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  1. Very unique and imaginative, a story that makes me still thinking about it almost a decade from the first time i watched the movie and more than 5 years since i read the book Agile, aggresive, alternative! Rock!And with a moto that capture this evocative and commanding story down to a tee.'Love can make everything possible' After all!!Loved it!

  2. این فیلمنامه ی ساده و هیجان انگیز. از همون دقیقه ی اول با ریتم تندش تو رو جذب می کنه و لحظه به لحظه تندتر می شه. هیچ خبری از جزئیات زیادی و زاویه ی دوربین و جزئیات صحنه و غیره نیست اولویت با خود اتفاقات و داستانه.زمان همیشه از دغدغه های من بوده به خصوص نسخه های سینمایی اش و این بار [...]

  3. I expected a film script when I bought this book. In a way, that's what I got. In another, it was as unconventional as the movie. The script is definitely there though, even if it is written up a bit more in book-form than I think is usual. And there are pictures. Loads of pictures. My favourite part of the book was actually the end, where we got a little more background information about the characters. It was very enlightening and I liked it a lot. But anyway a good script for a good movie. It [...]

  4. 3,5? rýchle ako Lola so všetkými možnými eventualitami podoba- scenár film je výborný, prilož knižku útlu k nemu do poličky

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