Dividing the Great

An hilarious account of a couple of wannabe mountain bikers as they race from Canada to Mexico.
Dividing the Great An hilarious account of a couple of wannabe mountain bikers as they race from Canada to Mexico

  • Title: Dividing the Great
  • Author: John Metcalfe
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1 thought on “Dividing the Great”

    1. I like the book but just because I want to ride the divide before I get too old. It was not a good guide or an exciting story. It was riding the divide with no other thought in his head but riding the divide. A bit boring. It was amusing and was well written. He should have included some tall tells to spice it up a bit. maybe a near death encounter would have helped.

    2. Fun and entertaining "journal" of a mountain bike journey on the Great Divide trail. This take on this epic route was light and humorous but without a lot of specific details on the actual route itself. Easy to read.

    3. Well written in a funny yet informative wayI highly recommend this funny informative book for all with an interest in learning about riding the divide or who likes to read travel stories or if a fellow cyclist. I will recommend this book on my own blog as well.

    4. The Great Divide is more of a personal challenge than a race. It consists of cycling along the great divide from just inside the Canadian Border to Antelope Springs, just across the Mexican border. The route is as off road as possible with ling bursting hills that go on for hoursThis is the story of two men who chose to challenge the course and themselves over weeks of heat, tiredness and dehydration. It's written in a very easy to read style and although reading a book about cycling may not be [...]

    5. A fun and enjoyable read. The authors sense of humor really makes this work. With professional cycling utterly devoid of any integrity its great to read a story about two regular guys attempting this amazing ride.

    6. I like to read books about endurance sports. It was fun to see a Brit's view of some of our Americanisms along his way. Funny writer, but dragged a bit at the end. It did however, put riding the divide on my Bucketlist.

    7. Great read!! Very inspiring, in a subtle "man i need to get off my ass and live" way. The only frustrating part is that its raining a lot in Wisconsin this summer, so I've not been on the trails much.

    8. Great memoir if you're into long distance cycling, mountain biking, or self-sustaining camping/back packing.

    9. I ached and I laughed the whole journey. Cracking readI'm still chuckling at Evening Primrose Oil and Pietown. What an adventure and achievement. Thank you for sharing lads. #mustread

    10. Two British blokes take on an American challenge: riding the Great Divide trail from Canada to Mexico. Full of good humour; a fun read.

    11. Great bookWould like to try the great divide in a few years. This book was entertaining and informative. Always ride a little farther for good food.

    12. Very upsetPages are missing!!!was very much looking forward to a nice read this evening. Pretty upset. Can I get my money back?

    13. The British don't take themselves too seriously. Good humor. Good account of how it must be like to cycle this route.

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