Free Hostage

My name is Timberly Day I don t drink, but I do know things I know the heart beats over 100,000 times per day I know for every one second, lightning strikes the Earth 100 times I also know that Jaxon King the bloody tosser is a muddler A manipulator A liar A con, a thiefd a closet nerd He s as beautiful as innocence, as harmless as a feather Except, itMy name is Timberly Day I don t drink, but I do know things I know the heart beats over 100,000 times per day I know for every one second, lightning strikes the Earth 100 times I also know that Jaxon King the bloody tosser is a muddler A manipulator A liar A con, a thiefd a closet nerd He s as beautiful as innocence, as harmless as a feather Except, it s all an illusion I see him and I see lies I smell him and I taste deceit And still fool that I am I rush in His eyes are like ice His tongue is like fire His lies are white, but his touch is red hot I had the chance to run I didn t Now, I am a part of the game And the only way to win to give in.
Free Hostage My name is Timberly Day I don t drink but I do know things I know the heart beats over times per day I know for every one second lightning strikes the Earth times I also know that Jaxon

  • Title: Free Hostage
  • Author: S. Ann Cole
  • ISBN: 9781640634022
  • Page: 243
  • Format: ebook
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    1. I can just imagine Ms. Cole sitting back with her feet propped up sipping a Mai Tai trying to come up with a title for this book. Cons Conning Cons The Con and the Con Who Loved Him/Her We'll Always Have ParisYour Heist or Mine?Thank God all of those were tossed because Free Hostage is an absolutely perfect title, and I didn’t realize it until I was completely absorbed. Engrossed. Hostage. <-- Ha! that totally wasn’t planned!Willing captive/reluctant captor. Seriously, that’s all you ne [...]

    2. What in the world did I just read?!! I'm not sure what I was expecting but it wasn't that. It was so much more! Amazing characters! Amazing plot! This book was F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!I love characters like Timberly. Both she and her BFF/Sidekick/Partner in Crime Melanie are super intelligent tech geniuses. She started college at age 13 and has multiple masters degrees and PhDs. She is also an oddball with many quirky habits including spewing random facts at inappropriate times. She finds it hard to m [...]

    3. Good Lord people!! Free Hostage legit came out of nowhere and knocked me flat on my behind!! I absolutely FLOVED it!! Right from the first page I was hysterically laughing at Timberly's inner thoughts, ramblings and commentary. She was so damn funny and so real!! And I absolutely loved Jaxon right away. There was something about that man that hooked me from the getgo. Their sexual chemistry was insane and the tension was palpable. I could not get enough!!Without giving away any spoilers I can ho [...]

    4. Great writing. I just have a little bit of issues with the plot twist at the end. I would have been livid should people make a play with my life the way they did. Lie to me once, you are out. No second chance whatsoever.I even was rooting for the heroine to get it on with the hero's friend. He seemed a lot more trustworthy than him.

    5. Sweet Holy titfire. Where do I begin? There needs to be more than five stars for this book. I won't lie, I love everything and anything that S. Ann writes but hands down this is her best work yet. BEST WORK YET. S. Ann is one of those authors that I want others to discover. I have been waiting a very long time for this book --or actually any words from S. Ann. To the point I was getting worried that my stalking her on social media was bordering on creepy.There is a certain quality and cadence to [...]

    6. I don't want this book to end! So, so good! Badassery to the highest level! 😁 epic writing! 👍👍👍👏👏👏

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    8. You smell like games and lies and knavery and immorality I am on a roll! S Ann Cole joins a short list of new-to-me authors whose books I have thoroughly enjoyed.With a title like ‘Free Hostage’, I’ll admit I was expecting something BDSM-ish and that’s not my jam. The blurb, however, had me hooked. Anyone who describes the hero as a ‘bloody tosser’ is someone I want to learn more about. And that’s Timber. Jaxon is the tosser in question. This book does a great job in showcasing som [...]

    9. My name is Timberly Day. I don’t drink, but I do know things. I know the heart beats over 100,000 times per day. I know for every one second, lightning strikes the Earth 100 times. I also know that Jaxon King—the bloody tosser!—is a muddler. A manipulator. A liar. A con, a thiefd a closet nerd. He’s as beautiful as innocence, as harmless as a feather. Except, it’s all an illusion. I see him and I see lies. I smell him and I taste deceit. And still—fool that I am—I rush in. His eyes [...]

    10. I really liked this book! The story line was different and it had me guessing the whole time. There were a few inconsistencies but not enough to rate the book lower. The twist at the end really surprised me which I liked but the change in the H after it was a little too much too fast. Again not enough for me to rate the book lower. I couldn't put this one down.

    11. This book was great! It had everything I love in a book: hot guy, nerdy girl, suspense, a bunch of twists, laughter, and smart-ass comments. This romance unraveled in the perfect pace. Basically. this is about a girl and her friend who are super geniuses and rob things just for the fun of it. And then she becomes a hostage becuase she notices that a very sexy male is in the middle of trying to do a heist! The guy eventually takes her as his hostage and back to his compound. Turns out, he is the [...]

