Fly Away

World War Two A young waitress pledges her affection to a brave fighter pilot, only her soul has been bound to his partner.Tears fall.Promises are broken.Despair is inconsolable.Souls are shattered.Present Day Laney Stillwater flies away with the boy in her dreams, only to begin dreaming of another.Time tempts change.An abandoned soul returns.Reality is faced.Souls are bouWorld War Two A young waitress pledges her affection to a brave fighter pilot, only her soul has been bound to his partner.Tears fall.Promises are broken.Despair is inconsolable.Souls are shattered.Present Day Laney Stillwater flies away with the boy in her dreams, only to begin dreaming of another.Time tempts change.An abandoned soul returns.Reality is faced.Souls are bound.What will destiny cost Loyalty or loss
Fly Away World War Two A young waitress pledges her affection to a brave fighter pilot only her soul has been bound to his partner Tears fall Promises are broken Despair is inconsolable Souls are shattered Pr

  • Title: Fly Away
  • Author: AmyMaurer Jones
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 367
  • Format: None
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    1. First off I have to say that Wildflower is a book that takes you by storm. It starts out in the 17th Century and then jumps to the present day. Amy Jones has done a great job with her descriptions of Plymouth, Mass and the Wampanoag tribe. The story starts out with Wildflower who is a shamans daughter and part of the tribe. She meets Joshua who is an English boy and falls in love with him. The only thing problem is is her father has promised her to a warrior of the tribe. As Wildflower and Joshu [...]

    2. I was extremely excited to read this book. The premise sounds so interesting, and that cover is absolutely gorgeous! Wildflower, a member of the Wamponoag Native American tribe in the 17th Century, falls in love with an Englishman, Joshua Bangs. Their families didn't trust each other, therefore, any relationship between Wildflower and Joshua is forbidden. To make matters even more complicated, Wildflower's father betroths her to a warrior named Paco. Wildflower has a special gift - when she pray [...]

    3. Wildflower is a beautifully woven story about love and reincarnation. I love the cover, fits the book perfect! In past time, Wildflower is a native american teenager. She is in love with an englishman named Joshua Bangs. However, her father has set her up to marry a warrior named Paco. This creates a love triangle that doesn't end well.In modern day Laney is a native american teenage girl who is dealing with everyday teenage drama. She has been dating Jordan but things have not been going so wel [...]

    4. Happily, this one was as good a read as I'd hoped it would be. Wonderfully intriguing premise with the soulmate reincarnation lending a paranormal aspect to a young star crossed romance. This story hits the ground running right for page one it kept my interest throughout and had no lagging at all. The love triangle was very well done in this story. I'm not again of love triangles, but when they're done right, as is the case in this story, I can certainly appreciate them. The story kept me guessi [...]

    5. I've never been a fan of History or Social Studies. If all of my history books had been written by this author I'm sure it would have been my favorite subject This story felt a lot like Pocahontas to me, but better. And one of the coolest things about this book is that the author included lyrics to songs before some of the chapters that seem to be inspired by the story. It's a great way to share the play list for the book. This story is about a Native American girl named Wildflower and her forbi [...]

    6. Wildflower is a very sweet high-school romance story with a historical fiction paranormal twist! I definitely enjoyed the romance. The main couple, Joshua and Laney, were very cute and it definitely brought me back to my high-school self with the i-love-you-after-a-week thing that goes on. Then there was Jordan that refuses to give up on Laney even though she loves Joshua and he wants to be her warriorwww! One thing that had me hooked was the reincarnation aspect. The character's experienced man [...]

    7. Wow Wildflower was unexpected!!! I saw that a lot of the authors I followed were on Twitter about it incessantly so I figured I see what all the hype was about!! I was pleasantly surprised! Wildflower is a cute love story about the reincarnation of a love triangle between Wildflower, present day Laney, Joshua Bangs and Paco, present day Jordan. Laney is next to be her reservations Shaman and has been dreaming about her past lives of forbidden love and tragedy and two men who have been fighting f [...]

    8. Amy Jones you make me Moan! Lol ew that's gross, but anyway WILDFLOWER was intense, intriguing, emotional and amazing! I absolutely loved it!The book starts off waaaaay back in the day! I'm not talking 1990 I'm talkin' 1700's! WILDFLOWER is the daughter of a powerful Shaman who falls in love with Joshua Bangs (I'd Bang him alright lol) an Englishman's son who comes to trade with the Indians. When their souls connect it causes problems for her tribe and his um clan? Group? something! Anyway then [...]

