Sing the Midnight Stars

A cold blooded killer lusts for others magic A drug addicted detective vows to thwart him Dragged into a dangerous homicide investigation, Andrin Sethuel alone stands between the killer s murderous desires and his future victims salvation, a kingdom s freedom and its enslavement.Andrin has survived a childhood that should have destroyed him Slavers brutally murdered hA cold blooded killer lusts for others magic A drug addicted detective vows to thwart him Dragged into a dangerous homicide investigation, Andrin Sethuel alone stands between the killer s murderous desires and his future victims salvation, a kingdom s freedom and its enslavement.Andrin has survived a childhood that should have destroyed him Slavers brutally murdered his parents in front of him, ripped him away from everything he knew, and addicted him to drugs The aftermath leaves him warring against hostility, prejudice, and suspicion on every front And it leaves him entrenched in self loathing Yet despite the odds, he becomes head of the Torvian kingdom s criminal investigative forces.Andrin speculates that the killer scythes magic from his victims to reap power and augment his burgeoning might, but such a capability is unthinkable And wielding spells without a catalyst should be impossible Yet irrefutably, the killer is wrenching his victims craft away with his own unimaginable sorcery, growing powerful and treacherous with each successive murder.While Andrin struggles to expose the murderer and his search for the killer turns into a fight for his life, lies and duplicity threaten to rip his only friend from him and she s keeping a secret that could be the key to solving the murders Andrin is forced to choose between his friend and his duty, and ultimately between his king and a betrayal that will save his country from a ruthless conqueror s invasion.
Sing the Midnight Stars A cold blooded killer lusts for others magic A drug addicted detective vows to thwart him Dragged into a dangerous homicide investigation Andrin Sethuel alone stands between the killer s murderous de

  • Title: Sing the Midnight Stars
  • Author: C.M.J. Wallace
  • ISBN: 9780985914011
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This fantasy is full of imagination and introduced me to a thread of magic I hadn’t come across before. Whether that type of magic is entirely the invention of the author or not I don’t know, but it’s a very effective story element. I was hooked straight away by this tale of intrigue, with the mad king intent on apparent self-destruction as he greedily sets about obliterating all that is good in his kingdom. The central protagonists, male and female, are fully realised characters about who [...]

    2. One of the best Fantasy books I've ever read! C.M.J. Wallace has created an intriguing, mysterious, magical world of incredible depth with a complicated, deeply entwined plot. Sing The Midnight Stars is Book 1 of her incredible Rift series. She weaves her story with beautiful writing giving birth to believable yet mysterious, magic filled characters who live in this magnificent world of magic, suspense, murder, deceit and betrayal. Andrin Sethuel is head of the Torvian Kingdom Criminal Investiga [...]

    3. A “must read” for all fantasy lovers:From the very first page Sing the Midnight Stars is fascinating and I was immediately hooked by the beautiful, descriptive writing and believable dialog. The characters are robust, multidimensional, and very distinct from each other. Even though I don’t normally enjoy fantasy novels, I was pulled right into a world that rings true. The details about the characters, the architecture and geographical setting in which they live, the unique, ingenious magic [...]

    4. Sing the Midnight Stars (Rift) by C.M.J. Wallace, is the start of an epic fantasy featuring Andrin Sethuel (a police chief for the royal city), his capable second-in-command Cloelle Banderal, plus townspeople, royals, assorted toadies, and an on-its-way invading army.One of the best parts of the story were the lyrical fantasy names. Workers' titles, feudal nobility, even the city librarian had lovely honorifics that rolled off the tongue. A well-planned political and social hierarchy made for a [...]

    5. Magical Fantasy Adventure!Sing the Midnight Stars was my first stab at reading fantasy and I found it an enjoyable read. The author's descriptive prose is elegant and brings you right to the forefront of the scene and Wallace's style is that of a true classic novelist. It is a little more descriptive than I personally prefer because I like to read fast as a busy person. This combined with the "magical language" at times slowed down the action, but that just stems from a matter of preference for [...]

