Craving More

Corrine Hart is ready for few days off for rest and relaxation At the top of her to do list is spending as much time as possible in tiger form and doing her best to banish all thoughts of the mysterious Hunky Cupcake Guy who spent the last two weeks driving her libido insane.Jett Montgomery Murphy just wants to know if the tasty treats that keep showing up at work are theCorrine Hart is ready for few days off for rest and relaxation At the top of her to do list is spending as much time as possible in tiger form and doing her best to banish all thoughts of the mysterious Hunky Cupcake Guy who spent the last two weeks driving her libido insane.Jett Montgomery Murphy just wants to know if the tasty treats that keep showing up at work are the same ones his best friend used to get while they were in college A trip out to Sweet Confections confirms what he thought and brings him in close contact with the one woman he s secretly lusted after for years, his best friend s sister Corrine.A late night tryst leads to two tigers finding their mates and two humans unsure what to do next Add in an overbearing brother, a best friend with her own drama, and a crazy ex girlfriend that has a checkered past and you have a recipe for disaster.Will Corrine and Jett be able to overcome the unexpected obstacles on their way to falling in love Or will they throw in the towel before the relationship even gets off the ground
Craving More Corrine Hart is ready for few days off for rest and relaxation At the top of her to do list is spending as much time as possible in tiger form and doing her best to banish all thoughts of the mysterio

  • Title: Craving More
  • Author: Brandy Walker
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Interesting story with great characters. I did occasionally want to slap the back of a couple of heads but that was all part of the story. I enjoyed the story and I'm looking forward to Sam and MJ's story.

    2. Reviewed at Shifter HavenCorrine was in her Tiger form enjoying a late, lazy afternoon run on her property, stretching in the warm sunlight, taking a dip in the cool waters, drying off on the fading warmth of a large rock and taking a short cat nap in the now evening part of the day. She scented him first, then saw the massive tiger shifter standing nearby simply watching her. Anger was her first reaction, that he dared invade her privacy, her sanctuary then that small shiver of fear that could [...]

    3. Sometimes I have to wonder what people are thinking when they rate books like these 4 or 5 stars. Are you people selective at all? Do you not care about the actual quality of the story and only that it has a few sex scenes and the obligatory violence/conflict to actually make it slightly interesting? I'm not trying to offend anyone but I see this a lot. A bad book with great reviews and an almost 4 star rating. There's really no substance to this book; not world building or really depth to the c [...]

    4. rosalindhartmann/craviCraving More begins with Corrine Hart. Simple yet elegant, average yet beautiful – she is your common variety female. No perfect woman (because really, that gets old) with a slim waist and ruby red lips. She is not grandiose in her completely unaware beauty, but a fabulous cook with integrity, respect, and absolutely no compunctions about wanting Jett Montgomery-Murphy, or Murph. Hesitant, yes, and not bold enough to pursue the handsome ‘Hunky Cupcake Guy’.Initially t [...]

    5. Sweet romance, very enjoyable.I really enjoyed this first book in the 'Tiger Nip' series, "Craving More", by Ms. Walker. It wasn't as hot and spicy as some of the other Shifter books I have read, but it was a sweet romance that was very well written.I really do disagree with another reviewers comment that Jett & Corrine should not have had sex right off at the beginning of the story. For me, I thought the way the story started out was extremely well-done and drew me right into the story. It [...]

    6. First book in a new series by Brandy Walker. What do you do when you fall for your best friends sister? It’s totally against the “Bro code” but tiger shifter Jett has been falling for Corrine it seems like since he roomed with her brother Sam in college. He hadn’t actually met her but pictures and stories kept him looking for more. When he finally meets her for the first time his tiger roars “MINE”. Now all he has to do is convince Corrine and hope Sam doesn't kill him.I love shifter [...]

    7. Craving More is the debut for Brandy Walker as well as the first in a shifter series.This is the story of Corrine Hart, a baker who owns her own shop and Jett Montgomery-Murphy, who is part of the powerful shifter family and old best friend of Corrine’s brother.Irresistible cupcakes have brought the two together and with strong feelings that neither can deny, both Corrine and Jett have to decide if they can overcome other issues to be with their destined mate. Craving More is a quick easy read [...]

    8. This was just ok for me. I think the author needed to spend a little more time with character/world building. It got a little confusing as the author failed at the delivery and making it clear what state the characters were currently in. This definitely should have been longer and could stand a good editor. Not Recommended unless you are just looking for a very quick read.

    9. Just okayThis book would have been a lot of fun if all the characters were not stupider than dirt. What was probably meant to be character quirks were just annoying. The quirks did not get any better and most turned out to be serious flaws. Who nearly makes his new found mate pass out after turning his alpha power on her?! Just because she didn't explain fast enough!!! A loving brother who expects her to follow his every command?! A sane woman who has a guy treat her the way the stupid hero did [...]

    10. CRAVE MORE. BY BRANDY WALKER. ★★★★☆The beginning of the Tiger Nip series. Corrine is a tiger shifter. While she is enjoying an evening run in fur a very large male tiger appears on her property. When he shifts to his human form Corrine recognizes him as a customer of her bakery. He has been chatting up one of her staff. A beautiful skinny young woman. Corrine knows she is too big for today's fashion. So what is he doing standing naked in her woods? Jett has been trying to get Corrine t [...]

