The Facebook Diet: 50 Funny Signs of Facebook Addiction and Ways to Unplug with a Digital Detox

Award winning author and illustrator, Gemini Adams, inspires us to examine the health of our high tech habits in this entertaining gift book with a tongue in cheek look at our love of social media This Mom s Choice Gold Award winning book features a series of 50 hilarious cartoons that complete the question, You Know You re a Facebook Addict When in which Adams clevAward winning author and illustrator, Gemini Adams, inspires us to examine the health of our high tech habits in this entertaining gift book with a tongue in cheek look at our love of social media This Mom s Choice Gold Award winning book features a series of 50 hilarious cartoons that complete the question, You Know You re a Facebook Addict When in which Adams cleverly illustrates the idiotic, embarrassing and cringe worthy behaviors of our social networking excess.Packed with funny digital detox tips that gently poke at readers to unplug once in a while, this laugh out loud gift book is guaranteed to bring a smile of recognition to Facebook junkies everywhere Watch the book trailer youtu y4OExudlFTsJoin the Facebook page facebook unplugseriesVisit the website unplugseries Praise for The Facebook Diet Addicted to Facebook It may be time to rethink your priorities, consider a Facebook Diet THE HUFFINGTON POST Need a digital detox Try the Facebook Diet THE TODAY SHOW A hilarious gift book Highly recommended THE MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW Brilliant True and funny BOOK DIVAS A light hearted giggle on how everyone s addicted to Facebook GEEK MAGAZINE An amusing look at our fixation with this phenomenon THE FEATHERED QUILL A fun, entertaining and giggle inducing read THE BOMBSHELL MOMMY Get on The Facebook Diet CAMPUS CIRCLE
The Facebook Diet Funny Signs of Facebook Addiction and Ways to Unplug with a Digital Detox Award winning author and illustrator Gemini Adams inspires us to examine the health of our high tech habits in this entertaining gift book with a tongue in cheek look at our love of social media Thi

  • Title: The Facebook Diet: 50 Funny Signs of Facebook Addiction and Ways to Unplug with a Digital Detox
  • Author: Gemini Adams
  • ISBN: 9780955465635
  • Page: 196
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “The Facebook Diet: 50 Funny Signs of Facebook Addiction and Ways to Unplug with a Digital Detox”

    1. Such an overly wired world like ours needs the occasional humorous reflection to prevent us from getting completely lost within the techosphere, and a simple solution is the Facebook Diet: a Facebook detox every once in a while. This may seem completely impossible for some (and if that's the case, you need this book NOW!!), while completely irrelevant to others, but regardless of the number of messages in your inbox, the urgency of your unread notifications, or how many friend requests you have [...]

    2. I am a self-proclaimed Facebook addict. I feel like I'm always checking Facebook for something, no matter what time of day or night. I use it for my business, and my couponing, which is my main hobby. Therefore, I'm on it for about eight or nine hours a day most days. Recently I found a book filled with a collection of comics called The Facebook Diet, and thought it looked like something I would identify with. I loved it. It was absolutely hysterical. Not only was The Facebook Diet hilarious, it [...]

    3. Oh dear, what to write about a humorous book that only made me crack a smile once?This is a rather facetious book about the Facebook phenomenon and its effects on our lives and those of our friends and family.It starts with an introduction that most purchasers will probably, wisely, skip. Followed by a series of 50 cartoons, all begining with the line "You know you're a Facebook addict when"The cartoons are followed by 'The Diet' - suggestions such as "Close your facebook account", well, yes, OK [...]

    4. I received an electronic ARC from Live Consciously Publishing via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.Designed, in the manner of French For Cats as a light-hearted, humorous gift suggestion for the friend or family member who has it all, this little book presents us a funny little collection of epigrams and illustrations providing commentary on the social utility, FaceBook - and it's addictive properties. An entertaining look at one of the plague of First World Problems, in a handy, glos [...]

    5. OK, I'll admit it: I am a Facebook addict.I'm a fixated Facebook follower, someone one with a couple special Facebook browser tabs on my computer. Like others, I'm one of those who gets email alerts when someone comments on one of the items that I'm following, a totally shameless Facebook addict. That's my admission, but enough about me.I first became aware of The Facebook Diet: 50 Funny Signs of Facebook Addiction and Ways to Unplug with a Digital Detox when someone posted a link to me (on Face [...]

