No Such Thing as a Lost Cause

When rookie cop, Dave Wolinski is shot during a routine traffic stop, Brandy who s along for the ride finds herself face to face with the shooter drug crazed, pit bull fighting, gang member, Mario Lewis Brandy shoots Lewis in self defense and becomes the target of gang retaliation Things heat up when Lewis, who appeared to be recovering from the wound inflicted by BraWhen rookie cop, Dave Wolinski is shot during a routine traffic stop, Brandy who s along for the ride finds herself face to face with the shooter drug crazed, pit bull fighting, gang member, Mario Lewis Brandy shoots Lewis in self defense and becomes the target of gang retaliation Things heat up when Lewis, who appeared to be recovering from the wound inflicted by Brandy, suddenly, and mysteriously dies Brandy has no sympathy for the dog abuser, but figures if she can clear her name, maybe the gang will back off Soon, Brandy is thrust into a world of dog fighting, gang atrocities and a particularly sadistic gentleman named Torch whose favorite pastime is setting people on fire.Brandy has the love and support of her newly acquired boyfriend, sexy, mystery man, Nicholas Santiago to help her survive her investigation Unfortunately, the road to true love has hit a few speed bumps, and their future together is anything but certain Meanwhile, Brandy s ex boyfriend Bobby DiCarlo doesn t have the same romantic woes as she does and appears to be moving on with his love life Thankfully, Brandy, as always, has friends and family who have her back as much as she has theirs, and Brandy is one tough cookie with no plans of crumbling.
No Such Thing as a Lost Cause When rookie cop Dave Wolinski is shot during a routine traffic stop Brandy who s along for the ride finds herself face to face with the shooter drug crazed pit bull fighting gang member Mario Lew

  • Title: No Such Thing as a Lost Cause
  • Author: Shelly Fredman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 299
  • Format: ebook
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    1. I laughed out loud so frequently during this book. That is rare for me.Many times I saw a situation as awkward or mildly amusing but then Brandy’s comment or internal thought about it made it hilarious. I don’t know if others will find this as funny as I did. Humor is different for people. But if you want to laugh you must try her. This is book 5 in the series. I suggest you read book 1 first. I rated book 1 a little less than the others because I wanted her to have romance at the end. Just [...]

    2. I picked up the first Brandy Alexander book when I was looking for a romantic mystery series several years ago. Someone on the romance forum suggested this series and I promptly bought all three paperback books. I read the first, No Such Thing As A Secret and enjoyed the mystery and the character interactions. By the end of the second book I was feeling a definite attachment to Brandy and her friends and wanted to see where the main relationship was headed. With each book the characters became [...]

    3. Absolutely loved it! Despite the serious topic, Shelly Fredman once again brings delightful humor to the NSTAA series through the thoughts and antics of Brandy and her friends. I love the way Brandy processes things through food and over thinking.In the sixth book of the series, the fallout from an ill-fated ride-along weighs heavily on Brandy as she deals with her new relationship with Nick, accepting a new woman in Bobby's life, and trying to win over Johnny's new guy. When she discovers a dis [...]

    4. This is my favorite series ever. Shelly Fredman just gets better with every book. I don't understand why she's not on the bestseller list. The No Such Thing As A series has humor, heart, suspense and romance. They're what Janet Evanovichs books should be and aren't. They leave me immediately wanting the next one.

    5. Many, many, moons ago Shelly Fredman contacted me about her book, No Such Thing As A Secret, and asked if I’d be willing to read and review it. After reading the synopsis I dove into the book and I have been a fan ever since. I have made other readers in my life fans as well. There is just something so loveable about Brandy and these books; they’re just the right kind of comfort reading. I always feel like I am reading about and visiting with good friends.In this 5th book, Brandy is witness [...]

    6. They just keep getting better! This time Brandy finds a dead dog in a trunk along with one that is almost dead. But that discovery leads her down many different roads both in her investigation and her private life, and of course her life is put in danger many times. This book will have you laughing, crying, screaming at Brandy,and in the end fist pumping. I was so totally involved in it, I even was craving Philly cheese steak. Can't wait for the next one to come out.

    7. This series just doesn't disappoint! This is the fifth book in a great mystery/romance series and you know its the fifth book. The characters have all grown and learned. Its funny, believable and one of the best series out there in its genre.

    8. Chick-Lit with a bite! I'm new to the Brandy Alexander series and now have some serious catching up to do. First of all, I couldn't have pulled off the combo of the dark and dangerous world of dog fighting with the humor, romance and sweetness that was wrapped throughout this read. Kudos to author Shelly Fredman to accomplish this in such a skilled way. A very entertaining read.I know a lot of readers are talking about Brandy's romance interests -- you know who you are Team Nick or Team Bobby -- [...]

    9. I have enjoyed these books so much and really hate that I've read the last one available now. Next on my agenda is to go through my Kindle and highlight all of my favorite parts. Brandy is slightly immature emotionally, but has a wonderful and entertaining group of friends surrounding her. I can honestly say that I enjoyed each of the secondary characters and what they brought to the series. They enhanced my enjoyment of the books, rather than detracting from it. Nick Santiago is now one of my a [...]

