Jed McKenna's Theory of Everything

Jed McKenna s Theory of Everything None

  • Title: Jed McKenna's Theory of Everything
  • Author: Jed McKenna
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 114
  • Format: None
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    1. After his trilogy, Jed has written a shorter and more insightful book about what he calls the Theory of Everything in which he tries to convey his enlightened perspective on life and tries to answer some of the most frequently asked questions by humans.One of the most important things that reader can understand after reading this book is that there seems to be a whole different paradigm out there, and people who seem to be inhabiting this paradigm. Jed is one of them, who tries to explain an awa [...]

    2. The title is taken from Stephen Hawking, famous physicist and perhaps womanizer, but this book is its opposite. The universe, that Dr. Hawking is modeling is declared a fake, a dream, Maya. Instead, consciousness is asserted as the only thing we can actually know exists. It is who we are (if there IS a "we"). I wish to defend Hawking for a moment. I'm with McKenna on c-rex but I'm with Hawking on model-dependent realism c-rex is a model as is anything you can express in words, and a fine one too [...]

    3. I have read all of his book but I think this is by far the best one. The enlightenment series is great the rest of his work is not so good. It almost feel like it is a different person writing those. I could be wrong but that's my take on it. The series alone is not enough and can be a dangerous books for unenlightened people. I can't stress is enough. DO NOT READ THIS BOOK IF YOU ARE'NT READT TO CHANGE YOUR WHOLE WORLDWIEV. Read this book if you are ready to change it. If you really want to fin [...]

    4. Great book for breaking down beliefs and getting to what's true. Has the potential to be world shattering. Proceed with caution. It is very much a red pill, blue pill proposition.

    5. Rather than a theory or explanation of anything, this book is more of a monologue or conversation about the idea that 'consciousness' is all. It's not a new idea, though this book probably expresses it in a modern and more casual way than traditional sources. I can't say there's anything here I particularly loved, though if you like Jed's style of writing, you'll probably like this one. It stands apart from the 'Trilogy', and can be read on its own. Nothing is really given here in terms of ways [...]

    6. As simple as it is difficult. McKenna says, "we just have to stop seeing mystery where there is none." There is only one thing you can know for sure and only one thing you need to know: "I AM." That's it. "It is directly knowable and self-verifiable without the need for any doctrine or dogma, intermediary or intercessor. You don't have to believe it, you just have to stop working so hard not to." Some see the need to argue whether or not McKenna is "Enlightened." This is as irrelevant as it is u [...]

    7. This is one of the best books I've ever read. Though it might not be spectacular to the real Truth seeker, this book contains - like te title suggests - everything there's to be known about Truth. Like all the other Jed McKenna material this one also felt like coming home. No Jed, No Marcel, No nothing and it all makes perfect sense. :)

    8. I really enjoy the mcKenna books. This latest book was a quick read, included some expected McKenna metaphysical humor, and a lot I could digest and relate to. These enlightenment books are unique in that they take on the cover of a novel rather than an enlightenment-self-help-book you might expect in the new age section of the book store (Kindle).

    9. Some entertainment value, but mostly redundant. If you have read the Trilogy and got to work already, there's nothing of use for you here. Better save your bucks for energy bars or a cigar. Horseman, pass by.

    10. Absolutely finger licking good. The most amazing part is you could read this book independent of the trilogy, although I would imagine you would end up reading the trilogy, nonetheless, this book can stand on its own.I have no words to describe it, except to say: Don't miss this one!

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