One Two Three Four I Declare WarSerah always believed the world around her was perfect As a Power, one of the warrior angels, she has spent her existence defending the innocent from evil After tragedy strikes, tearing Serah s brother from her life, she s given the task of stopping the approaching apocalypse before it s too late.Only one thing, though she has to ventuOne Two Three Four I Declare WarSerah always believed the world around her was perfect As a Power, one of the warrior angels, she has spent her existence defending the innocent from evil After tragedy strikes, tearing Serah s brother from her life, she s given the task of stopping the approaching apocalypse before it s too late.Only one thing, though she has to venture to Hell to do it.Lucifer or Luce, as he prefers to be called has been biding his time in Hell, longing for revenge against those who oh so easily cast him into the pit When the heavenly beauty shows up at his gate, he s just as captivated by her presence as she becomes of him The attraction between them is palpable, and Serah s willpower slowly slips How can this charming creature, this scarred Archangel, be the one annihilating the world she so loves As the war wages on, the world entwined in chaos, Serah starts questioning everything she ever knew When the light and dark, hot and cold, finally collide, she has to make a choice a choice that sets her world on fire, black and white exploding into colorful flames.Serah has questions She wants answers.Luce just wants to play a game.
Extinguish One Two Three Four I Declare WarSerah always believed the world around her was perfect As a Power one of the warrior angels she has spent her existence defending the innocent from evil After tragedy

  • Title: Extinguish
  • Author: J.M. Darhower
  • ISBN: 9781484162224
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. 4.5 stars!!You know that feeling where you’re reading a book and it just sucks you right in from the start, into the world the author created, and though you tell yourself to slow down, you just can’t stop yourself from flipping the pages fast to see what happens…but at the same time you went to slowly savor it all? Yeah…that’s how I felt while reading this gripping forbidden romance that I just could NOT put down. It’s such a wonderful thing to know that with all the books I have re [...]

    2. 4 Stars!!“There’s a gray area, one we all step into. And that’s okay, I think. We’re not immune to emotions.”There’s no secret that J.M. Darhower is one of my favorite authors. After all, she wrote one of my favorite books of all time. I love her writing style and I love the words she chooses to get me invested in her stories. However I have to admit I was reluctant to read this book simply because PNR is not one of my favorite genres. So to say that I’m surprised that I enjoyed th [...]

    3. Luce Luce Luceyou beautiful devil you!I loved everything about Extinguish. I have read other books about Lucifer, angels and demons but this is possibly one of my top favorites. I know that Lucifer is Satan but I always seem to find myself feeling sorry for him. He's falling, yes but I always wonder what he really did to deserve to be cast into Hell. Serah is an angel of Power. She protects innocent people from the evil of the world. She is sent to the gates of hell to try and negotiate with Luc [...]

    4. 4.5 Angel/Devil Stars” Everything I've felt, everything I've been through, doesn't compare to what she gave me." "What's that?" "Love."”Serah is an angel who is in love with the Arch Angel Michael and has been given a job of establishing a truce with Lucifer. Lucifer is Michael’s brother who has fallen and we all know as the Devil and/or Satan. Serah is a beautiful good angel with kindness and compassion. Her brother Samuel has fallen and she is loaded down with questions while trying to s [...]

    5. I truly loved this, definitely the best adult angel/fallen angel story I have ever read! Do not hesitate and read it, you won't regret it.My Serah and Luce:Serah is Power angel - she protects the innocent from evil. She believes in goodness and happily serves the God and his purpose. But after her brother becomes fallen angel and she is ordered to establish the truce at the border between "the righteous and the wicked", Serah starts to ask herself questions. Questions about what is good and bad, [...]

    6. ***4.5 Angel stars***Prior to this series, I’ve read only two books from this author but it took one hell of a bad boy to click with her writing, not just any bad boy, the mother-effing king of hell “Lucifer”We all know the story of him being cast into the pit for the evil in him and waiting for the ultimate revenge. I was kind of reluctant to read the same mythology again but what I read took me by surprise because this is not about the good vs evil or all that stuff from Supernatural sea [...]

