Learning to Play With a Lion's Testicles: Unexpected Gifts From the Animals of Africa

The cheeky title of Melissa Haynes s story of adventure in Africa, Learning to Play with a Lion s Testicles, earned the book some big publicity on NBC TV Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on September 4,2013 where it topped the show s list of Titles Not to Read for September 2013 Melissa s book was also a big smash on the March 11, 2014 Ellen Show, where Ellen and guest RickThe cheeky title of Melissa Haynes s story of adventure in Africa, Learning to Play with a Lion s Testicles, earned the book some big publicity on NBC TV Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on September 4,2013 where it topped the show s list of Titles Not to Read for September 2013 Melissa s book was also a big smash on the March 11, 2014 Ellen Show, where Ellen and guest Ricky Gervais highlighted the book throughout the entire hour.Playing with a lion s testicles An African saying that means to take foolhardy chances.For the reader who has ever dreamed of going to Africa or knows the pain of loss and guilt, Learning to Play with a Lion s Testicles will fill your soul.Melissa, an exhausted executive from the city seeks meaning and purpose from her work volunteers for a Big Five conservation project in South Africa Her boss, an over zealous ranger, nicknamed the Drill Sergeant, has no patience for city folk, especially if they re women He tries to send her packing on day one, but Melissa stands her ground with grit and determination, however shaky it may be.Conflict soon sets the pace with a cast filled with predatory cats and violent elephants, an on going battle of wits with the Drill Sergeant Even Mother Nature pounds the reserve with the worst storm in a century But the most enduring and profound conflict is the internal battle going on within Melissa, as she tries to come to terms with the guilt surrounding her mother s death When death grips the game reserve, it is the very animals Melissa has come to save that end up saving her.
Learning to Play With a Lion s Testicles Unexpected Gifts From the Animals of Africa The cheeky title of Melissa Haynes s story of adventure in Africa Learning to Play with a Lion s Testicles earned the book some big publicity on NBC TV Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on September

  • Title: Learning to Play With a Lion's Testicles: Unexpected Gifts From the Animals of Africa
  • Author: Melissa Haynes
  • ISBN: 9781933016825
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “Learning to Play With a Lion's Testicles: Unexpected Gifts From the Animals of Africa”

    1. I received this book as part of a giveaway.I was expecting something entirely different inside this book; despite the title, the cover art fooled me into believing this book was much more serious than it was. There was the element of the author's struggles to come to terms with her mother's death, but the mood of the Learning to Play with a Lion's Testicles was ridiculously engaging. Melissa Haynes obviously felt very little concern over maintaining her dignity as she repeatedly threw herself u [...]

    2. I might not have ever read this book had it not the word 'testicles' in the title. A friend browsing on saw that and decided this was the perfect gift for my bookshelf. Go figure and that title might just be the most un-cliched line in the entire book. I think I would miss many good things though if I disregarded them on that basis alone, but to leave some honest criticism, much of this book was built up of cliches. Middle-class blonde American girl goes off to Africa after her mother dies, hop [...]

    3. This is a tough one to rate. I would have liked more depth in the coverage of the conservation aspect. Instead, it's more of a short memoir of how that experience helped the author deal with the grief of family loss. But my biggest issue is that (and I'm sorry if the author reads this), she's too whiny and a bit of a jerk through most of the book. On the other hand, the conservation park stories, though too few, are interesting. And the parts dealing with her mother resonated with me for persona [...]

    4. This book was not quite what I expected but I really enjoyed it anyway. I was looking for a more conservationist experience and what I got was a personal growth story. I can't say I'm disappointed though, it was a quick read and held my interest. While it was deep in parts, it was also laugh out loud funny in others. Her experience in the game reserve is amazing, whether she's running from lions, being charged by a rhino, or having dung thrown at her by a pissed off elephant; she never gives up [...]

    5. A touching story of dealing with loss in an unexpected wayvolunteering on a African game reserve. It has humour ( think a little James Herriott ), adventure, and learning some life lessons. A very easy read and I found myself not wanting to put it down till I finished. I don't know if I will ever travel to a game reserve but this is pretty close with the descriptive story-telling. I went through a number of emotions as I read and to me that's a good book. Highly recommend this book.

    6. Having such an odd title, I was skeptical. I really enjoyed this story. Beautifully narrated by the author, it had me crying along with her thru her struggles and laughing out loud at her adventures. I would recommend this book.

    7. I have read an advanced copy and it is excellent! A moving story of coming to terms with guilt over death and the adventures of volunteering on a wildlife reserve and what animals can teach you. Highly recommend.

