Love Me Anyway

A darkly funny, compulsively readable debut novel about two young flight attendants coming of age at 35,000 feetWhen twenty three year old Emily Cavenaugh s marriage to her abusive high school sweetheart ends, she trades in her dull smalltown life for an all access pass to see the world as a flight attendant Hoping for a new start, she moves to San Francisco to bunk withA darkly funny, compulsively readable debut novel about two young flight attendants coming of age at 35,000 feetWhen twenty three year old Emily Cavenaugh s marriage to her abusive high school sweetheart ends, she trades in her dull smalltown life for an all access pass to see the world as a flight attendant Hoping for a new start, she moves to San Francisco to bunk with six other new flight attendants Among them is KC Valentine, a free spirit who encourages Emily to shed her mousy ways and start collecting experiences as exciting as her passport stamps Emily soon follows KC s advice a little too well, falling in love with an older, married co worker named Tien, a father to two young girls But as Emily and Tien become deeply entangled, KC grows distraught Neither her friends nor co workers know the real reason she became a flight attendant to find her father who abandoned her as a child As Emily and KC fly from Vegas to Boston, San Francisco to London, Chicago to Delhi, each searching for love and acceptance, they re torn between passion and moral conviction, freedom and belonging.An assured debut from a former flight attendant, Love Me Anyway deftly captures the complexities of love, friendship, and family, the excitement and loneliness that come from living everywhere and nowhere, and the surprising detours life can take when you set out to discover the world.
Love Me Anyway A darkly funny compulsively readable debut novel about two young flight attendants coming of age at feetWhen twenty three year old Emily Cavenaugh s marriage to her abusive high school sweethe

  • Title: Love Me Anyway
  • Author: Tiffany Hawk
  • ISBN: 9781250022820
  • Page: 273
  • Format: ebook
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    1 thought on “Love Me Anyway”

    1. Oh, this is a lovely book! There's so much to enjoy. If you've ever flown on a plane (and who hasn't?), then the details of a flight attendant's life are fascinating and may make us all kinder and more sympathetic the next time we shove trash at one of them and expect them to say "thanks." Mostly, though, it's the characters and story that make this novel so compelling. The two main characters are so well-drawn that they feel completely real on the page, and it's impossible not to feel for their [...]

    2. As a travel junkie, I've indulged a fantasy or two about being a flight attendant if I was young and single. This book gives me a glimpse of exactly what that might've been like - both the good and the bad. I loved that side of the book and was also eager to find out whether the two main characters, Emily and KC, ever got their issues worked out and their lives pointed in the direction they wanted. The book kept me turning the (digital) pages and annoying my family with, "Just let me finish this [...]

    3. I received this book in a First Reads giveaway. This is a must read; I could not put it down! Love Me Anyway is the first book in a long time that really grabbed my attention and pulled at my heart. In her debut novel, Tiffany Hawk takes you into a world so real and captivating. It is clear that her personal experiences in the Airline world helped shaped such a wonderful novel. Absolutely wonderful.

    4. Snappy dialogue and great characterization!Come fly with Emily and KC as they navigate their new careers as flight attendants for United Airlines. Most of the story takes place in 2000 and alternates between the two main characters. I started reading the free sample at 5:30 one morning when I couldn’t sleep. Minutes later I downloaded the entire novel and for two days I’ve been immersed in the lives of these two young women and their coworkers. Good writing transports you, and I feel like I [...]

    5. For KC and Emily, young women in their early twenties, the life of a flight attendant represents many things: adventure, escape, opportunity, an attempt to start fresh and salve the wounds of the past. What neither realizes is that life "up in the air" will be far more complex and present many new problems of life, love and opportunity than either of them could have bargained for.Tiffany Hawk's debut novel takes the reader and her characters on a journey of several dimensions. As a freshman effo [...]

