Nothing can stop Raine Cooper when she wants somethingRaine finally knows that her gorgeous neighbor, Torin St James, is a legend straight out of Norse mythology, and that her feelings for him are strong Torin is crazy about Raine too, breaking the one rule he lives by Never fall for a mortal The problem is he no longer remembers her, his memories erased by Norns NoNothing can stop Raine Cooper when she wants somethingRaine finally knows that her gorgeous neighbor, Torin St James, is a legend straight out of Norse mythology, and that her feelings for him are strong Torin is crazy about Raine too, breaking the one rule he lives by Never fall for a mortal The problem is he no longer remembers her, his memories erased by Norns Norse destiny deities to punish her for defying them.So Raine comes up with a planShe will make Torin forget his one rule a second time and fall in love with her all over again But she quickly learns that well laid plans do not work when dealing with deities and supernatural beings Desperate, Raine makes choices that could not only tear her and Torin further apart, but lead to the destruction of everything and everyone she loves
Immortals Nothing can stop Raine Cooper when she wants somethingRaine finally knows that her gorgeous neighbor Torin St James is a legend straight out of Norse mythology and that her feelings for him are str

  • Title: Immortals
  • Author: Ednah Walters
  • ISBN: 9781301377053
  • Page: 211
  • Format: ebook
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    1. I am soooo excited about this book! When I started this series last year I did it on a dare to finish a book in 4 weeks during Nano month. Runes was fun and flirty. I giggled as I wrote most of the scenes, fell in love with all the characters. The first book was all about Torin and Raine finding each other and love, and of course, Raine learning some cool things about who she is. This is going to be a long journey for her. Book two will not be lacking in the love department because these two hav [...]

    2. 4.5The beginning of this one was sad, but only because the ending of Runes was sad. It wasnt too long before it picked up again. I love these books, they really suck you into the story. There was a lot of information thrown at you during this second installment of a four book series. Some of it droned on, which is why it is 4.5 instead of a 5. A lot happened, and there was definitely some twists and turns I did not see coming. I am quite anxious to move on and see what is thrown at Raine Cooper [...]

    3. Raine is slowly discovering who and what she isbut will she loose Torin St. James in the process? Finding that her best friend Eirik life is on the line is the ultimate motivator to learn her new skills, it seems he is under attack and the fates have declared only Raine can save him. Will she gain enough knowledge to save Eirik? Will Torin ever gain his memories back? You are going to have to check out this wonderful YA book and find ouWow, What a non-stop, nail biting, heart pounding storyline. [...]

    4. Tricky, tricky how to describe this book #2 without giving away spoilers well here goes nothing.First of all, for all those unfamiliar with the series I saw, you are totally missing out on a lovely dose of Torin St. James. Really missing out. Like motorcycle with a bad boy heart of gold kind of missing out. Well, for the first book. That's the tricky thing about memory take a cocky, alpha bad boy and subtract the 'heart of gold' along with memories and it's a harder task shining up that turd. We [...]

    5. Same thoughts as Runes, because I had these 2 lumped together in my mind!Full Review from Blog:When I first started reading Runes, I thought that I'd really enjoy these books, because Raine was a lot like me, a bookish person! But as it went on, it got pretty dark, darker then I like, so while I enjoyed these books, and like them, I didn't love love love them. Which is too bad!I enjoyed the whole mythology with the Norns, which sound vague familiar from other books with Norse mythology, and havi [...]

    6. With each book Ednah brings out she just keeps amazing me. Immortals is the second instalment in the Runes series. I fell in love with Runes right from the start and Immortals made me fall even harder.This book was so enthralling I'm at a loss for words. Each word is like a drop of magic, you become absolutely spellbinded.How would you feel if the man you loved turned up with no memory of you or the time you spent together? This is what Raine has to deal with. Torin, the love of her life cannot [...]

    7. This was a great addition to the series. When Runes ended, my jaw dropped and tears filled my eyes. I couldn't believe such an awesome book ended the way it did. In truth, it made me that much more excited for book two. I HAD to know what was going to happen next.I really liked the characters. Torin is just freaking hot and the epitome of bad boys. Who wouldn't want to be loved by a guy like Torin? I also enjoyed getting to know Erik more. There's so much more to him and he suddenly became very [...]

