Hearts Aflame Collection I

From the bottom of my heart and for the love of books, I m offering this amazing bundle of books as a thank you for your support Hunter s HeartIn a world of vampire clans and expected alliances, Garrett is a loner He hurts no one He helps no one But his very refusal to join a clan puts him in danger from the often vicious blood families When a nearby clan sends a hunFrom the bottom of my heart and for the love of books, I m offering this amazing bundle of books as a thank you for your support Hunter s HeartIn a world of vampire clans and expected alliances, Garrett is a loner He hurts no one He helps no one But his very refusal to join a clan puts him in danger from the often vicious blood families When a nearby clan sends a hunting party to convert or kill him, he encounters the deadly and beautiful Tahlia The sparks immediately fly between the two vampires, leading to a final confrontation that could put them both at risk Falling for an Angel Angel at Large, Book 1 Adrian is a messenger angel He loves nothing better than zipping through the realms, dodging the enemies who try to keep him from doing his duty He is fast and swift and as dedicated as they come But he s a fun loving individual Even though he likes being an angel, he is lonely and can t help wondering what it would be like to have someone that belongs to him, and that he belongs to So when his best friend, the guardian angel Cassel falls in love with his mortal and he finds out that the only hope is for him to also find love, he embraces the challenge in his usual fun loving way How hard can it be to find a mortal who will love him He s good looking, smart and can show her a good time Unfortunately, he meets and is instantly attracted to Melissa, the only mortal woman in the world who is not impressed either by his good looks, his wit or his charm To win her heart, he will have to reach deep into himself to discover what she really wants Christmas Choices When Naughty Becomes so Nice, Book 1 When Andie Nichols breaks up with her controlling boyfriend Evan Harrington just before the big Christmas party, she dreads going and having to see him there Still, she doesn t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing that she didn t go just to avoid him, so she takes up residence at the free bar, just hoping to avoid him That s when she meets Ryan Miller and kisses him to show off to Evan Ryan is shocked, but likes it They leave the party together, and Ryan reveals a shocking secret of his own He likes a woman who isn t afraid to demand what she wants and offers to be her sex slave The choice is all hers, but if she is willing to be a little naughty, he promises to make her feel oh so very nice It s Not Enough The Clover Leaf Caf , Book 1 Jeff Masterson is a cynical businessman He has no time for love and no time for women except in the bedroom Lisa Smith is vulnerable when her long term boyfriend dumps her for a man She felt an instant attraction to Jeff but working in The Clover Leaf Caf , she had heard of his reputation as a one night stand man and agrees to go off with Jeff but it will only be one night What she does not count on though is the flood of feelings that night releases in her She can t seem to get Jeff out of her mind She knows she is just another one night stand but the way Jeff keeps coming at her, she is beginning to think he might see her as But she s not sure she is ready to trust again so soon.
Hearts Aflame Collection I From the bottom of my heart and for the love of books I m offering this amazing bundle of books as a thank you for your support Hunter s HeartIn a world of vampire clans and expected alliances Garre

  • Title: Hearts Aflame Collection I
  • Author: Melissa F. Hart
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 1 thought on “Hearts Aflame Collection I”

    1. This was an ok freebie. The story lines were good. These were shorter books so there was a simplicity to them and there wasn't as much depth to the characters. I wasn't really drawn in but they weren't bad and they had some of a fun element to them. A couple seemed a little hurried to get all the facts or scenes in but pretty good. Overall a good read for pretty much anytime or just something to pass time or to read.

    2. Overall there were a lot of grammatical errors throughout all 4 stories. I get this was a free bundle pack but still. These stories made me think like the author typed them up and sent them out to be published. No editor or reread of any kind. HUNTER'S HEART:Why did the female vampire (I forgot her name) have the syringe? She kept telling them that he had to either die or join a clan, but then would go back to the fact that she was there to kill him. Considering this was a vampire story, I found [...]

    3. Hunters Heart: Garrett is at a cafe enjoying a cup of coffee when he hears a woman scream for help. He was hoping that one of the other patrons of the cafe would go out and help the woman, but no one does. So he leaves the cafe to go help this woman and it turns out to be a vampire hunter who hunts rogue vampires to kill them or force them into their clan. Garrett is a lone vampire since his sire was killed. Falling for an Angel an Angel at Large: Adrian is a messanger angel. He delivers message [...]

