Tillie Pierce: Teen Eyewitness to the Battle of Gettysburg

Imagine being fifteen years old, facing the bloodiest battle ever to take place on U.S soil the Battle of Gettysburg In July 1863, this is exactly what happened to Tillie Pierce, a normal teenager who became an unlikely heroine of the Civil War 1861 1865 Tillie and other women and girls like her found themselves trapped during this critical three day battle in southeImagine being fifteen years old, facing the bloodiest battle ever to take place on U.S soil the Battle of Gettysburg In July 1863, this is exactly what happened to Tillie Pierce, a normal teenager who became an unlikely heroine of the Civil War 1861 1865 Tillie and other women and girls like her found themselves trapped during this critical three day battle in southern Pennsylvania Without training, but with enormous courage and compassion, Tillie and other Gettysburg citizens helped save the lives of countless wounded Union and Confederate soldiers In gripping prose, Tillie Pierce Teen Eyewitness to the of Battle Gettysburg takes readers behind the scenes And through Tillie s own words, the story of one of the Civil War s most famous battles comes alive.
Tillie Pierce Teen Eyewitness to the Battle of Gettysburg Imagine being fifteen years old facing the bloodiest battle ever to take place on U S soil the Battle of Gettysburg In July this is exactly what happened to Tillie Pierce a normal teenager who

  • Title: Tillie Pierce: Teen Eyewitness to the Battle of Gettysburg
  • Author: TanyaAnderson
  • ISBN: 9781467706926
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Library
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    1. This is an annotated and illustrated version of a memoir written by Tillie Pierce who, as a fifteen year-old girl, just happened to end up in the thick of things during the Battle of Gettysburg. This book is marketed as young adult literature, but it's plenty interesting for adults as well. It's a first person account from the perspective on a young civilian resident of Gettysburg. When the invading southern forces first entered town the next door neighbor of the Pierce family said she had decid [...]

    2. Tillie Pierce: Teen Eyewitness to the Battle of Gettysburg is a perfect book, balancing historical scope (the Battle of Gettysburg) with an intimate narrative of a fifteen-year-old girl caught within the three-day maelstrom of war. Anderson allows us to experience the Battle of Gettysburg through the eyes and words of Matilda “Tillie” Pierce, who accompanies her neighbor Hettie (whose husband is in the army) and children to escape the imminent dangers posed by the Confederate and Union armie [...]

    3. Books like Michael Shaara’s The Killer Angels have made the details of the Battle of Gettysburg vivid and memorable. Books like Tillie Pierce offer a smaller but effective portrait of the civilian experience. 15 year old Tillie offers her nonfictional eyewitness account of Gettysburg where she was trapped during those bloody three days.While staying with friends, Tillie’s home becomes a hospital for Union soldiers and Tillie lives and narrates firsthand the horrors of war. Although a very sh [...]

    4. Found out about this book from my friends at Quindaro, who recently acquired and re-published it, but I think Tanya Anderson is going to end up being one of those nonfiction authors I buy on name alone. This is a really excellent teen's-eye view of Gettysburg, riveting in its narrative and full of information. It also has a really nice tie to Anderson's new title, Gunpowder Girls, which is scheduled to drop later this year and I'm so excited about, I can't even find any words. Buy both for your [...]

    5. This has the best layout of any nonfiction history I've seen. The primary source of Tillie's words are seamlessly slipped into the narrative. Photos, captions, and fact boxes are inserted where they are of most use to the reader and never interrupt the flow of the narrative. The map of Gettysburg and the battles is comfortable to decipher and any references in the narrative were easily found there. Further info list is helpful.

    6. What I loved about this book I love the real photographs. The Civil War was the first major event that was photographed, thanks in part to Matthew Brady. It was the first time that we saw a true picture of the devastation of war. The Civil War has always felt the most real to me because of that. These pictures are amazing.I love that Tillie's real words are used throughout the book. Tanya explains the history and then uses Tillie's comments to further illustrate what she is saying. Real eyewitne [...]

    7. Tillie lived in Gettysburg and was in school when soldiers appeared in her town. She rushed home, and when things looked bad, a neighbor asked if Tillie would come with her and her two small daughters to her father's farm three miles out of town. This seemed like a good plan; Tillie would be safe, and the neighbor would have help with her girls. Instead, this journey took them perilously close to the fighting, and Tillie ended up ministering to the wounded who were brought to the farmhouse. This [...]

    8. Tillie Pierce: Teen Eyewitness to the Battle of Gettysburg is an excellent read. It should appeal to a junior high audience of students who are asked to read nonfiction in their English classes or who are studying the Civil War in their U.S. History classes. Before reading the book, I thought that the book would appeal primarily to a female audience. After reading it, I know I will recommend it to the boys as well. I honestly enjoyed it as an adult reader. Reading history textbooks can sometimes [...]

