Le pagine della nostra vita

North Carolina, 1946 il giovane Noah, tornato nel paese natale dopo la guerra, realizza il sogno coltivato da tempo di abitare nella grande casa vicino al fiume, da lui riportata all antico splendore Alla perfezione del quadro manca per Allie, una seducente ragazza incontrata anni prima, amata disperatamente nel breve spazio di un estate e mai pi ritrovata Invece,North Carolina, 1946 il giovane Noah, tornato nel paese natale dopo la guerra, realizza il sogno coltivato da tempo di abitare nella grande casa vicino al fiume, da lui riportata all antico splendore Alla perfezione del quadro manca per Allie, una seducente ragazza incontrata anni prima, amata disperatamente nel breve spazio di un estate e mai pi ritrovata Invece, un giorno lei ricompare, per vederlo un ultima volta prima di sposarsi Ma il destino ha deciso altrimenti, scrivendo per loro una storia diversa
Le pagine della nostra vita North Carolina il giovane Noah tornato nel paese natale dopo la guerra realizza il sogno coltivato da tempo di abitare nella grande casa vicino al fiume da lui riportata all antico splendore

  • Title: Le pagine della nostra vita
  • Author: Nicholas Sparks Lisa Morpurgo
  • ISBN: 9788878249417
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I love the movie, but if you think that was sappy, do not pick up this book. I heard Nicholas Sparks had a knack for sap, but I almost drowned in it and felt no spark at all. The book was so frustratingly simple and obvious and laid out. The dialoque droned. I'll come back and add a real quote, but it was something like this:"Do you want to stay for dinner?" he asked, wondering what she would say."Okay," she said, and than asked, "What should we eat?""Crabs," he said. She never had crabs. They b [...]

    2. I’m just gonna say it: I expected less.Not being inexperienced in the reading of Nicholas Sparks novels, I somewhat knew this book would contain tons and tons of corny and cheesy replies and gestures. But NOT in every. single. paragraph. I’m not one to discard the idea of soul mates, after all the young adult readings that I have done, but when something is too wonderful and perfect, it’s more annoying than cute. So there is too much of that.Also, the plot is so weirdly shaped. It starts w [...]

    3. I read this book on a train from Italy to somewhere else in Europe after graduating from college. I was unfortunate enough to be forced to buy it because there were no other English Language novels to choose from.I know this is a beloved book, by a beloved author, but if I could give it any sort of negative rating, I would. The "Gag me with a spoon" category is almost too kind. My apologies to any one who likes Nicholas Sparks - if you're able to find the genius in his writing, more power to you [...]

    4. This is the worst book I have EVER READ. And the fact that this guy is so popular continues to astound me. I would give it less than zero stars if I could. My sister tricked me into reading this book, and I wish I could gain that time back into my life so I could read a different book. This book teaches you that ANYONE could write a bestseller. Just be sappy and corny and have one big-ass deus ex machina and you're all set for stardom. As you can tell, I don't read shit that I think I won't like [...]

    5. Have you ever come across something so undeniably cute that you feel like you may be crushed by the weight of squee that’s about to explode from you chest.Kind of like when you see this?That’s what reading The Notebook was like. The romantic tone of The Notebook was both its greatest asset and biggest downfall. Nobody wants to be crushed by squee anymore than they want to drown in their own tears and The Notebook wants to destroy you. Never doubt that. Whether it’s leaching your bodily liq [...]

    6. 4 Stars - Also reviewed at: Lady Jayne's Reading DenSweet and romantic, but I liked the movie much more. In fact, I LOVED the movie and watched it before reading this. In the movie, the characters of Noah and Allie had more intensity and passion. It is one of those rare moments, for me, when the movie was better than the book.There are some great quotes in this book though. These were my favourite:"I am a common man with common thoughts, and I've led a common life. There are no monuments dedicat [...]

    7. This is my favorite love story ever. It shows what true soul mates are. (I also loved the movie as much as the book.) If you don't cry when you read this then something is wrong with you. I think that you can love someone like ally did the lawyer, but only true love with your soul mate like with Noah. People who don't like this book have never truely been loved, because if you have it hits home.Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the book:"I am a common man with common thoughts, and I've l [...]

