What if the Tablets of the Ten Commandments were not sent off in the Ark What if they contained than the Golden Rule Rebecca and Brandt go on their greatest adventure trying to stay one step ahead of a new viscous enemy, the Disciples of the Stone.
Havoc What if the Tablets of the Ten Commandments were not sent off in the Ark What if they contained than the Golden Rule Rebecca and Brandt go on their greatest adventure trying to stay one step ahead of

  • Title: Havoc
  • Author: Carolyn McCray
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1 thought on “Havoc”

    1. Didn't see the book ending the way it did. With 2 stories entwined, I was not able to read fast enough. I wanted to see Rebecca and Brandt together. I was wanting to get the back story behind the 10 commandments. I'm trying not to give anything away. This book too a turn I was not expecting! Now I have to read Shiva to see what happens next! Great book!

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    3. I really enjoyed Havoc. It was a great follow up to 30 Pieces of Silver with the same kind of intensity. The mystery was more convoluted than 30 Pieces and a little more unbelievable but I felt like the plot as a whole was more overshadowed by the character interactions and the great dynamics between everyone. After the final chapter teaser, I'm excited to start Shiva. I also expected something like the ending to occur but not the way that it finally happened. Very satisfactory and a great read. [...]

    4. From the synopsis it seemed that it might be a good story. However, I found the writing style too colloquial and rife with clichés. Like, it actually gets annoying when writers like, use the word like, you know, like people tend to like use it in these days in, like, conversation.cially when it's not even in, like, dialogue. I think that, like, sums it up.Actually, I read a lot and only review a few books here, mostly indy's. This book stalled me. I am a "completionist." Unless something is abs [...]

    5. I didn't enjoy this one quite as much as the previous one in the trilogy, the plotline did seem to be a bit too fanciful in places. However if you ignore the Indiana Jones type element it was still a good read. It does still have that element of controversy which was there in 30 Pieces of Silver, but this time it is the turn of the Ten Commandments. Throw in a new group of pursuers and a stolen bioweapon and you start to get the picture. Reading other reviews this is what I refer to as a Marmite [...]

    6. While the action was non-stop, the plot line was so contrived as to be completely unbelievable. The protagonists managed to escape every encounter in the most preposterous manner. I could have overlooked some of that had the writing been clean and crisp it was not. The editors, proofreaders, etc should have spent more time tightening up the prose. It often read more like a conversation within the author's head.

    7. Awesome book! I am really hooked on this series. I find myself thinking about the characters a lot, concerned for what's gonna happen next. I love how the guys are the "big, bad military dudes," but still are human - funny, scared, anf just plain crazy. LOL I'm looking forward to more!

    8. Fast paced and entertaining!This book never stops to take a breath. Great fast paced action all the way. I thoroughly enjoyed the story from start to end.

    9. Wow, what a letdown from the first novel. Expect for the non-stop action and pacing of the story, just about everything else was a big step back from the first in this trilogy.The story telling was not as interesting, and if I thought the plot device in the first novel was unreal, the main conceit in this book was truly way, way, way “out there”. Then we have the characters. I said in my review of the first book that character development was sparse, but in this book, it was outright non- se [...]

    10. What a ride. This was amazing, really amazing. Lets get one thing straight. The books in this series are completely “stupid”. Well, they are. The sort of action in “Havoc”, in particular, would be too crazy even for an 80´s action flick! Its completely unrealistic and completely over the top! The plot deals with religion, “lost artifacts” but its all very thin and just an excuse to move things along. The biggest strength of “Havoc” is how its completely focused on its duty! Bein [...]

    11. Havoc by Carolyn McCray is the follow up to "30 Pieces of Silver". The story continues to follow the adventures of Dr Rebecca Monroe and her soldier hero Brandt. Another religious historical chase is on as the intrepid group now searches for the tablets given to biological threat that could very well decimate the world's food supply. I didn't like this as much as the first book in the Betrayed series. Some parts were wonderful, such as the reintroduction of a character or two believed killed in [...]

    12. I LOVED this book! The second book in the Betrayed series is every bit as good as the first – Thirty Pieces of Silver. The suspense begins on the first page and continues to the very last word. While highly controversial because of its religious context very different from what the average Christian was taught, and not for the weak in faith, the reader still needs to remember that it is a fictional presentation.If this reader has any criticism at all, it is the typos, and misuse and misspellin [...]

    13. There is a lot to say about this book. First of all it is a combination of Indiana Jones archaeological adventure with Dan Brown religious controversy and a secret society. I enjoyed reading this book, but the action was way over the top, completely unbelievable, and often got to the point of being ridiculous and laughable. Here is an example without giving away too much plot. Lets set the stage, main character goes to interrogate someone, before much information is revealed a sniper shoots the [...]

