When Jessie Came Across the Sea

In an inspiring pairing, Amy Hest and P.J Lynch create an unforgettable tribute to the immigrant experience.Jessie lives with her grandmother in a poor village in the valleys of eastern Europe When, to everyone s surprise, young Jessie is chosen by the village rabbi to travel to America, and to leave her grandmother behind, they both feel their hearts will break Award wIn an inspiring pairing, Amy Hest and P.J Lynch create an unforgettable tribute to the immigrant experience.Jessie lives with her grandmother in a poor village in the valleys of eastern Europe When, to everyone s surprise, young Jessie is chosen by the village rabbi to travel to America, and to leave her grandmother behind, they both feel their hearts will break Award winning author Amy Hest brings her sure and inspired touch to the story of our immigrant heritage as she follows Jessie across the ocean to a new life and a new love in America Exquisitely illustrated by P.J Lynch, with paintings that glow with warmth and carefully observed detail, WHEN JESSIE COMES ACROSS THE SEA transcends time and culture in a tribute to the courage and hope of all who seek a better life It is destined to become a modern classic.
When Jessie Came Across the Sea In an inspiring pairing Amy Hest and P J Lynch create an unforgettable tribute to the immigrant experience Jessie lives with her grandmother in a poor village in the valleys of eastern Europe When t

  • Title: When Jessie Came Across the Sea
  • Author: Amy Hest P.J. Lynch
  • ISBN: 9780763600945
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Jessie is a young European girl who looses her parents when she is young. She is raised by her Grandmother, who insists that Jessie learns to read and write from the rabbi. Jessie teaches her Grandmother what she has learned in the evening. The rabbi chooses Jessie to travel to America to help his cousin in her sewing factory. Jessie is nervous with anticipation as she travels to the New World. Jessie makes a life for herself in America and brings the theme of coming to age to life in this book. [...]

    2. When Jessie Came Across the Sea by Amy Hest tells of Jessie and her grandmother, who live in a poor unnamed village in Eastern Europe. One day the rabbi, who teaches the community’s young people to read, shares the news that his brother has died and left him a ticket to America. The rabbi doesn’t feel that he can leave his people, and so he gives the ticket to Jessie. He tells her she can live with the rabbi’s brother’s widow in New York. On the ship that takes Jessie to America, immigra [...]

    3. This beautifully illustrated book shares the immigrant experience of many eastern Europeans through the eyes of Jesse, a Jewish teen, who is awarded a ticket to America. She reluctantly leaves her beloved Grandmother and travels on the boat that will take her past the awe inspiring Statue of Liberty to Ellis Island. Other passengers of various ethnic backgrounds are shown, and Jesse befriends a young man named Lou. Taken in by a dressmaker in NYC, Jesse sews lace, and by chance re-meets Lou and [...]

    4. Logan, who is 6 1/2, liked this book. He usually prefers books that are populated by animals, are fable-like in nature, or are swashbucklers. But he's listened to all three of the "All-of-a-Kind Family" books (which I highly recommend), which are about an immigrant family living in turn-of-the-century New York, so the this book worked as a kind of companion to that. He got to see pictures of what New York looked like at that time, what the clothes were like, and so on. Also, we'd talked about wh [...]

    5. This is everyone's story, at least those of us whose ancestors came from Europe or other lands. Jessie is given a wonderful opportunity, free passage to America, but she is only 13 and has to leave the only home and family (her grandmother)she has ever known. But she is luckier than some because she has a place to live with Aunt Kay, and work she likes, sewing lace on delicate garments. Spoiler alert: She even finds romance with a friend from the boat.Watercolor and gouache illustrations by P.J. [...]

    6. When Jessie Came Across the Sea is an amazing story that really puts things into perspective. Jessie loses her parents as a small child and was raised by her grandmother until she's sent overseas against her wishes by her town. The story follows Jessie throughout her journey as she grows up and learns new things. She matures and she learns to do things on her own. At the end of the story, Jessie finally finds happiness through love and the arrival of her grandmother traveling to New York to atte [...]

    7. I really loved this book for many different reasons. I think that this book gives such a personal connection to immigrants and why they might come to America. The young girl, Jessie, in this book is sent to America by her Rabbi to sew in a shop in New York City. She is very scared to leave her only living relative, her grandmother, but has to get on the ship to sail to America. She arrives at Ellis Island and then starts working at the shop. She soon goes to classes to learn how to read and writ [...]

    8. A beautifully illustrated history book for children although all ages will enjoy the story of the young Jewish girl who came to America. Jessie lived in the old country in a small village with her grandmother. When Jessie was thirteen, the town Rabbi received a ticket to America but felt that he must stay at the village with his people. Everyone in the village wanted the ticket to America but the Rabbit chose Jessie to go on the journey to the new country and start a new life for herself. Jessie [...]

    9. 3.5 StarsI love the pictures of this books. It is interesting to hear immigrant stories. It is interesting that people thought American was the promised land and the streets were paved with gold, but perhaps compared to Eastern Europe, it wasn't so bad.I like the letters back and forth to Grandmother back in the home Country.Why I can't give it a 5 stars. Well, it ended very suddenly. The story starts s l o w and then she is engaged and then Grandmother is here from the home country e end! Still [...]

    10. Lynch's paintings are lovely--especially the facial expressions (some artists really can't do faces; happily that's not the case with this book). But the story overall doesn't wow me. It seems a bit trite--too much crammed into too few pages, so the story feels a bit dumbed down or like an adult is talking down to a child. A bit predictable.

    11. Great add to a text set on immigration. The feelings and troubles that the European travelers experienced is told very well. Sweet ending with good illustrations. Also touched on how life was in the home land before coming here and tells a little bit about how life was on the trip coming to the country.

