Trixie Belden and the Mystery of Whispering Witch

Trixie and Honey make friends with a new girl in town who lives at a mansion that is supposedly haunted by a witch s ghost After the girls witness some ghostly activity, their new friend confesses she believes she is possessed by the witch s ghost Trixie becomes determined to help the troubled girl and discover the truth about the Whispering Witch.
Trixie Belden and the Mystery of Whispering Witch Trixie and Honey make friends with a new girl in town who lives at a mansion that is supposedly haunted by a witch s ghost After the girls witness some ghostly activity their new friend confesses she

  • Title: Trixie Belden and the Mystery of Whispering Witch
  • Author: Kathryn Kenny
  • ISBN: 9780307215536
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Trixie’s friend Fay Franklin arrives in the middle of the night with a request for help. She and her mother live in the old haunted Lisgard Mansion, and her mother has broken her hip. When Trixie and Honey agree to spend the night with Fay, they discover just how haunted the mansion is. But that’s nothing compared to Fay’s confession the next day. What is going on?What is going on is a book that is too dark for the tone of the series. While I normally enjoy a book haunted house story, this [...]

    2. This was my favorite of the Trixie Belden series from my childhood. I remember getting it for Christmas when I was 11 years old. I still have the entire series on my bookshelf and I've lugged them around with me through the years thinking that maybe, someday, I would have a daughter to share these books. Alas, I had only sons and they wouldn't read a "girl" book, especially an "old" girl book. LOL. So, I bought them the entire Hardy Boys series because I'm such a cool mom. This particular book s [...]

    3. a HUGE and most dedicated fan of Trixie and her crew. This is odd, of course, because they were MEANT for teen and pre-teen girls, but I was a young boy that read everything he could get his hands on and when I first stumbled on my first TRIXIE BELDON book I was instantly hooked! I immediately sat about reading them all, as quickly as I could get my greedy little paws on them. Trixie is the star, or "lead" character, followed by Jim and Honey (who quickly became the love of my young life, I had [...]

    4. I really didn't care for this book, although my favorite characters are all present and accounted for. Most of the Trixie Belden books are fun, and while occasionally Trixie gets into a really dangerous situation (often dragging her friends with her) the stories are not usually spooky or really scary. This book must have been written for Halloween, as it was a bit spooky, although still tame since written for kids. I just didn't care for the "ghosts" and the implication that these ghosts could b [...]

    5. For Christmas one year, my parents grabbed me the entire Trixie Belden set and I couldn't put them down. After I finished with them, they continued to purchase them as quickly as I could read them. Even with a learning disability, I devoured the books. I look back now and I find that Trixie Belden was much more age related to young girls, particularly to me, reading the books than Nancy Drew. There was something in these books that I found to be a greater escape than I did ND, too. I found that [...]

    6. Halloween reread~10/23/14-10/31/14This is the spookiest one in the whole series in my opinion. I really like this one.

    7. Question posed by Mart Belden, to his sister Trixie: What happens if you can't pay your exorcist?Trixie: I don't know.Mart: You get repossessed!It's a silly joke but I laughed out loud after reading the exchange in this book. No matter how deeply involved Trixie is with a mystery, Mart is there to add some humor. It helps that the mystery here is one of the better ones in the series.

    8. A childhood favorite re-visited.Is the story as good as I remember? – YesWhat ages would I recommend it too? – Ten and up.Length? – Most of a day’s read.Characters? – Memorable, several characters.Setting? – Real world, pre - computer, pre - air conditioning, pre - cell phone.Written approximately? – 1980.Does the story leave questions in the readers mind? – Ready to read more.Any issues the author (or a more recent publisher) should cover? Yes. A slight mention of the time frame [...]

    9. Just read this one for the first time, as it was one of the few missing from my childhood collection of the series. It was just as enjoyable and satisfying as the others! I had more or less guessed at the solution to the mystery before it was revealed, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

    10. One of my least favorite of the series, because of the scary supernatural element. This one really freaked me out a lot as a kid, not only the witch/ghost but the fire.

    11. Trixie Belden was one of my earliest great media obsessions. I absolutely adored all of the books and desperately wanted to be Trixie.

    12. Going to have to mull this one over. I think I remember reading it as a kid, and I imagine it might have been very creepy or scary to me then.

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