O Evangelho de Sangue

Um terramoto em Massada, Israel, mata centenas de pessoas e p e a descoberto um t mulo aculto no cora o da montanha Um trio de investigadores o sargento Jordan Stone, especialista em medicina forense, o padre Rhun Korza, sacerdote do Vaticano e a Dra Erin Granger, uma arque loga brilhante mas desencantada enviado para explorar aquela descoberta macabra, um temploUm terramoto em Massada, Israel, mata centenas de pessoas e p e a descoberto um t mulo aculto no cora o da montanha Um trio de investigadores o sargento Jordan Stone, especialista em medicina forense, o padre Rhun Korza, sacerdote do Vaticano e a Dra Erin Granger, uma arque loga brilhante mas desencantada enviado para explorar aquela descoberta macabra, um templo subterr neo que encerra o cad ver crucificado de uma rapariga mumificada Mas um violento ataque ao local p e os tr s em fuga, lan ando os numa corrida para recuperarem aquilo que outrora foi preservado no sarc fago do t mulo um livro que se diz ter sido escrito pelo pr prio Jesus Cristo e que se cr conter os segredos da Sua divindade O inimigo que os persegue mpar, uma for a do mal muito antiga controlada por um l der de ambi es e ast cia incalcul veis Entre sepulturas delapidadas e igrejas magn ficas, Erin e os dois companheiros ter o de enfrentar um passado que remonta a milhares de anos, a um tempo em que criaturas demon acas percorriam os cantos mais negros do mundo, ao momento em que Jesus fez uma oferta milagrosa, um pacto de salva o com aqueles que estavam condenados eternidade Porque usam os padres cat licos cruzes ao peito Porque fazem voto de celibato Porque escondem os monges o rosto com capuzes E porque insiste o catolicismo que durante a missa o vinho se transforma no sangue de Cristo As respostas encontram se todas numa seita secreta do Vaticano, cuja exist ncia apenas segredada, mas que Rembrandt pintou e deu a conhecer ao mundo, uma ordem obscura conhecida como os Sanguinistas.
O Evangelho de Sangue Um terramoto em Massada Israel mata centenas de pessoas e p e a descoberto um t mulo aculto no cora o da montanha Um trio de investigadores o sargento Jordan Stone especialista em medicina forense

  • Title: O Evangelho de Sangue
  • Author: James Rollins José Luís Luna
  • ISBN: 9789722527064
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. We all hate it when our favorite series or trilogy comes to an end, but I'm sure that we hate it even more when the last book didn't live up to one's expectations. I had very high hopes for this because I really liked the first two books. I even rated the first one a 5 star rating. I thought that after reading this I might reread the trilogy again in the future, but I didn't like this book that much. It was cliche, and the characters weren't as good as they were before. It was a huge slap to the [...]

    2. This is a book I had wanted to read for so long. Every ingredient in the synopsis whetted my taste buds - it is so my kind of book. Unfortunately, I spend the majority of my time in Norway and ordered it at my UK address. Okay, I accept I do stupid things on occasion. My embarrassment was compounded when one of the authors asked me if I had read it after I had told him/her (I won't say which one) that I couldn't wait. It was well worth waiting for anyway. I could read this book a dozen times.I w [...]

    3. Just when I had thought I had seen and heard enough of vampires, along comes an intelligent work of fiction that at its core tells the story of an age-old battle between two vamphyrric sects, the Sanguines and the StrigoiE BLOOD GOSPEL, the first in the series of The Order of the Sanguines books, is a winner from start to finish. It poses and answers many questions about religion and the nature of priests: Why do Catholic priests wear pectoral crosses? Why are they sworn to celibacy? Why does Ca [...]

    4. WOW!! James Rollins really stepped outside of his comfort zone with 'Blood Gospel'! I didn't get caught up in the wave of 'Twilight' readers or movies. So, haven't really read many "vampire" books. Though one does NOT walk away thinking vampires when finished with 'Blood Gospel'!!I really like the terminology he introduced in the story. It separates out Rollins works into a genre of it's own! I truly TRULY enjoyed the read! Now, the HISTORY!! That's where he get me every time! From the siege at [...]

    5. I love archaeology, relics, religious conspiracies and vampires so I was hoping for a good ride, but The Blood Gospel just didn't work for me. I felt like it was riding the success of a bunch of bestsellers without adding anything original or even that interesting to the mix.The book was clearly trying to create a sinister atmosphere with the constant underground tunnels and caverns and torches, and scary beasts like wolves and bats and bears. Oh come on! Why can't there be a bad bunny for a cha [...]

    6. The Blood Gospel by James Rollins and Rebecca CantrellPublished 2013, William MorrowStars: ★★★★★Review also posted at: Slapdash & Sundry Doesn't matter how many times I read this book (this reread makes #3), I am consistently impressed with Rollins and Cantrell's ability to tie supernatural elements seamlessly into historical events, blending and merging the two to create a fantastic story of good versus evil, betrayal and redemption, and Rollins' typical "save the world" scenario. [...]