    6. Come take a ride with Emily, KC and their crew as they travel the world in hopes of discovering themselves and maybe even love along the way. But life as a flight attendant isn’t always a smooth ride. They will encounter turbulence along the way. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.Most young adults would jump at the opportunity to experience the world, travel to exotic destinations and get paid while doing so. Emily Cavenaugh isn’t most people. At twenty three years old, she has already [...]

    7. I love it when authors write about a unique world they know personally, and I love it when authors take risks. Tiffany Hawk hits both of those marks. In this novel about flight attendants for United Airlines, Hawk knows whereof she writes. She, too, flew with that airline, which means that the details in this novel are wonderfully intimate. Funny, too -- i.e. On her travels the main character sees a man so "obscenely American that even I want to pickpocket him." But I didn't just enjoy the detai [...]

    8. I almost wish this novel wasn't called "Love Me Anyway," because I don't want it to be dismissed as chick lit. While the book does examine the relationships and issues of two modern women, I think it's incomplete to categorize it with that label. It's like looking at a lemon meringue pie and calling it a cake.This is the story of Emily and KC, two United flight attendants -- one is running from her past, while the other searching for home. Despite a lot of turbulence, the women eventually find t [...]

    9. I'm afraid people will look at the cover of this book and the summary inside the flap and dismiss it as "women's fiction" (whatever that means) and that's too bad because it is more than that. Just when you think you are settled in to the rhythms a flight attendant's life Hawk's story goes international. Just when you think the book is only about these two young woman Hawk gives us an intimate look into one of her male characters as he returns to Vietnam and reflects on his broken marriage. Just [...]

    10. Biggest appeal for me was a peek at the world of flight attendants in a time after the glamorous air hostess days and before 2001. Recommend to readers who like Jennifer Close's "Girls in White Dresses" and to Kristin Hannah, Caroline Leavitt, etc. readers.

    11. Loved it! It felt very real, which I really liked. My only criticism, I wanted MORE! I really couldn't put it down.

    12. I loved the premise of this book; two women want to change their lives so, they both decide to work for United Airlines, while pursuing their dreams of traveling the world. KC, a free-spirit, ends up meeting a few men along her travels, while Emily, a recently-divorced woman, wants to find true love as she embarks upon a variety of cities that make her feel excited about life again. I enjoyed the stories that were told by each of the women as they found each other, with Emily detailing her disap [...]

    13. This was a fun read. It's always fascinating to get a glimpse into another career, and this was a fabulous insight into the life of a flight attendant. Love Me Anyway is a good blend of humor, sensuality, and soul-searching. The characters have compelling backstories and make for an enjoyable literary escape. I would read it again!

    14. My review on Huffington Post huffingtonpost/lisa-niIn Tiffany Hawk's novel, Love Me Anyway, Emily and KC seek new lives flying towards their unrealized dreams. Approaching their new job as United Airlines flight attendants from different runways, Emily explains, "For KC, picking up and heading to Chicago meant she was a grown-up. For me it was proof I was young after all."Emily's high school sweetheart turns out to be a dangerous husband swinging calphalon pots, demanding perfection in the kitch [...]

    15. 2017 Reading Challenge Category: A book about an interesting woman. Or, more accurately, two interesting women. Love Me Anyway is a novel about two young pre-9/11 flight attendants living a life of freedom and travel while searching for love and a place to belong. I loved this book. It's so well written--bittersweet yet emotionally satisfying.

    16. When I was offered Love Me Anyway by Tiffany Hawk to review, I said yes immediately. I absolutely love the idea of being a flight attendant, it was something I wanted to be when I was younger though it isn’t something I’ve followed through on because you have to be a certain weight apparently and it’s not something I’d like to have to be ruled over. Also the more flights I’ve taken the older I’ve gotten, the less glossy the job looks when you realise they have to deal with obnoxious [...]

    17. 3.5 StarOriginally reviewed at Novel Escapes.I enjoyed the glimpse inside the lives of stewardesses with Love Me Anyway. The detailed insight into their lives amazed me and I kept reading for these juicy tidbits – and there were many of them! A novel about finding yourself, this book was a bit darker than some of the contemporary women’s fiction I’ve read lately. The women were definitely hard to love, but in the end, the writing itself was fabulous and frequently humourous, despite some c [...]