    6. This is one of those rare times where I feel like I read an entirely different book than everyone else. I didn't find it funny at all. It's not that I didn't get where the humor was supposed to be, I got it. It just wasn't funny. The first half of the book is completions to the sentence "You might be addicted to Facebook if" The second half is a "diet" of how to stop logging so much time online.First of all, I didn't care for the illustrations. I thought they were pretty badly done. Plus, it was [...]

    7. When I received my paperback copy in the mail, in exchange for a review, I immediately knew I was going to be laughing out loud. Just the cover alone shows the love/hate relationship I feel I have with Facebook. I imagine there are lots of folks out there who feel the same. The ironic thing in me accepting this book for review is that not too long ago, I myself went through a Facebook Diet. Last year December, I completely deleted my account (which Facebook then taunted me by giving me several w [...]

    8. Finally, a LOL book about a serious OMG problem: Facebook addictionGemini Adams has already proved herself as a competent serious writer and now she turns her visual and literary and comedic gifts into what is bound to become a bestseller - The Facebook Diet: 50 Funny Signs of Facebook Addiction and Ways to Unplug with a Tech-Detox - because look around (or even in the mirror) and attempt to count the number of your social group, family and extended family, and even those daytime somnambulists w [...]

    9. In The Facebook Diet Gemini Adams presents 50 hilarious cartoons clearly indicating Facebook addictions and ways to overcome this habit and Unplug with a Digital Detox. With over 1 billion user Facebook is all about mass communication through status updates in words, pictures and hyperlinks always and everywhere. Friendships are reduced to clicked like button and comments on update posts.If you don’t have a Facebook (FB) account then you are obviously1. stuck in the MySpace or Friendster era2. [...]

    10. A woman pushes her chair away from the computer and holds a gun on the monitor. This is the intriguing front cover to Gemini Adams’ The Facebook Diet. If your daily routine includes hours of distraction as that little “ding” reminds you someone’s commented on a post you once possibly glanced at and virtually “liked” in a passing flight of fancy well, this book’s for you. There’s an intriguing mix of zany cartoons, faintly tragi-comic allusions to regular e-life, and occasional ge [...]

    11. After reading this book, what did I do? I went back onto my computer to mark that I read it and proceeded to see what I missed online when I was reading. I’m mildly addiction to my social media. Being an author and reader has pushed me toward the continuous interaction with authors and fans worldwide. It’s not always a problem for me, as I try to balance it with real world activities, but for some it’s a flat-out addiction.The Facebook Diet calls out many of the symptoms that a Facebook ad [...]

    12. (This review can be found on my blog The (Mis)Adventures of a Twenty-Something Year Old Girl at the beginning of December).When I was asked if I would review this book, I said yes without even thinking about. This book has been on my to be read shelf for awhile, and while it wasn't laugh out loud funny all the time, it was still laugh worthy.The cover shows that this is going to be a humorous book with funny illustrations. I, personally, like the cover, and it drew me in.There is one sign that y [...]

    13. As a self proclaimed internet addict, I find myself perusing Facebook a lot more than any sane person should, therefore I figured I would be able to relate to this book a lot. I thought there would be silly little insights about the things everybody does on Facebook and specifically Facebook. I thought I would laugh at things I do myself, or have seen other people do. I was disappointed. This book felt like it was written by someone who has just a vague knowledge of Facebook, and very little kno [...]

    14. “The Facebook Diet: 50 Funny Signs Of Facebook Addiction And Ways To Unplug With A Digital Detox” by Gemini Adams is a fun novelty book that will make the perfect gift for the Facebook addict in your life.It is a small book, which after the introduction, contains 50 funny pictures with signs if you might be a Facebook addict. Signs such as: “Instead of meeting a friend for coffee, you start a Facebook chat online,” and “You post minute-by-minute status updates: 'showering.' 'Eating Ind [...]

