When cyborg intelligence meets sensual robotics circuit boards sizzle.Einstein was probably the only cyborg in existence with no interest in the opposite sex, until he discovered B785 With her sensual nature and quirky sense of humor, she draws this cybernetic geek out of his scientific shell and teaches him the one thing he s never understood passion.Tired of being a sWhen cyborg intelligence meets sensual robotics circuit boards sizzle.Einstein was probably the only cyborg in existence with no interest in the opposite sex, until he discovered B785 With her sensual nature and quirky sense of humor, she draws this cybernetic geek out of his scientific shell and teaches him the one thing he s never understood passion.Tired of being a slave to the military, Bonnie went to sleep one day with the intention of never waking up, but she didn t count on a cybernetic prince charming bringing her back to life Coming to terms with her past isn t easy, but harder still is the realization that even a bionic princess can fall in love.However, all fairy tales have a villain, and despite the fact the military wrote them both off as a loss, they soon discover they ll need to fight to have their happily ever after.GO METAL
B When cyborg intelligence meets sensual robotics circuit boards sizzle Einstein was probably the only cyborg in existence with no interest in the opposite sex until he discovered B With her sensual

  • Title: B785
  • Author: Eve Langlais
  • ISBN: 9781927459324
  • Page: 123
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Actually it's a 4 and 1/2 stars.Cute book that made me laugh. Geeky cyborg and sassy heroine! Einstein is so fanny in his geekyness. He takes everything litelly and at the beginning has no sense of humor. He also think that he's incapable of any emotion. He doesn't understand why he's so attracted to Bonnie and why he cannot control his libido in her presence.Bonnie, on the other hand is his exact opposite: she's sexy, a little slutty, but in a cute way, she's relentless in her pursuing of Einst [...]

    2. Review originally posted at RabidReads.Ah, the cyborgs. I’ve really been enjoying this series. They are a group of former humans who the military turned into cyborgs, usually after some sort of life threatening injury. Most of the cyborgs have had their memories wiped and they don’t remember their lives as humans. They were meant to be slaves to the humans, but that is until they left some of the cyborgs so smart that they were able to override some of the controls. Then the cyborgs revolted [...]

    3. 3.25 / 3 StarsWhile Einstein is fixing sex-bots on a pleasure ship he discovers a coffin shaped box with a life like sex-bot that the owner can't seem to reboot. He gave her to Einstein to do with as he pleases since she's just going to be trashed. After closer examination he starts to realize she's too realistic, that she could be one of the 12 female cyborgs.

    4. Ever since the cyborgs discovered that there were female cyborgs still alive it's been a priority to locate and rescue them if possible. To date only three have been found. Despite having the brilliant Einstein running all types of scenarios and searching all known pathways, they haven't been able to locate any more of the females.Seth, Aramus, and the crew get the opportunity to enjoy a little R&R at a bordello while Einstein repairs the damaged and broken robots and computer system for the [...]

    5. This book is actually as well written as the others in this interesting series, but I felt compelled to lower its star rating because of what I feel is a major character flaw.The heroine, Bonnie, is a sassy, bold and intelligent woman, yet she freely admits that her life before the car accident that turned her and her sister into cyborgs was filled with partying and meaningless sex. Never is it said what personal pain prompted her self-destruction, and it seems unlikely that, considering Bonnie [...]

    6. Really loved the characters in this one! It was sooooooo adorable!!!! Characterization and continuity a bit uneven comparing this book with the whole series, but just a tiny bit distracting not a *ton*

    7. Another great edition to the series!I loved Einstein. Certainly a beta hero, but funny and sweet ((view spoiler)[virgin (hide spoiler)])Bonnie was pretty funny too. I enjoyed her humor and toughness and total acceptance of Einstein. But to be fair since I do call out the male versions - she was a slut before her life changed. But I held no ill will towards her.

