The Road from Maryville

Dear Author,Their Mom guilt tripped him and his brother into coming home for at least a week for Easter So this Detective took off two weeks from work, his brother was supposed to come to him from college so they could both drive there together their mother lives in another country state Oh, and their mother was looking forward to meeting their partners, too, which wouDear Author,Their Mom guilt tripped him and his brother into coming home for at least a week for Easter So this Detective took off two weeks from work, his brother was supposed to come to him from college so they could both drive there together their mother lives in another country state Oh, and their mother was looking forward to meeting their partners, too, which wouldn t be that bad, had his not dumped him a month ago Nope, he still hasn t told his mother, since she would just arrange for sons and daughters of her neighbors to visit them when he came home.Of course, his last day at work isn t going well Some ass hit his car, so he actually had to use public transportation He had to fight off the advances of a drunk on the Tube and got beer spilled all over his favorite T Shirt Then his female neighbor tried to seduce him, again, when he arrived at his flat.The day couldn t get worse at least he thought so before finding his brother having sex with a blond twink on his couch, who is apparently his squeeze of the week The guy is a history major who is apparently looking forward to visiting the sights in their hometown, and who hated him on sight After going out to a party and leaving his sick boyfriend behind, his brother finds someone new and actually dumps the twink on him while driving to the beach with his new partner.Do you know what their mother suggested after he told her the story To take the twink home with him You can t leave the poor boy alone in such a state Photo Description A bare chested, handsome man, with big arms and a perky nose, reads a book yes, a book not an e reader on his stomach over a light colored carpet The nice thing is, he has his round tanned butt exposed because his cargo shorts are way below the curve almost reaching his thighs leaving all that delicious flesh visible for us to enjoy Did I mention he has the cutest dimples flanking his coccyx This story was written as a part of the M M Romance Group s Love Has No Boundaries event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.
The Road from Maryville Dear Author Their Mom guilt tripped him and his brother into coming home for at least a week for Easter So this Detective took off two weeks from work his brother was supposed to come to him from col

  • Title: The Road from Maryville
  • Author: Gabbo De La Parra
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 326
  • Format: ebook
  • 1 thought on “The Road from Maryville”

    1. Sorry but this one failed for me. A 1.5 at most While I kinda liked the story idea and was interested in why Cutler was holding a grudge against his big brother, (we never did get the full story), the way this was told had me not only rolling my eyes but cringing at the dialogue.The speed that Trenton and Hugh got together was to fast even for a short, but it was more the writers efforts to appear witty that really ruined this one for me. The over use of Aussie slang and the crass talk turned me [...]

    2. I've lived in Oz for thirty eight years and have never heard most of Hugh's 'Aussie-isms'. More research needed - and old Crocodile Hunter episodes are not counted as research - as this was bloody irritating.The story itself meh. It jumped around a lot and the characterisations were shallow. :(

    3. Sexist, biphobic, and badly written. A trifecta of awful, all wrapped up in a 12k bow that meant I wasted twenty minutes of my time reading this."It’s a crapshoot with bi’s― it can be cock this week and cunt the next.” Really? Really?

    4. So, how the two first meet, bugged me. I wasn't sure I would like to see the two of them 'work things out' and get together. But As the story progressed, the more I liked the two of them. I enjoyed watching them learn more about each other and slowly coming together as a couple. I really don't have a love for the brother I tried to like him. I did. I don't really hate him with a passion, but don't love him either. Plus, who was the one who red flagged Trenton in the first place?? *eyes wandering [...]

    5. Short, a little too sweet and a little Ick I mean seriously from one brother to another in the space of a weekend? Also there were a lot of holes in the story, but that is to be expected in a story of it's length. They went from hating each other to in bed professing undying love with NO explanation. Oh and the cover is just creepy. It was a quick read and worth some decent points plus it had flavored lube ;)

    6. It really irritates me when writers make Australians sound like they are from Crocodile Dundee. Hugh is supposedly educated! The constant use of "mates" and "dingoes" was ridiculous.

    7. This was a cute read. The story was alright. It moved a little fast and it would have been nice to slow down the story somewhat to savour the attraction between Trenton and Hugh. There wasn't much time to really connect with the characters, which understandably isn't easy to do with short stories.There's some attempts at establishing some back story between Trenton and his brother to show a reason for the tension but honestly, might as well have left it completely out. The story still made his b [...]

    8. This is a cute little story. Not a lot to it, but a fun quick read.I lived next door to Maryville for over 20 years, so it was nice to read a story that included something close to my old home. I do want to point out, for you furriners, that the town is properly pronounced "Murvuhl". I was a little sorry not to see that factoid included in the story. And the characters didn't even go to Gatlinburg, for shame! ;-D

    9. 3.5 - I enjoyed this funny story, the characters and the romance. Nice interpretation of the photo and the story letter. Thank you Gabbo De La Parra for donating your story, your time and your talent.

    10. Story jumps about, issues are never explained, tension all evaporates for make-out sessions.Didn't buy into the story - conveniently the book was free.And sorry but that is one ugly cover. Brunette looks like he's wearing Batman-esque sculptured torso armour.

    11. Two brothers, who apparently dislike each other but we're not really told why (but I kind of disliked both of them so it wouldn't be a stretch to understand why they didn't like each other), are going on a road trip to visit their mother. The youngest brother's ”flavor of the week” twink comes along for the ride, annoying brother dumps twink and leaves (with another twink) and slightly less annoying elder brother is stuck with annoying, dumped twink. So lots of ”annoyingness” to go aroun [...]

    12. So ok hugh and trenton didnt meet in a perfect scene and be love at first site this was an awkward why of meeting. Hugh is Trenton brother cutler twink i guess that a better word for it he walk in them. The brothers dont really like each other. They going home to see there mum. ANd hugh is going with them. Road-trip home one word i can say hellloll It was really funny moment Hugh is Australian, it just going to be fun. So i guess things could be worser then getting together with your brother twi [...]

    13. I really enjoyed this story of Trenton, a police officer, and Hugh, and Australian twink. They meet when Trenton comes home from work to Hugh screwing Trent's brother on his sofa. What an introduction! Humorous in spots, love the flavored everything, and hot mixed with sweet and snarky for the rest. Very entertaining.

    14. I really enjoyed this story!! The only real drawback for me were the sex scenes unfortunately - actually the scenes themselves were perfectly fine, I just had an issue with the word choices and phrases used. Other than that I don't have much to complain about ;-D

    15. These guys worked for me. I liked their banter and I liked the way they discovered each other.[NOTE: I rate most writing event stories (free reads) 4 or 5 stars because of my appreciation of the author's participation.]

    16. I liked it. It wasn't perfect but it entertained me. Though it felt unfinished and had some unresolved issues. I'd like to get the rest.

    17. Now that these guys have got together I am ready to hear the rest of the story. We need a whole novel full of their lives together. Dear author, start writing now!

    18. 3.5 stars - Entertaining short, Hugh and Trenton start with a strong dislike that turns to lust and eventually to love.

    19. The writing becomes very entertaining when you stop taking it seriously and I especially enjoyed the sex-scenes. Also it kept me wondering what an arsehole on an elbow would feel like.

    20. Fun story of a connection being made when you least expect it. And despite the circumstances and the potential for high drama things turn out really well.

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