    15. Awesome gift book. Every FB obsessed user must has this book, just to see how it look when seat in front of computer and just like some freak stare in computer. Hilarious!The Facebook Diet is 50 great messages and illustrations which complete the question: “You know you’re a Facebook addict when…” and suggests how to detox the addiction with this Facebook diet.When I read these extraordinary 50 humorous messages I though it’s true and I remember one of my students sad that she just nee [...]

    16. I "LIKE" this book better than cute puppy pictures"The Facebook Diet" is a cute, too-often-true look at this world of dedicated Facebook users (which includes me).I'm not a total addict (maybe I'm in denial) but so many of the things rang true in this gift book - about myself or friends or family.The illustrations and text by Gemini Adams are well done and humorous. I got a big laugh out of them.The first part of the book is an introduction explaining why the book was written. Then comes the fif [...]

    17. The Facebook Diet is a hysterical read! I have friends in all phases of Facebook addiction and I can definitely find myself in the categories of users. It's such a true testament to where our focus is globally . . . in the computer, on a smart phone & clutching a hand held device. I travel internationally for work and no matter what country I'm in, on every flight there's a passenger sitting next to me on Facebook. It's fascinating and I feel confident in saying we all could use The Facebook [...]

    18. I brought down my star rating from 5 to 1 because upon reading this book again there was a picture that was just too explicate and other pictures in it that were not as bad but still bad at the same time. I feel it was really unnecessary to use these pictures and I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone. In fact I thrown it in the bin. Had I known prior to buying this book about the pictures that were in it I definitely would not have bought it. I just thought it was a funny book about Facebook [...]

    19. Very cute, humorous take on the all too well-known Facebook Addiction. The cartoons are particularly amusing, and he suggestions for ways to overcome it are both cute and largely practical. Thankfully, as someone who has mostly unplugged from Facebook, this book wasn't really applicable to me, but I absolutely enjoyed my sense of superiority and amusement thinking about all the people I know whom these quips absolutely apply to.

    20. You know how the saying goes.if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Yes, all of the cartoons begin "You know you're addicted to Facebook if" but that is the second layer that makes it funny - if you get the Jeff Foxworthy nod. This book was entertaining and would make a great gift to someone for a light-hearted read. I provided this honest review and was able to read this book in exchange for this review prior to it becoming available to the public.

    21. Cute and kind of funnyI saw this and had to get it because, I myself am a Facebook addictd I freely admit it! This book contained a lot of truth with a little bit of humor. It's a cute read and perfect bathroom or coffee table material! Ora gag gift!

    22. This is a hilarious book for anyone that uses Facebook. Most of the addictions have an undertone of Jeff Foxworthy's "You might be a Redneck if" but instead its "You might be a Facebook Addict if". Overall, it was very funny and easy to read. Highly recommended.

    23. This was pretty funny - though more than a little worrisome since I may have at least one of these traits, and I know a lot of people that embody the rest!

    24. Short and funny. After reading this book I've made one New Year resolution to go to FB diet)

    25. I think we’ll need “The Facebook Boot Camp”It sure is nice to read a book in ten minutes. I looked at all the pictures too. Cute. Some funny shtick. No page numbers. Maximum words per page: about 30.I liked the cartoons, most of them anyway. For example the one with the woman in bed with a repetitive strain injury and her wrist in a kind of cast but with her legs sticking out from under the covers and her big toe on a laptop at the foot of her bed… Or this line: “Still single, you stal [...]

    26. I was one of a number of reviewers offered a review copy of The Facebook Diet, billed as a hilarious look at Facebook addiction by author and illustrator Gemini Adams. But not only is the book worth the price stamped on the back, but this free review copy makes me feel ashamed somehow: you cannot even give this rubbish away.After a brief text-only introduction on how Facebook has changed our lives, the bulk of the book consists of a series of illustrated panels on the theme “You know you are [...]

    27. I've never been very attached to Facebook. I first got it because I wanted photos of my ROCs 3 trip. But now, it's mostly how my family knows I'm alive (because I'm posting photos), and how I wish people Happy Birthday.I do admit though, that there was a time, just after I got my smart phone, when I checked facebook many times a day. Not all the time, but whenever I was bored.And I imagine that if you take that me, and multiply it by a hundred, you'll have the target audience of The Facebook Die [...]

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