    6. Sing the Midnight Stars is a dark fantasy spliced expertly with the art of detection carried out through the believable and conflicted Andrin Sethual. Firstly, the story itself is unusual, formed by two genres that I hadn't expected to work. Wallace succeeds in fusing two genres, worlds apart and in doing so creates an exceptional and original story.My favourite character is Andrin, I loved his mercurial moods and even more the darkness of his Morzidante addiction. A terrible drug with a wonderf [...]

    7. 'Sing the Midnight Stars' is the first novel in a fantasy series about drug addicted detective Andrin whose determination to solve a series of strange murders leaves him facing some tough choices.This is a really cool blend of gritty detective story and dark fantasy. The drug and how Andrin ended up addicted to it was a very compelling part of the story and really made me sympathise with this character. I also loved the murder mystery aspect as I thought it was something unusual for this type of [...]

    8. Sing the Midnight Stars, by CMJ Wallace, is an amazingly well-crafted fantasy. It grabs the reader by the throat with murder by unknown magic, committed by the victim's trusted friend. And that's just the first two pages!Andrin Sethuel, the head of the kingdom's investigative service, uses both magical and non-magical tools to help him solve crimes. After his horrendous childhood, which resulted in the loss of his parents and a dark drug addiction, Andrin must investigate and solve the murders.T [...]

    9. “Sing the Midnight Stars” by C.M.J. Wallace is an intriguing blend of fantasy with a murder detective story. Highly original in this premise it also digs deeper in to its characters’ minds and lives than I would have expected from a fantasy book. The world describes has magic and royalty but is often not too far from our normal world, particularly when it comes to human kind. The forced drug addiction of our main hero being one that draws parallels particularly strongly to modern society. [...]

    10. Sing the Midnight Stars is a very well written fantasy adventure focusing on the main story of detective-like character Andrin. In a world where sorcery and magic abound, he is tasked with asking some of the harder, more uncomfortable questions. In conjunction with this, there is the concern of war for the kingdom, the question of treason in the high courts of the land, and sexual tension abounding in the Andrin's office as his subordinates - one a sexual cynic, the other his long-time friend - [...]

    11. This is the first book in a fantasy series which promises great things, and delivers them. From the initial page the reader is drawn into the amazing world of Andrin, a drug addicted hero who sets out to investigate a string of strange murders.The detail and description in this novel is very Tolkien-like and creates a vivid picture for the reader of this fantastic land as well as all the wonderful individuals he meets on his journey.If this is the level of detail and adventure presented in the f [...]

    12. "Sing the Midnight Stars" is an engaging novel which transcends its genre. This is not to diminish fantasy literature in any way; rather, for a complete neophyte like myself, the book was an entertaining read.Author C.M.J. Wallace keeps the narrative tight and interesting, which is especially notable considering how much new knowledge is required to make sense of what is going on. She seems to know when she's on the brink of "too much information", and moves on just in time."Sing the Midnight St [...]

    13. Why didn’t I rate my own books? Because the rating would be undeniably biased and therefore meaningless. I’m very fond of them, but I know that they’re not for everyone and that some people will loathe them unequivocally. That’s just the way it is because we readers bring our own experiences and preferences with us when we travel to other places through the sorcerous portal of words on paper (or e-screens). Sometimes you like where you end up and sometimes you don’t.You can read others [...]

    14. Andrin is a drug addicted detective on the trail of a killer. The problem is, he has no idea where to begin. Several murders have taken place, and all the victims have been drained of their magic. There is, however, no obvious connection between the victims. This makes Andrin’s work even more difficult as he tries to find the killer.Despite starting off with a murder and an investigation, the book moves at a slow pace. There is no race to find the killer before the next person dies. It is over [...]

    15. read about 1/2 but it ind of bogged down in conventional stuff; may finish it fast just to dot the i's so to speak

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