Love by the Morning Star

Upstairs, downstairs, and in which lady s chamber On the brink of World War II, two girls are sent to the grand English country estate of Starkers Hannah, the half Jewish daughter of a disgraced distant relative, has been living an artistic bohemian life in a cabaret in pre war Germany and now is supposed to be welcomed into the family Anna, the social climbing daughtUpstairs, downstairs, and in which lady s chamber On the brink of World War II, two girls are sent to the grand English country estate of Starkers Hannah, the half Jewish daughter of a disgraced distant relative, has been living an artistic bohemian life in a cabaret in pre war Germany and now is supposed to be welcomed into the family Anna, the social climbing daughter of working class British fascists, is supposed to be hired as a maid so that she can spy for the Nazis But there s a mix up, and nice Hannah is sent to the kitchen as a maid while arrogant Anna is welcomed as a relative.And then both girls fall for the same man, the handsome heir of the estate or do they In this sparkling, saucy romance, nearly everything goes wrong for two girls who are sent to a grand English estate on the brink of World War II until it goes so very, very right
Love by the Morning Star Upstairs downstairs and in which lady s chamber On the brink of World War II two girls are sent to the grand English country estate of Starkers Hannah the half Jewish daughter of a disgraced dista

  • Title: Love by the Morning Star
  • Author: Laura L. Sullivan
  • ISBN: 9780547689517
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. If the novel attempted to be more humorous, such as the P.G. Wodehouse it frequently mentions, it might have been a great success. However, in reality the characters aren't very deep, the insinuations too mature for a young audience, and the love at first sight to immature for an old audience. Some potential but not enough to make me do any more than shake my head.

    2. For a full and edited review go to:Blame it on the Book I was a little wary before starting this book. I loved the cover and the title but the synopsis seemed a bit dry and confusing. It was definitely neither of those things. It was full of sassy quips and a whole lot of chaos. I don’t think I had any idea how crazy things could get. Anna (who is not the heroine) wants very much to be a lady, think of an obsessive Eliza Doolittle from My fair Lady. She has fixed her face, hair, speech and eve [...]

    3. At first, I was hesitant to like this novel. Mixed reviews on lowered my expectations, even if I did request this book from the publisher myself. After all, the premise seemed interesting and I had never read a romantic comedy before. The beginning of the novel certainly drags, and there are moments where you shake your head at the two main characters and just think they are so ignorant and dumb. This is especially of Hannah, who, if I were her, would have been smart enough to march straight up [...]

    4. This looked soooo good, but ended being too YA. I think middle grade readers wouldn't quite understand how Anna wasn't evil, necessarily. Quite an interesting premise, just think it wouldn't work for my crowd. We aren't getting the readers interested in Downtown Abbey type books that I thought we might get.

    5. What a book! The storyline! The plot! The characters! The writing! The humor! The creativity! The history! The awesomeness!!The main thing I can say negatively about it, is that the ending was too fast! If only it had been drawn out a bit more. :DThis, Love by the Morning Star, was an excellent book.Ok, now, for those who read the synopsis, I don't believe you can confuse this with being a serious book, but let me tell you right now that it isn't. It's a comedy, a love story perhaps, and it was [...]

    6. Changed this rating because at the time when I first rated it I thought the idea for the plot they had was worth at least to bump it to 2 stars but when I see this book I just remember how the whole thing was so f*cken stupid. Maybe the plot would have worked but it didn't here. This book was just so irritating and being one that hates to leave unfinished books, and it was a library book, I forced myself to read through the stupidity of it. Here is an example: There are two main female character [...]

    7. Two girls - both of whom arrive at Starkers Estate hoping for a brighter future. Anna would like to make a place for herself in the aristocracy and Hannah is looking for a safe haven since her German home was is longer safe for a half-Jew like herself. Only, neither of them end up where they belong and with war in Europe looming, they both feel its best not to make any more waves than necessary. So, someone is a kitchen maid who shouldn't be and someone is upstairs with the family even though sh [...]

    8. I was disappointed by Laura Sullivan's Love by the Morning Star. I wanted to love it. I did. It is a novel set in English countryside in 1938-1939. It offers an upstairs/downstairs view of life. Or supposedly so. Two young women come to Starkers. One is a gold digger spy. Her father is a Nazi-sympathizer to say the least and his gang (for lack of a better word) wants her in position at this estate. She's told she'll be a maid. The other young woman is a Jewish refugee. She is actually a relation [...]