    8. This book had many strengths but many weaknesses too. I was very irritated by the spoilt blonde but deeply moved when she wrote about her mother. The last chapter about what she learnt was the best of the book.

    9. I'm not going to read this book, cause its not really a book I'm interested in reading. But I'm laughing so freaking hard at the title lmfao. I saw this book on Ellen Degeneres & couldn't stop laughing lol

    10. I'm not going to say that the second half of the book made the first worth it but it DEFINITELY softened this review! Within the first twenty pages or so I was already convinced this would turn into a hate-read (but as short as it is I figured I'd power through just in case it miraculously got better).First thing is first. 'Playing with a lion's testicles' means taking foolhardy chances, the book title suggests she needed to somehow learn this? No. She did this from day one as if she was a profe [...]

    11. I received this book through a Giveaway :)I liked this book a lot.The first few chapters of it were a little clunky and hard to wade through; I didn't like the switching back between the city life (view spoiler)[(with her mother suffering from cancer and general old age) (hide spoiler)] and the reserve (where a lot of the life lessons happen). I think that the book would do better to clump the city stuff in the beginning and THEN move to Africa for narrative purposes and less confusion with con [...]

    12. Once I saw the meaning behind the title and got over my initial shock (wonderful marketing ploy, eh?), I was excited to read this one. I love volunteering, and although I will likely never get to do so abroad, this was a way to see what that would be like and live vicariously for a bit. At some points, not having to experience these things firsthand was quite the blessing. I have done my share of back-breaking labor and am happy to escape mucking an elephant house repeatedly. Other points in the [...]

    13. I don't read non fiction or memoirs ever ; but I do like watching The Discovery Channel when Lions are being featured, I love these beasts! & that is exactlywhat drew me to this novel, at a glance.I took my time reading this book because I wanted to conserve the experience and really reflect on Melissa's journey. I think I enjoyed this memoir so much because it was: very real, funny, inspiring, and took place in Africa! I can honestly sayI am inspiredand have added volunteering in a wild lif [...]

    14. This safari kicked it out of second gear midway through its short 209 page journey. In the beginning I was spinning my wheels on antelope species, primitive African tools, and inhospitable Serengeti terrain. The road then opened up and delved into the dark emotions the author experienced after the death of her mother. As a reader I enjoyed being on the jalopy ride enough to give this memoir ⭐️⭐️⭐️. And if dismembering carcasses truly brings the inner peace the author describes I woul [...]

    15. Wasn't sure what to expect from the title but I did enjoy it very much. Some serious moments as the author recalls her mothers suffering through cancer. Having just lost several people this portion was quite heartbreaking.The African safari portions were comical. I could envision many people having the same unrealistic expectations of volunteering. The ideal of a wonderful, romantic adventure only to be disappointed with the reality of hard, back breaking and very un-glamorous work.All in all it [...]

    16. After reading an advanced copy I would highly recommend this book. As an animal lover I thoroughly enjoyed the descriptive nature and the healing powers that Melissa received and attributed to the animals she interacted with while volunteering on the wildlife reserve. It is a touching tale of coming to terms with guilt after loosing her mother, moving forward and includes some great truimfs over lifes lessons.

    17. Honestly I saw this book on facebook or something and thought " haha funny title" so I bought it and read the first chapter and stopped reading it, but then I started reading a lot again so I decided to finish this book and at first it was a little hard to get into, but then I got really into it. It's actually a very good book about how through extensive exposure therapy anyone can overcome there fears and internal problems. 9/10 would recommend to some people.

    18. I was thrilled to receive an advanced copy in the mail (autographed to boot)I could not wait to read about my friends adventures in Africa. I love the emotion, the rawness and the healing that Melissa experienced throughout. Funny how grief is different in each and everyone of us. Even the animals. A touching read. Thanks Melissa! xo

    19. I really liked this book. Melissa's experiences of volunteering on a South African conservation project were told with a sense of humour and how she finally deals with her grief over the lose of her mother is poignant. This book is sure to turn up on book club reading lists and will get people thinking about volunteering.

    20. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I found myself cheering Melissa on and hoping she made it. She made some great discoveries about herself and her what she was running from. Being in Africa definitely a great place for her to find herself and heal.

    21. I was hesitant to read because the name was so weird! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and encourage others to read!

    22. Absolutely amazing. Makes you laugh, makes you want to cry, very well written. Laughed throughout the book.

    23. This memoir is a vivid story of deep grief and learning that will leave you cheering the author. Good read.

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