Hammer of Daemons

In the nightmare future of Warhammer 40,000, a superhuman warrior must battle his way free from a world of daemons.
Hammer of Daemons In the nightmare future of Warhammer a superhuman warrior must battle his way free from a world of daemons

  • Title: Hammer of Daemons
  • Author: Ben Counter
  • ISBN: 9781844165117
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. It's not a bad book however it is directly opposed to the character which was built in the first two books of the series and completely goes against all lore in the universe regarding the Grey Knights.Taken on its own it's an easy read, but if you're looking for a book to delve into the Grey Knight chapter, give this one a miss. It would have been a much better novel if it was about a "standard" chapter, written about a Grey Knight, it simply doesn't work or make sense.

    2. The third book in the Grey Knights Trilogy finds Justicar Alaric trapped on a hideous Chaos world. Lots of action and disgusting Chaos, I hope Counter gives Alaric more stories. Check it out.

    3. Much like Graham McNeill's Dead Sky, Black Sun, this is a Chaos book masquerading as a Loyalist book. In a supremely Conan-esque fashion, Alaric is taken hostage during what should have been a pretty straightforward liberation attempt by a Chaos lord who's a member of a large group of Chaos folk who like to have each other's champions fight in arena duels. The really frustrating thing for Alaric is that they put a psi-dampening (?) collar on him, so that he's essentially mentally just a normal [...]

    4. Hammer of Daemonsbook review-Wyatt Holtkampfor Mrs. Murphy's classThe Hammer of Daemons follows the path of Justicar Alaric, The Grey Knight, as he battles his way across the stars. Fighting against the greatest foes that the universe has to offer, his job in dangerous, but it is what he was designed to do. As a Grey Knight, Justicar Alaric fight daemons, creatures of corrupt energy from a place beyond reality known as the warp. They are the greatest enemies of mankind, and are each much larger [...]

    5. I find the Warhammer 40,000 universe very interesting. I am a fan of sci-fi in general but always found the idea of giant, fanatical, genetically modified, heavily armoured warriors roaming around the battlefields of the future cutting down aliens and heretics with the withering hail of gunfire or the buzz of a chainsword.I enjoyed this book although it will never win any book prizes it was entertaining. Very violent but fun to read without being too taxing. If you are a fan of the warhammer 40, [...]

    6. Like most WH40K books, Hammer of Daemons is dragged down by an overabundance of action and gore. The heavy reliance on arena combat is both a fun throwback to corny sci-fi of the 1980s and a repetitive trope. I found the section where Alaric struggles internally with the demon Razazael to be the most interesting part of the book, but even then it felt truncated by the action on the exterior. Ultimately the conclusion is grim and a little hard to swallow.It's best to approach this book 1) with lo [...]

    7. Ben Counter has definitely redeemed himself for my taste. The final part of his Grey Knights trilogy is kind of like 'Passion of the Christ' mixed with 'Spartacus the TV show'. It's a great read about remaining steadfast in the face of overwhelming physical, psychological and spiritual hardship. The trilogy really made me respect Grey Knights and I see the bad ass hierarchy as: Space Marine-Space Wolves-Grey Knights.

    8. I thought this book told an interesting tale of the lengths to which a Grey Knight may go in order to achieve victory without losing their soul to corruption. As with the previous books in this series, Ben Counter painted excellent pictures of each scene and the struggle Brother Alaric faced as he looked for a way to defeat the champions of the Blood God.

    9. As this is the last book in the Grey Knights Omnibus and as far as I know this is the last one with AlricI feel quite sad. I will miss his character as he majorly grew on me. I really want to have him on a never ending quest of little adventures. Although, preferably once that don't require him to almost die every 5 pages. XD

    10. Justicar Alaric finds himself cut off from the rest of the Grey Knights when he is captured by Chaso forces.Forced to fight his way through a planet which is nothing more than a massive arena for Khorne the blood god, he has to rely on his ingenuity to survive.Lots of good moments but the ending did show how far removed from humanity he has become by being a Space Marine.

    11. Excellent conclusion to a series, which gave no indication that can end so strongly. Complex and interesting plot, non-stop gory action, memorable characters - I can't ask for more.Detailed review in Bulgarian here:citadelata/hammer-of-daemons/

    12. A really fun read; though it seems like they're playing a bit loose with the whole Grey Knight mentality and what's acceptable behavior.

    13. Really enjoyed this book, right up to the end where it completely goes against everything I've ever read about the Inquisition!

    14. This book was a fantastic read.It's a shame Ben Counter doesn't get as much appreciation as Aaron Dembski-Bowden and Dan Abnett.

    15. Horrifically cheesy fun. Viva Alaric! You have to give yourself over to the 40K myths/world, but if you can do that, you'll be pleased all the way.

    16. Unique idea which I really enjoyed and was refreshing from the usual Space Marine thing. Also an awesome ending, definitely worth a read.

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