A Shot of Red

During the launch of Moncure Therapuetics new flu vaccine, Mia Moncure is rocked by news that the public relations director at her family s company has been found dead in Switzerland A cryptic video warns her that something is amiss with the vaccine, and convinces Mia that his death wasn t accidental.Determined to expose the killer, Mia heads to Lucerne, where her own liDuring the launch of Moncure Therapuetics new flu vaccine, Mia Moncure is rocked by news that the public relations director at her family s company has been found dead in Switzerland A cryptic video warns her that something is amiss with the vaccine, and convinces Mia that his death wasn t accidental.Determined to expose the killer, Mia heads to Lucerne, where her own life is threatened Desperate for backup, she turns to Gio Lorenzo, communications director for a high ranking senator, even though she s still reeling from their one night stand months before Mia and Gio race to uncover a deadly scheme that threatens to ruin her family s company But time is running out Millions of people are being vaccinated, and any of them could be the next to die.
A Shot of Red During the launch of Moncure Therapuetics new flu vaccine Mia Moncure is rocked by news that the public relations director at her family s company has been found dead in Switzerland A cryptic video w

  • Title: A Shot of Red
  • Author: Tracy March
  • ISBN: 9781622661251
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. If you love action and thrills this is definitely a book you'll enjoy, reading it reminded me of old Alfred Hitchcock edge of your seat, gripping, nail biting, who done it adventures. A great read in my opinion.The heroine will eventually inherit a large pharmaceutical company, unfortunately due to politics and greed a flu vaccination isn't what it seems. You'll never guess who done it! Kept me guessing right up to the end.

    2. Wow this book had it all from passion, suspense, murder. It was so hard to put this one down. I stayed up a few nights because I just had to see what was going to happen next. Some twists I didn't see coming in this one. One highlight for me was the the epilogue it was so perfect and it closed the book on the perfect note. I highly recommend this one.

    3. Review originally posted at Ramblings from this Chick I’d previously read and thoroughly enjoyed Tracy March’s super-sweet contemporaries but had yet to try her romantic thrillers with a scientific bend, which seems blasphemous since I have an advanced degree in science, live in a big biotechnology hub, and have friends who work in the pharmaceutical industry! So I decided to remedy that with her upcoming single-title release, A SHOT OF RED. Reunited one-night-stand lovers, a budding flu epi [...]

    4. A Shot of Red is a thrilling romantic suspense that pulls you into a complicated story with edge-of-your-seat danger, irresistible passion and leaves you with so much hope.A Shot of Red is a story about so many things – love, death, betrayal, deceit, and hope. There are several story lines that are going on and Tracy does a fantastic job of weaving them all together to make for a very intriguing read.In short, the heroine Mia, learns that several vaccines her company Moncure Therapeutics formu [...]

    5. This was the first time for me reading anything by this author which is why I really looked forward to seeing what tasty tidbits where inside waiting to be discovered. Since I so like to mix it up in my reading was ready for some adventure and mystery so was ready for this one. Since this novel centered around a murder it was sure to be something I could sink my teeth into. Murder to be solved-check, heroine who is a someone who could get the job done-check,coupled with a hunk of a hero who coul [...]

    6. Love, romance, mystery, suspense, thrillsLove, romance, mystery, suspense, thrillsI loved this story. it's the first Tracy March book I've read and I couldn't put it down. it had me right from the start all the way to the end. full of romance, intrigue, suspense, and thrills. my kind of book. Mia and Gio were perfect! I highly recommend it.

    7. This book is a great read. Mia and Gio story is a mystery, some detective work, adventure, and finding love.

    8. 4 starsA Shot of Red is a mix of suspense, thrill, romance, with a hint of Dan Brown's conspiracy and politic plot. This book remind me at the time when I read old Linda Howard's romantic suspense and Sandra Brown. This book basically about Mia Moncure, the heiress of Moncure Therapeutic and her journey to investigate her ex-boyfriend's death. She believe that her ex death somehow connected with her family business, a business that produce vaccine that believed to cure the flu epidemic in USA. S [...]

