Her Knight in Black Leather

Cat Edwards has spent her life playing the wallflower in an effort to escape the repressive weight of her mother s tarnished name Dragged to a bar by her best friend in an effort to forget a broken heart, the shy bookworm is determined to be someone else for the night, but quickly gets in over her head She discovers chivalry isn t dead after all when a mysterious strangeCat Edwards has spent her life playing the wallflower in an effort to escape the repressive weight of her mother s tarnished name Dragged to a bar by her best friend in an effort to forget a broken heart, the shy bookworm is determined to be someone else for the night, but quickly gets in over her head She discovers chivalry isn t dead after all when a mysterious stranger comes to her rescue He s wearing black leather and a mischievous smile that promises to be exactly what she needs.When his terminally ill father suffers a setback, Michael Brant returns to the town he swore ten years ago he d never return to He s come back this time determined to make peace with the past, but being home brings up memories he doesn t want to remember any His first night in town, he s captured by a damsel in distress Cat s beauty is made all the alluring when he realizes she has no idea who he is He can t resist spending a single night in her arms With her, he s only a man, disconnected from his family s name and the past that haunts him here As the town erupts with the news of his return, Michael s dark past comes back to haunt him, putting Cat in danger Someone is threatening her life and the life of her family Desperate to keep history from repeating itself, Michael offers her his family s name in order to keep her safe When the lie spirals beyond their control, can they stop their hearts from becoming entangled as well
Her Knight in Black Leather Cat Edwards has spent her life playing the wallflower in an effort to escape the repressive weight of her mother s tarnished name Dragged to a bar by her best friend in an effort to forget a broken he

  • Title: Her Knight in Black Leather
  • Author: J.M. Stewart
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. This is the first book I've read by author J.M. Stewart, and I am reaching back and kicking myself in the butt. I loved this story. From the onset of the first word, I was drawn into the lives of the characters in Her Knight in Black Leather, and throughout the read fell just as deeply in love with them as they did with each other. Stewart created a work of art by crafting a modern day Romeo and Juliet, except the hero and heroine are battling mistakes made in the past (by themselves or close fa [...]

    2. 3.8-Me gustó mucho la historia, es un libro que se lee rápido y que te mantiene expectante, con ganas de seguir avanzando en los capítulos. -Me gusto mucho este libro. Michael me encantó! Todo protector y dulce. Sentí el desenlace de la historia demasiado brusco , creo que daba mas tela para cortar sobretodo lo referente al momento de tensión que vivieron con la madre de Trish. Creo que definitivamente me Falto también un epilogo para saber un poco mas de la vida de ellos de ahí en adela [...]

    3. Cat Edwards is used to blending in, her mother rocked the small town she grew up in. Returning home to stay with her dad, she has tried to keep free of scandal and of men especially after her ex cheated on her. When her friend drags her out to a bar, Cat is waiting until she an go home. When a man continues to hit on her, she finds herself rescued by Michael Brant.Michael has reluctantly returned home, at least temporarily. Michael left after an incident had him riddled with guilt as well as rif [...]

    4. Romance, woven with gentle suspense and deep characters, make this story hum along beautifully! If you haven't read J.M. Stewart yet, you should really take a peek!

    5. Stewart's best book to date. It has the usual elements of romance the back and forth, drawing in closer, pulling away, the pain of parting and the realization that they can't live without one another. Love conquers all. There were a couple of themes that Stewart dipped her toes into that I would like to see her develop more fully in future novels. One is the spirituality of sexual union, the meeting of Souls. It was very brief, a casual mention in a few sentences on the first time the couple mad [...]

    6. What happens when a wallflower meets a rebel on a Harley? Many, many magical moments. Sigh-worthy moments that capture and clasp your heart long after closing the cover on your Kindle.Cat and Michael's journey to happily-ever-after is a journey of acceptance and denial. Cat must learn to accept she will no longer be a victim of her mother's scandelous behavior and deny her mother's selfish lifestyle as a reflection of who Cat is. Michael must learn to accept his father may never approve of him a [...]

