You Can Do It, Sam

Sam goes all by himself to deliver treats to his friends in an endearing new tale from the creators of the NEW YORK TIMES bestseller KISS GOOD NIGHT and DON T YOU FEEL WELL, SAM Little ones will find this both a suitable precursor to nap time and a spur to be brave and act generously just like Sam BOOKLIST
You Can Do It Sam Sam goes all by himself to deliver treats to his friends in an endearing new tale from the creators of the NEW YORK TIMES bestseller KISS GOOD NIGHT and DON T YOU FEEL WELL SAM Little ones will find

  • Title: You Can Do It, Sam
  • Author: Amy Hest Anita Jeram
  • ISBN: 9780763636883
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This is a book about a bear called Sam who takes cakes to his friends all by himself. Set in Winter time on a street called Plum street, a little bear is excited about the cakes him mum is baking for all their friends and cannnot wait to take them to his friends (which he leaves at the doorstep for surprise). Sam has not done this by himself before and although eager,he was a little apprehensive. With gentle encouragement from his mum, who sat in the car watching, Sam was able to do it. Sam plea [...]

    2. I bought this book because my son's name is Samuel and it seemed like a it had a good message. But as someone mentioned earlier, it should have emphasized the title's message more. Plus there is a lot of redundancy in the language. It repeats irrelevant phrases or words. It's rather annoying to read. The illustrations are nice though the mother bear is wearing a green sweater and so initially, looking at the pictures, which the kids pick up on first too, I thought she was a papa bear. Just a lit [...]

    3. The book itself was very simple, but had cute illustrations. The concept of responsibility is easy understood, and would be a fantastic read for those little ones who need a boost of confidence when wanting to show initiative to help out!

    4. Picture Book-Positive story, but it has a weird rhythm to it as your reading. But could be used to teach confidence in students.

    5. You Can Do It, Sam! (2003) by Amy Hest, Pictures by Anita Jeram, FictionThis story is about an adorable bear named Sam and his mom, Mrs. Bear. The two of them spend time together by baking cakes and delivering them to friends on Plum Street. When Mrs. Bear and Sam pull up to drop off the cakes, Sam is surprised to learn that his mom will be staying in the car and that he will be going to each door alone. After hearing, “You can do it, Sam,” Sam finds the courage and gets more and more comfor [...]

    6. This is a sweet tale about a mother and son who make delicious treats for the neighborhood and then deliver them. The illustrations are nice and the narrative is simple and rhythmic. Butmething just irritated me as I read this book, kind of like the grain of sand in the oyster. The narrative seemed too repetitive and forced (Mrs. Bear and Sam climbed up in the truck that was green. Meh.) And they were baking and wrapping gifts for the neighbors long before the sun came up - that's not likely to [...]

    7. Sam bear helps Mrs. Bear make and deliver small cakes as gifts to the neighbors. A delightful bedtime or anytime picture book. The illustrations by Anita Jeram really make this a winner. From the bear-shaped snowman on its title page to the bear-shaped hood ornament on the pick-up truck, this is a warm book to snuggle with on a cold winter's evening. The design on the tw0-page spread of Sam tramping through the snow with his bootprints embedded in the snow, curving from lower left beneath the te [...]

    8. This colourful book contains repetitive sentences and appeals to children in KS1. It can be used for a PSHE lesson as a foundation to encourage children to discuss things which they may be worried about or how they feel when they try something new. This is a story about a bear called Sam who takes cakes to his friends all by himself. Set during the winter season, Sam the little bear is excited about the cakes which his mother is baking for all his friends and he cannot wait to surprise them with [...]

    9. A really lovely book - Sam and his mother bake cakes for their friends on Plum Street and everything is just dead on correct from the way Sam helps his Mom bake, to his little remarks in the car, to the way he summons up his courage to deliver the cakes all the way from the truck at the curb to the front door. There is a two-page spread where the mama bear and Sam touch noses upon his return "then he ran back to the truck where his mama was waiting. "I did it!" said Sam. "Of course," Mrs. Bear s [...]