    8. First I have to say that I love Ednah's writing and the more I read from her the more I need from her. She is just simply amazing and Immortals totally blew me away. I mean I just could not put it down because I needed to know what was going to happen. I felt like I was sitting on the edge of a cliff and any minute I was going to fall. I mean I was crazy as crazy can get because Immortals picks right up from Runes. If you read Runes you know the ending was crazy and I cried because I said there [...]

    9. Norse Mythology - Hotty Immortal, kick arse female lead. Great storyline.Along with page-turning suspense, UNPREDICTABLE plot, mega hotness ** (TEAM TORIN*) and Norse mythology Ednah Walters has given us a fantastic continuous on with this second instalment. . The storyline is filled with twists and turns, romance and giggles and I fell in love with all the characters a little more with each page turn. The story runs at a great pace, keeping the reader hooked till that very last page has been tu [...]

    10. Favorite Line “For Torin St. James, I would learn to reap souls, because forever with him sounded perfect.”Perfect, exciting, spellbound, heartbroken, angry, happy, and so much love!! Those are the words I would use to describe how I felt while reading this book!!This book was perfect in every sense if the word. Raine gets her heart back only to have him not remember her. It was devastating but, Raine being Raine would of course change that.She is finally starting to accept who and what she [...]

    11. Review: 5 out of 5 stars** Contains spoilers from the first book **Immortals is a book I have been really eager to read; I was a big fan of Runes and the world and characters Ednah Walters had created so I was keen to see how it would all progress, especially after the ending we were left with.After the events of the first book, Raine’s life is in turmoil, her peers think she is a witch, Torin doesn’t remember her thanks to the Norns removing his memories of her - her punishment for defying [...]

    12. I want to thank Ednah Walters for writing such a masterpiece. Words can not begin to describe how AMAZING Immortals (Runes Series Book #2) is. Ednah is a brilliantly creative writer. What she brings to life in her stories is beyond compare. She continually surprises me with just how talented she is. When she puts pen to paper or hands to keyboard she makes magic happen. Each book she writes outdoes the last one. Ednah is among a select set of writers that I consider to be my all time favorite. T [...]

    13. Ok so the ending of Runes was insane. My reaction was "What?!" & "Why?! They're so mean! How can they do this?!" Well now that I got that out of my chest, I can go on. With Torin losing all his memories with Raine, she either had to somehow get him to remember their time together or make him fall in love with her all over again. Easier said than done because they did not like each other in the beginning. Of course Raine was still totally smitten with him, Torin just thought she was a silly g [...]

    14. [EDITED]Oh my gosh! I need more.Review to come! (cannot review until I finish this series, I'm in deep and cannot cope without knowing more)So I have finally come back to complete this review, sorry again for the wait guys!Immortals started up right where we left off in Runes and I must say I am glad, nothing annoys me more than a massive time jump and your left wondering what an earth is going on. Yet again Ednah has managed to drag me into her world with her writing, it was as though the more [...]

    15. 4.5/5 stars.This review and many others can be found on my blog - Feed Your Fiction AddictionImmortals was an awesome follow-up to Runes. It had everything I loved about the first book and more! This book starts up two weeks after the last book left off. Raine and her family have just come back from a cruise (they needed to get away for awhile after the swim team tragedy that claimed several swimmers' lives. But, Raine can't just go back to life as usual. First of all, everyone knows about how s [...]

    16. Holy Hel! Yes, only one L in Hel. Where to begin! So much happens; so much to keep up with and one twist after another. I thought I had it figured out but I did NOT have it right at all! The characters kept me interested and non stop action. This is not just a love story but it covers everything guys want in a book too; action, sports, death, mystery, suspense and mythology. For the girls, there is a love story, family, loss and friendship. You want it - you got it all right here folks!We start [...]

    17. Wow! this was the best book EVER! I never wanted it to end! Ednah is a genius when it comes to telling stories and the runes series has quickly become a favourite!This story picks up pretty much where the last left off with Torin not remembering anything about Raine or the time they spent together and the love they shared but Raine is determined to get him and his memories back. If there is one thing she does know it is that they are meant to be together.Meanwhile something strange is going on w [...]