    7. Have you ever considered whether it is possible for good and evil to find a meeting point? Whether there is such a thing as good and evil. Where does the kindness of the angel end and the ruthlessness of the demon begin. Whether you have a choice in the matter or there's nothing you can do to change anything.Do you feel as if everything surrounding your choices should be questioned by your heart and intellect or followed blindly, guided by some sense of divine knowledge?"I was going to say Spide [...]

    8. 11/4/13 Currently FREE ON !amazon/dp/B00D614EUW/r4.5 starsI'm not a huge paranormal fan but I loved Sempre so I figured I would give this one a try. I really enjoyed the storyline and the book overall was a nice easy read.Another J.M. Darhower book!! I can't wait!!!

    9. I have a very important question to the authorEnding a book like that is freaking cruel and i swear it should be illegal.Is that even considered an 'ending'? Cause J.M Darhower is sure as heck didn't feel like it! This is a STAND ALONE and nothing was resolved! Absolutely nothing!" Serah in an angel that prefers to look after kids and protect people from evil instead of fighting it. But when her brother -Samuel- falls, she get's assigned a new duty. Go to the gates of hell and try to make Satan [...]

    10. "One. Two. Three. Four. I declare war."This was an interesting book about an unconventional, forbidden love in the ageless war between good and evil. I loved the story of Serah and Luce . I think J.M. Darhower has created a fascinating world that I want to read more of. I wish this book was longer; it went by way too quickly. I need more answers and I need more of Serah and Luce. This was a very good, quick read. I would recommend this one!"Whatever is done for love always occurs beyond good and [...]

    11. The world isn’t always black and white. Sometimes, it’s gray, and sometimes that gray explodes into colors you never knew existed before. Extinguish was amazing. I slept on it and I am still consumed by it. The story and the writing were so intriguing and perfect that I finished it in one day. I just couldn’t put it down. It made me feel every emotion possible. I laughed, cried, got mad, had hope, felt touched and betrayed. J.M. Darhower has a way with words and her stories are always so w [...]

    12. 4.5 Stars!Starting the next one right away after that endingFull review to come.**Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**

    13. Fantastic read! Well deserved 5 stars!Another amazing read from J.M Darhower. Very different from authors first book, but still just as good.This story is about good vs evil, and oh-so-good grey place in-between :-D.After reading this book hell doesn't sound so bad, actually it sounds like a place I would like to visit (WHAT?). Yep! :).This story is about an angel, Serah, that is send to hell to negotiate with Lucifer and convince him to stop the madness. They first meeting didn't go very well. [...]

    14. 5 Inhumanly beautiful yet frighteningly darkSTARSA mí no me gustan los libros urban fantasy, menos juveniles, mucho menos con ángeles. Es más, creo que este es el segundo libro sobre ángeles que he leído en toda mi vida.En realidad, solo lo hice por lo mucho que idolatro a la autora.Y aunque mi amor por J. M. Darhower es inmenso, aun así, me tomo 5 años desde su publicación para animarme a leerlo.No me arrepiento de no haberlo leído antes, ya que lo leí en el momento perfecto en el que [...]

    15. 3.5Good VS Evil Stars!I admit I am a sucker for a good Angel book! Add in some fallen souls and the biggest baddest Angel of all and I am settling in for a good one!This is the age old tale of heaven and hell, good versus evil, God and Satany with a modern twist and taboo romance attached to it. Serah is an angel full of Grace. She is intimately attached to the Arch Angel Michael and newly tasked to spend her time trying to convince the dark, dangerous Lucifer to come to a truce and stop the evi [...]

    16. “It’s not black and white," he said. "If it were, I wouldn’t be here right now, and neither would you. We’re the gray area, angel. We’re the pieces of the puzzle they don’t know what to do with, the pieces that don’t quite fit into their perfect little picture, so they choose to discard us, to keep their image untainted,but we can only be ignored for so long.”Hell, it is a paranormal romance!Of course I was going to like it, there was no doubt about that.But, wow. Just, WOW.Here' [...]

