The Case of the Tough-Talking Turkey

Readers will gobble up this new McKenzie Farm mystery Veterinarian Austin McKenzie has met plenty of snakes and none meaner than turkey farmer Lewis O Leary So it s no surprise when O Leary s dead body is found in a dumpster Circumstantial evidence points to a turkey feed salesman, but the doc has a feeling the guy was framed.
The Case of the Tough Talking Turkey Readers will gobble up this new McKenzie Farm mystery Veterinarian Austin McKenzie has met plenty of snakes and none meaner than turkey farmer Lewis O Leary So it s no surprise when O Leary s dead bod

  • Title: The Case of the Tough-Talking Turkey
  • Author: Claudia Bishop
  • ISBN: 9780425216699
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. I suspect I'm just not the right audience for this book. My least favorite type of mystery novel is the "cozy," which is what this is. And it exemplifies all the reasons that I tend to dislike cozies: the cartoonish characters, the annoying amateur detective, the highly improbable plot, and a world devoid of ambiguity. It's possible that someone reading this might think, "Heck, all those reasons are exactly why I like cozies!" The story concerns big animal veterinarian and amateur sleuth Austin [...]

    2. Animal lovers and mystery enthusiasts rejoice, because Claudia Bishop’s “The case of the Tough-Talking turkey” encases everything found in an excellent novel. The story begins with brief accounts from several characters while connecting them as possible murderers; this serves to elevate the reader’s curiosity immediately. Bishop’s use of parenthesis and effective dialogue also allows her readers the connection which ultimately leads to a very pleasurable reading experience. As for thos [...]

    3. It is Doc McKenzie's second mystery. The Case Book ventures into turkey farm country.Veterinarian Austin McKenzie and pack set out to solve the murder of Lewis O’Leary, owner of one of the most enormous turkey farms in the Northeast.Lewis O’Leary is insolent, irascible, and as scurrilous as they come.Despised by all including his three sons and two daughters-in-law.It appears all the evidence points to the local feed salesman, Gil Finnegan, whom Lewis has blamed of shorting his feed orders.H [...]

    4. 11/16/07TITLE/AUTHOR: THE CASE OF THE TOUGH-TALKING TURKEY by Claudia BishopRATING: 4/BGENRE/PUB DATE/# OF PGS: Mystery/2007/194 pgsSERIES/STAND ALONE: #2 in the Dr. McKenzie seriesTIME/PLACE: Present/Summersville, NYCHARACTERS: Dr. Austin McKenzie/veternarianFIRST LINES: Maybe global warming wasn't a scam cooked up by loser politicans after allMENTS: rec 11/02 via pbs. The O'Leary's have a large turkey farm in Summersville. Lewis O'Leary is the controlling, abusive patriarch. His 3 sons work fo [...]

    5. I picked up this paperback at the Dollar store prior to my hair appointment. For some unknown reason, my beautician has removed all magazines, leaving nothing to read but big books of gooofy hairdos. I don't generally go for mysteries, but I enjoyed this light little read. The sleuth is a veterinarian--sort of a Sue-Grafton-meets-James-Herriot situation. Lots of characters, so it's fortunate the author listed them along with their relationships at the beginning. The dialogue is amusing and cleve [...]

    6. As well as this series, she writes the Hemlock Falls mysteries. This is the second in the series about Dr. Austin McKenzie, who practices veterinary medicine in rural upstate New York. In this outing, Dr. McKenzie must solve the mystery of who killed a most unpleasant turkey farmer, in order to absolve the young man who sells him turkey feed.

    7. A mystery with a humorous look at the quirky people in rural New York state. Austin McKenzie is a "mature" veterinarian/unlicensed private eye trying to find out who set up the local feed salesman as the murderer of the wealth but rude turkey rancher.

    8. This was one of the worst books I ever read. Not THE worst, but among them. There were glaring editing errors on almost every other page, the characters were uninteresting, with the exception of the vet assistant's father, and the final outcome was totally unsatisfying.

    9. I love her books I liked this series more than the Hemlock Falls Mysteries. I wish she had written more of them.

    10. Such a very good book. It is a bit slow to get into, but it's a roller coaster ride. I'm going to start the next one right away, 'cause I can't wait to see what the next book will be about.

    11. very slow starting, not enamored of the characters, and I figured out who the killer was before it was revealed.

    12. Like Dr. Mckenzie and his command of the English language, even if most don't understand all his references. Good character descriptions and enjoyable setting.

    13. Like the premise and characters, but seriously who edited this? No many mistakes! I'll read the last one just because.

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