    8. كالعادة نيكولاس سباركس يطلع لينا لسانهويقولضحكت عليكم وثبتكمالراجل دا ليه بيعمل معانا كدا؟؟ليه عاوزانا نصدق ف حاجات مريبةزي الحبوالصدقوالوفاءوالزواجليه؟؟؟؟؟يكونش ماسوني؟؟؟الغريب ودي علامة ف كل كتبههو ملتزم بشدة متلقيش شتيمةولا مشهد عاطفي حارمع ان مفيش رواية كتبها الا [...]

    9. Vanessa bought me this book after I watched Fracture and developed a serious crush on Ryan Gosling. Well, that led me to this movie and, unfortunately, this book. How does this man have a career as a writer?! Who is paying him to write stories with the most obvious choices in plot/dialogue/decisions. Wow. Lowest common denominator.

    10. I read this book because my sister loved it. It made me sad. Not because it was a sad story, but because it was so poorly written. This Sparks character had a fantastic idea for a story, a truly painful and passionate story of love and devotion. But the book? It was like my 14 year old nephew watched this brilliant movie, then tried to write about it on his myspace blog. It was butchered by an appalling lack adjectives and an appalling lack of emotion. Sad. The fact that so many people are willi [...]

    11. Besides the awful writing style (just to mention unimaginative, spiritless and full of clichés), I found the story just a little too contrived and far too predictable. I couldn't get over the premise where Noah and Allie meet when they are teenagers, spend one summer together and meet again after 14 years to realise they are still utterly in love?! What?!It irritated me to no end that Sparks felt the need to not leave anything unexplained, describing things in excruciating detail, boring me but [...]

    12. Well, that's one author I can cross off my "to-read" list.Noah and Allie fell in love one summer when he was 17 and she 15. She leaves, and fourteen years pass before Allie, now engaged, returns to Noah. Are they still in love? Will she marry her over-working fiance, with whom she shares a passionless relationship and who keeps her from pursuing her passion of art? Or will she choose Noah, the boy she spent a grand total of one summer with and lost her virginity to (and hasn't had sex with anoth [...]

    13. So, I didn't love this book, even though every other girl on planet earth does. Here's the deal: it's an old guy at the end of his life, showing how undyingly committed and in love he is with his elderly wife, who is dying of Alzheimer's. Sweet, right? Except here is how he shows his love: every day, he reads her the story of their love. It involves hooking up as teenagers, then being apart without communication for years and years, yet yearning for one another while sleeping around with other p [...]

    14. The Notebook (The Notebook #1), Nicholas Sparksتاریخ نخستین خوانش: هشتم فوریه سال 2000 میلادیعنوان: دفتر خاطرات ؛ نویسنده: نیکولاس اسپارکس؛ مترجم: نفیسه معتکف؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، لیوسا، 1378، در 213 ص، شابک: 9645634032؛ موضوع: داستانهای نویسندگان امریکایی قرن 20 ممهدی سجودی مقدم نیز تحت عنوان: دفترچه خاطرات ( [...]

    15. Does such true love really exist? Nicholas Sparks, all I can tell is that your wife Cathy has been lucky to marry you!I cried like a baby.Yes, true love will return to you, maybe not in a very perfect condition, maybe with a fiancee, maybe not with a good heart, but surely it'll return.

    16. Where I got the book: I have absolutely no idea what this was doing on the Shelf of Shame. I'm really hoping it was a freebie from some event, because seriously, I wouldn't have bought it would I? Another Bad Book Buddy Read with Crystal Starr Light.Bottom line:Well, there's no accounting for taste, and if you like sappy Twoo Luv stories this is your man. My mileage varied, mostly because I was reading critically with ALL my teeth and claws out, so I'll forgive you if you enjoyed it because yeah [...]