    4. This was a nice freebie to check out a few of the author's series. I liked all four stories, but Hunter's Heart and It's Not Enough were my favorites. I'll probably read the rest of each series eventually. I have to agree with the review that said It's Not Enough was the most poorly edited. but I've read worse - far worse.Part of me wants to put this author on my must read list but I hesitate because her writing is so inconsistent. I'm not sure if some stories were written earlier and just now p [...]

    5. I downloaded this book as it was free on , I find this is an excellent way of finding new authors to add to my list. There are four quick reads in this book, only one of them is open ended and you would have to purchase the next book in line to continue reading, if you so desired. You must remember that these are short stories, so no real depth or questions answered, but I have to say, that I enjoyed all of them, especially Hunter's Heart and Falling for an Angel. I will be investigating more wo [...]

    6. The writing is really good, but the stories themselves are pretty weak. Four stories in the collection, but not one of them was more than interesting. I understand that these are only short stories, but character development is important if the reader wants to stay invested in the story-- No real character development, but the plots were enough to keep me reading. It was a free collection, so I rated the book(s) as middle of the road-- not a total loss, and maybe an okay read for 30 min segments [...]

    7. This was a freebie, so I can't really complain. I enjoyed the first book, Hunter's Heart, the most, but I have a soft spot for paranormal romance. Falling For An Angel was all right, though too rushed for me, and the fact that the hero was an angel almost felt beside the point. Christmas Choices was hands down the hottest of this four-book bundle. It's Not Enough was the most poorly edited of the bunch and flat didn't do anything for me. So kind of a mixed bag. If this had been a two-book bundle [...]

    8. This is a set of four very, very short stories. There is no plot and they end just as they might get interesting. I read two and started the third one and gave up. They would be good for someone with a short attention span, but for the highly involved reader who enjoys a good plot and a story that sucks you in, they are a waste of time. Luckily, I did not spend any money on them as I got them when they were offered for free.

    9. I gave this a valiant effort. I pulled up my big girl panties and convinced myself I would finish, but this was painful. I only got about halfway through each story before I was in tearsd not the good kind either. I'm shocked these were ever published. LAME. Not only were the stories horrible (you can't expect much from short stories as it is) the plots, characters and settings were just ridiculously horrendeous. Gosh, my eyes are still burning from trying to read this crap.

    10. This book contained four sexy short stories, three of which are the first stories of other series. There were a number of typos but nothing that couldn't be read over.I'd like to see how a couple of the stories progress in their own series, but the cost for the other series is expensive for the length of the stories.The stories contained in this collection thought, were quick easy reads.

    11. This was a pretty good freebie. It's Not Enough and Hunter's Heart were my favorite. The second book, Falling for an Angel was good enough as well. I didn't care for Christmas choices though. I give it 3 stars because all books need some editing and also becausesometimes, I just hate those short reads because they turn out good and I want so much more from it!

    12. Just a tasteJust a smallness of books that leave you wanting more. The love between people with troubled pasts will have you aching for them and looking for the next edition of the book you've just finished.

    13. This collection of books was really interesting and had a lot of confrontation in the book. It had so much tense parts it was awesome and I loved every story in the collection of books!:) I thought that the books would be a little to much for me but they were great and very eventful!:)

    14. Hearts Aflame is a collection of stories by Melissa F. Hart.ady for fantasizing as the heroes and heroines enjoy their hot loved interesting tales of adventure and love.Worth spending the hours of reading which for me, as a pensioner, are manyThanks, Melissa

    15. Pretty goodI liked some of the stories and not so much the others. The last story has a lot of typos and just weird sentences, that don't make sense.

    16. Quick readI enjoyed the books. It's was a really quick read so if you have 15 - 20 minutes this collection is great.

    17. This collection of stories get right to the heart of the matter. I can honestly say that I'm left wanting more of each of these stories. I think I'll be seeking out these stories soon.

    18. Poorly written and edited novella first chapter series. Not a one of them I would want to read parts 2 and 3. Not worth the free price :( This is going in my "never read again" folder.

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