    9. I got a copy in exchange for an honest reviewI was in the mood for a suspense book and am trying to read more books in this genres. A Shot of Red is an interesting story and I really liked the political aspects and the vaccine plot. Pretty soon it's obvious something is going on with the vaccine and I couldn't wait to find out more alongside main character Mia. The political aspects surrounding the pharmaceutical company Moncure where done really well and I liked how some characters seemed to fo [...]

    10. A Shot of Red by Tracy March is a thriller, mystery, romance, adventure type story and that’s just the beginning. It’s a full out novel of the finest quality. I will be wanting to read much more of Tracy March’s work.To really set this up properly I’d practically have to write a small novel…so here’s a quick set up, but all those wonderful details that really make the story, you must discover for yourselves.This story features huge corporations, corrupt governments, greed, family dyn [...]

    11. I was given an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Tracy March has really written a great book with this one. Her characters are well developed, the scenes are detailed and richly written.I enjoyed the twists and turns this one took. Action packed and it was a believable crime. She keeps you guessing with this one, who will die next?Brent, Mia's ex-boyfriend has died in an accident or so that's what everyone thinks, but Brent was looking into something which is why he was in S [...]

    12. Mia is a strong willed, powerful woman who has chosen to take after her grandmother, the leader of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the United States if not the world. She is not normally one to let emotions dictate anything; however the majority of this book from her running to Haiti to possibly searching for a killer is based on her feelings that not all is right and to better serve her grandmother along with herself she must find the cause of those feelings. Tracy March did a ve [...]

    13. The main character Mia is a very determined young woman set to possibly take over a multi million dollar pharmaceutical company. Her brother is also in line with her. She returns from a humanitarian trip to Haiti (which she also uses as an escape hatch) she finds out her former fiance has died, there is possibly something wrong with the flu vaccination just released, a possible flu epidemic, foul play and decides to tackle it all. This is where the sexy Gio helps her. I really liked this book. T [...]

    14. First thoughts after…I'm going to have such a book hangover!How distracted did I get?A Shot of Red is an action packed romantic suspense. The story had a perfect mix of romance and suspense. I enjoyed Mia's character so much and watching her learn from her mistakes in the past. My favorite parts are with Pearl in Haiti and Mia making sure the orphan children got flu vaccines. Gio, he just steals your heart. A gentleman, hottie mctottie and hero you can't go wrong reading about this leading man [...]

    15. We start and end in the earthquake ravaged Haiti where Mia Moncure goes to provide humanitarian aid administering vaccines that are provided from her family run company of Moncure Therapeutics. Now its what happens in between that is a big ole mess. Mia’s grandmother who runs Moncure Therapeutics request her to return home from Haiti. Mia was reluctant to go for more personal reasons but once she gets back she gets deeply embroiled in a vaccine Flu situation that seems to have already caused t [...]

    16. WOW!!! A Shot of read was a fantastic, romantic and suspenseful read. This was the first of Tracy March's book that I have read. I will defiantly be one clicking a lot more. This book takes you around the world and back again visiting the US, Haiti and Switzerland. The details of the scenery was fabulous. I loved Mia as the main character and felt for her so badly losing love, gaining love, losing family and gaining family. I fell in love with Pearl in the beginning and so hoped that there would [...]

    17. I picked this up after meeting the author and was finally able to read it. I loved it. I was pulled in right away. Mia is in Haiti giving out flu vaccines when she is called back to the U.S. because her family owns the company that handles the vaccines and they are having issues. There is the medical angle and politics, secrets and betrayal. And then there is Gio, the one-night stand that she ran away from but can't stop thinking about. A perfect blend of romance and suspense. I couldn't put it [...]

    18. This is the first book I have read by Tracy March, but I will be looking for more! A Shot of Red is an outstanding, fast-paced, romantic thriller! An absolute winner! Ms. March's talents shows from the first page as the story grabbed me an wouldn't let me stop. Lately I haven't been able to read even the best books straight through but I started this one at 10 at night and read to the last page. The sex is steamy but appropriate to the characters and is part of the flow of the story. The plot is [...]

    19. Oh WOW! What a book. This was that recipe of ingenious storytelling, unique plot, incredible wring and that something extra that gets your blood pumping the moment you see a book cover, then your heart beats faster after reading the blurb and you just KNOW you'll love it. This book for me was just that, plus it fell into the rare category where your left speechless and breathless at the end of the book. It just exceeds your expectation.My nomination for book of the year.(update to this review wi [...]

