Trina Muller is passionate about healing animals But when her ambitions threaten to separate her from the Old Order Mennonite community, where will Trina s heart lead her
Blessings Trina Muller is passionate about healing animals But when her ambitions threaten to separate her from the Old Order Mennonite community where will Trina s heart lead her

  • Title: Blessings
  • Author: Kim Vogel Sawyer
  • ISBN: 9781597894067
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Trina Muller has a secret dream that not even her family knows about: becoming a veterinarian. When she shares her dream with her cousin, Beth, Trina is encouraged to follow her dream, even though it means going against the dictates of her Old Order Mennonite fellowship. But when Trina’s parents find out about their daughter’s disobedience, her dream begins to shatter around her.Graham Ortmann has been in love with Trina for awhile now. He thinks it’s about time for Trina to give up her fo [...]

    2. This is the 3rd in the Sommerfield Trilogy, with a story about a Mennonite woman who wants to attend college to become a veterinarian and care for God's little creatures. This goes against her community's beliefs about the role a woman has in life, but with faith and determination, she prevails in her dream. The ending will make your heart smile.

    3. Wonderful readI've enjoyed all three books in the Summerfield series. I'm hoping for a fourth so we can see what happens to Trina and Graham

    4. This is the final book of the Sommerfeld Trilogy. Trina Muller, who was a secondary character in the first two books, has her own story featured in this one.Trina is working in her mother's cafe, but she has a gift for working with and healing animals, and her dream is to become a veterinarian and take over Dr. Groening's practice when he retires. However, being Old Order Mennonite, neither her parents or the church would approve of the college education that she would need.Graham Ortmann loves [...]

    5. How I wish How I wish that this book was NOT "The End" of this series! I fell in love with these characters, I'm sure you will too. It was fun seeing them interact with each other even when it wasn't "their" story and it brought a real depth to the characters Each story focused on an "outsider" whether he or she were not Mennonite or, perhaps they were, but they but didn't quite "fit" the traditional role of what they were "supposed" to want for their life and future. It was a joy to get away f [...]

    6. A story about doing what God has meant for you to do, improbable as that may be. Young Trina is a Mennonite girl who wants to go to college to be veterinarian. Not likely for someone who quit school in the 9th grade! Going to college is just not something mennonites do, much less Mennonite women! We get to follow her through her struggles, both about her chosen work as well as her future in love. I was surprised to find the book set near my mothers home town of McPherson Kansas! All togeather an [...]

    7. The bestThis trilogy has been one of the best I have ever read. Every time in this last book that I settled down and thought I have it all thought out and knew what was coming I was completely dumbfounded and I was on the edge of my seat to get another jolt. You will really enjoy this highly recommended trilogy.

    8. The best of the three, due to the foundation already laid by the first two. Trina has been in all three stories, but this one is told from her point of view. Choices about what to do with her life, including what God wants, is a high priority.

    9. Entertaining, light read, but with some good thoughts on how we as Christians can live out our faith on a daily basis. There is also an element of the need sometimes for disobedience to tradition when following the call of God. Thought-provoking and enjoyable.

    10. A sweet, easy read, good for the soul. I found the characters to be way too "good" but it was a nice change from the more cynical stuff I usually read.

    11. This was just too modern for me. I don't like these new 'historical' things and little things aren't even historically correct :[

    12. it's a novel about tragedies, and sorrow, BUT also about patience, and hope and faith, and VERY uplifting book!!!was almost sorry it was the end of the series

    13. This was the last book in the series and was about a girl who wanted to become a veternarian but that was forbidden by her religion. A very good read, makes us all relize the blessings in our lives.

    14. Excellent SeriesThis is an excellent series, like all her books. I highly recommend this set to all readers. The love and compassion is what we all need feel toward one another.

    15. Excellent ending to this trilogy. Happy that everything was working out for Trina and Graham. Wouldn't mind if Kim Vogel Sawyer would write more about these characters.

    16. Mennonite young woman who feels God has called her to be a veterinarian, higher education is forbidden in their faith and she has no support for her dream.

    17. My interest in this series stems from living near the Mennonite and Amish communities for several years. Interesting info. on their culture but dull story line.

    18. THis was a good little book. It had interesting insight into the ways of the Old Order Mennonites. I definitely enjoyed it and it was an easy and light read.

    19. Could not in good conscience recommend this book unless it were someone who could explain the predictable, selfish characters portrayed in the setting of this sect.Quite strang.

    20. This series ended well. There were a few unexpected twists in this one that showed the characters' faith and perseverance.

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