    12. Summary: This historical fiction story follows the journey of 13-year old Jessie, who has been living with her grandmother since her parents died. Her one keepsake from her mother is her mother’s wedding band, which she keeps in a special “tiny silver box.” Growing up, Jessie’s grandmother has taught her some basic skills like reading, writing and sewing. Jessie always questioned when these abilities would become useful to her, but her answer would soon come, as one day the village rabbi [...]

    13. When Jessie Came Across the Sea is a very well-written book by Amy Hest. This book is a historical fiction book that takes place at the turn of the nineteenth century. The story follows a thirteen-year-old girl as she has to leave her eastern European village to take a ship to New York City. Readers may feel as if they have been transported to the time period while reading this book. The story is told in such a way that it keeps readers engaged and wanting to know what happens. The characters of [...]

    14. 1. Awards the book has received (if any): Kate Greenaway Medal 1997, Bisto Merit Award 1998 2. Appropriate grade level(s): 2nd grade to 5th grade 3. Original 3-line summary: This story follows Jessie, a young European girl who lives with her grandmother. Jessie is chosen by her rabbi to immigrate to America. She has to leave her grandmother and is sad by this. It details her journey to America and the hardship she has to go through with being an immigrant in America. 4. Original 3-line review: I [...]

    15. This is one of my favorite books growing up. I always wanted to add it to my collection now but could not remember the name of the book. I recently came across it in a used book store and instantly remembered it for it's beautiful illustrations and poignant story. In full honesty, I cried reading the story again as an adult. This book packs a great emotional punch! This touching depiction of a young woman forced to leave her family behind to immigrate to America would be an excellent addition to [...]

    16. This story follows a girl who travels across the sea to America to try and start a life with more opportunity. She is an Irish immigrant, which shows children what a hard life it can be as an immigrant and the terrible conditions some people are trying to escape to have a better life (it helps them look through a window to see what other people suffer through). It also talks about how hard she works and just examines her life, helping others to be more empathetic to the plight of those who come [...]

    17. This is a really beautiful story of family love and endurance. I happened to read this book with my mother and she cried, so I know it is able to evoke emotion. While this story does not portray the extremely hardships that awaited European immigrants to America, it is a beautiful representation of the new lives that immigrants were able to secure through hard work. It is a great example of a children’s historical fiction book.

    18. Genre: Historical FictionRecommend Grade Level: Primary"When Jessie Came Across the Sea" would be a great book to use in talking about the history of immigration and how America was seen as the new world. It talks about making the best in where you are and working hard, with a great ending. The illustrations are beautiful and tell a story all by themselves.

    19. An absolutely amazing picture book with a heart-warming story and beautiful illustrations. I loved the character of Jessie, the romance, the story, the hope, and the lesson of hard work. So grateful for my brave ancestors who passed through Ellis Island so I could live in the United States of America, and grateful for this story painting a clearer picture of immigrants' lives.

    20. I was going too donate this book to the reading nook at my school, but I love it so much I want to keep it for a while. This is the story of Jessie, a young immigrant girl, who is sent to America when her village's rabbi gets a ticket from a relative. Jessie sews and earns enough money for a ticket to send for her beloved grandmother. The illustrations are lovely, and the story is nice.

    21. A healthy combination of romance and logic, this book is a great one for most ages of children. The plot was intriguing but also realistic, as Jessie gets to the states and realizes it is not made of gold. The story had a simple elegance to it, and the illustrations were superb. I plan to own this book someday.

    22. This book is about Jessi, who is thirteen years old. She leaves her grandmother and immigrates to New York City. She works there for three years, trying to earn the money to bring her grandmother to New York City.

    23. Jessie, a young 13-year-old Jewish orphan is chosen by her Rabbi to leave her village and grandmother, to go to America on a ship. She will live with the Rabbi's sister-in-law, Kay, who is now a widow, in New York City. Jessie had learned how to sew lace from her grandmother and makes things for others on the ship, as well as working for Kay in her dress shop once she arrived in America. This was labeled as a cultural diversity book by the library from which I got it, but there really isn't much [...]

    24. Genre: Historical FictionGrades: 3-5I love stories like this one where there is a separation between family, but then they are reunited at the end. These types of stories happened all the time back then when people would seek out a new life in a new country, and not all of them would end with finding what was being sought. But at least this story did.

    25. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Jessie's journey to America, and I think this book would pair nicely with clips from the film Brooklyn to teach historical fiction.

    26. I loved reading this picture book with my kids. It was a great chance to talk about immigration and our ancestors. Also, it is a very moving story (I did the "choked up read-aloud"!)

    27. Takes place in the early 1900s (judging from the styles in the illustrations). A 13-year-old Jewish girl from what we can surmise to be somewhere in Europe comes to America. The story is lovely, but it is the illustrations that take this book to the 5* level. P.J. Lynch's art is amazing, rich with detail and incredibly real, with emotion coming through the characters' faces. Beautiful book.

    28. The story of Jessie's migration to America to live with her cousin. I like that Jessie made lace and how that integrated with her cousin's business. The talk is about leaving her grandmother and the difficult journey, as well as the problems of being in a new city where people speak a new language. But we see the hope as she falls in love and eventually brings her grandmother over for the wedding.

    29. P.J. Lynch is one of my favourite illustrators which is why I chose to read When Jessie Came Across the Sea. He only illustrates about 1 book a year and has been the winner of numerous awards, including a 3 time award winner of the Christopher Medal. The Christopher Medal was first presented in 1949 and was established by Christopher founder Father James Keller to salute media that “affirm the highest values of the human spirit.” Their goal is to encourage men, women and children to pursue e [...]

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