    9. Really a 4.5!!!This is how students should learn history--from resources that help them think about what people experienced, not just lists of dates, battles, generals, and casualties. I don't know how old I was before I realized that war showed up in people's back yards, not in designated zones like football games. Anderson paints a vivid picture of civilians trying to protect themselves, soldiers in desperate need of food, water, and nursing, and other details that make the Civil War seem real [...]

    10. Much has been written about one of the bloodiest fights on American soil-the Battle of Gettsyburg. But nothing comes close to Tillie Pierce's first person account (later penned as an adult after being urged by friends) of the carnage. Told in a voice that only a woman of the Civil War era could speak, Teen Eyewitness is woven with interesting photographs and culminates in a Google Earth map exploration exercise sure to make any Social Studies teacher's heart flutter. Anderson's book would make a [...]

    11. 3.5 to a 4.0. This book was a lot more interesting than I expected. It wasn't a "war book" at all. Instead, it provided a glimpse into what life was really like for the people who lived in Gettysburg when the Civil War battle broke out; also, the hardships the soldiers faced during the battle. I actually learned a lot and plan to visit the Antietam Battlefield this summer. Who knew Antietam was the single bloodiest battle on U.S. soil?

    12. Lots of primary source material makes this an excellent addition to a Civil War collection. It tells the story of Tillie Pierce, who lived in Gettysburg at the time of the famous battle there. It includes multiple excerpts from her diary, photos, maps, etc. At the end there is a great activity using Google Earth to retrace Tillie's path during the days of the battle. There is also a detailed bibliography and list of suggestions for further information.

    13. This book about the battle of Gettysburg is unique for two reasons. First, it gives the account of the civilians effected rather than giving a military standpoint. Secondly, the grim events are presented through the eyes of fifteen year old Tillie Pierce with excerpts taken her own account. This is a great book for use within the middle school or high school classroom.

    14. I grew up in Gettysburg, and the stories of the townspeople are mostly overlooked. This is a powerful and compelling story of a young woman who helped soldiers, doctors, and nurses and faced the situation with bravery. The photographs and additional information add to the thrilling story.

    15. Fascinating account of the Battle of Gettysburg told by a fifteen year old girl who lived at Gettysburg.YABC review: yabookscentral/yanonfi

    16. This book includes historical information and photos of the area and days when Tillie witnessed the horrors of the Gettysburg and the Round Tops. The book also includes directions of how to use Google Earth to walk Tillie's route that week.

    17. I wish this book has included more of Tillie's narrative. While it was interesting and informative, the few quotes by Tillie made me want to read her book instead of this one. Overall very good design and information, great for any youth interested in the Civil War.

    18. Thank you Ms. Anderson for giving kids a book that they can relate to regarding the Civil War. Tillie Pierce not only witnessed history, she participated in it. Battle raged around her and she was strong enough to give aid to injured soldiers. Great book!

    19. Very good read, rather short, excellent first hand straight up account of the battle, the people of the times and the effects, outstanding insights, a must read for any civil war buff. I picked it up while we were staying at the Tillie Pierce House in Gettysburg and I couldn't put it down.

    20. Interesting account of the Battle of Gettysburg from the point of view of a 15 year old girl who lived in the city; the book is part journal entries, part facts, and part historical pictures. An easy introduction into one of the pivotal battles of the Civil War for teens and tweens.

    21. Very good story about one girl's experience of the Battle at Gettysburg. Also includes numerous primary source documents.

    22. Interesting read and good photos about Tillie Pierce, a 15-year old who witnessed the Battle of Gettysburg, and cared for the wounded, in July, 1863, during the Civil War. I read it in a day.

    23. This book is a compelling story that comes from a very different perspective than I have read before. It is from a teenage girl who was an eyewitness to the Civil War. I appreciated the photographs and extra information included in the book. A few years ago our family visited Gettysburg and I remember seeing Big Round Top and Little Round top. It was so peaceful when we visited, and so hard to believe such atrocities occurred there. I will be sharing this book with my two older grandsons who lik [...]

    24. Read through netgalley on a nook e-ink. Part of the issue is that they layout is all messed up. It is good content, though I don't feel as though the reader is connecting with Tillie as well as I had hope to. With that said, she does paint a very real picture of what happened during the Civil War. It was full of suffering and graphic nature. Clear descriptions show less of the romance some people like to tie to this war and more of the sound and smells to describe what it was like for a civilian [...]

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