    7. They both had a past they wanted to forget; a past that also linked their families. He was filled with guilt that kept him from committing to a real relationship and she did not want to be like her mother and only partake in flings.Michael came to her rescue and, in turn, Cat decided to let go of her inhibitions and enjoy the spontaneity that he offers all while actually rescuing him. They gave each other what they needed.This story was quick-moving and full of obstacles, pain, emotions, terror [...]

    8. I get this book in a read to review basis. Thanks to the autor J.M. Stewart! This is a beautiful book whit a very sweet argument. I love the way the narrator focus in her and them change to his side of the story. I think this make the novel deeper because you know more about the feeling of each character. The dialogues are very good andmake me smile all the time.The two thinks I don't like of this book: 1) I found that the identity of the guilty was too obvious. 2) Michael is too perfect, he is [...]

    9. Bad boy? Or good guy?A refreshingly good story following the lives of Cat, who recently discovered her fiancee was cheating on her and Michael, a rich prodigal son.One night of passion, they both agree it can't happen again, but threats against Cat creates feelings in Michael he never expected to feel.A lovely light tale of courage and learning about falling in love.

    10. Loved this book. The characters hooked me from page one. So much emotion and feeling, I couldn't put it down.

    11. This review can also be found my blog.I love a romance about a bad boy and a good girl. But this isn’t just a fanciful love story. Someone isn’t happy about the past and even less happy about the little romance being played out in the town’s gossip rag. Cat soon finds herself the target of a psychotic stalker. When people she loves get hurt in her stead, Michael can think of only one thing to do – present a united front and offer her the protection of his family and their name.Cat Edward [...]

    12. This was a short, sweet contemporary romance with just enough danger to add a little excitement. Michael Brant returns to his home town to try to reconcile with his critically ill father. He had left many years before because of a scandal that left him heart-broken and feeling guilty. Cat Edwards had come home to the same town because she was tired of running. Both characters had troubled pasts. Cat was trying to live down her mother's reputation which sent them fleeing when Cat was young. Her m [...]

    13. A bad-boy, a wall-flower, both escaping a painful past, intense sexual and emotional attraction, even a bit of suspense. Her Knight in Black Leather, by J.M. Stewart, has all the elements of a fun contemporary romance.I really, really liked this book. The emotions and sexual tension in this book are so strong, I felt like I was reading a personal story. Which is silly, right? I mean who goes all weak in the knees and totally ga-ga over a man when they first meet? Love At First Sight, aka LAFS? P [...]

    14. This was the first book I have read by this authord I usually like a harder edged romancebut the leather jacket, motorcycle and description made me take a chance on this sweet but oh so steamy mystery/romance.Cat and Michael are two people with big secrets in their pastsey both escaped their small town gossips and fled for a new life, so when circumstances have them meeting in their old stomping ground, there is an almost instant attraction. They pretend to be a couple to ward off an unwanted su [...]

    15. Ok so a woman trying to lead a separate life from her mother's reputation and a guy trying to change his reputation from a previous disaster.The story was filled with anticipation of who, what, and where. I loved the characters and thought they were well developed and intriguing. I decided though that I would probably liked it better had the story line been more suspenseful or drama filled. I wish Nick would have came up or we found out what city it happened. I like details that makes the story [...]

    16. Her Knight in Black Leather is an exciting, wonderful read filled with twists, turns, a seriously sexy man, and a hot motorcycle. This story begins with Cat and Michael meeting at a bar *see excerpt below* and follows them as they try to navigate the muddy waters of turning a one-night-stand into a relationship all while dealing with threats, attacks, his very overbearing father, and both their pasts. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and, sadly, it’s a completely believable plot, twists included [...]

    17. Her Knight in Black Leather is about two people who grew up in a small town, and after returning to the small town they run into each other and fall into lust. An issue I had with the book is that they didn't know each other. They talk about how everybody knows everybody and is in everyone's business, but yet they didn't know who each other were. It was even stranger how they didn't know who each was considering the past connection between the two families.That being said. I do believe the story [...]

    18. Said it before and I'll say it again, JM Stewart brings a special kind of maturity to romance. Nothing is contrived, nothing is forced, the drama is low key and believable. And HKIBL is no different. Yes there's suspense, a threat, but its woven into the blossoming relationship (Cat & Michael) without any need for hysteria.Even the 'bad-boy falls for cautious introvert' element is carefully measured and allowed to unravel at a pace that is both absorbing and convincing. There is poignancy, t [...]

