1 thought on “Schubert and His Vienna”

  1. This is a layperson's biography of Schubert; although some of his works are discussed in the text, they're not written about in a scholarly manner. Osborne alternates chapters of Schubert's life and work and his circle of friends with chapters on contemporaneous life in Vienna during this Biedermeier era. It's a pleasant enough read about this extraordinarily prolific and talented man who was recognized somewhat for his work during his life, although not sufficiently. I was shocked to learn that [...]

  2. This biography of Franz Schubert presents a well-rounded portrait of the composer's short life. Schubert is underrated compared to the three B's (especially Brahms) and deserves more attention. The book contains numerous quotes from letters written by Schubert and his friends. It also gives a wonderful view of life in Vienna in the early 1800s, at least the type of life Schubert led - coffee houses, drinking establishments, having "rooms" and "taking meals at a certain place".

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