The Strange Tale of Panorama Island

Set in 1920s Japan, The Strange Tale of Panorama Island follows the twisted path of failed novelist Hitomi, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the son of a rich industrialist Hitomi learns of the rich man s sudden death and creates a desperate plan, successfully impersonating the now dead son Hitomi takes over all aspects of the industrialist s life, including his compaSet in 1920s Japan, The Strange Tale of Panorama Island follows the twisted path of failed novelist Hitomi, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the son of a rich industrialist Hitomi learns of the rich man s sudden death and creates a desperate plan, successfully impersonating the now dead son Hitomi takes over all aspects of the industrialist s life, including his company, his fortune, and eventually his wife There he redirects the family s wealth to his own perverse aims On a remote and mysterious island, he builds for himself a playground of hedonistic excess replete with decadent feasts, orgies, and dark secrets Stunning artwork by master manga artist Suehiro Maruo deftly illustrates this Japanese pulp classic in lush detail Maruo adapted this manga from a novella by Edogawa Rampo, the Godfather of Japanese detective fiction Suehiro Maruo was a frequent contributor to the legendary underground manga magazine Garo His manga works include Mr Arashi s Amazing Freak Show, Rose Colored Monsters, The Laughing Vampire, and many others Maruo enjoys a cult international following around the world, and his art has been featured on a number of albums, including John Zorn s Naked City This is Suehiro Maruo s first work available in English in over a decade.
The Strange Tale of Panorama Island Set in s Japan The Strange Tale of Panorama Island follows the twisted path of failed novelist Hitomi who bears an uncanny resemblance to the son of a rich industrialist Hitomi learns of the ric

  • Title: The Strange Tale of Panorama Island
  • Author: Suehiro Maruo Ryan Sands Kyoko Nitta
  • ISBN: 9780867197778
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Spoiler Alert! no, wait, I guess not. it's in the title after all. right there, front and center: Panorama Island. specifically the various Panoramas of various World Fairs of a century or so ago. and thus the island's great secret is blown matter. Strange Tale is less about secrets waiting to surprise you and more about luxuriating in morbid obsessions and a decadent pursuit of pleasure and beauty. we follow an eccentric, Poe-worshipping writer who takes direct inspiration from that author's "T [...]

    2. I have never in my life seen an actual panorama. I’d love to, but I haven’t. I’m sure most people living today haven’t had the pleasure—as panoramas were largely popular in the 19th century and were already well on their way out by 1900. I have of course seen panoramic photography and the inheritor of the ill-fated Cinéorama, Disneyland’s Circle-Vision 360°. Still, not the same thing and I regret that I will likely never have the opportunity to engage such staging and artistry in p [...]

    3. I want to read it so badly but the bookstore told me this English translation of The Strange Tale of Panorama Island (original story by Edogawa Rompo) isn't out yet! Freaking Hell!If kicking and screaming would bring me this book, I'd have already done that!*pouts*Update@28/11/2013: I ordered the book! Hope it'll get through this time!!!Update@06/02/2013: 4.5 stars, review to comeReview for Strange Tale of Panorama Island (novella), by Edogawa Rampo: /review/showNow, let's give you a look of wha [...]

    4. Ero guro is a literary and artistic movement that began somewhere in the thirties in Japan, associated with eroticism and "the grotesque." This adult manga by Suehiro Maruo is faithfully adapted, and within the ego guru tradition, from a strange tale by Rampo Edogawa about a struggling novelist whose nearly identical (but now rich) boyhood friend dies. Said writer decides to exhume his dead friend's body, dispose of it, and essentially convince people he had not really died, but was buried prema [...]

    5. Este es mi libro favorito de Maruo.La historia, escrita por Edogawa Rampo, se basa en un cuento de Edgar Allan Poe, su mayor influencia. El cuento es "la isla del hada". Maruo, al interpretar gráficamente la novela de Rampo que se basa en el cuento de Poe (y solo es el comienzo del juego de cajas dentro de cajas) utiliza millares de ilustraciones clásicas, de manuales de botánica, de taxonomías antiguas de animales, en un collage exorbitante y fascinante. Recordemos que en los paises orienta [...]

    6. The wonderful Edogawa Rampo novel turned into a brilliant manga comic by Suehiro Maruo. I reviewed the Rampo book in detail, so I am just going to concentrate on Maruo's interpretation of that novel. First, he follows the narrative very closely, and strange enough, the Rampo novel is more erotic, but saying that the original source is like a full-watt battery for Maruo. He takes "The Strange Tale of Panorama Island" to another level. Reading this I am not disappointed with what he has done with [...]

    7. A masterpiece of graphic art - and indeed there are some graphic scenes in this story (usually of a sexual nature, in case you are offended by such things). An odd tale by Japanese mystery writer Edogawa Rampo is turned into an adult manga classic by illustrator Suehiro Maruo. If you are looking for something a little more mature than most manga on the market these days, then you might want to take a chance on this one. The book design and English translation are perfect. Although the tale is fa [...]