    9. This book reminded me of Eva Ibbotson's YA such as The Morning Gift crossed with Downton Abbey, if Downton was a mistaken identities romantic comedy instead of a soap opera.The plot requires a certain suspension of disbelief that people can mistake a totally different man or woman for the person they love, just because it's dark. If believability is important to you, you probably want to pass. But look, it's a romantic comedy and all I really want from a book like that is to love the characters, [...]

    10. i started with liking this (and i thought i would like this) and so i suppose that's why it gets 2 instead of my 3 with so-so books that are sometimes ok. though must say that i really, really disliked the last chapter and so that helped with the 2 stars also and then there was the not so likeable characters and the aristocracy shinning through even when they are kitchen maids, and everyone being really, really stupid and noone being believable and well not going to talk about it cause then i wo [...]

    11. FANTASTIC!!!!! 5 STARS ALL THE WAY! I really enjoyed this book. It took me away every time I picked it up to read!! Laura L. Sullivan has taken the lives of 2 women and turned them upside down in an exchange type situation! It kept me glued til the end, I was up late reading this one!

    12. Absolutely darling. I fell head-over-heels for the characters and laughed right along with them the entire time. Minus one star simply because there were a bit too many sexual innuendos for my taste (albeit in all the right places and admittedly funny--this book is definitely a light-hearted, humorous read) and as a heads-up to any cautious readers, might not be for everyone. I would read it again, for sure the next time I'm in a reading slump! From the first chapter, I was dying to see how ever [...]

    13. 2.5 stars - I liked parts of it.Anna Morgan's father has risen from being a lowly grocer to the mouthpiece of the National Fascist Front working for the preservation of "true British way of life." Anna is thrilled that her father's rise in social status allows her the opportunity to better herself. She's determined to be a heroine and marry a titled gentleman. When a German higher up in the NAFF asks Anna to be a part of a secret mission, she's willing to help. At least until she discovers that [...]

    14. Love by the Morning Star is another book I picked up from my local library. Just saw it and loved the synopsis. I thought this book was supposed to be very hilarious despite being set in a very terrible time (post-World War I, post-Great Depression, pre-World War II). The dialect of Love by the Morning Star is totally weird. I don't know if they speak like that then, but hey I got used to it. I got used to it. At about the halfway point of the book. So yes, I was considering to quit because it w [...]

    15. I loved this book because of how misguided and mistaken most of the characters were throughout the whole book, with them only figuring everything out in the last few pages. Some moments of misunderstanding were cringe worthy as the four main characters had to try to figure out what was going on and they were fun, yet agonizing to read. They didn't realize that some of them were pretending to be each other without even realizing it, or that some were aware of their deception. Everything was just [...]

    16. 3.5 stars. A charming (if far-fetched) comedy of errors that reminded me a bit of A Countess Below Stairs, I Capture the Castle, and Margery Sharp, mixed with some Downton Abbey.

    17. After reading a few chapters, I told the chef de cuisine that I loved new vocabulary words so much that if I had to choose between her and them, it would be difficult. I mean of course in the end I'd choose her, but no new vocabulary words for the rest of my life? Horrors.

    18. This book had crept up on LGBT booklists, and is set during World War II, so I was pretty excited. However, it has a trans side character, and that's it. Despite my disappointment, it was a fun read. The two main characters switch places upon arriving at an estate. The cousin assumes the role of kitchen maid and the maid/spy assumes the role of the cousin. They both fall in love with the same man but each assume the other is in love with the gardener. It was well played and clever but I would no [...]

    19. Cover Blurb: Yes or No? I do like the cover art, though it hints at more of a romance novel than a comedy (which it is, in fact, both). And the guy behind the tree looks like the 11th Doctor! :-)Characters: This isn't a book where you necessarily have to fall in love with the characters. I liked them, but I didn't love them; even so, I had a ton of fun reading about them because they were so bloody entertaining. Anna Morgan is absolutely and totally conceited, spoiled, and manipulative. But her [...]

    20. It would have been better if the heroine had not been so very very very sprightly and clever and charming and sweet, and also if the entire plot had not hinged on a very flimsy case of mistaken identity that only succeeded because these characters are quite stupid.