    18. Since my first flight at age 23, I’ve fantasized about careers that would give me the means to travel for a living. Samantha Brown? I may have said a few bad things about her because I’m green with envy. Yet I never once considered being a flight attendant. Tiffany Hawk’s debut novel Love Me Anyway is a great example of why.Emily Cavenaugh and KC Valentine meet when they begin training as flight attendants. Both seeking a different life – Emily as an escape from an abusive husband, KC lo [...]

    19. I fly a pretty good amount and have long known—in a very general way—that flight benefits aside, life as a flight attendant leaves a lot to be desired. Gone are the glamorous jet-set days of the 1960s (if they even existed in the first place); instead, today’s airline employees must contend with shapeless polyester uniforms, increasingly convoluted security procedures, and the ever-present threat of layoffs. Plus travelers, whose behavior can range from the odd to the infuriating.Tiffany H [...]

    20. Love Me Anyway is not a book I would consider fun beach reading, but it is a book that I enjoyed for the poignant perspective of author Tiffany Hawk, the pert narrative pace and the unexpected moments of hilarity that arise out of the darkness. And this book is dark. As the synopsis reveals, there is abuse and infidelity; but it does not reveal the death of both body and spirit that loom in the pages. So if you are not in the mood to have the starkness of reality reflected on the pages, set this [...]

    21. I really enjoyed Love Me Anyway. So many people think of a flight attendant's life as being glamorous, and I think Tiffany Hawk, a former flight attendant herself, really shows that it is not the reality of it. Sure, they get to travel to amazing places, but the really they are only there for a short time, living out of a suitcase, moving from hotel to hotel and are hundreds of miles away from the people they love. For me, it really showed how lonely of a lifestyle it can really be. Her characte [...]

    22. I had the pleasure of meeting the author, Tiffany Hawk, at another author's book signing a couple of months ago. She was delightful to meet. I didn't know what to expect when she signed the copy I bought that day, as I thought LOVE ME ANYWAY was chick-lit. Yes, I love traveling, and was intrigued by the "coming of age at 35,000 feet" subtitle, but LOVE ME ANYWAY is so much more than what it first seems. It is a story about two women making their way through life as flight attendants, both search [...]

    23. I liked this book, as I kept reading to see how it would end, but I never really connected with any of the characters. It felt like each of the two main female characters were wanting to end up somewhere in he beginning of the book, and at the end of the story where they both had endings, it didn't feel right, or real, to me.It felt like the author put an ending on each character, that didn't really fit. The best part of the book, for me, was reading about being a flight attendant, and about tra [...]

    24. Loved some of the quotes in this book so decided to write a whole blog on just one of them.'I got a tattoo done last week lower backIt's forever. What if I hate it someday?''Oh honey, it's not permanent. I got one in the same place and it fell into the great divide years ago'.Coming soon at recoveringme

    25. I picked this up on a whim at the library, was immediately shamed by the lame-o title, and thought I wouldn't make past the first 3 chapters. It picked up in the middle and then tanked at the end. I did like the behind the scenes aspect to airline/flight attendant world, but not enough to move it up to 3 stars.

    26. This was a great book. Love Me Anyway gave me insight on the life of a flight attendant. For some reason, I was not expecting the book to be along the timeline of the 9/11 attacks. The way the author wrote about it gave me chills. All in all the book made me laugh and cry and I would definitely read it again.

    27. I liked this one a lot more than I expected to. At first, the lives of the flight crew really bummed me out. You could almost smell the stale air and fake courtesy. But, the characters really developed, and I'm still thinking about them. I'll be very curious about airline crew and what their backgrounds are, the next time I fly.

    28. The blurbs on the back promised me that this novel was funny, but I found it depressing. Both the main characters are desperate and unhappy, and most of the supporting characters are sleazy and untrustworthy.

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