    9. Wildflower is beautifully written. I love how the syntax changes between time periods, and the problems translate beyond the past. I also really appreciate that the couples fell in love without knowledge of their past lives. They aren't together just because they were in past.Soulmates Laney and Joshua have been reincarnated and now have the chance to love one another again after their tragic parting in the past. The flashbacks/dreams of the past are full of emotion and give enough detail to exp [...]

    10. Wildflower is a unique & interesting story that manages to mix together modern highschool life, past lives, and Native American spirituality. The story focuses on ateenage girl, Laney, who discovers through dreams that in a past life she was denied a future with her soul mate. Her past, present, and future are intertwined when the new student at school is the reincarnation of her soul mate.I absolutely loved the way the author portrayed the characters as such typical teenagers. They are deal [...]

    11. It's a classic love triangle. I love Joshua but I have a feeling she's meant to be with Jordan. I love the back and forth from past to present. My only problem is finding the 2nd book when does it come out????

    12. The first line in the synopsis is “Love can be tragic,” and Amy Maurer Jones writes a beautiful story about love and reincarnation. This is the first book in the Wildflower series. The book is set in both the past and present and is mostly told through Laney Stillwater’s perspective. Laney is your typical high school student with very few friends. She is an outcast because of her ethnic background (Native American) and most of her classmates don’t understand her family’s beliefs. I can [...]

    13. Actual Rating: 3.5 starsI'm a sucker for reincarnation love stories. Lives upon lives of people finding each other and falling in love every time? It's sweet, and I can't help but love it. Wildflower was really no exception. The book wasn't perfect, but I definitely did enjoy it.We have Laney, a girl who used to be Wildflower in a past life. I kind of expected her to be somewhat wise, since she had lives before, but I think I liked how she was pretty normal. I found her annoying more than once, [...]

    14. Wildflower loved Joshua during a different time. A time when being Native American meant not mixing with the English. She was promised to marry Paco. The love triangle was formed, fate has signed on, and misrakes are repeated.This book was wonderfully interesting. I loved the tribal details. It was very age appropriate. It's not a book where the teenagers are screwing around. This is a safe read for teens, maybe even pre-teens.The dynamics of what present day Wildflower aka Laney is going throug [...]

    15. I just didn’t really like them. There was a love triangle in this novel, and that is one thing that I don’t like because when I read, I have my mind set on one person, and the other is just a bother. The main love interest was very likable, and I enjoyed reading his perspective.The plot was enjoyable, although it did give off a very middle school/ early high school feel to it. The content was not more or less appropriate for that age group, but the drama that occurred and how things happened [...]

    16. I was gifted this book by a dear friend. He sure knows his books that is for sure!This books is amazing. The first few pages of the introduction and I was teary eyed, covered in goosebumps and TOTALLY HOOKED! I read this whole book tonight.The world that Author Amy Maurer Jones has created is truly magical and amazing. When you take the horrors of high school, mixed with FINALLY talking to the boy of your dreams and mix it with a little Shaman magicyou get an AMAZING story! I am truly in love wi [...]

    17. More of this review can be found @ clockworkorigin/wildflowerWildflower is a truly different type of story that is both beautiful and emotional. Taking reincarnation and throwing in past loves, makes, in my opinion, the overdone love triangle okay.This book was a great and enjoyable read. I loved every page, held on to every word, and felt every emotion possible for the main character. When I first found this book, I was kind of iffy on it. The summary didn’t give me much to work off of, but i [...]

    18. Wildflower by Amy Maurer Jones is a great story. I love the flashes through time and the eternal connection between the three main characters. Also, kinda cool to have the lyrics from the playlist between the chapters. That really enhance that aspect of the story. Unfortunately, it could have used another once over from the editor. My edition was choppy and appeared to have full pages missing. I was still able to follow the story.

    19. I liked it a lot at the beginning but then it lost its shiny newness and I had a hard time getting through it. A great idea but it just wasn't quite developed enough. It felt choppy and several reactions by character.ters throughout just didn't make sense.

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