    7. I am not rating this book as I didn't finish ita lot. I didn't get that far into it and I've had people get upset when I rated books I'd not finished and had what I thought were valid reasons for giving a rating. I won't comment here on the writing or the story telling. Maybe the characters are some of the best ever to grace the pages of literature. I don't know. I couldn't get passed the vileness of the book itself.Look, if you aren't offended by the book I'm not criticizing you or judging you. [...]

    8. This is James Rollins & Rebecca Cantrell on the edge of blasphemy and I loved the book, devouring it in two sittings. Opening with a glimpse into the heart of Masada, Israel, a dark tomb is revealed. As it is destroyed in an earthquake, three survivors escape to face a demonic creature, before a priesthood come to spirit them away on a mission to save mankind. Packed full of fast-paced action, vampires and corrupted creatures, religious themes and emotional resonance, Blood Gospel will delig [...]

    9. Initial thoughts:Holy hell!!!! What a fantastic conclusion to a great series!!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this one!!!! Review to come. Eventually. Review:Actual rating: 5 What-An-Originally-Amazing-Storyline stars!! No spoilers for any book in this series.Wellis is going to be a difficult review to write. I tend to struggle with reviews of books in a series. How do you talk about what happened in this book, without spoiling what's happened in the previous books? None of my GR friends have read this, [...]

    10. I really feel bad to give one star to a book, so I think that I need to explain myself.Since the book is all about suspence, I have to alert that, from this point, all this review is going to be a HUGE spoiler.(view spoiler)[ Reading this book I got the feeling that the authors decided that the two best commercial trends in books are vampires and shocking-revelations-about-Jesus-and the church, so they put the two together to write this one.Unfortunately, I generally dislike books about vampires [...]

    11. Anyone who loves archaeology, combined with religious conspiracy, combined with vampire legend, will LOVE this novelCan't wait to read the rest of the series!librarycrystal.wordpress/2

    12. Blood Gospel – overall 4 stars. I have seen mixed reviews on Blood Gospel and, I’ll be honest, I don’t understand all of the negative comments. I have some idea of what may be affecting those readers and I’ll mention it through this review. Having said that, I thought it was good. I liked it and I’ll be looking for the second book of this series. 4-4 1/4 stars.Overview(not synopsis).Because there may be some spoilers involved, I’m going to shy away from giving a “Synopsis.” I’l [...]

    13. This is the most incredible mash up of current popular memes in popular literature. It hit every irritable nerve in my body. First, we have yet another take on vampires. Give it a rest people, that genre is so worn out at this point. In fact I think Ann Rice and Charlene Harris have pretty much written the definitive vampire stories for the next century. Second, this is combined with Nazis and archeology for about the 10 billionth time. Another overdone genre.Third we bring in the "Da Vinci" cod [...]

    14. The final book in a trilogy is always difficult to read, the knowledge that you have to say a fond farewell to characters that you have watched grow and develop into the multi dimensional beings that they are now.Well can I just say that the Rollins and Cantrell writing combination did not disappoint. The return of Father Rhun Korza (sanguinist/ Knight of Christ), Dr Erin Grainger (archaeologist / Woman of Learning) and Sargent Jordan Stone (soldier / Warrior of Man) I have eagerly awaited since [...]

    15. Blood Infernal by James Rollins and Rebecca CantrellPublished 2015, William MorrowStars: ★★★★★Review also posted at: Slapdash & SundryThis was it. This was the end the end of the apocalyptic trilogy by James Rollins, one of my favorite authors, and his co-author Rebecca Cantrell. And I must say I'm disappointed not in the quality of the book, but in the fact that it's OVER. James Rollins is an expert at adventure/action/techno-thrillers. I mean it when I say that. I preorder the ha [...]

    16. I really like James Rollins Sigma Force books and I really like vampires, so I thought ok give it a try yeah should have left it on the shelf. Its Dire we have a special group of Vampire Priests called the Sanguines hidden among the Catholic Priests - well it was a stretch and kept on stretchingIt basically asks the following questionsWhy Do Catholic Priest wear Pectoral Crosses?Why Are Catholic Priests sworn to celibacy?Why Does Catholicism insist on the transformation of wine into the blood of [...]

    17. Genre* Mystery, Suspense, ParanormalRating* 3.5-4.0*Review*James Rollins, author of the Sigma Force series as well as Subterranean, collaborates with author Rebecca Cantrell on The Blood Gospel the first book in the Order of the Sanguines series. As with other Rollins books, this story takes readers on a thrill ride that doesn’t stop until the very end. The main characters journey starts out in Israel where they uncover a starting find, to Germany where the Nazi’s tried to hide away their lo [...]

