StreetCreds is a look inside the world of street gangs and the cops that work them Filled with drive by shootings, back stabbing detectives, ruthless gang members, killers, and un believable gang on gang violence It is all there StreetCreds takes you inside the Gang Task Force Hold on for a reality check.
StreetCreds StreetCreds is a look inside the world of street gangs and the cops that work them Filled with drive by shootings back stabbing detectives ruthless gang members killers and un believable gang on g

  • Title: StreetCreds
  • Author: Zach Fortier
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. A couple weeks back I was lucky enough to be able to read and review Zach Fortier's first book, Curbchek, which I absolutely loved. I gladly accepted when Zach offered me a review copy of Streetcreds, and I am glad to say I loved it just as much as I loved Curbchek!While Curbchek mostly followed Fortier as a cop patrolling the city, etc. Streetcreds focused on the Gang Task Force that Fortier was on for a while. While it is a bit different that what happens in Curbchek, I thought it was cool to [...]

    2. The descriptions of characters and incidents kept me reading, but this book desperately needs better editing. Some sentences/paragraphs simply need to be re-ordered, and then the writing and storytelling would flow better. As is, it's a series of anecdotes which make you feel as if you're listening to the author tell his stories. (My rating is actually 3.5 stars.)Updated 04.17.13: Since Monday afternoon, I've seen hours of coverage on the bombings at the Boston Marathon. Yesterday afternoon, one [...]

    3. Although my review of Zach Fortier’s Curbchek was less than favorable, the author asked me to read and review Street Creds, which follows much the same format but focuses on Fortier’s time working on the Gang Task Force. I expected Curbchek to be a novel, which it claims to be. But it was a rather thinly disguised memoir of actual police cases, and so when I began Street Creds I was prepared for the same thing. I was not disappointed.In the specialized Gang Task Force, Fortier once again sho [...]

    4. I was really looking forward to reading Street Creds. I had read Curbchek and enjoyed it immensely.Fortier continues painting the picture that he started in his first book. This time however the focus is more on his years in the gang task force, which he only touched on previously. He also goes deeper into detail on some of the incidents that he first introduced in his previous book. At first I wasn't sure how to take the repeating of some of the stories. The more I thought on it though, the rep [...]

    5. After reading CurbChek, I waited with strong anticipation for the release of Street Creds. I was not dissapointed. Zach takes us to the streets with him as he recounts his time as a gangs detective in the city of "St. Paul". This book does not read like a traditional novel, but rather a collection of short stories. Each of which is a new case Zach takes on, or a bone chilling event that took place during his gang assignment. He breaks down each gang, and their m.o. as they arrive in the stories. [...]

    6. I won Street Creds by Zach Fortier through the giveaway contest.They say that God never gives you more than you can handle, but in this story Zach has been through alot, and learned so much during the process.Street Creds is a look inside the Gang culture in the inner city, and the cases handled by Zach Fortier.I could not walk away from this book. Zach does an amazing job at making you feel as though you are in the experience with him. While describing the shocking truth of the dangerous and e [...]

    7. Having read Curbchek I was honoured to receive a paperback copy of Street Creds from Zach Fortier. I really enjoyed this one too, but Zach is a very different man from the first book. This book is equally gripping, honest and humble, but the lead is a lot less green and has been hardened somewhat by life. Zach speaks of not just the stress of working to crack gangs and apprehend gang members, making the streets safer, but also of the war with his dodgy and often haphazard colleagues and his inne [...]

    8. I must say StreetCreds definitely is a reality check to what is actually happening on the streets, and elsewhere, especially in big cities, but also in towns.The author was a police officer, who spent time in a Gang task force. He has been fighting crime for over 30 years. He knows what it is like to put everything on the line as a cop with integrity and fighting the uphill battle on the street as well as trying to get some co-workers and administration officials to give a hoot about what is hap [...]

    9. After throughly enjoying reading Zach's book "Curbchek" I was very excited when Zach asked me to read "Street Creds" and do a review for him! I was definately not disappointed! As usual Zach protrays a remarkedly refreshing honest account on his experiences working with the diverse gangs on the streets today. He lays it all right out there, the good and the bad by individual cases and gangs he was working with. I especially appreciate his honesty in speaking out on the corruption that exists wit [...]

    10. I waited in anticipation for STREETCREDS after reading CURBCHEK and my expectations were exceeded. I could not walk away from this book. Zach does an amazing job at making you feel as though you are in the experience with him. While describing the shocking truth and facade of the dangerous and entirely political game of Police work, I felt every emotion. I felt anger, sadness, shock and rage as Zach recounted cases he'd handled. Having to watch his back, while dealing with two enemy factions. Th [...]

    11. Zach Fortier exposes more internal corruption as he takes to the streets to battle the gangs' forever increasing activity. Zach hangs on to a modicum of sanity as he deals with gang crimes and the superiority complex of the higher echelon in his police force. Taking on a more somber mood than his previous book, CURBCHEK, STREETCREDS reads more like a death warrant for all involved - as if each person is doomed to lose, including Zach. Each story concludes with the gang member being locked up, wa [...]

    12. Zach gets a little more fictional, but still close enough to reality to be scary. Zach is not afraid to rip on the politics of the PD, while continueing to do the job the way he see's fit. A realistic view of how the battle is actually fought on three fronts at the same time, fighting crime; the administration; and staying within the acceptable norm of society. Zach presents his insight on the inner city gangs and some of the more colorful people who choose to make that their life. The toll take [...]