    17. 5 Beautiful, Devastating, Riveting, Humorous, Emotional, and Brilliant stars!I'm still trying to wrap my head around what I've read. This book was absolutely fantastic!I can only hope my review can give it the justice it deserves.There is a war waging between good and evil. Serah, a Power angel is sent to the front line to establish a truce with Lucifer after one of her own has fallen.Serah, not having a choice in the matter meets with Luce and discovers there more to him then what she first ima [...]

    18. Reseña en emojis 😍😭💔💕😍😥😭💔😍😡💕❤Cuando ví que este libro era de una mis autoras favoritas y luego de paranormal era un SÍ Grecia lo tienes que leer.Obviamente tiene la pluma de J.M. Darhower, es que ella tiene un no sé que, que sus historias trasmiten tanto y sus personajes son tan entrañables.Serah es uno de los tantos y diferente ángeles que existen en el cielo y tiene como trabajo eliminar a los demonios que toman el cuerpo de los humanos y le dan como mi [...]

    19. Because time passes, and memories fade, but a beating heart never truly forgets anything. -J.M. DarhowerIt's been almost a year and a half since I read a book by J.M. Darhower, and only because there wasn't one to read. I found out about this book Extinguish that was scheduled to be released by Darhower, and despite my concerns about her journey in to the supernatural, my inner fan girl wouldn't let me resist! It only took a few pages for me to settle in to this story, and I quickly found that D [...]

    20. This a quick read for me and I don't felt like is 266 pages length, more like 100+. Anyway, for a freebie, I think it packed a punch and totally worth my time. We have Lucifer aka Satan trying to start a war. And Serah, an angel who was tasked to 'negotiate' with him to cease fire. Serah is such a gentle soul, while Lucifer is an archangel full of hatred. There is no couple more different than them.What fascinate me the most is Lucifer's character. He is the evil, the Satan. When we first met hi [...]

    21. "Whatever is done for love always occurs beyond good and evil. -Friedrich Nietzsche. I actually enjoyed this book so much! I've waited so long and I finally ordered it. The second one should be coming along soon. :) "Ring-a-round a rosie,A pocket full of posies,Ashes! Ashes! We all fall down." 5/5 stars. :)

    22. Not everything is black and white. There are truly many shades of gray. When it comes to heaven and hell, our race as a whole believes it is simply black and white.ButCan love exist in a place of evil? Can malice exist in the divine afterlife? Extinguish will challenge your thoughts and perceptions about good vs. evil. Oh my god J.M. Darhower has done it again! This author has seriously rocked my world!!! Extinguish was wonderfully good and wicked!!! I'm seriously gushing over this book. It took [...]

    23. Extinguish is one of my favorite books of 2013!!Extinguish is unlike anything I have ever read! This dark and twisty romance will keep you on your toes.  It messed with my mind like Luce messed with Serah's, and I had a hard time putting it down.I read Darhower's Sempre last year after seeing all the rave reviews and loved it.  Her writing style is very fluid and her character development is flawless.  When I heard she was releasing a paranormal romance, I got so excited.  I love a good roma [...]

    24. ”For the first time in his existence, Michael’s eyes clouded with rage, darkening like dripping ink. Luce stood tall, raising his eyebrows in challenge as he smirked tauntingly.Game on motherfucker.►“Gimme Shelter” by The Rolling StonesLooks like someone’s a fan of the CW’s “Supernatural”. Then again, who isn’t? Those first five seasons, AKA The Kripke Era, were pure perfection, so it's only natural that J.M. Darhower would also a member of the not-so-little SPN Fan Club. Whi [...]

    25. Extinguish didn't work for me at all. Although I love PNR, I found the story boring and honestly wanted to give up and DNF it. I felt nothing for any of the characters they just existed. I felt that the best part of the story was the betrayal because I honestly didn't expect it. That was the first time the story grabbed my attention but it was to late by that point. It's not likely I will even bother with book 2.

    26. It was a 4.5 for me. The writing was smooth and the story sucked me in like a 5 star. I loved the characters and the "grey" areas. But i felt like the ending was too abrupt. I knew going in it was a novella but maybe i liked it too much because the ending seemed too premature. Novellas to start a series never get a 5 from me because I always feel incomplete afterwards but this is 5 star writing.

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