Snow White: An Islamic Tale

Involving the power of a djinn, poisoned dates, seven dwarf sisters in faith, and a mysterious old peddler woman in the woods wearing a face veil, this lyrically told story offers a unique twist on this fairy tale, whilst keeping the classic much loved story intact, including a hateful and vain stepmother, a considerate huntsman, and a charming prince.Set in the heady snowInvolving the power of a djinn, poisoned dates, seven dwarf sisters in faith, and a mysterious old peddler woman in the woods wearing a face veil, this lyrically told story offers a unique twist on this fairy tale, whilst keeping the classic much loved story intact, including a hateful and vain stepmother, a considerate huntsman, and a charming prince.Set in the heady snow strewn woodlands of Anatolia by the illustrator Shireen Adams, this tale of flight, friendship, and forgiveness is richly detailed and beautifully brought to life.Snow White is the second book in the Islamic Fairy Tales series, which looks to offer meaningful and faithful variants of these popular worldwide stories.Fawzia Gilani has worked as a teacher, librarian, and school principal in the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada since 1993 She is the author of thirty children s books, mostly on the topic of Eid.
Snow White An Islamic Tale Involving the power of a djinn poisoned dates seven dwarf sisters in faith and a mysterious old peddler woman in the woods wearing a face veil this lyrically told story offers a unique twist on th

  • Title: Snow White: An Islamic Tale
  • Author: Fawzia Gilani Shireen Adams
  • ISBN: 9780860375265
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “Snow White: An Islamic Tale”

    1. I'll start out by saying that my daughter liked this book. She liked all the female characters. However, by the end, I was self-editing so she didn't necessarily hear the full story. We both liked the idea of this book. However, the Islamic references seemed like they were just pasted in and were out of sync with the rest of the story. It made the story disjointed and almost difficult to read. The language was very traditionally Western, and then we'd encounter what started to feel like a bump i [...]

    2. :D!man i love fawzia gilani so much, like based off this and cinderella her formula seems to be 'fairy tale + islam + prioritizing of women' and it is all i want of my picture books. i wish i could have read this as a child, i'm definitely going to reccomend her to all my cousins with young childrenalso this is the second book where i have been reduced to giggles by the sheer unimportance of the prince, i just. he is not the point; the point is snow white and her character and faith and the fami [...]

    3. Thank you to Kube Publushing for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review. I love the idea of fairy tales mixed with Islamic themes. This version of Snow White, the illustrations, and glossary were all fine. Some parts of this story would be difficult for children to understand which is why I would read this to my 3rd graders when we learn about fairy tales this year. Similar to my review of Cinderella by the same author, the one thing I didn't like was how verses of Quran and hadit [...]

    4. It’s a good try at giving the fairy tale a new setting. Very heavy handed with Old Testament themes. I very much enjoyed seeing a new version which gives female characters a chance to take action but some of the illustrations were questionable. Why set the story in the Middle East if so many characters are going to be drawn oh so very white?

    5. Snow White – An Islamic Tale by Fawzia Gilani, illustrated by Shireen Adams – Interesting to read this folktale that has similarities to the Snow White story but many cultural influences that change it.

    6. Snow White: An Islamic Tale is a beautiful and faithful retelling of the Snow White fairy tale, modified to be set in the Muslim world. The adjustments are made very thoughtfully and in most cases actually strengthen the story. Snow White is portrayed as a faithful Muslim girl who relies on the Qur'an to guide her behavior. This emphasis on religious virtue is very much in line with many of the original fairy tales, by the way. Her religious observances are included in the story, showing her pra [...]

    7. This one just didn't do it for me. While I love fairytales and folk tales from around the world, and especially love cultural retellings of princess stories (most notably Cinderella), this version of Snow White was awkward and bland. First off, they really should have commissioned a different illustrator. I can imagine the beautiful illustrations that may have been possible for this story, but instead we are left with comic bookish, mediocre drawings. (This is what brought my rating from 2 to ju [...]

    8. This version of Snow White is a fairy tale crossed with Islamic culture crossed with the prioritizing of women. Fawzia follows the Grimm tale, this story is a lot darker than her retelling of Cinderella. Snow White’s mother dies, her father remarries a vain woman and then dies of a “strange illness,” and the stepmother practices magic, commands a Jinn, and demands to eat the heart and liver of Snow White in the search for youth.I found this book difficult to read because of all the Islamic [...]

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