Bermuda Schwartz

From the Edgar nominated, bestselling series that gets better with each book, and an author who constantly surprises, comes Bermuda Schwartz a tale of hidden treasure, murder, romance, and rum.A young scuba guide, scouting new dive sites in the shipwreck laden reefs that rim Bermuda, makes a fatal discovery a treasure valuable than gold or jewels And some people arFrom the Edgar nominated, bestselling series that gets better with each book, and an author who constantly surprises, comes Bermuda Schwartz a tale of hidden treasure, murder, romance, and rum.A young scuba guide, scouting new dive sites in the shipwreck laden reefs that rim Bermuda, makes a fatal discovery a treasure valuable than gold or jewels And some people are willing to kill for it.Enter Zack Chasteen, knockabout palm tree farmer, and his inscrutable Taino associate, Boggy, who have been dragged to Bermuda by Zack s ladylove, Barbara Pickering She needs their help throwing a gala 75th birthday party for her wealthy and eccentric Aunt Trula While there, Zack drops by the bank to visit his money, a couple of million dollars earned in recent exploits that he has stashed away in one of the country s notorious tax free offshore accounts Big problem Zack s money is gone and his bankers can t seem to explain where it is or who might have it.Zack is grappling with another issue as well Where is this whole thing going with him and Barbara Pickering She s not pressing, but it s clear she d like to tie the knot, maybe start a family Is Zack really ready to say, I do As he wrestles with the dilemmas of love and money, both of which may wind up lost, Zack falls in with wise and wily Teddy Schwartz, a legendary Bermudan treasure salvager and one of Aunt Trula s longtime paramours Schwartz is harboring a few secrets of his own, and Zack is soon crossing paths with a secret sect of religious zealots who are hoping to complete a bloody and tumultuous two thousand year old quest.Suspenseful, laugh out loud hilarious, and startlingly original, Bermuda Schwartz is Bob Morris s best book yet, a rollicking island yarn that turns the historical puzzle thriller on its head
Bermuda Schwartz From the Edgar nominated bestselling series that gets better with each book and an author who constantly surprises comes Bermuda Schwartz a tale of hidden treasure murder romance and rum A young

  • Title: Bermuda Schwartz
  • Author: Bob Morris
  • ISBN: 9780312328931
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I couldnt put it down. This is one of those types of books you can escape with. Great as winter rolls in. Exciting. I guessed who did it after one character was decidedly NOt the bad guy.ough one can never be positive in a mystery. I loved that it wasnt gorey and mean. "I dont like guns" says the main squeeze. YAY! the end was a bit anticlimactic but it was still fun and funny and I like Chasteen a LOT! Hes got balls. Its kinda out there but it's fiction, so why not? Theres enough negativity in [...]

    2. This is the third in the Zack Chasteen series.I enjoyed the first two (though I'd read them out of order). This one was okay, not as good as the first two.I found that it got bogged down with too many details of the history of the sunken treasure. And there seemed to be so many characters to keep track of (no doubt to throw the reader off).I wasn't enthused about the one who dunnit and less excited about the quick wrap up at the end. It wasn't necessary.

    3. another excellent read in the Zach Chasteen series. Though reminiscent of Hiaasen and Barry and to a lesser extent Elmore Leonard, Morris really has his own style. The common threads are great writing and taking full advantage of the wealth of humorous material available in South Florida and the Caribbean.

    4. This struck me as hilarious while reading: [from page 131] "I was just thinking that maybe the Taino religion is the most honest of them all. It admits that it's based on someone being out of their gourd." Boggy looks at me. "I do not understand this," he says. "Please explain."Obviously I do not agree with this 'quote', but it is still funny nonetheless.-----------------------------------------This was an interesting book, much moreso than I thought it would be. It was recommended to me by co-w [...]

    5. PROTAGONIST: Zack ChasteenSETTING: BermudaSERIES: #3 of 3RATING: 2.75Zach Chasteen is an ex-NFL player who now raises palm trees in Florida. He and his significant other, Barbara Pickering, are off to Bermuda to celebrate her Aunt Trula's seventieth birthday. Accompanying them is Boggy, Zack's associate, who will be overseeing the planting of eight Madagascar palms on Aunt Trula's property in time for the festivities. Before anyone can celebrate, however, Zack and Boggy find the body of a young [...]