    20. Holy Smoke!! This was one amazingly intriguing story. There is suspense, tragedy, powerful people and an underlying love story. Great attention to detail and character development move this story along nicely as it keeps you guessing at every turn. This compelling story is full of mystery from start to finish and also has its share of sexual chemistry. This was a fantastic read and I will definitely read more from this author.Gifted copy for review

    21. Thoroughly enjoyed the non-stop action and sizzling heat delivered by Ms. March! Combining the dangerous world of DC politics along with a family-owned pharmaceutical and toss in a nationwide flu epidemic and you have yourself a can't-put-down-this-book story that will leave you guessing until the end (and even then I was shocked! LOL)I definitely recommend this action packed and HOT romance (Gio and Mia heat those pages up!!) from Tracy March.

    22. This was the first Tracy March book I read. It got my right from the start till the end. The story was full of suspense, intrigue, twists and romance. I loved Mia.

    23. For more reviews, visit my blog Obsessive Compulsive ReaderActual Ratings: 3.5/5A Shot of Red is a romantic suspense by Tracy March that delves into a complicated plot with murder, millions of lives potentially at stake and amongst all the drama and intrigue, a love story filled with passion. Mia Moncure, while in Haiti both for humanitarian work as well as escaping the personal dramas she left behind in the States, is suddenly called back by her grandmother - head of the Moncure Therapeutics - [...]

    24. Originally Reviewed on Bewitching BibliophileOriginal Review Contains a lot of pictures, swing on over to enjoy the full experience.Welcome Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts because today, instead of a "boring" review, we are going a global tour. Let's start in the disaster torn areas of Haiti, where we have been giving aide to the people in need for the last few months along with our tour guide Mia. For those who don't know they were hit by an earthquake in 2010 then a devasta [...]

    25. I usually stay away from romantic suspense because ex-Navy SEALs and Middle Eastern war zones are too intense for me. This book contains neither; it’s just a girl (heir to a pharmaceutical company, do-gooder) and a guy (communications director, motorcycle rider) trying to solve a mystery surrounding flu vaccines while in Switzerland.Mia broke up with her boyfriend when he proposed to her, and shortly thereafter had a one-night-stand with Gio, a hot muscled guy who happens to work for her mothe [...]

    26. This was an enjoyable, suspenseful and action-packed read--with a touch of romance and a HUGE plot twist toward the end that I absolutely did not see coming! (Seriously--Mini Moe #1 heard my gasp through his headphones and everything--he was very concerned about his mother's well being. Or maybe it was the state of her mental health that worried him. I'm going with option #1, though. It makes me happier.)Picturing Gio looking like this makes me happy too--he was Tracy's inspiration for the part. [...]

    27. I was pleased to get a copy of this book in exchange for offering my honest opinions.I love mysteries. I have not ready many action, suspense romances, but this book seemed to have a little of everything.Family drama, corrupt politicians, greedy siblings, secrets from everyone!There were a few places in the book where I thought the author over explained, repeated things she had told us more than once before.I have to agree with some other reviewers that did not care for the ending.The added info [...]

    28. A Shot Of Red grabs hold of you and doesn't let go! Tracy March has written a Thriller/Suspence with a HOT Romance thrown in. Mia, a woman in line to take over a multi-million dollar company, determined to right some wrongs Gio, hot,sexy involved in Washington politics. One of the Good Guys!! The chemistry between these 2 undeniable! Working together to find the cause of tainted flu vaccine, I found myself holding tight to my kindle, reading page after page not wanting to put it down! An added p [...]

    29. A Shot of Red by Tracy MarchA race against time as a flu epidemic speeds across the U. S. An action packed thriller that kept me involved until the end. A romance where each feels deeply but because of the past is afraid to move too quickly.The last chapter before the epilogue was strange and frankly unnecessary. It was a grand adventure until then and had resolved well. The last chapter should be written off as just a weird forgettable twist that wasn't needed.

    30. Wow! This story was fantastic it had something for everyone, great suspense a passionate romance and a mystery with an outcome that was not expected! I especially loved the setting of Lucerne in Switzerland, it is a beautiful place and i loved the contrast between the beauty of the setting and the horrible things that were taking place! I would highly recommend everyone go out and read this book Asap.

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