    18. I fell in love with this series after the very first book, or maybe I just fell in love with Torin, either way, I was hooked.I loved Runes and was eagerly awaiting the arrival of Immortals so I could jump right back into Raine's world. I was heartbroken over the way Runes ended and couldn't wait to get more Torin and to see what happened next. I was expecting this to be great, what I wasn't expecting was to love it even more than the first. I couldn't put this down it is that good. Once again To [...]

    19. This is the second book in the Runes Series, and there is no sophomore slump here! The book picks up with Raine and her friends and family. Raine knows her destiny is as a Valkyery, and at Torin St James's side.unfortunately Torin doesn't know either of those things. When Norns agree to let him come back to Raine she thinks her world has fallen into place, but the Norns never let anyone off that easy. They've erased his memories of Raine. Now she must make him fall in love with her all over agai [...]

    20. *18th July 2014 - Loved it just as much second time around*Spoilers for Book 1A brilliant sequel that I just didn't want to leave out of my hands.Raine is devastated to discover that the Norns have wiped Torin's memories and he doesn't know who she is. But if she can't make him remember, she'll make him fall in love with her all over again. The Norns are still trying to get Raine to join them and there's something seriously up with Eirik, which according to the Norn's, only Raine can help him wi [...]

    21. This story continues from Runes. Raine and Torin’s story isn’t over yet. Something happens and Raine has to carry the memories for both her and Torin. And in this story, we get to watch them fall in love all over again. Which is interesting. Most sequels that are a continuation of the same love story, this doesn’t exactly follow that trend. I’m really curious to see how the main story progresses over the course of the series. You have the son of Baldur and Hel, the new Völva, the Norns, [...]

    22. First, if you haven't read Runes yet, what are you waiting for? This series is seriously awesome. Torin is so yummy, and Raine is someone you can't help cheering for. Things are tougher for Raine than ever now. Not only does Torin not remember he loves her, but Raine's best friend (and former boyfriend) Eirik is in danger. She has to remind Torin about their past, save her best friend's life, and steer clear of the evil Norns who won't leave her alone.I'm not sure what I love more about Walters' [...]

    23. I had some ideas about the Erik guy. I knew there was something to him. I love this series and can't wait for the next book

    24. Amazing book!!!!Great read if you are in to paranormal book and good to about the gods don't know all the facts with the god and reapers need to look in to it . but this is a great read can't wait to jump in to Cora! ( although I didn't see this happen thought it would be someone that would come back for her)

    25. I have been waiting on pins and needles for this book to come out. I really loved the first one, Runes, and so did my daughter. We devoured it and was so sad to see that the next one hadn't been published yet. It's so hard to wait for a good book, isn't it? Well, this one is worth the wait. Immortals picks up right where Runes left off. Which wasn't particularly a great place to be but at least we can finish it now! Immortals takes you further on the journey of Raine and Torin with all the twist [...]

    26. Just when Raine Cooper gives into her love and attraction for Torin, Torin’s memories of her are erased by a group of norns. But Raine is intent on reminding Torin of what they had. But that is not all she has to deal with. Between ignoring snide comments and insults in school, training about Runes, trying to keep up with her father’s illness and trying to be a good friend, Raine is stretched thin. Will she be able to hold on to all her projects or will she lose someone in the process?I was [...]

    27. Raine should be happy now. She knows about the Norns, knows about the valkyrie and her family is happy. She love Torin and he cares for her. There is just a few problems. Everyone at school thinks she is a witch, she has to deal with knowing what really happened at the school as a tragedy and Torin doesn't remember her as his memories of her were took away. Now she has to get him to remember her, train and figure out what she wants to do and figure out what secrets there are unknown about her an [...]

    28. Well, I'm hooked. The first book intrigued me with the Norse mythology and made me want to know what happens next. This book kept up the intrigue, saved its secrets until the end, and let's not forget to mention hot guy yummyness.Raine is becoming quite the heroine and we are finding out just how special she is. I'm really liking her - she's so strong-willed and refuses to give up. Not on Torin, not on her friends, and not on her family. She will do everything to protect those she loves, and I r [...]

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