    10. I really enjoyed this series. Brandy Alexander is a fun and likeable character who keeps getting herself into trouble by trying to help someone and is great at putting all the pieces together whether the detectives on the case want her help or not. This is the latest installment of the "No Such Thing As." series. There were times I wanted to strangle Brandy and her insecurities with her and Nick's relationship but loved her inner dialog with herself about the whole thing plus her jealously over [...]

    11. The latest installment in the Brandy Alexander series was wonderful. Shelly did a beautiful job on touching on such a hard topic, and Brandy handled it so well. She showed a great emotional turmoil for someone who was starting out in a new relationship. Given that Nick is a wonderful man of mystery (and I'm soooo on Team Nick here) it's understandable for Brandy to be uncertain a lot of the time, especially given the long time relationship she had with Bobby. Once again, Shelly has captured my a [...]

    12. Love Brandy, love Nick and I even love Bobby (hate that name though, it makes me think of Dallas and the way JR said the name) I hate to see her have to choose wish she could just have both of them, but it's just not that kind of book. lol The thing I really love about these books it that you see growth and change in each book. I love seeing her with Nick, but the scenes with Bobby just broke my heart, when I wasn't laughing that is. I can't wait for the next one, to see how her relationships de [...]

    13. I absolutely adore this series. I can not wait for more to be revealed on these character's lives. Will Nick get over his fears, will Brandy remain available, is Bobby really into this other woman or is he playing with fire??? Will anything get resolved? Will it be Nick/Brandy or Bobby/Brandy?? Is Brandy really in love with Nick or is she using him because she's to scared to give into her love for Bobby?? Hmmm I guess I'll just have to wait and see!

    14. I have always liked this series from the first book and it keeps getting better. What can I say if your a fan of Nick there is plenty to be had, Brandy as usual is her funny self but in this one she is having so much self doubt I hope she is in for a change for the better in the next one. Thank god for the ending no cliff hanger to be seen this time although I was worried we were going to have a teary ending but it worked out right in the last couple of pages.

    15. Two-haiku review:Brandy falls afoulOf some really evil guysDog fights and torchingNot for weak of heartSensitive subject matterToo many errors

    16. I can't help loving this series. Great characters, laughing, crying, excitement and angst. Brandy is maturing and evolving in positive ways. Looking forward to the final book.

    17. Brandy Brandy Brandy thank god you are not pregnant!!!!! You gotta love Brandy for her sarcasm and wit as she gets in over her head once again. The story revolves around animal abuse and dog fighting, educating the readers with out getting on a soap box. Brandy unwittingly stumbles into a police shooting, while protecting the shot cop, she shoots a gang banger. It makes Utube and the threats on her life begins. The gang banger is killed and Brandy's curiosity gets the best of her as she looks in [...]

    18. I love this series!Sally Fredman is the real deal. These books are fun humorous and have a social conscious. The stories are compelling and she hasn't disappointed me yet. She doesn't fall back on easy plot devices to draw you in and keep you wanting more, she does it with solid writing. In other series i've read authors don't allow their lead characters any authentic growth, they keep them penned in love triangles and limbo over life choices for an unnaturally long time just to keep the series [...]

    19. If you are looking for a good summer read you can't go wrong with Shelly Fredman's Brandy Alexander series. The latest book in this great series is NO SUCH THING AS LOST CAUSE. It takes on a very difficult subject with sensitivity and justice along with a bit of fun and adventure. If you like Janet Evanovich, Lisa Lutz, Molly Harper and Lois Greiman, you will love Shelly. Her books are available in digital as well as 'dead tree' versions. Give her a try. You won't regret.

    20. I loved this series!I read it from start to finish with nothing in between and I enjoyed every book.But,with this last book,I felt like we took a step backwards,at least regarding Brandy's relationship with (view spoiler)[Nick (hide spoiler)].Brandy actually surprised me.She's tough now,didn't really need anyone to rescue her anymore.I hope there will be more books in the series,because I absolutely will read them.

    21. I found Brandy Alexander Mysteries about 5 days ago and in those 5 days I've read all 5 books (sometimes reading until 3 am :)) Actually, I've just finished a Lost Cause and I am crying like an idiot. Yeah, it might make you cry, but you will also laugh a lot. I am hooked, I am addicted, and I hope to read the next book very soon. Thank you, Shelly!

    22. This was the best book out of the series! And what an incredibly moving and strong ending to a book. I love the main character, Brandy, so much. She's strong yet vulnerable and the author knows exactly when to show each of her attributes. I love seeing how her and Nick's character grow in each book.

    23. Brandy chose a man, but she can't let go of the other man and is full of jealousy when he dates. And with the man she chose, there is jealousy, insecurity, questions, etc. So not happy with the relationship aspect if this.

    24. LOVED this book! I think it's my favorite of all so far. The ending was perfect! Can't wait for the next one!

    25. This series was terrific and I laughed until the last word. The only big problem I have is the waiting for the next book.

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