There, Their, They're: A No-Tears Guide to Grammar from the Word Nerd

It s here clear and easy answers to your most common grammar, usage, and punctuation questions In this second edition, you ll find than sixty new and expanded entries in this much used resource used by professional editors, novelists, students preparing for the ACT, and those who simply want to master grammar once and for all The Word Nerd once again cuts through tIt s here clear and easy answers to your most common grammar, usage, and punctuation questions In this second edition, you ll find than sixty new and expanded entries in this much used resource used by professional editors, novelists, students preparing for the ACT, and those who simply want to master grammar once and for all The Word Nerd once again cuts through the convoluted terminology by explaining things in a way even the most frustrated writer can understand.
There Their They re A No Tears Guide to Grammar from the Word Nerd It s here clear and easy answers to your most common grammar usage and punctuation questions In this second edition you ll find than sixty new and expanded entries in this much used resource used b

  • Title: There, Their, They're: A No-Tears Guide to Grammar from the Word Nerd
  • Author: Annette Lyon
  • ISBN: 9781484820667
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Paperback
  • How to Use There, Their and They re with Examples wikiHow Their, There, and They re Everything After Z by Nov , The trio of their, there, and they re can flummox writers of all levels It s confusing they are homophones , meaning they have the same pronunciation There, They re, Their The Easiest Way To Learn How To Take the There, They re, Their Quiz Now Use this quiz to practice using the right form of there, they re, or their Decide which word correctly fills in the blank below and click Get Answer to see if There, Their, and They re grammar lesson The Quick Answer Do not confuse there, their, and they re.That would be a serious mistake They re is short for they are Their shows possession It s just like my, his, her, and our There How to Use They re, There, and Their Merriam Webster They re very tricky, in part because of their usefulness, which means that we call on them over and over in our writing here and there There s no need to confuse there, they re, and their While they re not an easy group of words, with practice you can master their distinctions. Their, There, They re Lawless English Nov , The confusion between their, there, and they re occurs because the three words are pronounced in very similar ways But there are very simple rules to know which one to use If the word means belonging to them, use their If you re able to replace the word with they are, use they re. There, their, and they re video Khan Academy May , And it s the difference between there, their and they re And if you can t tell the difference from the way I m saying it that s because it s really confusing and evil And that is why I m here.

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    1. I’ve taught Jr. High School English for 34 years, and I’ve been an editor for the past 20 or more. You’d think when it comes to grammar and punctuation I should know it all. Not so! Although I can hold my own with most conventions, there are still several that are stoppers for me—things I have to look up one more time, just to make sure. Maybe these rough spots have come about because it’s a concept I never really learned. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen the same error made so many ti [...]

    2. This book is amazing! I highly recommend it to anyone who needs help with their grammar or editing. Writing is my passion. I love to do it. But unfortunately my biggest weakness is editing. Earlier this year I took a editing class form Annette and discovered her genius. Then I purchased this book and read it in two days. Now it is a constant companion to my computer so if I have any questions I can quickly refer to this book and get my editing right. I love how everything is organized in this bo [...]

    3. Yes, it's my own book. :) But I honestly believe that this grammar (plus usage/punctuation/mechanics) guide is a great tool for writers--and anyone else who struggles with understanding what can so often be convoluted terminology and concepts. I figure the proof's in the pudding, so here's my proof: -I know several professional novelists who keep my book on a shelf near their computers for quick reference--and use it often.-A senior editor at a publishing house does the same. (I know!!!)-When my [...]

    4. I keep a copy of Annette's little handy grammar guide on my desk where I write, and a class set in my classroom where I teach. I'm always referring to them and send my students there as well. The book is readable and better yet, understandable, with information that is explained much more clearly than the standard grammar books also stored in my classroom.

    5. Audience: Adult (Fiction Writers)Genre: Writing, Writing Advice, GrammarLength: 158 pgs.Rating: ***** (Really Liked It)Review: The book was everything I expected it to be. Although I did already know many of the rules in the guide, it did exactly as it claimed to: presented them in an understandable way for the average person. I even learned a few things! Annette also presents it in a fun way as well, making a stuffy grammar book lighthearted. It's a quick read, and thanks to the sections, you c [...]

    6. I just figured out what a comma splice is! I have been trying to understand for years, but have met with no success. I just couldn't get it through my thick head. And comma splices are only one of the grammatical concepts I now understand. I was blind, but now I see. I know it might sound a little funny to be so excited about a grammar guide. But I have struggled for years to learn all these things. I will admit that I have sometimes re-written various things simply because I didn't feel secure [...]