    10. The Illustrations in the book are very nice, but the storyyawn! I know rude right, but it was very lack luster. The 4 stars for the pictures 2 stars for the story, so average to 3. The story is sweet enough, but the wording is awkward and "AND THE SUN WAS JUST SUNNING UP" I honestly didn't know if Sunning up means the sun is going up, or the sun was going down ( likes SUMMING UP (I know different words) don't confuse me.I get this book is about a bear being independent and that is a good lesson [...]

    11. ear cub Sam's Mom spends a snowy morning teaching him the importance of acts of kindness. Baking little cakes, then wrapping and delivering them to unsuspecting neighbors (who are probably still abed) forms the nucleus of this little adventure. Sam learns a little something about competence, and that generosity comes with its own reward, in a beautiful, cozy, snowy landscape. My three year old granddaughter was entranced yesterday when we read this together. So was I!

    12. I did not like the repetition is this book. It was irritating. "It happened one winter morning on Plum Street and the moon was still up, making sunbeams and shadows on Plum Street." There's repetition on every page. "Mrs. Bear and Sam counted cakes, and there were twelve. They tucked them in bags, and there were twelve red bags."

    13. Read to 1st grade today. They enjoyed though it might have been just a bit simple for them. Sam and his Mama are baking cakes and then they deliver to their friends' houses to deliver the cakes. Sam walks up to the door all by himself. Not sure why they were giving cakes to their friends - Christmas, Valentine's, selling them??

    14. In this children s picture book sam goes out by himself to deliver cookies. As the story continues the underlining theme of generosity and love and courage take form. Children who read this book will be lifted and will know that they are not alone in challenging times. I personally thought it was a good book for the theme that it held for its readers.

    15. I bought this book when I bought Don't You Feel Well, Sam, but it didn't hit the same sweet spot DYFWS and Kiss Good Night did - that is, until my daughter hit the "I can do it myself" stage. Since then, she has enjoyed it quite a bit more. Hest's turn of phrase is a bit awkward in places, but the overall story is worth it to me and my daughter.

    16. Quite a good read. A little light on rhyming words, but the illustrations are very good. Personally I would have enjoyed it more if Sam had slipped on the way to deliver one of his cakes, and gotten water in his galoshes. Mrs Bear seems like a good mother, but there's no mention of Mr Bear, which is the obvious cliffhanger. Cant wait for You Can Do It Again, Sam for the reveal.

    17. I love all the Sam books - they're very cozy and sweet. In this story, Sam and his mama make cakes one cold winter morning, then go around and deliver them to all their friends on Plum Street before heading back home to enjoy cake and hot cocoa themselves. I like to read it around Christmastime; even though there's no mention of Christmas, it has the holiday atmosphere and spirit of giving.

    18. This is a cute book about a small bear who makes Christmas cakes with his mother. As they deliver their cake gifts throughout the neighborhood, Sam's mother encourages him to deliver the goodies. When they return, there are two cakes saved. They enjoy the remaining part of their day with cake and hot chocolate.

    19. A young bear helps his mother make some treats and deliver them to neighbors and friends. This is a good book for a child who gets scared about trying new things. It shows that most of the time things aren't as bad as we think they will be.

    20. This book continues to be a favorite for my kids and I. What makes it so special are thewonderfulillustrations, the love between the young bear and his Mama, and the wonderful message of encouragement, support, and independence for the very young child that it conveys.

    21. Cute, warm and fuzzy picture book about a little bear and his mama cooking and waiting and giving and loving.

    22. An inoffensive little book about a mother and son's snow day. The prose is average, but the story and art are cute.

    23. Sam learns how to share and do good for others as he delivers special cakes that he and his mother have made. The two of them deliver these treats to their friends in the snow.

    24. The illustrations are wonderful and the story is delightful. Sam and his Mother give to others through acts of kindness. I adore this book!!! This is a storytime favorite and everyone loves it.

    25. Sam is such a cute bear (most Sams do end up being cute ;] ) I hope his cakes were super delicious! This book is nice and sweet. =)

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