    8. I just love Eve’s cyborgs. They are each amazingly different and often times a victim of the programming the military cursed them with. Einstein has been entertaining read in the previous books. He has felt that his programming prevented him from ever feeling the emotions that some of his fellow cyborgs experience. He watches his comrade’s joke with their teammates, become angry, he has seen the newly rescued females experience grief, he has even seen a couple fall in love. He wants to be mo [...]

    9. Man, I love these cyborgs! The males are just so delightfully clueless about the opposite sex sometimes that I can't help but laugh. Poor Einstein. Bonnie's a runaway freight train that he just can't get away from. And then he realizes that he doesn't want to get away from her and things get VERY interesting.Bonnie is well, I liked her. The abuse that the military subjected all the female cyborgs to is horrific and she not only managed to survive what they had done but she also came out of it wi [...]

    10. This is the 3rd book in the series and picks up Einstein and Bonnie's story. Einstein is the brilliant, but socially awkward cyborg of the group and doesn't know how to handle his sudden emotions and need for the newly discovered cyborg woman while Bonnie struggles feeling good enough for super intelligent and good Einstein. There was camaraderie, passion, tension and excitement along with a strong does of humor to make this a fantastic story.If read after book one, it probably could be read out [...]

    11. I really enjoy this series. It is fun, fast paced, sexy and sweet. We have a geeky cyborg hero here and a bad girl cyborg. Niether feels they are good enough for the other but these feelings are quickly overcome and we get to just enjoy this couple falling in love. As with many novels about cyborgs, part of the the joy of this book is the hero coming into his humanity. He is very sweet and very geeky. It is great! Seth's story is up next!

    12. A geek and princess cyborgs chance at love! A geeky prince charming and a bionic princess meet up, and she leads him on a dance. Bonnie or B785 is discovered by Einstein, Bonnie drives him crazy. Crazy in lust and love. Plenty of action, alphas, hotness and romance.

    13. (view spoiler)[He had sex with a droid once and didn't repeat the performance. This is why I'm unsure whether or not to list him as a virgin hero because (the one time he had sex) he basically had sex with a sex toy but a very life-like one at that. (hide spoiler)]

    14. great addition to seriesI loved how Einstein came about finding and saving Bonnie. And how they essentially saved each other. Very sweet and fast paced read.

    15. Sheldon & Amy in The Big Bang TheoryThis scene says it all. Sheldon is the cyborg Einstein (formerly IQ221) disconnected from emotion, socially awkward with an off the charts intellect, and completely disinterested in sex. The only difference is that Einstein kisses and awakens his Sleeping Beauty as a last resort as nothing he'd tried to fix the cyborg female worked.Fair warning: I ❤ Sheldon and Eve Langlais did him justice. *fangirl squee*Bonnie as our Sleeping Beauty is a unique heroine [...]

    16. After the general tells Bonnie her sister Chloe is dead she makes her body shut down hoping one day to end. Einstein works a few days at a robotic brothel. Only to find a human like robot in a crate ready for trash. When inquiring about this bot the owner tells him he can have her. As he opens her box and puts her on his table to truely see what he can see he figures she's one of the few female cyborgs that were sent to different places. He has no since for love it isn't in his genes so when he [...]

    17. There were times this book made me laugh out loud. You have, Einstein, the cyborg who is extremely intelligent and completely logical. His world is turned upside down when he meets Bonnie. Bonnie seems to have retained her human personality. She says what's on her mind and loves to tease everyone. Einstein on the other hand would be considered socially awkward if he was strictly human. They make an interesting pair. I especially enjoyed reading how Einstein starts dealing with feelings and emoti [...]

    18. Not just a copy of its predecessors. The pair of Bonnie and Einstein made for a serious dynamic duo. definitely an unlikely match. I just wish there was more interaction between these characters and the ones from previous stories.

    19. I liked this SO much more than book one and two. The characters were cute and funny and didn't get on my nerves like the others did. I found the action better in this one and I'm glad I kept reading even though I didn't really like the first two at all.

    20. Muy malos estos libros, de verdad quería leerlos todos porque no me gusta dejar series a medias pero no hay nada que me motive a seguir leyendo esta historia hasta el último libro.

