Wrong Ways Down

It s a thin line between right and wrong It s an even thinner one between wrong and dead Terrible has always been on the wrong side of the law, living up to the only name anyone ever gave him As the chief enforcer for Downside s most powerful criminal, it s his job to collect debts and protection money by any means necessary And he s very good at his job.But part of thaIt s a thin line between right and wrong It s an even thinner one between wrong and dead Terrible has always been on the wrong side of the law, living up to the only name anyone ever gave him As the chief enforcer for Downside s most powerful criminal, it s his job to collect debts and protection money by any means necessary And he s very good at his job.But part of that job is also to keep Bump s various employees safe So when a street dealer is found dead and a prostitute is brutally attacked, Terrible immediately starts using his fists to hunt down the ones responsible.He s determined to find and destroy them They re determined to use his desire for the woman he secretly loves to break him.
Wrong Ways Down It s a thin line between right and wrong It s an even thinner one between wrong and dead Terrible has always been on the wrong side of the law living up to the only name anyone ever gave him As the c

  • Title: Wrong Ways Down
  • Author: Stacia Kane
  • ISBN: 2940148408956
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Nook
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    1. I get all swoony and melt into a gooey puddle of lust when I read Terrible with his sexy Downside slang."But Chess laughed and looked at him like she weren’t so unhappy anymore. Made him feel like a hero, and he’d never been a hero. He was the villain. He was the dude who beat people for money and cause he liked it and killed em if he had to, and it ain’t bothered him a bit doing it. And that made him the bad guy. He could live with that. He were right up with that; just the way it was, th [...]

    2. Terrible is Bump's enforcer in Downside and has come across a murder of one of their dealers and an assault of one of their prostitutes. Determined to find the culprit(s), Terrible sets out on his ownwell, maybe with a little help from Chess. ♦ Just a little adviceI know this says Book #1.5 in the series and that is correct because of when the events take place, butd this is a big but, you might not appreciate Terrible to the fullest if you read this after the first book. I suggest waiting til [...]

    3. The tale told through Terrible's head turned out to be enjoyable. I wouldn't have thought otherwise, since Terrible is the best character in the Downside Ghost series. This extra dished out from the author is no mere short story - but instead this in-between book is over 200 pages, filled with Terrible trying to solve a mystery crime on his own while worshiping Chess in his head.I knew he loved her, but seeing her through his eyes even made me see her a little differently, and I'd been in her he [...]

    4. ALL THE STARS!Review closer to release day, but I will leave you with a quote "Thinkin people still be scared on me, I standing back here lookin all happy?" "Maybe you should take up knitting." She sipped her beer. "It's hard to be scared of somebody while they're knitting.""Aw, naw, don't tell nobody on that, aye? Got people sellin blankets I'm making in the Market."You are welcome. What can I say - I've not read anything new in the Downside world in a while, and it is just like riding a bike. [...]

    5. I started this novella expecting to fangirl the entire time. After all, it's Terrible's book, yo. And I did squee and swoon a lot, but my heart also felt like it was being ripped to shreds again. I cried, I ached, and I smiled.Similar to Chess and her Church cases, this book took us behind the scenes to one of Terrible's assignments. One of Bump’s dealers was brutally murdered and a prostitute was attacked, and it’s up to Terrible to find out who’s behind all these and deliver the proper p [...]

    6. Wrong Ways Down is the long awaited novella in the Downside Ghosts series that focuses on Terrible and is from his point of view. Fans of the series who adore Terrible, including this girl, have been desperately wanting to get inside that head of his and I can certainly say we were rewarded for our patience - or lack thereof - with Wrong Ways Down.First of all, this feels like a Downside book. The mood and themes of the story are the same as all the other books in the series, despite the fact th [...]

    7. 5 stars? Maybe 5 gazillion stars! Stacia Kane is a genius. That is all. *************************************Wow! If you've read the brilliant Stacia Kane's Downside Ghosts series, and you are fan of Terrible, you will only love him more after this "novella." And by "novella," I mean almost-full-length novel. Terrible has been one of my favorite male characters in urban fantasy for years, and this book only bolsters his credibility as a leading man. If you thought you understood Terrible, you wi [...]