    11. Reviewed by HeatherBook provided by the publisher for reviewReview originally posted at Romancing the BookI was completely blown away by this book. I am still having a hard time accepting that this was Brandy Walker’s first published book. Walker did an amazing job and I am very glad that she decided to become an author.The characters, although they are shifters, are very realistic in human form. The female lead character, Corrine, is not the usual super skinny, weak woman that are featured in [...]

    12. It didn't matter if she knew him or not, the woman and tiger in her both agreed they wanted him. Needed him to quench the all-consuming fire he ignited in herHis heart stopped in his chest, the feeling of home and comfort shoved his panic aside. He knew then he would have her for his own. Forever. There would be no other man or tiger sniffing around her thinking he had a chance. His tiger had made the choice for them and he needed to stop arguing with him. That elusive peace he couldn't find bef [...]

    13. 1.5I won't lie; I read this book because I was sick of looking at the ugly cover in my TBR list. He looks like some duck-billed Cro-Magnon in that picture. Yuck. But I held out hope that the story might be ok. It wasn't, not in my opinion anyway. I thought the hero was a wimpy ass and every other male in the book was condescending and patronizing toward women. The women fell into only two camps. Good girls who were the potential mates of the male characters or crazy, violent bitches not worth co [...]

    14. Yet another Author that is new to me and writing in a genre that I am also new to. Well Brandy Walker you have helped convince me even further that I love shifter romances and I also loved your writing style!First off I should admit that I love tigers so the idea of a tiger shifter really appealed to me. The characters are well portrayed and the story flowed smoothly from start to finish. You could feel the attraction between Jett & Connie sizzling off of the page, especially during their in [...]

    15. Corrine Hart can't keep from thinking about the new customer that has been coming in, everything about him has her cat purring. Corrine doesn't believe he would ever be interested in her, until he shows up and she realizes he too is a tiger.Jett Montgomery-Murphy believes that Corrine is his mate. However, Jett is biding his time to get to know her first, after his last relationship went terribly wrong. A few mistakes though make for a rocky courtship and Jett could end up losing his mate altoge [...]

    16. Honestly, I bought this because it was fairly inexpensive and seemed like it would be an ok read. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. While on the short side, the characters were very well written although there were a few times it seemed like conversations were deliberately cut off to allow for more plot development. While I'm sure this is a useful literary tactic, as the reader, it made me want to yell at the characters like men do football games. "Come on" Tell him about the [...]

    17. Craving More is for people whoke tigers.enjoy shapeshifters of the not-always-werewolf varietyn't mind a creepy psycho exn't mind when miscommunication is one of the driving plot pointske sexy outdoor times.Enjoyable. The secondary characters have an intriguing set-up for their book. *thumbs up*-Kelly @ Reading the ParanormalCraving More was a free Kindle book I downloaded on 08/29/13 for the Why Buy the Cow? reading challenge.

    18. "3 out of 5 stars. This novella is more suspenseful then I expected, from the way you can never guess what Jett and Corrine will decide about their love lives next to trying to understand all of the other secondary plots that come along, it'll definitely keep you on your toes."Read more of this review and a teaser here: frommetoyouvideophoto/2013/08/made-grade-tiger-nip-series-book-1ml

    19. Corinne is out for a relaxing stroll & run as her tiger when she encounters the yummy man who´s a regular in her bakery - but now as his tiger. A smutty encounter later and Jett is convinced she´s his mate, but he´s got a lot of baggage, not to mention that she´s his best friends little sister. Can they make it work? Smutty fluff, sexual teasing and two tigers finding their HEA. Looking forward to her brothers story next.

    20. PredictableThe guy is a commitmentphobe who doesn't want to deal with a permanent relationship due to his past. The girl is unsure what to do and let's the man lead. I'm wondering if anyone will write a book where the woman says F U and makes the man work for it instead of just giving in.

    21. first in new series. Jett is best friends with Corrine's brother so that automatically should mean she is off limits. Nope,one hookup later and they try to hide their feelings for each other and from her brother,then throw in a crazy ex stalker and things get interesting. Already got second book to see what happens next.

    22. short but oh so sweet tale of tiger shifters. enjoyed it, but there are some annoying spelling errors that really got my back up. I mean, he wanted to know why he hadn't drug her away!! but for a freebie, not bad.

    23. 3.3 stars. It was good althought our hero never did really get a chance to shine as one. He was goofing up left and right and then allowing the crazy lady to rub up against him naked after he just walked out on his intended, again Kinda spoiled it for me.

    24. A great story with very erotic love scenes. Jett and Corrine have a hard time fighting their individual issues but overcome it all and realize they are mates. Great story with great secondary characters and very steamy love scenes Highly recommend.

    25. AWESOME read. There is nothing better than shifters and Romance. Brandy Walker nailed it on this one and I cannot wait to read more. Must read. The story of Corrine and Jett is just fluent and on key as they discover their feeling.

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