East Of Ealing

From Are computer barcodes the Mark of the Beast Hell yeah The End Times foretold in The Book of Revelation are coming to pass in Brentford, a peaceful London suburb, East of Ealing Lateinos and Romiith a vast computer corporation is planning to barcode the population of the world and do away with money The lads who frequent Brentford s finest public house From Are computer barcodes the Mark of the Beast Hell yeah The End Times foretold in The Book of Revelation are coming to pass in Brentford, a peaceful London suburb, East of Ealing Lateinos and Romiith a vast computer corporation is planning to barcode the population of the world and do away with money The lads who frequent Brentford s finest public house The Flying Swan are not going to like that The headquarters of the sinister corporation towers into the suburban sky, casting a fearful shadow and putting the wind up the locals Something will have to be done and when it comes to tackling Armageddon and the Apocalypse, who better to take on the task, than those two unemployed inebriates, Jim Pooley and John Omally Well, there s Professor Slocombe, who has certain plans of his own And Norman from the corner shop who has just rediscovered the secrets of perpetual motion And there is also Mr Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street, whose surprise visit to Brentford is causing something of a stir Between the lot of them they are bound to come up with something .Or possibly not Yes, they re back, for Book Three of The Brentford Trilogy a cast of lovable rogues, fearsome magicians, eccentric inventors and a pagan barlord whose previous adventures were documented in The Antipope and The Brentford Triangle East of Ealing was originally published in 1984, and now seems very much ahead of its time and forces the reader to ask the cosmic question where does Robert Rankin get his ideas from
East Of Ealing From Are computer barcodes the Mark of the Beast Hell yeah The End Times foretold in The Book of Revelation are coming to pass in Brentford a peaceful London suburb East of Ealing Lateinos and Romii

  • Title: East Of Ealing
  • Author: Robert Rankin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. What can be said about Robert Rankin's Brentford Trilogy (now approaching ten books).That's probably a good indicator of what this series is like, actually. It's a trilogy with at least ten books, probably more. And it's balls-to-the-wall absurdity, old jokes, puns and far fetched nonsense. And it's wonderful. Rankin's books are not technically brilliant, not always laugh-out-loud funny, but they are wonderfully crafted surrealist brilliance, and they will always hold a special place in my heart [...]

    2. 'And the lights upon the allotment,' said Soap, 'what would you take those to be?''The work of the council,' said Omally firmly, 'another plot to confound honest golfers.'Soap burst into a paroxysm of laughter. Tears rolled down his pale cheeks and he clutched at his stomach.'Come now,' said Pooley, 'it is no laughing matter, these lads have it in for us.''Have it in for you?' gasped Soap between convulsions. 'You witness a test run of laser-operated gravitational landing beams, the product of a [...]

    3. The third book in the Brentford Trilogy, this is another humorous romp into flights of fancy that begin when Norman the shopkeeper re-invents the concept of the perpetual motion machineIts a great tale, of enormous proportions, which suffers from a rising crescendo that abruptly ends falling off an unexpected and rather unsatisfying cliff rather than a real ending. Rankin has always had trouble with his endings, but this has got to be one of his worse.Still there are tons of funny bits and excit [...]

    4. That's a pretty depressing ending, but the book is hilarious nonetheless. Evil and non-evil robots, Sherlock Holms wielding Magnum 44, and the true location of Garden of Eden all await inside.

    5. This book is silly and funny, and like other Rankin books gets steadily more silly towards the end - I think this one gets a bit lost though.

    6. [Short review from memory until I re-read and re-review at a later date:Can't remember anything particularly. Should be a good one though, though I'm sure some RR can be downgraded.]

    7. Any book that postulates that Brentford is the location of the Garden of Eden as depicted in the bible and that Penge is the true birthplace of Christ has got to be worth a read. Brilliantly funny and imaginative.

    8. Okay. This is the one I bought and DNF'd.It wasn't particularly bad. It just wasn't to my taste. It suffered from all the same issues as 'Antipope' /review/show and 'Brentford Triangle' /review/showI suspect, I just don't get - OR didn't get the humor at the time. I might enjoy these better now and I WILL give them another chance - or at least 'Antipope' if I find my copies, then we'll go from there. If you like random, whimsical stories with a nonsensical edge. You might appreciate this series. [...]

    9. This was a holiday read. I have read quite a few of Robert Rankin's novels and enjoy his anarchic style. This book contains some of the ongoing adventures of two of the unlikeliest heroes in modern literature, Messrs O'Mally and Pooley who together with some reinforcements from Brentford once again defeat the forces of darkness in their bid to subvert creation. Only gets four stars due to its being slightly overtaken by events. However, it's a good laugh and where are Omally and Pooley when you [...]

    10. Bring back the Brentford Crew.Re- the 25 or so Rankin books on my shelf makes me hark back to the early days.I have read them all but some of the newer work has had me putting the book down never to pick it up again.When these were written I worked in Brentford. The Flying Swan could easily have been our watering hole called The Beehive.Although as we know. Brentford is south west of Ealing!!!

    11. As usual, a very good, very funny novel. Am looking forward to reading more of this author. Thankfully he's written a whole stream of these type of books. I liked this one at least a much as the first two, which was a pleasant surprise since it didn't seem to be quite as well received in the reviews I've seen.Very good. Highly recommended.

    12. Brentford is once again threatened. This time by computers bringing on the apocalypse. There's time travel and Sherlock Holmes in this mad cap adventure, where all our heroes really want is a pint at their local.I enjoyed this book, it particularly got better when Sherlock Holmes turned up. A good read.

    13. Take "I Robot" and liberally add alcohol and a pair of work why layabouts and what do you have?East of Ealing, the third book of The Brentford Trilogy.Another rip roaring adventure in Brentford, what more could you want? Sherlock Holmes? oh yeah He's in there too!

    14. More hugely enjoyable madness, aka The One With The Computer Invasion. Four stars for being MASSIVELY ahead of its time. I love Rankin.

    15. A shorter book, only 194 pages, but still full of crazy antics including those of Sherlock Holmes watching old westerns and playing cowboy.

    16. very entertaining read, not as good as the first two but with an ending that makes me want to the read next one immediatly!

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