get the cash thank you very much Nathan s lost his first tooth And he s thinking he ll hold on to it so thanks but no than

  • Title: The Tooth Fairy Wars
  • Author: Kate Coombs
  • ISBN: 9781416979159
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Nathan's stubbornness with regard to his teeth, his firm belief that they are his teeth and that he should not have to relinquish them to the tooth fairy, are both more than understandable and actually kind of sweet (and the typed letter the tooth fairy leaves for Nathan is a true and hilarious parody of the many form letters we often receive from government bureaucrats, although I do wonder whether the envisioned audience, whether young children, or rather, whether most young children, would ev [...]

    2. When I read the reviews for this book, I wonder a little about the things we try to protect our children from. And how far we've gotten from understanding how children think and react to situations.This is a simple story. Nathan is losing his teeth, as all children do, but he doesn't want to give them up to the Tooth Fairy. The pictures are fun and inviting - and I do want to point out to the other readers of this book, how much the Tooth Fairy looks like Nathan's mother. Every child goes throug [...]

    3. I found this story quite amusing. I loved the Tooth Fairy's business suit and eyeglasses, as well as the bureaucratese of the form letters. I loved Nathan's inventiveness at hiding his teeth, even though the T. F. sussed out most of his hiding places. I enjoyed the capitulation of T. F. and the "Home Alone" style traps in Nathan's bedroom. And I liked the Tooth Fairy's vacation at the beach on the last page. I never saw the story as all that violent; maybe just where the tooth fairy experts were [...]

    4. Written and illustrated by local (Utah) author and illustrator, this darling story tells of Nathan's quest to get the tooth fairy to allow him to keep his teeth. He doesn't want money, he wants to keep his teeth forever. He hides them in creative places, writes notes to the tooth fairy and devises other means to keep his teethbut he is outwitted at every turn. Then he hatches a new plan. Will it work?

    5. This story is so cute! K(6.5) read this over and over again. She says she has to read it lots of times so that she can understand the tooth fairy's letters. I like the funny ways that Nathan finds to hide the teeth. And I totally agree with the tooth fairy: I would NEVER go after a tooth in a tarantula cage!

    6. Very clever. I enjoyed that. School-age should enjoy that, especially those losing teeth who know the tooth fairy isn't real. (Maybe even those who think it is.) Preschool? Not so sure. Plus, they'd never get that letter. And if I explained it, it would lost momentum. I could sum it up. I'll have to think about it.

    7. Not so great for the 3-6 crowd to whom I read it. The humor of the letters from the tooth fairy was too sophisticated for the kids and it felt kinda mean and antagonistic. Didn't connect with my audience. Maybe funnier for older kids?

    8. Nathan wants to keep his teeth, but the tooth fairy keeps finding them. They go to war over the teeth. Not my favorite picture book. At times it just felt mean and I am not sure kids will get the intention or the humor of the letters from the tooth fairy.

    9. Loved this Tooth Fairy Wars book. Great pictures, great text (LOVE the Fairy letters), and love the laughs.

    10. I think that this book was very interesting yet hilarious. I really enjoyed the pictures and all the trouble Nathan goes through in order to keep his teeth. It's like a battle between Nathan and the Tooth Fairy. If I were to read this to a class I think the students would enjoy it as well. The story is so intense that it makes you want to keep going, turning page after page.

    11. I feel like this book got really choppy and weird at the end. Maybe I just didn't get it? I think they were going for the boy to outsmart the tooth fairy, but it seemed to me like he was just being a brat and they gave in to his demands.

    12. A young man wants to keep his teeth but the tooth fairy keeps finding them, even when they are well hidden. Boy gets mad and rigs up an amazing deterrent. At last a whole delegation comes but fails, so they give in and allow him to keep all of his teeth on display.

    13. My student pick for the 2017 Montana Treasure State Awardwe'll see what the rest of the state picks!

    14. A book about perseverance. No doubt it will become a Dreamworks movie eventually, and it will be made dull and long. It has a quick weak ending.

    15. This was such a funny, sweet, creative, and clever read about a boy who does NOT want money for his tooth and therefore wages war against the tooth fairy who keeps swapping them. And apparently, today is Tooth Fairy day. Haha

    16. “The Tooth Fairy Wars” by Kate Coombs and illustrated by Jake Parker, tells the story of Nathan, who really wants to keep the baby teeth he looses. But according to Regulation 8439- H, Paragraph 7, the tooth fairy must take his teeth, unless he files a “Petition to Retain Baby Tooth” and goes to a hearing, which will be held within 25,900 years. Nathan can’t wait that long, so he devises traps and hides his teeth so the tooth fairy can’t take them. The tooth fairy is finally forced t [...]

