Swamp Thing, Vol. 1: Raise Them Bones

In the 40 years since its debut, Swamp Thing has been graced with some of the best writers in comics from Len Wein to Alan Moore and now, as part of the DC Comics The New 52, American Vampire scribe Scott Snyder brings his talents to an all new Swamp Thing, set in the DC Universe.Following the events of Brightest Day, Alec Holland has his life backbut the Green has plIn the 40 years since its debut, Swamp Thing has been graced with some of the best writers in comics from Len Wein to Alan Moore and now, as part of the DC Comics The New 52, American Vampire scribe Scott Snyder brings his talents to an all new Swamp Thing, set in the DC Universe.Following the events of Brightest Day, Alec Holland has his life backbut the Green has plans for it A monstrous evil is rising in the desert, and it ll take a monster of another kind to defend life as we know it Collecting Swamp Thing 1 7
Swamp Thing Vol Raise Them Bones In the years since its debut Swamp Thing has been graced with some of the best writers in comics from Len Wein to Alan Moore and now as part of the DC Comics The New American Vampire scribe S

  • Title: Swamp Thing, Vol. 1: Raise Them Bones
  • Author: Scott Snyder
  • ISBN: 9781781164037
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I'm giving a graphic novel five stars.d it's Swamp thing!Dr. Alec Holland remembers dying and becoming a monster, but he doesn't want anything to do with that life. He remembers a white haired woman but the memories of that time are vague. Even when Superman comes to see him he admits he does not want to return to that life.Then he finds out about a "bubble boy" from hell. The kid can animate the dead. Wicked shit right there. If you have a cancer inside you or say a bad tooth? He can make it co [...]

    2. Poor Dr. Alec Holland, he’s been brought back from the dead by a comic book writer and he’s plagued by these memories of a different life, a different continuity as Swamp Thing. Hey Doc, I have the same nagging problem, but my symptoms are headaches, nausea, lethargy and a general malaise when I read anything with New 52 on the cover.At least Swamp Thing is lucky. He’s written by Scott Snyder. Since Grant Morrison went over the edge, Snyder is one of DC’s few consistently decent writers. [...]

    3. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/So allllll of the Shallow Comic Book Readers who have read this gave it 4 Stars . . . (Even Sam and he hates everything.) I didn’t not like it, I was just kind of . . . (^^^^Look at me! What a P.I.M.P. I got 99 problems and finding the graphic novels I want to read at my library is definitely one.)I am admittedly not a superhero comic reader (which Jeff is well aware of), so when I started Raise Them Bones and found this . . . .happening on the second p [...]

    4. This is my first swamp thing outside of random appearances in crossover events and I have to say the setup for the story is pretty damn epic. Life versus rot. The fundamental forces, with avatars. In love. I mean, how sweet is that?Romeo and Juliette can suck it.This is the kind of romance I can dig! Oh, fantastically gruesome art, too. Blown away.

    5. Swamp Thing?Really?Yeah, no. I'll pass, thanks.I've never had any desire to read any of the past Swamp Thing trades'cause it's Swamp Thing. It sounded oopid.Behold! I am Swamp Thing!Riiiight.I never would have even bothered to give this a shot, except that several of my GR friends really loved it. Well, that, and for some reason my library had a few copies available. So now we come to the part where I was wrong in my original assessment of this character.*shrugs*Eh, it happensThis was shockingly [...]

    6. Alec Holland is reborn with memories not his own, memories of the adventures of Swamp Thing. Forces of the Rot are marshaling and only the Swamp Thing can stop them. But what does all that have to do with an immune-deficient child named William?I've made it no secret that I think Scott Snyder can do no wrong when it comes to comics. Swamp Thing really drove that point home. Stepping into Alan Moore's shoes on one of the projects that took him to stardom wasn't an enviable task. Good thing Scott [...]

    7. A flawed gem. This is the first Scott Snyder title I've read and, I'll be honest, I am profoundly disappointed. The writing was justfeh.I understand that Snyder isn't Moore and that Moore has gone a bitoff the last few decades. But Moore completely redefined the characters, the themes and the purpose of the Swamp Thing series, all for the better. It still remains one of the best superhero/horror/fantasy comics I have ever read. Even Veitch's attempt to follow Moore after he left the title was pr [...]