    14. Earth, wind, fire, and rain + snow, guns, bombs, wild car chases = the second book in the Betrayed series.This book included elements I love: interesting characters, biblical events (Moses), history, adventure, and travel. Lots of action but some of the scenes were over-the-top/unbelievable. Interesting twists and surprises.McCray invents a group, the Disciples, and then links them to a Dead Sea scroll she calls the book of the Disciples. She makes it fit but this is fiction and she substitutes [...]

    15. Oh my! Where to begin?If you like a little Indiana Jones thrown in with some James Bond and a lot of other things, this is the book for you. It is quite long, but packed with action. I can see this as a movie---lots of chases, shoot-em-ups, technology, flying around the globe, blowing things upd in some humor like avalanche surfing, a little romance, a search for the original tablets containing the Ten Commandments ( do they contain more than the 10 commandments?), and a biological plague weapon [...]

    16. Fantatic!!Talk about a roller coaster ride, this story was that, and more. I could barely catch my breath, and we were off again, on yet another frantic adventure. One after another, without the chance to breathe at all, most of the time. Talk about "fast paced." This story moves at a frantic run from page 1 to the very end. Great story telling, adventure, romance, quick spurts of laughter, and then you are off again at such a quick pace, it's simply amazing. I can't imagine how Ms McCray manage [...]

    17. I enjoyed Havoc so much more than I did 30 Pieces of Silver. Havoc finds Rebecca, Brandt and his team of special forces once again involved in covert operations . One is related to bio-terrorism. If that isn't enough they are also being pursued by a group dating back to Moses the Disciples of Moses. Tensions are high between Rebecca and Brandt as Brandt had called off the wedding to marry the mother of his soon to be born son. surprise. The traitor, Davidson, is back in play. He has been working [...]

    18. Carolyn McCray is a brilliant storyteller! Having read "30 Pieces of Silver" I was very excited to read "Havoc". Carolyn McCray grabs her readers and doesn't let go! Her stories are true roller coaster rides with brief catch your breath moments before everything gets rolling again. The characters are so well created it was like greeting old friends, meeting new ones and mourning the loss of some. Thank you Carolyn for the wonderful stories, I really enjoy them! Now on to "Shiva"!

    19. Worthy of reading.I thought this book was similar in excitement as the first of the series, but I give the edge to the first one. The Jesus history was more interesting than the 10 commandments, but that's just me. I still love this type of fictional story. The author did a great job.

    20. Rollicking adventure with everything thrown in, except aliens, thankfully. Nonstop action but I could have done without some of the forbidden romantic attraction parts. A few good surprises, like how the bad guys, or girl, knew where they were, and a few unbelievable--but isn't that part of the genre?

    21. Havoc Delivers!I could barely put the book down. Brandt and Rebecca's love story is set against non-stop action. The convoluted evidence trail leads to some unexpected locations, including the upside down city of Sodom. Annush is a James Bond caliber enemy. I think you will enjoy being. one of the team on a mission to stop a deadly bioweapon and recover the Ten Commandments.

    22. The 30 Pieces of Silver story continues (Betrayed Series) in Havoc. Although the story-line is getting a bit formulaic, the chemistry between the characters and their incredible journey keeps readers paging through the novel. An intriguing take on biblical history, McCray's tale is written as a high-speed narrative filled with twists and turns.

    23. well written, believable characters. Very exciting plot, although if you have a hard time thinking about someone taking artistic liberty with the Bible, I would suggest you not read this one. Everyone needs to remember that this fiction, and the author did a fine job with the story line. I enjoyed this book.

    24. Loved the characters in this series and especially all the techno toys they come up with :) Initially I was a bit confused at the fi4rst part of this book, seemed like just another interaction of the first but then i really got into it and realised what was happening :) Excellent story!! Really looking forward the third (and last book).

    25. Exciting, fast-paced, full of surprisesExciting, fast-paced, full of surprisesThink of Dan Brown and Clive Cussler combined with a big dose of steroids and you will have a good idea of Author McCray's wonderful story telling skills! I look forward to reading her other works.

    26. Back to the series where they are searching for the tablets containing the ten commandments. The action is still intense, characters are still well defined, intigue and plots still dead on, and those nagging thoughts in the back of your head saying, "What If"?

    27. Fun thrillerFun thrillerYou had better be ready to sit down, open this book and just keep reading! You won't want to put it down. It takes you up, down and all around. I thought it was a fun thriller and am going searching for more by this great writer!

    28. I have to be a bit concerned with the blurb has "viscous" for "vicious." "Thick and oozy" vs "mean and cruel" is not quite the same thing. There appear to be a number of books in this series, but I can only find this one and the omnibus edition on this site. Not really my cuppa anyway.

    29. I really enjoyed this book. How could I not? Anything to do with biblical history, conspiracy, and murder - makes a book a must read for me. This was fast paced book and anything by Carolyn McCray I really enjoy.

    30. Suspend belief all ye who enter here. That being said, you may now relax and enjoy the ride, this is pure entertainment. I am still disturbed as I believe I may have mentioned in the first book's review about the destruction of valuable religious artifacts, it just seems not right.

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