    17. I enjoyed The Tooth Fairy Wars very much. It is a unique spin on tooth fairy stories that have been written. Instead of Nathan hiding his tooth under the pillow for the tooth fairy to keep in exchange for money, he hides it to prevent her from snatching it away. He prefers to keep all his baby teeth as they fall off. But no matter how hard he tries, the tooth fairy manages to find and keep it. The great thing about this book is that the tooth fairy is not your everyday fairy. She is one tough co [...]

    18. Review originally posted on Children's AtheneumAll Nathan wants to do is keep his tooth, but this is apparently against Tooth Fairy protocol. No matter where he hides it, the Tooth Fairy manages to find it. This means war!In a hilarious battle of wills, this imaginative and cute book takes a classic idea and adds a fun new twist on it. The ending was rather abrupt, with Nathan winning some kind of award for his battle with the tooth fairy, but seeing as picture books are rather short and all end [...]

    19. The worst thing ever happened to Nathan HE LOST A TOOTH! Now every child want the tooth fair to visit them and leave a nice present behind, but not Nathan. He told his mother he wanted to keep the tooth forever. Nathan thought if he hid the tooth that had fallen out the tooth fairy would never find it. To his surprise every time the tooth fairy found it! One time Nathan out smarted her, to find out what she did in return read this book!Audience Level: K-3Grade Level: 3Activity: Ask students what [...]

    20. This picture book should have won the 2016 Picture Book Beehive Award for popularity - at our school it sure would have. At the end of the school year we had five copies, and still had 17 holds on the title! They couldn't get enough of it. In fact, I think that's why it didn't win the award - because people couldn't get their hands on it fast enough! Personally I liked it too - a creative take on a kid who's trying to keep his own teeth, and keep the tooth fairy from taking them. He has "war" on [...]

    21. This book was pretty hilarious and had lots of clever moments. The plot centers around a young boy who is bound and determined to keep his teeth rather than put them under his pillow in exchange for money from the Tooth Fairy. However, the Tooth Fairy is equally tenacious in locating the boy's hiding places for his teeth, getting past the obstacles he sets up, and adding the teeth to her own collection. Who will ultimately triumph in The Tooth Fairy Wars? Read this rip-roaring book to find out!

    22. Nathan starts a campaign to keep his baby teeth, rather than having the tooth fairy take them away. He writes letters and he hides them, but the tooth fairy is determined to take his teeth. Finally, he puts the tooth in such an awful location that the tooth fairy retreats, choosing to go on vacation rather than deal with Nathan. Even the whole team of tooth experts from the 15th League of Enchanted Commerce can't deal with Nathan.

    23. Age: Kindergarten-2nd gradeEverybody knows that when you lose a tooth, you can fetch a handsome price from the tooth fairy. But what if you didn't want to give up your tooth and, instead, wanted to keep it forever? Nathan is stuck in this predicament and is having a tough time keep the tooth fairy's paws off of his teeth. Until finally someone cracks.A cute book but the ending is abrupt and odd with him getting some sort of award for outsmarting them?

    24. This is a fun story about a boy who would rather keep his teeth that fall out rather than have the Tooth Fairy take them. Unfortunately, the Tooth Fairy is wrapped up in some bureaucratic red tape and can't comply with Nathan's request. This turns into some fun back and forth as Nathan gets more and more creative hiding his tooth, and the Tooth Fairy breaks out some really cool tooth-finding technology!Parts of the story might go over the heads of young readers, but this is a fun story!

    25. Most kids look forward to losing their tooth and having the tooth fairy come. Not Nathan! He comes up with some creative ideas on hiding his tooth from the tooth fairy. Of course the tooth fairy has a job to do and some pretty fancy equipment to find teeth. She delivers form letters letting Nathan know that keeping his tooth is not an option! Will Nathan prevail in keeping his teeth?

    26. Love the pictures! I think that Nathan is a clever boy who show perseverance. I am afraid that if I read this book to young students who still believe in the Tooth Fairy it will be a little difficult to explain the letters and the special forces visiting Nathan at the end of the book use this book with caution :)

    27. In this story Nathan looses a tooth and wants to keep it for himself, instead of giving it to the tooth fairy. The book shows the difficulties Nathan goes through to make sure that the tooth fairy does not take any of his teeth. The author had me laughing throughout the entire book. The illustrations creates wonderful images for the reader. I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to everyone!

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