I m Linda Clay McGee and I don t belong here Elsie McPhee and her brother, Tommy, are hiding a terrible secret They ve been kidnapped not by a stranger, but by their mother It is lonely and scary always hiding, moving, and not being allowed to make friends or to talk to people Elsie even remembers the kidnapping, but she s so scared of her mother, she can t say or I m Linda Clay McGee and I don t belong here Elsie McPhee and her brother, Tommy, are hiding a terrible secret They ve been kidnapped not by a stranger, but by their mother It is lonely and scary always hiding, moving, and not being allowed to make friends or to talk to people Elsie even remembers the kidnapping, but she s so scared of her mother, she can t say or do anything.Then Tommy gets sick, and Elsie needs to get help fast But that means she has to leave the apartment What if she gets caught Does Elsie have the courage to help her brother even if it means breaking her mother s rules
Clay I m Linda Clay McGee and I don t belong here Elsie McPhee and her brother Tommy are hiding a terrible secret They ve been kidnapped not by a stranger but by their mother It is lonely and scary alwa

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1 thought on “Clay”

  1. In my opinion I think Clay is a very good book. I say this because I like reading mysterious books. It is a very good book for young adults in my opinion. I don't think younger kids would understand the concept or whats going on in Clay. You never know whats going to happen. I also like action and it has some of that in it also. But overall its a good book. Clay is about a young girl named Clay and her brother Tommy. They are living there life s a huge secret. They are in hiding and its been tha [...]

  2. I have read Clay by: Colby Rodowsky!!! I really liked the book! If you like mystery or adventurous books I strongly recommend you to read this book. I'll just tell you that when I read the first page of this book, it really caught my attention!It will really touch your heart. WARNING: it might make you sad in some parts.! I have read this book over and over and over about 5 times!!! That's how GREAT this book is! I know that you will want to read it more than once also So, I suggest you get a co [...]

  3. This book is a very Great Book. It is about 2 kids with a dad and mom that are going through a divorce. the mom kidnaps her own kids from their dad, But with the help of the of the bakery lady they were sent back with their dad in just 4 years. The brother has autism and they don't know hoe to help him because the dad think something is wrong with him, but on the other hand the mom think he is perfectly fine. If you like mystery then this would be a great book for you to read. The setting of thi [...]

  4. The book Clay will keep you up all night long. When reading this book you must make sure you read every word, the book is just that good. A book like this makes you wanna read it twice. Clay McGee and her brother have been kidnapped but not by a stranger but by their own mother. It is very scary for them always having to be on the run, moving to different states and hiding. Clay even remembers the kidnapping but is to afraid of her mother that she cant tell a single soul.The mother does not allo [...]

  5. My opinion on clay is a good book for you.I think it is a good book because it talks about a women that has two kids that she really don't have cusidy over.In the book the characters are Elise,Tommy,mom,dad,grandma,grandpa.The book really takes place everywhere because they move so many times.The kids were kidnapped by there mother and they haven't seen there dad since.The mom had them home schooled because she didn't want anybody to know that the kids was kidnapped.Then starts to figure out tha [...]

  6. This was a wonderful book. I would recommend it to people that like realistic fiction. Clay and her little brother were abducted by their mother but Tommie which is the little brother has a disorder. This book took place everywhere. The book should be for people who children has been kidnapped. Just knowing that they could be okay. There is always a chance. This book gives me hope. I can connect to this book because my little brother wandered off. The whole family was worried about him. We all k [...]

  7. Elsie and her brother, Tommy, live a lonely, secluded life, hopping from one pre-furnished apartment to the next, never attending school, and forbidden to talk to strangers. When their mother uproots them once again, Elsie slowly begins to remember her past, finally realizing that her mother, Jude, has abducted her and her brother from their father. Not until Tommy becomes sick and their mother refuses to take him to a doctor does Elsie gain the courage to defy her and seek help for herself and [...]

  8. I read Clay, by: Colby Rodowsky. It is about a girl named L.C McGee (short for Linda Clay), her little brother named Timmy McGee, her mom Jude, and L.C and Timmy’s dad Mr. McGee. L.C and Timmy had lived with their dad after their parents got divorced. One day their mom came and said she was going to take them out for ice cream, only she was kidnapping them! Their names were changed to Elsie, Tommy, and Jude McPhee. Their mom has been keeping them hidden and is constantly moving from place to p [...]

  9. This book is about Elsie and her brother have been kidnapped by their mother , Eleven-year-old Elsie McPhee and her younger, autistic brother, they were homeschooling students. They don’t suppose to talk with anyone and when of the kids decide to do it, his mother moved to an empty apartment in another state. After that many things happened that made a decision that could change things forever.I think that this book is for all age range except for nursery, is a very interesting book. The artis [...]

  10. Clay by Rodowsky, Colby F. the book covers a very common problem in our society which is divorce and how children always suffer. The book is talking about eleven year old Elsie and her younger brother Tommy after their parents’ divorced. Sadly the mother stole the children on the run for four years. The children were forbidden to talk to anyone and kept home from school. Tommy has mental problem and must deal with it as if it a terrible secret which causes them and their mother to move from pl [...]

  11. Wow. This was an excellent book on the overlooked topic of family abduction. It is age appropriate (8 to 12 would probably be good) but realistic. It clearly shows the devastating consequences family abduction has on children. The two children in the story, Elsie and Tommy, are being hidden by their mother. They are not allowed to go to school or make any friends, or even talk to strangers at all, and Tommy is not getting the medical attention he needs. I think even adults would find this book u [...]

  12. A girl has an isolated and lonely life with her brother. They were abducted by their own disfunctional mom years ago. She must make a difficult decision and go against her mom's strict rules of no contact with anyone to save her brother.

  13. A young girl torn between what she remembers and what is, Elsie chooses to change everything to save her brother when she tells someone that she isn't who she seems to be. She is a brave young heroine and her story is eloquently told from her point of view.

  14. Disturbing yet hopeful story of two children who are kidnapped by their non custodial mother. The characterization, especially of the main character, made this book for me.

  15. Eye-opening view of the world of fear and seclusion two children face after their mother abducts them.

  16. This book was pretty good. It was really sad, in the aspect that it was realistic, but it's a good reminder to reach out to others around us. I thought it was pretty good.

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