The Mingled Destinies of Crocodiles and Men

Minerva True is a River Dweller and mystic who lives deep in the forested hills of a river valley on the fringes of the world She is the only person who sees the ancient danger that resides on a nearby chapel grounds Most pay little heed to her warnings, and in the end only a small band of friends stand beside her A tale of love and duty ensues, challenging the destinieMinerva True is a River Dweller and mystic who lives deep in the forested hills of a river valley on the fringes of the world She is the only person who sees the ancient danger that resides on a nearby chapel grounds Most pay little heed to her warnings, and in the end only a small band of friends stand beside her A tale of love and duty ensues, challenging the destinies of Minerva, the young hero Leith, his lover Aubrey, and the mute boy, Deverell Leith s half crazed mother Calpurnia has her own aspirations, however, that prove detrimental not only to Minerva, but to everyone she comes in contact with.
The Mingled Destinies of Crocodiles and Men Minerva True is a River Dweller and mystic who lives deep in the forested hills of a river valley on the fringes of the world She is the only person who sees the ancient danger that resides on a nearb

  • Title: The Mingled Destinies of Crocodiles and Men
  • Author: Eric Arvin
  • ISBN: 9781925031065
  • Page: 153
  • Format: ebook
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    1. I've lusted after this book for a long time. I mean that cover! That title! Oh god, that title is so esoteric and cool. I just wanted this book so badly. I wanted to caress it and squeeze it. Oh and read it, that too But in my haste to get this pretty little book, I neglected to read the blurb and the comments about this one from my friends. I had a vague sense that it would be fantasy but I thought it would be more paranormal for some reason. It is not. This book is fantasy-horror and is more g [...]

    2. I'm not really sure how to say what I want to say about this book! From the first page I was drawn into this amazing world that was somehow both simple and incredibly intricate at the same time. It's hard to describe what this story is about - it's about family and love and faith and so much more. On the one hand, it's about horror and evil but on the other it's also about everything that's good in the world. I could ramble on for ages trying to arrange my thoughts but I won't. I'll simply say t [...]

    3. Full review at madisonparklove. We get the sense right away that the Valley is a special place, a mystical place. The people (and critters) who live there aren’t like the “real-worlders” who live above the valley. But their way of life, their very existence, is in grave danger. As the story unfolds, we weep as the once pristine Valley slowly succumbs to an evil that threatens to destroy it forever, and cheer for those who champion the fight against evil. But evil comes in many forms, and E [...]

    4. A beautifully written, unique story by one of my favorite authors. An outstanding read that quickly jumped on my all-time favorites list. If I could rate this book higher than 5 stars I would. Full review can be found at On Top Down Under Book Reviews. This book was provided by Wilde City Press in exchange for a fair and honest review. My #1 Favorite Book of 2013 , tied with Azrael and the Light Bringer. My #1 Favorite Book Cover of 2013 , tied with Azrael and the Light Bringer.

    5. Okay, where do I start?I adored this book. Eric Arvin has the most beautiful way with words, he describes images and places so beautifully you can virtually smell the earth and hear the insects chirruping. It is almost a surprise when you stop reading and realise you're in your bedroom/lounge/kitchen and not the lyrical, mystical valley of the story. This is truly a gift. The characters in the novel are exciting and complex. Minerva True and the spirit of Mother True, guard the valley from the e [...]

    6. A magical fantasy world with beauty and danger around every corner. This is the world that Eric Arvin has created in the fabulously titled 'The Mingled Destinies of Crocodiles and Men', which could be a name for a Hemingway novel, as the writing is stunningly poetic and descriptive in the manner of the great masters. I had no idea what to expect from the author as this is the first work of his that I have read. I can guarantee it will not be the last. This is a story of reality, fantasy, religio [...]

    7. I've very recently discovered this magical world that Eric Arvin created for us. A beautiful place to get lost. A place to call home. The way he phrases things makes a desire to memorize every word on every page. It's always a delight to pick up some Eric Arvin story. And the destiny knows its work.In connection with 4th anniversary celebration of On Top Down Under Book Reviews, I've been honored to win the contest. These 6 of Eric Arvin's e-books are a gift of love. Thank you very much to the d [...]

    8. If you’re looking for a simple m/m romance, forget it. This is not that story. This isn’t simple, or usual. It can’t even be described as an unusual story. It’s more of an epic adventure, a classic tale, and a work of art. It’s a shining example of word-crafting at its best, and it’s just too huge to begin to describe in detail. There are some things that I can say about the story, but I refuse to try to describe what actually happens. It’s almost too much to wrap my brain around a [...]