    19. The title had my mind twirling with possibilities of what this book could be about. I never expected what I read (you probably took that as a bad thing, it wasn't meant that way). Did you stop to read what the book is about? Yeah, so did I. To answer the question I can see forming in your mind, no this was not a book you could put down. Yes you will be eating and reading at the same time, you won't be able to help yourself. You want to know the end. Will everything turn out okay? Will everything [...]

    20. This has been a sweet and peaceful readi never knew this book existed because i was really searching another novel with the same title but different author! i'm so glad i stumbled upon this novel. gosh! i love the sweetness and the free flowing of emotions and heart-wrenching turn of events of this story. i'll surely gonna re-read it and would probably love it again. haaaay. more of this kind of stories please! girls need to get inspirations from the novels they read, like this one did to me. It [...]

    21. This was a really sweet love story about meeting the person you're destined to be with and not giving up. There's also a little suspense woven in the storyline, but I enjoyed watching as Cat and Michael fall in love. I liked both of the main characters. They were honest with each other and didn't play games. Michael's a sweetie and the way he took care of Cat and was so protective just made me fall even more in love with him.The book wasn't too terrible long, took a few hours to read. It's told [...]

    22. Grata sorpresa! Me ha gustado mucho Michael y la dulce Kat. Sus interacciones han sido puras, dulces y casi perfectas. Ambos con un pasado oscuro pero que no han intentado ocultar hasta el final creando un argumento lioso y predecible, si no que se lo han explicado el uno al otro en el momento oportuno haciendo que el amor verdadero creciera de forma real. Precioso, tierno y especial.

    23. Not too badThis was a quick read with hot sexy bits, mystery and a bit of angst thrown in for good measure. A small town story with a prodigal son returning and a daughter judged on her mother's bad behaviour. The main characters come together by chance and realise they share a bit of history.A little bit predictable but still good enough to keep my interest.

    24. Típico, chica buena conoce a chico malo que la hace hacer cosas diferentes a lo que esta acostumbrada. Cliché, pero medio entretenido.

    25. 2.5 StarsMy opinion. You may love this one, but it did not work for me.I loved the premise, but the execution was weak. After awhile I found myself rolling my eyes at the dramatics.The hero comes back to town. The heroine, Cat, was at a bar with her BFF. A guy was trying to pick up Cat when the hero, Michael stepped in to "save" the heroine. Both of these characters held secrets. The hero's secret I felt was weak for him to want to stay away from his hometown. Cat's BFF is the one that encourage [...]

    26. Beautiful, honest characters with great chemistry and a suspenseful plot at first.I loved the vulnerability Michael and Cat both face, a vulnerability that they let each other see in themselves. This takes a great deal of courage and trust; courage to let them know your inner demons, and trust for them to love you regardless and stand by you, giving you strength. That's the underlying romance part, coupled with wonderfully written scenes of passion.However, I feel like this book could have done [...]

    27. I found this book on the Kindle Daily Deals. I'm never sure what I'm going to get with "bargain books", but it sounded interesting. And it was. It was a cute romantic story. The characters were engaging and it was well written.Cat is spending the evening at the local bar with her roommate, trying to get over her cheating ex-fiance, when she is rescued from a drunk with wandering hands. Her Knight in Black Leather, turns out to be Michael Brant. Someone who is more than the bad boy he appears to [...]

    28. JM Stewart writes in a way that makes you FEEL the passion between Cat and Michael. The words she chooses and the picture she paints in your mind with those words make for a very enjoyable story. From the title, I wasn't sure this was the right book for me, but as they say, 'Never judge a book by its cover.' This is more than just your typical romance novel, as it has real human emotion and drama with a touch if suspense. If you liked Falling Into You, I think you will like this better, if not m [...]

    29. Great readThis was my first experience with this author. I liked the title and decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did. The story was emotional, had a lot of highs and lows, and the romantic aspects were very well done. An element of suspense threaded throughout the book, but to me, the relationship seemed to be the primary focus. They were a couple of broken people who completed each other. It was a nice love story without being sappy or overly sweet. I really enjoyed it.

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