A Renaissance Tapestry: The Gonzaga of Mantua

A Renaissance Tapestry The Gonzaga of Mantua None

  • Title: A Renaissance Tapestry: The Gonzaga of Mantua
  • Author: Kate Simon
  • ISBN: 9780060158477
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “A Renaissance Tapestry: The Gonzaga of Mantua”

    1. Story of a family who were rich during the high life in northern Italy. Description of them and others active during the period, interactions. Who was doing what to whom

    2. I suppose that to trace an entire dynasty, an author must necessarily give a light treatment to even the important characters. I felt like I was missing a lot -- I'm sure I would have enjoyed a series of biographies more. Kate Simon's main calling was apparently as a travel writer. In her opening introduction to Mantua, main seat of the Gonzagas, her writing shows her observing her setting with a poet's imagination.

    3. The author manages to make a light and easy read of centuries of Gonzaga rule which is no mean feat given the politics of the time. read whilst in Mantova, I found it really helpful and interesting.

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