    6. Bermuda Schwartz was an entertaining book, not the most intelligent read ever, however it was witty and sarcastic book. The characters are loveable and can be related to (not the situations). The story line begins with retired NFL linebacker Zach Chasteen, his British girlfriend Barbara Pickering, and his offbeat, co-worker Boggy, they are traveling to Bermuda to deliver majestic, 80ft palm trees for Barbara’s Aunt Trula. Upon arrival Zach discovers a dead man, then later discovers his two mi [...]

    7. Starting with the great pun for a book title, this book delivers on the strange crime/comedy/commentary/travelogue blend that compromises this series. Shipwrecked treasure and human greed - the basis for a good story. As usual, Morris creates some great characters, and Chasteen manages to be on the gray side of the law with great intentions. The least favorite part of this book for me was his recover my offshore money subplot, mostly because he does it as a bull in a china shop. Acting as the he [...]

    8. #3 in the Zack Chasteen series. Zack Chasteen is an ex-Miami Dolphin safety released from prison after being wrongfully convicted of counterfeiting.Zack Chasteen and girlfriend Barbara travel to Bermuda for her aunt's 70th birthday bash. He and Boggy are to plant 8 palm trees for the occasion. Zach finds that $2MM he had deposited in a Bermuda bank is missing. He also discovers a body in the surf and gets involved with the dead man's sister in finding the connection with two similar deaths a few [...]

    9. Morris hits his stride with his third Zach Chasteen mystery. Despite the "punny" title, Morris crafts a great read. Morris turns up the menace and humor on Chasteen and continues to flesh out supporting characters Boggy and Barbara while delivering a great hook at the end. The plot reads a blended version of Robert Crais, Clive Cussler, Steve Berry and Dan Brown but with a wit and style all its own. Do yourself a favor and pick this up. The preview of "Dead Ahead" at the end, looks like Morris i [...]

    10. Cute book. Read because a friend told me that it was an easy read. And it is. It involves Bermuda, scuba diving, and holy relics. I like those things. The book's not bad, even though I say the ending coming from a mile a away. Didn't ruin the pleasure of reading the book. Apparently this is in a series of books with the characters in this book. I did not feel that I was missing out on anything by not having read the others.

    11. The books in this series just keep getting better, and I thought the first book was very good! In this, the third entry, the plot takes Zack Chasteen, along with his beautiful girlfriend Barbara, to Bermuda to participate in a birthday celebration for her aunt. Of course, long before the celebration can take place, there are murders to be solved and bad guys to be outwitted. Great fun and a great series!

    12. Anything by Bob Morris is an easy flowing read and this was no exception. Set in Bermuda as the title implies and featuring grisly murders, sunken treasure and scuba adventures as Zack Chasteen, retired Miami Dolphins player and his girl friend and sidekick arrive to plant some palms. A bit predictable and with a number of stereotypical characters, it moves along and is a pleasant bit of "mind candy".

    13. The third Zack Chasteen novel is another great entry. The pace is fast and the mystery is, as usual, engaging. This time the action is, as the title implies, in Bermuda. Morris writes with great description, snappy dialog without at any time compromising the suspense. His plotting and short chapters make the pages fly. I have the next two entries waiting in line.

    14. this next in the series is a good read, same as the previous books. the story was captivating, but didn't offer many new twists. to say it's same-ol'-same-ol' is a little harsh. it is still worthy of four stars. if you liked the first Zach book, you'll like this one.

    15. Zack is in Bermuda to help supervise the planting of his palm trees. There is scuba diving and treasure. Of course someone diesZack is funny and his friendship with his Taino partner makes the tale interesting as well as educational. Also a good armchair trip to Bermuda.

    16. This was the third book in the series and I have to say the least entertaining of the three. It was still very good but it does not compare with Jamaica Me Dead. Still it was a fun read and way better than City of Ashes which I read before this.

    17. Okay read. Enjoyed the Bermuda passages. Light on character development. Anyone who know's Bermuda would get the insiders reference to the character Trimingham.

    18. A bit more of the macho-badass than Zack had been in the previous books, but somehow everything came together a little better in this one.

    19. I had never read a Bob Morris book before. The title caught my eye and I'm glad it did. I couldn't put it down. Written with sharp wit and attention to detail. I recommend it.

    20. Decent murder mystery with a tropical location. Not all that well written, fast-paced, no in-depth characterization.

    21. Good beach book, a very fast read. I liked the characters but need to go back to the first books in the series to get some of the references.

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