    13. Couldn't finish it.As another reviewer has written, free or not, not worth the download. One is forced to believe that if this man still works for the police he writes under a pen name and that the authour photo is faked. The police service he describes is too busy chasing its own tail to fight crime. Given that police services are run by human beings and manned by officers with the same failings this officer sees conspiracy behind every doorway. In the first place it would seem their psychologi [...]

    14. Somehow Zach got into my heart more than most… I found myself screaming RUN but there he stood ALONE… facing the streets challenging THEM to fight… Stealing life escaping from death… the barrel of Pacman’s gun stuck in my soul… a kid’s need to be a kid but family and society unrelenting… treating others with dignity and respect even after they try to kill… The mother yelling, Pacman get out of the street! You're gonna get killed!A father coming to Zach's car looking in seeing t [...]

    15. StreetCreds: Commanding a level of respect in an urban environment due to experience in or knowledge of issues affecting those environments. Welcome back to the life of Zach Fortier, first seen in CurbChek! StreetCreds is a more in depth look at Zach's time in the Gang Task Force. Pulling no punches, Mr. Fortier tells it raw and uncensored - as it truly happened. At times scary and at times heart-wrenching, StreetCreds will definitely make it's mark on your mind and heart. It's amazing to me to [...]

    16. Hmm what to say about this book. Good read if you want to see that cops are human too!! ZF isn't afraid to show people that everyone is just one step away from "crazy". Also showing that it takes a twisted mind to think, relate to, uncover and gain "respect" in all areas of life - on the "good side or the bad". The fact that ZF can share a little bit of his experience without creating the illusion of he's all that is a relief. Stay true 606 and keep it real. Look forward to more good reads!

    17. I had high expectations for the sequel to Curb Chek and I was not disappointed! This was a roller coaster ride through the life of a police officer assigned to the gang task force. The author takes the reader through his day to day struggles dealing with the politics inside the task force while trying to investigate and solve dangerous cases. This book will grab you from the first paragraph and you won't want to put it down until your done. Author Zach Fortier has done it again! I give this book [...]

    18. When I found out that there would be a second book from Zach, I couldn’t wait. I even read CurbChek again while anxiously awaiting the arrival of Street Creds. I was excited to read about his time working the streets – focusing on the gang population. Street Creds did not disappoint. I was afraid for Pacman’s life at every turn of the page. I seriously can't believe he is still alive! The fact that he survived all of the "hits," the face-to-face confrontations with the many violent gang me [...]

    19. This is a great book for anyone that loves the world of police work!! Zach takes the reader inside the life of "the working detective" it is often brutal and you never know who you can trust both on and off the streets. He does a great job of explaining the "bangers" mentality, their skewed sense of loyalty etc The book is fast paced and moves from one case to the next which keeps the reader engaged. The book is well worth the read!! Street Creds

    20. An interesting insight into the minds of criminal gang members from the viewpoint of a law enforcement professional. Reading the book is like sitting down one afternoon with Zach Fortier listening to him tell you stories from his time working the gang task force. It is an engaging read that can be finished in one sitting so you may not be interested if you are looking for a novel to immerse yourself in for a while.

    21. I finished reading Street Creds and absolutely LOVED it! Street Creds is one of those books that will suck you in from the beginning and keep you hanging on every page. If I didn't know Zack personally and been by his side for some his recounts, then I wouldn't believe what he was writing. Zach has an edgy style to his books and his ability to articulate is outstanding! I highly reccomend Street Creds and Curb Chek to anybody wanting a glimpse into the life of a police officer!

    22. Street Creeds was a look into Fortier's experience on the Gang Task Force. You get more character development in this book, and Fortier shares more of what makes him tick. Like Curbchek this book was broken into chapters that could stand on their own. However, he goes much into much more depth with the gangs and his relationships. I preferred the fast pace and various stories in Curbchek more. Yet this was a good read, and I highly recommend it.

    23. Another amazing compilation of life stories by Zach Fortier. Even more intense then Curb Chek and sure shows the reality of the job. I love the real rawness that Zach keeps in his books. You can read them as a whole book or just a story at a time, either way you will not be able to turn the book away. Love it keep up the good work!

    24. Stopped reading on page 22. Author's tone was too self-righteous for me (he's always doing the right thing while everyone else is lazy or corrupt) and the tales of child abuse were horrific. My one star rating may be unfair for only reading 22 pages, but that's how long it took me to figure out that I didn't need to waste any more time on this one.

    25. The book "Curb Check" was very exciting and interesting. Zach is truly a hero. He is dedicated to his work in helping and understanding others. This book was hard to put down and I read it before my daughter. I was anxious to read the 2nd book and found it to be just as interesting and exciting as the first. Can't wait for the third book.

    26. Another great book, had a hard time putting it down. The book keeps your interest the entire way through, it's amazing the detail that go into his books. Can not wait till curb check reloaded come out.

    27. Awesome read!! Zach does a great job at sharing with readers the true moments of law enforcement with the good and the bad. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in a career at law enforcement or just wants to know a little more of the profession. 10 STARS!!!

    28. I love reading about events that have happened in the lives of police as they work the streets and this book does not disappoint. This is the second book by the author and he nails it again!!

    29. An awesome sequel to "Curb Chek"!! The author shares his experiences working in the Gang Unit of the police force, and what its really like out on the streets.

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