    8. Absolute genius. Take the literary GENIUS of Edogawa Ranpo, an absolutely dearly beloved favorite, and then turn it into manga drawn by the most fucked-up eroguro artist alive, Maruo Suehiro, and you are guaranteed to have a winner. I find myself proud to have this one on my bookshelf.

    9. I loved this book. Himiko is a failed novelist, who decided to abandon his mediocre life by usurping the place of a rich old friend of his, who could've been his twin, after he died. Taking over his fortune, contacts a power, he realises his dreams of building an utopia or food, drinks, sex and perversion, spending all the man's fortune. The story is a quick read, and the pacing is breakneck, but the progression is always clear and well done. The art is amazing, with great details and ornate vis [...]

    10. 3.5 stars. A beautifully illustrated story, the Strange Tale of Panorama Island is let down by a blurb which reveals almost all the twists and turns of the plot before you have even started. I think I would have enjoyed this more if I had dived in unaware and let the story unfold before me.

    11. An exquisite adaptation of Japanese horror master Edogawa Rampo’s titular story, "The Strange Tale of Panorama Island," manga artist Maruo Suehiro grants this graphic novel retelling with lush details, brimming with surreal landscapes populated by realistic human characters. A tale of madness and dreams realized no matter the cost, the strange tale follows an impoverished writer with plans to realize by taking the place of a dead classmate who had an uncanny resemblance to himself and using hi [...]

    12. This is another book, along with Samura's Die Wergelder Book 1, that we discuss on the recent manga episode of The Comics Alternative. I've had this for a while, but I just haven't taking the opportunity to read it. (One of the great things about our monthly manga series is that it forces me to read the manga that I want to read, but haven't yet done so.) I've read other Maruo, and The Strange Tale of Panorama Island is relative tame, at least when it comes to ero-guro (erotic grotesque) style. [...]

    13. So, what was it like? Well, it was a strange tale. Lots of pretty panoramas, though. Set on an island.Name's a bit of a giveaway.

    14. Me siento un poco estafada porque el manga que compré venía con varias páginas en blanco y otras mal impresas una pena (Glénat, te odio con toda el alma). Pero dejando de lado eso, la fusión Edogawa/Maruo es un viaje al interior de sueño utópico-erótico que se sirve maravillosamente de muchas referencias artísticas.Cuando se lee La extraña historia de la isla Panorama, se nota de inmediato que el argumento no es propiamente de Maruo, lo que hace que todo sea mucho más fácil de digeri [...]

    15. Absolutely gorgeous. As soon as I saw that one of Suehiro's manga had gotten an official English language release I knew I had to get my hands on it. Most people would know Suehiro for his ero-guro art(ero-guro means erotic grotesque) and while this book lacks extreme violence please be aware it doesn't shy away from nudity, albeit for the most part done in a beautiful artistic way reminiscent of both Ancient Greek art, and art nouveau. The story is what keeps me from giving this artistic master [...]

    16. So very strange. This is the first book I've read by Suehiro Maruo, and I suspect from some of the samples I've seen of his other works that this is probably the most approachable (in terms of gore and sex, which this has very little of). Beautiful artwork, I can see Maruo's influence on mangaka like Junji Ito (I could be mistaken in this, perhaps the more "realistic" style is just characteristic of a certain kind of horror comics?) and how he has been influenced by, say, Aubrey Beardsley. Very [...]

    17. Beautiful! The story is a bit bizarre dated? Or lost in translation? But the illustrations are breathtaking.

    18. An enjoyable enough read, I did feel like this modern adaption could have improved upon some of the historic ideas - namely the romanticizing of completely unnecessary violence against a woman. The drawing style felt very reminiscent of more classic Japanese art.

    19. 故事写于20年代。描述了经济起飞,侵略战争中的日本对及时行乐,虚幻乐园的贪欲和向往。

    20. full-stop/2013/07/23/rReview by Sam CostelloWhen Chiyoko, whose husband has been replaced by ill-intentioned lookalike Hirosuke, is brought to the titular location in The Strange Tale of Panorama Island, she is so overwhelmed by the artificially constructed place’s surreal hedonism that she faints.It’s unlikely that this graphic novel by Suehiro Maruo, adapted from Edogawa Rampo’s 1926 novel of the same name, will cause anything approaching such a strong response. While the graphic novel [...]

    21. this is the first edogawa rampo i have read. set in 1920s Japan this reminds me not of Poe but of surrealist and decadent authors. books that involve usage of great wealth to create some garden or landscape 'cabinet of curiosities'. i think of raymond roussell's 'locus solus' but set in Japan, in which an entire island is transformed into an 'adult' amusement parki like this more than written work primarily as the graphic work is very effective, very surreal. there is little reference to the wor [...]

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