    8. It’s safe to say that Wrong Ways Down is the best thing that happened to urban fantasy in a very long time. With this long-awaited, anxiously anticipated and rather longish novella told from Terrible’s POV, Stacia Kane gave her readers exactly what they desperately needed – a glimpse into the complicated psyche of a well-beloved character. If you know anything about Stacia’s books, you might have noticed that she doesn’t have almost-fans or lukewarm readers. People either hate or love [...]

    9. SpoilersPretty much loved it, I had one or two issues but nothing major. I do prefer Chess's POV overall, but Terrible's was still enjoyable to read.-I was a bit reluctant to start Wrong Ways Down because I'm not always impressed with novels/novellas written from the hero's perspective. Most of the time the heroes go from being mysterious and charismatic to dull and whiny. Thankfully, that wasn't the case with Terrible. He wasn't some stereotypical misunderstood boring douche, his POV was engagi [...]

    10. 4.4 starsThe inside of Terrible's mind is a sad and lonely place. His past broke my heart, but it also made him the outstanding character he is. The thoughts behind his work, his interactions with Bump, Amy, Chess and other street folks from his perspective was enlightening. His lack of self-esteem battles with his known physical abilities. It was beautifully painful.He fears, as tough as he is he fears what we all fear. Terrible is even more vulnerable than I knew.Chess, and her drug use. He do [...]

    11. The more I thought about this read, the more I knew I had to rewrite my first review.Take two:Terribly (pardon the pun) awesome! This is a short novella set in the Downside Ghosts world, featuring our anti-hero, Terrible. No last name (that I know of, yet), just Terrible. He's the 6'4 "ugly" enforcer for a local drug dealer. I'm reading this series in order, because I'm anal that way, and I'm really enjoying it. When we first met Terrible in book one, he seemed like this big bad dude you didn't [...]

    12. I was lucky to have read this in advance and let me tell you, if you adore Terrible, you will eat this one up! We gain a lot of insight on who Terrible is and how he really feels for Chess, which is so sweet, like uber-sweet like cotton candy.I bow down to Stacia's writing skills and this one is another great addition to the Downside Ghosts series. You'll be craving more Terrible POV's and short stories.A must read.

    13. As if I couldn't love Terrible more. This short that is not all that short, which was nice is set during a time when Terrible and Chess are still working out what their feelings are for each other. We get Wrong Ways Down in Terrible's point of view and it's very fun to be in his head. To see Chess through his eyes and how much love and respect he has for her. Yes this book is about Terrible solving the mystery of who is going around hurting Bumps prostitutes but that story came second fiddle for [...]

    14. Are you reading the Downside Ghosts series and can't decide if this short story (really a novella) is worth buying or not? IT IS. It's told from Terrible's point of view and it's important. There's so much you wonder about when you haven't read this story that gets answered.Like you don't want to know what Terrible thinks about? I promise that you do.

    15. Prostitutes are being brutalized, a dealer is found dead. Sex magic felt in each case. These are all problems for Terrible, Bump's chief enforcer to deal with. All while he's got nothing but Chess on the brain. Using his street smarts, and all the things Chess has taught him, he sets out to find the assholes and make them pay. All the while thinking about how much he loves Chess. This series keeps getting better and better!! I want them together now!! The suspense is killing me!!

    16. RATING: 4 stars.WARNING: some spoilers for the Downside Ghosts series.Terrible: giving depth to thugs everywhere. You'll never look at Thug A from Action Movie 12495 the same way again! And that's a damn feat in my book.Stacia Kane's characters are so human I actually want to meet them. They are so appealing I actually want to forgive Terrible for his crimes. Damn.Wrong Ways Down is a novella from Terrible's (the unlikely male protagonist/hero of the Downside Ghosts series) point of view. Terrib [...]

    17. FINALLY! The much awaited novella told through Terrible’s POV is here and it’s right up, aye!Fair warning the Downside slang is very heavy in Wrong Ways Down but it’s to be expected since it’s Terrible’s POV. It’s not a fast read. Even though I’ve listened and read all the books, I found myself having to re-read few times to get the meaning. But it was worth it. I can’t imagine how hard it was for Stacia Kane to write from Terrible’s POV with the very dense slang.Terrible is wo [...]