    7. The title of this book is my number one grammar pet peeve :) But, there were definitely some things I didn't know (I have NEVER gotten a grasp on the the whole lay/lie thing). I understood it while I was reading through the blurb on it in the book, but the understanding has apparently taken flight again and escapes me. Oh well, at least now I have a reference to look at.If you have questions about grammar, but don't want to fall asleep or purposefully bash your head into a wall while trying to f [...]

    8. This is probably the best grammar guide I've ever seen. It is concise and has easy to understand examples of how to use grammar correctly. Even better, it shows the common mistakes and explains why it's wrong. I didn't mind reading this cover to cover, and that's never been something I accomplished with any grammar book! The best part is that it only includes the most common issues that people have with grammar. This greatly reduces the potential for confusion. I've recommended this book to seve [...]

    9. The book is arranged with an excellent table of contents which comes in handy as a straight-through read isn’t what it is intended for. A perfect companion for editing, students, or anyone who just doesn’t know whether or not a comma is necessary, or when do you use an em-dash.I have this book on my Kindle, and I love how easy it is to find just what I need, and then more importantly understand the explanation. See what I did there? How I connected those independent clauses with a coordinati [...]

    10. Yes, sometimes I read grammar books from cover to cover, and this one was very readable. I found myself comparing it to Stunk & White’s Elements of Style. There was a lot of overlap and Strunk & White probably covers more material, but Lyon’s style was less “my way or the high way,” and I liked that. She did a good job explaining things in a clear way and explaining what was a rule and what was a trend and what was her preference. The Kindle version of this book is only 99 cents, [...]

    11. Finally! A grammar book that doesn't bore you to death and will actually explain grammar in a way that makes sense. As a writer, I'm often frustrated when I google grammar questions and still can't figure out the correct solutions. Annette Lyon's book actually helped me understand my most common questions, especially the tricky ones I've struggle with for years (who/whom). I gained a clearer understanding of grammar with this book and even learned some new things as well.

    12. Short but always to the point Mrs lyon manages to shed a new light on many problems i've always had when writing texts in english, which is not my mothertongue. She has got a nice style of writing too so it's not too dry and monotone - as you could expect given the theme of the book(let) - but then it's not about annecdotes and witticisms but just pointing out sources of misunderstanding and errors everybody could make when using the english language. And that she handles more than worthy!

    13. I love this book. Annette is brilliant and has put together a basic grammar guide for those of us who can't remember what we learned in elementary school (off the top of our heads). It's not absolute or complete--I look forward to another grammar book from the self proclaimed "Word Nerd." The only issue I have with this book is how my copy sprouted legs and ran off. So, you might want to keep a close watch on your copies

    14. A VERY read-able book on grammar whether you are in school and needing a little direction when it comes to writing or you just plain want to better understand the English language. Annette Lyon clearly has a way of teaching that will surely make it "stick" for you. It doesn't come naturally for me so this book was a big help!

    15. It was just what I wanted. I will use this book over and over to help me proofread documents for work. Now I'm second guessing everything I write in my review! Is proofread one or two words??? Anyway, if you're looking for a book to help you with every day writing and proofreading, this is the book you want. My boss will be glad I bought it and read it in one day.

    16. This book, although small, is absolutely invaluable in reminding us all about the basic rules of grammar. Annette Lyon is awesome at providing examples and explaining just what makes a sentence correct or incorrect. This one is a must-have for anyone who writes books, blogs, letters, e-mails, or who talks aloud for any reason.

    17. This was a great little book on grammar, although never having read anything about grammar before I'm sure most of it I have already forgotten! It will be one to dip back into I'm sure. The reason it didn't get 5 stars is because some grammar related words are thrown in without enough introduction - it assumed a little too much prior understanding!

    18. This short, 86 page book addresses the most common questions I have in my daily writings with easy to find and easy to understand answers. Almost all of the rules are accompanied by examples that either show correct vs. incorrect usage or how improper usage can change the intent of a sentence. Very handy!

    19. No one knows her grammar AND how to explain it to the rest of us idiots like Annette Lyon! This is a must-have for any writer or studentrticularly if you get a headache going through the more formal and obtuse grammar guides that have been published.

    20. There were one or two explanations that confused me, but I learned some new tricks to help me while writing. I did catch a couple of errors that the editor missed. The errors were located in the second half of the book.

    21. A great, easy-to-follow grammar guide. I've already used it several times in both my writing, and in emails.

    22. I debated giving this one star but I do like that last part. Read the full review before buying this book:satia/2009/08/the

    23. Nice, quick and easy read with some good tips. Great for beginning authors/writers, or even those who need a reminder.

    24. What fun! I've been feeling sluggish in the brain over the past few months and this was just what I needed. A great reminder that I know all this even if sometimes I forget to use it.

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