    8. Way to kill the franchise, Bakula!Swamp Thing, Vol. 1: Saga of the Swamp Thing is one of my favourite graphic novel series, so I took it as a given that I would love this. Wrong! I got a bit more than half-way through when I decided to throw in the towel.

    9. Of all the “New 52” titles announced, “Swamp Thing” was the one I was looking forward to the most so having finished the first book I’m glad it’s as good as I’d hoped. Despite a somewhat convoluted explanation of how Alec Holland was and wasn’t Swamp Thing, things get moving pretty quickly as a deathly primeval force called “The Rot” threatens all plant-life on Earth. “The Green” and the Parliament of Trees reach out to Alec to become their champion, Swamp Thing, and help [...]

    10. Anyone who has spent any time in a swamp or other natural setting or even on a farm has had a chance to witness life springing from rot and decay. This was one of the major themes of Alan Moore's legendary 1980s turn as the writer of DC's Swamp Thing. Moore's interpretation of the titular creature was after all a walking, talking mass of roots and vines grown from a dead man's submerged corpse. Aided by an experimental bio-restorative formula and some metaphysical push, the swamp had consumed Al [...]

    11. Swamp Thing has protected the earth's green life for years by the time we see Dr. Holland show up here. In fact, he is another in a long line of Swamp Thing protectors - just one of the more unwilling ones. It's a little weird tho, getting dropped into the narrative *after* he's had all these horrific experiences as the monster - it's like getting introduced to someone and hearing about all the wild sex & drugs they *used* I have, but "I outgrew that stuff and I'm over it now.". NOW you deci [...]

    12. I'll be honest, it took me an issue or two to get into this one. But once I did Wow. I love the idea of the Swamp Thing being a warrior for the Green. Alec Holland was handled very well. I get his hesitation to become the creature again, and why he puts it off. The art is often stunning, just a pleasure to look at. More than once, I would turn a page and just stare at the layout in front of me, enjoying the art before reading a word, which is unusual for me. Bonus points: the reader only needs t [...]

    13. I don't have a frame of reference for this book, since all I know about it is the really cheesy movie that came out many moons ago with Adrienne Barbeau. I did read an older Hellblazer, where Swamp Thing pops in at the end, but that's about it. Overall, this was pretty good, but the subject matter is pretty icky. I did like the concept of nature being sort of neutral when it comes to good and evil. While Alec has always felt an affinity towards plants, he doesn't look at the green kingdom as a s [...]

    14. I had never read any Swamp Thing before, but picked up issue 1 of this comic just because of Scott Snyder's name on the front (who's quickly becoming one of my favorite writers). This book is absolutely amazing. The seven issues in this volume sets up an expansive fantasy/horror epic, one that will be increased tenfold in size with the highly anticipated Animal Man crossover coming in a few months.This opens with a recently resurrected Alec Holland, who, from what I understand, has never been fe [...]

    15. Kind of let down with this volume. I guess I expected more? Before we get to the bad let's start with the good, cause there is some great stuff. The design of swamp thing is badass. The main villain of this, a crazy little kid with the power of Rot in his blood, is horrifying and kills without blinking. Scary. Also loved the more horror/mystery feel of it. Also very easy to get in to even if you never read Swamp Thing before. The bad start with the slow pacing at points. Also things feel dragged [...]

    16. I'd only read a few Swamp Thing comics before this, but when I saw Scott Snyder's name attached, I knew it would be worth the time. It was. Snyder is quickly becoming one of my favourites, especially with all his good work in Batman. This is a very engaging story about Alec Holland, the once Swamp Thing (or was he?) and it's a nice little link to have Superman appear and talk to him, as well as brief glimpses of Batman and Aquaman. The storyline is solid, things have been changed from the origin [...]

    17. Not my cup of tea! I don't know guys, I like Swamp Thing as a character but I guess his comic books aren't for me, after trying this and Alan Moore's run. I will say Snyder does a good job of tying in his run to Moore's which I thought was cool but otherwise Swamp Thing comics just aren't clicking with me, not saying this is bad at all, its just not for me.

    18. This unsettling horror comic brings a lot of frustration but tells a fascinating story with some powerful visuals. The idea is that a guy comes back from the dead with memories of a Swamp Thing that had taken his place between his death and resurrection, and when he is heavily recruited to become that Swamp Thing himself, he fights the invitation. Of course, we all know what his eventual response will be (there are only so many ways you can publish a monthly Swamp Thing comic that doesn't have a [...]