    9. Novelist Eric Arvin’s latest literary offering is nothing short of a masterpiece.In a story that weaves together the worlds of fantasy, paranormal activity, and romance, the result is not only a highly entertaining read but also a tale that will resonate with the reader.The Mingled Destinies of Crocodiles and Men is set in a time where mystics such as Minerva True occupy an exalted place in society. It is Minerva, who is a “river dweller,” that recognizes the danger situated in ancient lor [...]

    10. This is one of those books that after reading, you just aren't sure what to say or how to describe. It was really dark, and (view spoiler)[ at the end, I kept thinking how much easier it would have been to do all of that if they hadn't waited until the preacher got as strong as he did. It didn't seem like those specific people were needed. (hide spoiler)] Anyway, the world was super interesting. Never let it be said that Eric Arvin can't weave an amazing tale.

    11. Mingled Destinies of Crocodiles and Men……. Where to start? I don’t really have a great place to begin actually. The novel kind of defies explanation. The entire thing is like reading myth, poetry, allegory, and classical literature all rolled in to one beautiful, extravagant, work of writing. This book is timeless. And rather perfect.

    12. Hypnotic, sweeping, spellbinding and epic! Mingled Destinies is one of those rare stories that don't immediately release you upon conclusion. Stellar job Mr. Arvin!

    13. Since I really don't have the words to do this book justice, I'll just copy my thoughts here from my two updates as I was reading it:50.0% "Such beautiful writing."79.0% "I love the lyrical storytelling style of this book. It's a fairy tale in the truest sense, reminiscent of the original fairy tales before Disney got their hands on them."<3

    14. The title and cover pulled me right in. I liked the book. I'm not a big fan of horror elements but this one I enjoyed.

    15. What first attracted me to this book was the title: The Mingled Destinies of Crocodiles and Men. It is quite a mouthful but I have to say, this is probably one of the best titles I have come across in a while. The rest of the book does not disappoint either. Author Eric Arvin has created a wonderful book of, in its simplest form, good versus evil, but in fact is so much more. There is a plethora of characters each one interesting and fascinating. This is definitely not your typical M/M romance. [...]

    16. Reviewed by: DianeGenre: M/M Fantasy Rated: 5 hearts Check out the review at: Hearts On Fire Reviews

    17. Magically beautiful. Eric has a way with words makes prose sound like poems and all of a sudden I remember iambic pentameter, and you KNOW it's a book made for the classics. A definite must read.

    18. This book is amazing and different and odd and absolutely beautiful. It is a fairytale that harkens back to the original fairytales before they were cleaned up and packaged by Disney to be palatable to the largest audiences. It is about good versus evil, the purity of love and its ability to overcome tragedy, and the importance of keeping your heart and mind open to all possibilities. And as many have said, the cover is beautiful and represents the book perfectly.I was immediately drawn into the [...]

    19. Rating 5 out of 5 starsFrom my review: "This story has a language so lyrical that it will remind you of sonnets and characters so beautifully defined and textured that their loss will haunt you for days. Arvin's story feels so old and timeless that the aroma of old leather bindings and yellowed pages of text will commingle in your mind along with the title, an effortless interface of ideas both old, fantastical and still somehow quite new. An ebook of emotional heft and extraordinary value."For [...]

    20. I don't even know what to say about this book. It's beautiful and I wish I could visit the beautiful, magical valley that Eric always comes back to and whose Passions and River Sprites tell him these stories so that he can pass them on to us. But until I get there, his books are the next best thing.

    21. Wow, now that I'm finished I feel kind of lost. I have a feeling that whatever I read next is just going to seemhh.

    22. A beautiful, modern fairy tale, the Mingled Destinies paints an immersive tale of love and loss. The characters are so rounded and fully-fleshed, with the only exception being the main antagonist. This doesn't take away from Arvin's storytelling, though, and adds to the Appalachian Gothic elements that color the story in forbidden loves, madness, familial legacies, and spirits.The only thing stopping me from rating this higher is that (view spoiler)[there is a melancholy that lingers over everyt [...]

    23. What an amazing book! I absolutely loved how visceral this was and was fortunate to be able to write a full review for Hearts on Fire Book Reviews website. I have never written as many notes for a review as I did for this book, but it is an amazing journey - if you have ever seen a movie where you get pulled into the world of a book, that is what this book does.If you love fantasy and adventure with many layers of colour and texture to the writing, you will enjoy this book - and I highly recomme [...]

    24.  I want to say something smart about this book something that would give it justice.  It will take some time, though.  I have to find the words and put them together into a coherent thought. It's unlike my usual reads maybe only can be compared to Doctrine of the Labyrinths series by Sarah Monette or The Seventh Towers series by Garth Nix. 

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