    12. 5+ 'Conned right into my heart' Stars! Free Hostage well and truly blew my mind. I'm not sure what I anticipated when I started this book. Clever, witty, captivating and exceptional story-telling is what I found in the pages I couldn't flip through fast enough. Timberly Day -- this bespectacled beauty, and endearing fact-spewing genius was quite the heroine. The whole book was in her POV and I enjoyed every second of it. Never was there a dull moment; be it her hilarious inner musings or the sit [...]

    13. Timber and Melanie best friends and work mates out in a museum to right the wrongs they've done, come face to face with a couple of masked men all in black. All Timber sees and remembers are those deep blue amazing eyes she will never forget. At an auction in Paris a year later she sees those eyes across the room and follows them, bad move.Not saying more about the story to give anything away, but some great characters with lots of angst and intrigue and some lol moments.Timber is a technology n [...]

    14. I loved this book!! It was a breath of fresh air as far as storylines go and I enjoyed every minute of it Timberly and Melanie were hilarious! Loved how intelligent and sassy they were How they get involved with Jaxon is a whirlwind of an adventure that I couldn’t get enough ofI think the only thing kind of through me for a loop was how things shifted towards the end Not the twist but Jaxon’s character It’s almost like he reverted to this kid like persona after seeing him so in control But [...]

    15. Love love love it! I’m torn! I love JK and Saskia but I think I’m loving Tim and Jaxon more. You’ve outdone yourself S Ann Cole. Can’t put it down!

    16. What can I say? I could spew facts; all the things we ever or maybe never wanted to know Timber knows them. What an amazing creature she was, I absolutely loved her. Timber had it all going on, the brilliance, the wily wit, no nonsense, sensitive, and so much more. Her bestie Mel was the ballsy one, where Timber let her brain do the work. And now we come to Jaxson, my least favorite character in the book. Jax was a class A jack hat. I don't give a rats rump what he did and why he did it and when [...]

    17. This is a voluntary review of an advanced copy.Wow, there should be an option to add an extra star for an exceptional book! I was so intrigued with this book that I could not put it down and stayed up til 3 am to finish it (I had to be up for work at 7 am so not the best choice!)!This book is filled with twists and turns, lies, and cons and just when you think you know what is going on, you realize that you don't! There were parts that were funny, parts that you can feel the pain, and many parts [...]

    18. Oh wow! This book is unexpected. Started with a two totally hilarious nerdy and crazy to the max girls. They made me laugh out loud a lot of times. Their banter are batshit crazy. And there was Jaxon, oh you would swoon all over for him. Suppressing his actions but really can’t get his hands and heart for Tim. I loved it, swoon all over it. I want more, more. Never miss this book, you’ve got to experience it.“You either want him, or you want me, but you can’t have both,” Jaxon cuts thr [...]

    19. S. Ann!! Why did you do this to me!? Huh!? Why!! I can’t even find the words to express how mind blown and fulfill I am. I’ve been in a book funk for awhile, I wanted something new and exciting to read, nothing that I could predict and guess what S. Ann? You came through with this one. Di ting sell off!!! (The book was great) I won’t go into a synopsis of the book, I have no other words than, GET THIS BOOK! READ THIS BOOK! I promise you, you will not regret this! This is the best thing I [...]

    20. I definitely didn’t see this one coming - the blurb didn’t give me any clues but there again, most of the action in this story involves conning others, so maybe it is particularly apt? Don’t believe a thing they say or do, don’t be sure just who you can trust and get ready for a real page turner, a brilliant adventure superbly written and totally enthralling!Timberly Day is an extremely able young lady, having gained multiple degrees whilst still a teenager. She hates silence. Talks ince [...]

    21. This book took me a chapter or two to get into, but once I dug in I was hooked and did not want to put it down. The book is a bit wacky and hard to follow. Everyone is a Con, so you don’t know what’s truth and what’s the con. It is captivating. You have an idea of who the main players are but it’s a triangle that unfolds and refold to unfold again throughout the book. It really hooks you in to see what is going to happen next, who is going to win, who is going to get crushed and will Tim [...]

    22. Free Hostage by S. Ann Cole is a exciting read for sure. It keeps you guessing since most of the characters in this story are con-artist. But it is a book that is very hard to put down. Really enjoyed it!

    23. This is the first book by this author that I've read and it definitely won't be the last. This book is a whitty and captivating story, which will keep you hooked till the last page. I just couldn't put this book down, I enjoyed every minute of it. The characters were really well written and so interesting to read. I can't wait to read more from this author in the future. Highly recommendedI voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book

    24. I wanted to give this book 5 stars. The story is clever, cute, sweet and steamy everything you would want in a Cat and Mouse type of story. I don't know it is the way the author writes or just the story but many times I found the book to be choppy, the wrong use of certain terms made the 22 year old Timberly Day feel 90 years old. The author gave a authentic feel when it came to the character losing her virginity I will give her points for that. Honestly the story was choppy why the characters d [...]

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