    19. “Swamp Thing proves that Snyder can write well outside of Batman with a stunning opening volume to the new series which I will be following for sure.” ~The Founding FieldsSwamp Thing: Raise Them Bones was the second volume of DC’s New 52 that I purchased for trade paperback after the success of the first volume of the Teen Titans: It’s Our Right To Fight, and now that I look back on it, I realise that I could not have picked a more different series. Even though Scott Snyder has worked on [...]

    20. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths. When I play Lego Batman 2 with my little brother sometimes (Yeah, I have to play video games with him at times. Thanks, for that, dad.), I try to play different heroes. Weird ones. Cool ones. Ones I’ve never heard of. We have collected a lot of different guys in the game, so it is pretty easy to always get someone new to try out. The weirdest of them all is Swamp Thing. I got to thinking I’d like to read one of his books, so I found this older ones at the [...]

    21. This was pretty amazing! And I am shocked to see me typing that I was skeptical heading into it, but quickly changed my mind.First of all, the art work is stunning. At once grotesque, horrific, expressionistic and surreal. It feels and looks like artwork that would be found in a graphic novel, which lends a level of sophistication and maturity to the volume. Secondly, it is very intriguing! Right away, the reader learns that Alec has unexplained memories of a past life. Does he remember the pre- [...]

    22. Full review to come. Let's just say I finally found my favorite New 52 though! :)

    23. Unknown to to the casual comics fan the Swamp Thing title has been fortunate to have a series of excellent writers over the years. Most people think, "Oh, its was just Alan Moore." That is because DC wisely has learned they can milk both soft and hardcover editions of Moore's work for profit by keeping them in print (and any publisher, be it Harper Collins etc. would do the same). Before Moore there was the excellent Lew Wein/Bernie Wrightson run, and after Moore Rick Veitch (with the ufortunate [...]

    24. Swamp Thing's introduction into the New 52 is problematic. After coming back to life, Alec Holland, who was never actually Swamp Thing, tried to avoid the calling of the Green. He remembers being Swamp Thing, even though he was actually dead, and herein lies the problem:He seems to remember the pre-New 52 continuity. Does this mean that John Constantine was around in the 80s, leading him around? Did he help Jack Knight enter Solomon Grundy's consciousness?It's weird because New 52 is a hard rebo [...]

    25. I was really looking forward to reading a "superhero" comic that I was unfamiliar with. Am I happy I chose to read this!! I really appreciate Snyder's writing. At times it was a little difficult to sort out the dialogue organization, but the story was definitely interesting. I'm excited to dive into volume 2. The artwork was phenomenal. The panel designs were really clever! The writing was great and I really liked the themes of honor, duty, and destiny that Snyder addressed.

    26. The artwork was gorgeous, though the storytelling technique was a little repetitive. It seemed to take too long to get to the obvious ending, but maybe that is comic book style? I also wanted to know more, so I might be checking out other books in this series.

    27. I. Love. Swamp Thing.I love Swamp Thing so much that when I first read the beginning of Alan Moore’s saga series, I decided that this was my favorite super hero ever and I would never get tired of reading the books. It turns out that that declaration had been locked specifically onto Moore/Wein’s take on the lovable monster.This isn’t a bad book--in fact, this is a fantastic twist on the story of Alec Holland and the tale of Swamp Thing. Snyder took what I was extremely familiar with and c [...]

    28. This book does a great thing that a lot of comics try, but few creators success in making it happen.The reluctant hero. This book totally does it, and it also sticks it to these mother earth, beauty of nature people. Take that, hippies! The earth sucks too. Ugh, enough with telling me to look at the leaves because they're different colors. I know, okay? Colors are great. Red, yellow. Green. Orange. Oh, how I wish garbage bags were see-thru so we could enjoy the fall leaves that much longer after [...]

    29. This is my first encounter with the Swamp Thing mythos. I’d vaguely known about Alan Moore’s acclaimed run in the 80’s and picked this one up as it’s been very well reviewed since the New 52 Reboot. Like much of the reboot, Raise Them Bones provides a good jumping point for new readers without completely starting from scratch. (It is much better than Green Lantern’s lame attempt at a “reboot” which picked up exactly where War of the Green Lanterns: Aftermath left off.) Dr. Alec Ho [...]

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