    18. There is a reason James Rollins is regarded as one of the very top writers on the scene today. Heralded worldwide for his superb Sigma Force novels, Mr.Rollins has produced a most stunningly amazing new novel, so very original in concept and execution, that one cannot simply pigeon-hole THE BLODD GOSPEL, co-written with the very talented Rebecca Cantrell, into any single genre. This is a very complex and involving novel, one which is extraordinary in it's reach and concept.The novel begins in th [...]

    19. I was very disappointed! I was expecting historical fiction blended with good suspense. What I got was teensy little bits of history (that was comprised of tidbits of already well-known facts) mixed with cheesy romance. I abandoned half-way through. The premise of the book is too silly (priest vampires who survive on the blood of christ - just too cheesy for me). The characters were completely non-credible and I imagine this is what romance novels are like (I don't read that genre). Each charact [...]

    20. Book Info: Genre: Historical fiction/Supernatural ThrillerReading Level: AdultRecommended for: Folks who enjoy treasure-hunt type stories, stories that intertwine history with fantasy, fast-paced thrillersTrigger Warnings: murder, torture, child abuse (implied), child murder (historical)My Thoughts: Come on, who can resist a book that combines ancient religious conspiracies with vampires? I know I can't!The story is fast-paced and that helps prevent the reader worrying too much about details. Ho [...]

    21. I was disappointed in this book. I have loved all of Rollins books, which is saying a lot since some of them can get pretty weird! This one was so different from his others that it made me sad. Where was all his science? I love the scientific discoveries he makes and the adventures that go along with them. This book had his adventures but lacked so much. He chose to focus on the Catholic religion and. get this Vampires. Uh huh. Weird. How he connected vampires and the church was really. Irrevere [...]

    22. A very nice end to a good trilogy and a thumping good read.All the loose ends tie up in a pretty satisfying manner and we even have room for a possible sequel.I loved the main characters, the action and the mystery, as well as the religious/supernatural side of the story.I'm taking one star off though, because of bad editing. Small editing mistakes don't normally bother me, but these were a bit too big to ignore at times. For instance: one of our profesized trio has his right arm cut above the e [...]

    23. New series, new collaborator, new genre for the New Year!It’s no secret to readers of my reviews that I’m a huge fan of James Rollins’ novels, and have been ever since Subterranean was first published. In the years since, in addition to penning the wildly popular Sigma Force series and several excellent stand alone thrillers, he has written seven fantasy novels under the name James Clemens as well as two young adult adventures. I love that he isn’t content to write the same type of story [...]

    24. Let me start by saying I've read everything Rollins has published and have read none by Rebecca Cantrell. After reading "Blood Gospel" I will have to remedy that oversight.But first things first. If you're expecting a Sigma Force novel, stop right now. This ain't it. Completely different in just about every way. Very much supernatural elements and rife with foreign matter to that excellent series.I think I was able to determine which portions were handled by the authors based on familiarity of s [...]

    25. 4 "holy tamale" stars (3.5 stars really for the writing and a bonus half-star because the story was so damn exciting and horrific)Wow this was soooooooooooooo damn good. Not literature but a mass market paperback that made me tremble with excitement and frightened me a number of times so that I did not want to go to sleep without my bedside lamp on low.A sexy vampire priest, a pretty and smart female archaeologist and a macho (but somewhat annoying) American army sergeant hunt for a gospel writt [...]

    26. This is a very poor attempt by Rollins to start a new series. If you are a fan of the plethora of vampire romance novels that are all the rage (and hopefully becoming passe)you may find this series of interest. It is easy to tell which sections Rollins wrote and which sections his coauthor wrote. It is very sluggish in parts and only builds up to a medium pace - very unlike his Sigma series. I kept hoping that the book would pick up to no avail. As this is a series, the ending was written to ent [...]

    27. Like Dan Brown with vampires. While I like James Rollins' books, Rebecca Cantrell's co-authorship was a strong addition. A good read, and historical enough to be recommended for (sophisticated) high school history readers.

    28. First of all, I finished a trilogy! Woo-hoo! It's so rare I need to celebrate it. Lol!Sooo last time the trio of the archaeologist, the marine and the priest are working to prevent literally all hell breaking loose. All I can say is Rollins never disappoints! I started this trilogy because I saw him last year at the LA Times Book Festival where he spoke about this collaboration with Rebecca Cantrell. I love these kinds of books that are about ancient history or religious history with action & [...]

    29. If you want an explosive ending, you have to read a James Rollins book. If you want a mix of new-age religion, original fantasy, and breakneck action you have to read this James Rollins book. This trilogy was one I honestly never wanted to end. I've read a lot, but rarely have three characters made such a place in my heart as Rhun, Jordan and Erin. I bought the Blood Infernal audiobook because I couldn't wait until the paperback came out in my country and I'm definitely not sorry. To hear the ac [...]

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