    18. Rating: 4.5 StarsOut of the novels I chose not to review, this is perhaps the least heavy. And yet, The Downside Ghosts Series makes my stomach flip every time. After five books, we're finally given a glimpse into Terrible's head - and what a heart-breaking, but wonderful experience it is! I wouldn't encourage new readers to this series to read this novel after Unholy Ghosts, only because its full impact is felt only after the latter installments have been read. It is incredible to see how fully [...]

    19. Posted at PaperbackWonderlandNow, this wasRight updig? ;)Terrible isg. He's probably the most considerate character that i've ever read about. And i guess, that's what makes him so great.even while he's beating the crap out of someoneReading this from his pov was intense and heartbreakinge way he sees himself, the way he sees Chess (sigh)well, good thing i already read all the previous books or i would be in serious anxiety modeAppreciated the fact that the author tried to give a little more bac [...]

    20. Absolutely loved this!! It was such a treat to get to experience things from Terrible's point of view. The way he lives and loves is simple, yet complicated, but oh so beautiful. I really hope this isn't the only story we get from is POV, because I already can not wait to experience it again.If for any reason you have found yourself on this page but have yet to read any of the Downside novels, Get Them Now!!! Do not wait, go straight to the library or more accurately your favorite book retailer [...]

    21. Oh how good it is to have new Downside material! I have really missed this world and I've fallen in love all over again and some with Terrible. There's so much more to him than meets the eye and I really enjoyed reading his POV. If you haven't tried the Downside Ghosts book yet WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?! They will make you smile, laugh, cry, get mad, etc, etc. This insight into Terrible's head was great! I loved hearing how he felt about Chess and his life. Terrible is such a complex character [...]

    22. Roses are red, Violets are blue, Terrible is amazingI am sure you all knew. So this was in Terrible's POV and I have grown to love the man even more. I can honestly say that Stacia Kane hit the mark with this book. Generally I Don't read series novellas as a rule but when Kim the Strange told me that I should read it as part of this series I really didn't hesitate. I am really glad I did. You find out some things about our man Terrible. He is fucked up in a different way. Where Chessie's vice is [...]

    23. Oh man. OH MAN. This book. This god damn book.Stacia Kane is a genius. There, I said it, it's been decided. I'm actually almost mad that I finished it, and so fast. But it was too good.Stacia has been slowly creeping her way onto my favourite authors list (and by slowly I mean the first book was pretty good and then over the last couple weeks I have compulsively devoured this entire series) and is firmly cemented there after this one.How can you take a character like Terrible and make him so.swo [...]

    24. It has been too long since I visited Stacia Kane's Downside world, but Wrong Ways Down was a great return. I loved being in Terrible's head and getting his perspective on all things Downside and, of course, on Chess.Wrong Ways Down is set between books one and two of the series so Chess and Terrible are not a couple yet. It was fun to see how eager they were to spend time with each other, while at the same time still being wary of crossing any boundaries. Terrible is investigating a murder which [...]

    25. Interesting take on the Downside. We get Terrible before he is mad at Chess. We get to see him figure out the happenings without Chess, yet Chess is always on his mind. Nice to see inside that mind.The story line is interesting yet I still don't like the Downside much. I'm going on to a end novella to see them together.

    26. Stacia treats her Downside fans to a (not so) short story, which takes place between Unholy Ghosts(#1) and Unholy Magic(#2). Better yet - It's written entirely from Terrible's POV! She definitely deserves some major badass author points for that because, while it's - at times - a struggle to read a book written only in Downspeech, I cannot imagine what it must take to write one. She's done an amazing job and takes the readers right where they want to go (aside from his bed, of course) inside Te [...]

    27.  Well, it's about half past 5 a.m. and I just finished reading this, that should tell you somethingLike all Downside Ghosts books - and do not be fooled by this being called a novella, it was practically the same length as a regular book (yay!) - this was incredibly addictive (ironic, really). We always get to see things from Chess' pov, and while we are perfectly able to infer what Terrible feels and thinks most of the time, it's a delightful treat to really get something from his pov, even i [...]

    28. This story from Terrible's point of view is such a treat for Downside fans. It was so great to see the world through this complex man's eyes, to find out much more about his background, about why he works for Bump, how he feels about Bump and about his job, about how he feels about himself, and most of all, of course, about how he feels about Chess. After reading this, Bump still seems like a total scumbag (as opposed to his rival Slobag) but he doesn't seem like such an asshole anymore. He actu [...]

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