    21. I loved Einstein he reminded me of the character Dyre in Eve's great book Heroic Abduction. Pure heart, pure motives, pure actions, all they needed was a saucy heroine to mess them up a bit. As always Eve's books are the perfect combination of comedy, romance and action!

    22. UNFORTUNATELY THIS SERIES WAS RATHER SCRATCHING THE SURFACE IN TERMS OF ROMANCE. SMUT YES. I LOVE YOU TILL THE DEATH? NOT REALLY. BUT I STILL READ THEM FOR FUN ANYWAY.OUR HERO is a definition of a cyborg geek who takes everything so literally that I loved him for that. I always enjoyed getting to know literal people in real life because they can so socially awkward and adorable. This applies to Einstein who believes sex is a waste of time and he doesn't need to indulge in it like his cyborg brot [...]

    23. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this book. From Aramus the commander of the space craft “Bite Me”, Seth a lethal warrior, Einstein the brainiac everything has to be logical to Bonnie a.k.a. B-785 who is one tenacious, strong headed, tough cookie. The story starts out with Bonnie in the custody of the Human Military and is taunted by the General. He tells her they plan on destroying all the cyborgs and when she continues to question where her sister is he tells her she’s gone, never to b [...]

    24. 3.5Ahe inconsistency rears its ugly head. If they had no idea there were female cyborgs, then how was it Astro was familiar with Bonnie's reputation? Come on; he knew her number. Further, how is it nobody knew HE had a brother who was apparently a cyborg as well? And if the military have started snatching relatives of the cyborgs to use for bait, then why did nobody express concern?So Bonnie, for reasons never expressed, was an irresponsible young woman who dragged her sister into one last scrap [...]

    25. Loved this book! I was so excited that Einstein was getting a book and he definetly proved that you have to watch the quiet ones! Lol! When Bonnie finally got him to stop running and give in to her seduction she released a whole other side of him! I think she turned a celibate into an addict! Lol, at least where she's concerned that is.It was sad when one of their own turned against them but they dealt with it and made it back home. Einstein and Bonnie are a great team, in and out of the bedroom [...]

    26. Good book, but at the moment does not deserve my (free!) words. The full review is fairly detailed, and currently on hiatus. Perhaps it will be up at BookLIst at some point, if so I'll update. But at the moment, is unworthy. But, hey, the book is good!The star rating given reflects my opinion within ‘the official rating system’.1 star: Didn’t Like it2 stars: It’s Okay3 stars: Liked it4 stars: Really Liked it5 stars: It Was AmazingI don’t really give a rat-fuck that there are some wh [...]

    27. Like the others, I rather enjoyed this one.Bonnie was different because she knew the entire time she was cyborg, but she also still had her entire human personality. (Hence the problems) So there was none of that 'you are a cyborg' chatter/disbelief.Einstein was an adorable virgin. I really did love him. Though certain aspects of this book made certain things that happened in the last book false. (When he examined Fiona in the last book, he took a male interest in her naked form. A male interest [...]

    28. A wonderful mix of sweet, funny and violent.Eve Langlais has created a vivid world where Cyborgs have staged a mutiny against the humans that created them as slaves.Bonnie (B785) is a cracker of a character, who after finding out her sister (C791) was terminated, shut down her body and mind into a coma like state. Pretty much dead.Einstein is a very intellegent cyborg, who doesn't believe he will ever feel love like some of his brother cyborgs. Upon rescusing Bonnie's body from a space brothel, [...]

    29. Ok - so Einstein has to be my favorite Cyborg so far. I know lots of people are raving and excited about Seth coming out recently, but I'd been wondering how Einstein's love was going to come about. He is such a nerdy little guy (ok not so little maybe) and I love his logical approach to everything. When Bonnie throws his circuits out of whack he wants to go get checked for computer bugs. It was great. Bonnie on the other hand, while very smart herself, has quite the little attitude. She's snark [...]

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