    21. this review will go live on the blog 5/30Love by the Morning Star is one of those rare books that kept me up far later than I intended and the only way I managed to get ANY sleep that night was to physically force myself to set the book down. Bravo, Ms. Sullivan!Anna Morgan wants nothing more than to be accepted into the arms of high society. Her father, a mere grocer, has started gaining a following with his political viewpoints and Anna welcomes any and all publicity. She's worked hard to look [...]

    22. Love by the Morning Star is the story of Hannah, a half-Jewish girl who is sent from Germany after the Kristallnacht attacks on Jews to live with aristocratic British relatives she has never met. And it is the story of Anna, daughter of a pro-Nazi British fascist agitator, who is sent to the same estate to pose as a kitchen maid while awaiting orders from the fascists. But beautiful blond Anna is mistaken for Hannah, and Anna seizes the chance to achieve her social ambitions by mixing with the a [...]

    23. I received my copy of Love by the Morning Star through the First Reads program.This is the mixed-up, mistaken identity, upstairs-downstairs, cinderella-ending, hilarious story of Hannah, and Anna. Hannah is a young Jewish girl hustled out of Germany on the cusp of WWII. The daughter of a respectable English aristocratic mother and a Jewish entertainer father, Hannah has grown up in what seems to be a red-light, gentlemen's cabaret in Germany. She performs pastoral songs while dressed as a virgi [...]

    24. Hannah is hardworking and has a positive and cheerful outlook on life and she is also a dreamer. She is a terrible maid but she tries her best and her coworkers can't help but like her because of her charm and disposition. She believes that her relatives mean for her to be a maid in their home because they are disappointed in her mother's choice of husband. Her pride keeps her from confronting them about her treatment at their hands and she decides to make the best of her situation. Anna doesn't [...]

    25. The ridiculousness of the book really made it different. By ridiculousness - I mean it was freaking ridiculous. The plot was built on assumptions and misunderstandings. But it wasn't bad! It just depends on how you are. I mean, if you can accept ridiculous premises, silly characters, and a fluffy plot, you're good to go for this book! If you like emotional depth and characters that have more common sense, then step away. We start with the introduction of Anna, a blonde busty miss who, even thoug [...]

    26. Walking casually around ALAMW, the cover of this book is the first thing that caught me eye. Then I began reading the description and everything about this caught my eye. This book was essentially A Midsummer Night's Dream meets Downton Abbey and I loved every second of it.Now, I gotta start with the warning: This book is REALLY voice-y. It's a really strong voice, but it's kind of quirky and won't necessarily work for everyone. I'm not sure it would've worked for me, but I read it at a really g [...]

    27. This review and others can be found on Cozy Up With A Good ReadWell, this was an interesting enough book, but it took me some time to get through everything that was happening. Through an honest mistake two girls seem to get mixed up when they are sent to the same house under different circumstances. There are so many little mistakes that make this book what it is, a cute and funny story about unknown identities.I really can say that I adored Hannah in this story, she is a cute girl who is very [...]

    28. Originally reviewed at shaelit/2015/03/mini-rI think you have to be in just the right mood to appreciate this book, which thankfully I was. Despite the sweet, romantic cover, Love by the Morning Star is less about tender, gentle romance than you might think. It's flippant and farcical, a bit manic and definitely irreverent. In my notes, I described the narration as "omnipresent jaded view," as the lens follows all of the characters in and out with a distinctly dry ennui. The characters themselv [...]

    29. Love by the Morning StarBy Ms. Laura L. SullivanMy " in a nutshell" summaryHannah and Annaquite a paire off to a country house for protection for spying!My thoughts after reading this bookThis was a sweet little fun book about Hannah and Anna. Hannah was actually distantly related to the people who live at StarkersLady and Lord Liripipe people who own the country house. Anna was sent there to spy for the Germans or rather a German friend of her father wants her to spy at Starkers and the people [...]

    30. I think that this book was good; it didn't have the wow factor to make it insanely amazing. I was a little disappointed with the characters; Anna seemed to spoiled with herself which made her unlikable throughout the whole novel, and Hannah; who seemed to have no trouble speaking her mind was suddenly at a loss of words when confronting any of her distant family about the way they took her in. Nonetheless, this book was frustratingly good. The romance wasn't too overplayed, and I enjoyed reading [...]

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