    17. RESEÑA EN EL BLOG: bookstwins.wordpress/2018Es el primer libro que leo de Nicholas Sparks y debo decir que me sorprendió. Pensé que eran historias muy melosas y que todas se parecían entre sí entonces nunca quise darle una oportunidad.De esta historia tampoco he vista la pelicula, justamente por la misma razón por la que no leía los libros.Es un libro muy corto que se puede leer en una tarde y cuenta, resumidamente, la historia de Noah y Ally desde que se conocen de jovenes hasta ya ancia [...]

    18. As an author, I learned that this romantic, simple style is not my cup of tea. Although I enjoy cheesy comedies (the work of Capra springs to mind), I don't yearn to write them myself. The original love story of this novel was a little too pat and plain-- it was too clear that this was the love of a lifetime. Perhaps I'm jaded, but I really think a lifetime of love is more irritating-- after all, no two people can be absolutely perfect for each other. In fact, that irritation and friction, and l [...]

    19. 1 starIn a Word: boringInitial thoughts*Opens book**Reads book**Wonders if watching paint dry might actually be more exciting**Closes book**Yawns*The StoryWe’ve all seen the movie right? So it's that but with all the emotion sucked out of it.ProsThe beauty of lifetime love was represented in this story. The kind of love that leaves you falling in love with that person every day no matter what life brings your way. Like, real life love. ConsThe romance was a snooze fest.So here’s what I expec [...]

    20. by far, one of my favorite booksll me a sucker. i can totally relate to the concept of true love and a soulmate. i don't think you get many chances at finding that one person, and when you do, you know itver let go of the one that you know BELONGS with you. on your mind every second of every day."forever with you, forever in me, ever the same" (rob thomas- ever the same).

    21. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks is a story about two teenagers from opposite sides of the track who meet one fateful summer and fall in love for a lifetime. This novel was engaging and steady paced. I was able to read it in one sitting as I was drawn into the lives of Noah and Allie. Nicholas Sparks has created a poignant story about two people who try to recapture the love they once shared despite the passage of time.Noah Calhoun is a simple boy with simple dreams. He loves poetry, his life in [...]

    22. 4.5⭐⭐⭐⭐Stars I actually liked that I watched the movie before reading the book (I know I am shocked lol 😂). The narrator was on point and made me feel a lot. I might have fell asleep with teary eyes or with waterfalls Same difference whatever lol 🙄🤔😒😂 hahaha Listening to the audio copy, I can't stop picturing Ryan Gosling 😝

    23. I have, in my lifetime, come across so few people that I can honestly say the following about "Straight to a fault". Mr. Sparks steals the cake in this book. Not only does he play up to every hopelessly/sappily romantic notion pop-culture has ever churned out for women over the age of 10, he does this in a sexist/uber macho yet trying to come of as sweet but rough around the edges kind of way. Oh male privilege. If you want to write from a woman's perspective, you should maybe have the forethoug [...]

    24. Los amores verdaderos son los que pasan las pruebas mas tremendas.Esta es una verdadera historia de amor.La película es hermosa, aunque no es 100% fiel al libro.

    25. Favorite QuotesI suppose [my life] has most resembled a blue chip stock: fairly stable, more ups than downs, and gradually trending upward over time. A good buy, a lucky buy, and I've learned that not everyone can say that about his life."A living poem" had always been the words that came to mind when he tried to describe her to others.Our lives can't be measured by our final years, of this I am sure.We sit silently and watch the world around us. This has taken a lifetime to learn. It seems only [...]

    26. I see the book and the movie as two complete separate things. The movie was another world to me. So i don't want to compare it with the book. (Though the movie was absolutely 100 percent better!.yway)So I'm just gonna talk about the book one thing i didn't like about it was that it didn't mention how they met it didn't explain the whole story it was like this: i met this beautiful girl and i fell in love with her!! What's magical about that? some of us want to know the details.And when Allie fou [...]

    27. I expected to love it, because *don't hate me* I absoultely LOVE the film.But I was disappointed. It was way too sunshine and rainbows! I love their love story and I got teary eyed at the end and when I was reading Allie's last letter, but I was hoping it would make me bawl my eyes out as the film does. (Meaning sobs, I can't breathe, punching the pillow, etc.)I felt it lacked passion, the characters were a little too flat for me, and, again, comparing it to the film: Book Noah was too perfect, [...]

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