Dirty London

All London Noble wanted out of her senior year of high school was anonymity The complete opposite of Jasmine, her emotionally unstable baby sister, London has worked hard to stay out of the spotlight.Then she discovers that Wade, one of the most popular guys in school, is gay like her and their new found closeness based around their shared secret has half the student bodyAll London Noble wanted out of her senior year of high school was anonymity The complete opposite of Jasmine, her emotionally unstable baby sister, London has worked hard to stay out of the spotlight.Then she discovers that Wade, one of the most popular guys in school, is gay like her and their new found closeness based around their shared secret has half the student body convinced they re hooking upd a lot of girls aren t happy about it Now she s been dubbed Dirty London Rumors are flying about her inability to keep her clothes on, and London is pretty sure she s developing a crush on the one girl who sees through it all If she could admit why stealing boyfriends is the last thing on her mind not to mention find out what s going on with Jasmine and her rapidly disappearing psych medications her life would be a much brighter place But if her and Wade s truth gets out, and if she doesn t find a way to help her sister, London faces losing a lot than her obscurity.
Dirty London All London Noble wanted out of her senior year of high school was anonymity The complete opposite of Jasmine her emotionally unstable baby sister London has worked hard to stay out of the spotlight

  • Title: Dirty London
  • Author: Kelley York
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. This book was surprisingly amazing. I'll be honest, I didn't really expect much — I'm not the biggest fan of YA stories, especially set in high school, and this didn't initially sound like the most interesting thing ever to me, but now I'm so very glad I read it.I wish it had been longer, not because I felt things were rushed at all, just because I would love to read much more about these characters.If there's one thing Dirty London reminded me of, it's that high school is hell and straight te [...]

    2. Actual Rating: 4.5 starsDirty London is included in Young Adult Hollywood's23 LGBT YA Books You Should Be Reading. This book is delightful, authentic with lots of things to offer. It has a strong emphasis on coming of out, as well as sexual identity, fantastic feminist movement, sister/family/friendship love with a little bit swooning.Dirty London easily become one of my favorite books this year. Mini review to come.

    3. Really loved this book. It's pretty rare for a YA to have a MC who is so self aware as London is. It's refreshing. The sister arc was well done. The beard arc was pretty cool too. Dunno. I guess I really just liked London. She's a cool person.

    4. Kelley York's books have all been on my to-read list for a while, and I've even bought one, but I just hadn't gotten to read any yet. Then I saw she'd released an f/f romance, and had to give it a shot. I ended up enjoying it a lot. In London, York's crafted a character who's a delightfully realistic mix of seeming contradictions - she wants desperately to blend in, but she's also fiercely strong. She consents to a plan that involves pretending she's straight, but she also never wavers in her co [...]

    5. I was super disappointed in this book! I read a really positive review by Cayce, so I immediately bought it (although of course I did not immediately read it because I have a problem with reading books I actually purchase).The first thing I was disappointed in was the main character, London. Even though this is told from first person POV, I was extremely detached from her the whole time. It was a little weird, since first person is usually so immersive, but it just wasn't in Dirty London.The sec [...]

    6. If you're looking for a good coming out story, look no further! This was honestly so great; the shippy stuff is on point, there's mild angst here and there, and the relationship between the MC and her sister totally made me cry multiple times. I desperately want a sequel novella a few years into the future *heart eyes emoji* I'll add a few more lines of my thoughts later, but truly, this one is worth reading!

    7. Dirty London is a different kind of coming of age story, because London needs to find herself again, deal with those who might not accept her, and fight to get her confidence back.This and all my other reviews are originally posted on my blog(un)Conventional Bookviews

    8. YesssssssssAfter a string of not-so-good novels, DIRTY LONDON is exactly what I needed. I can't even form a coherent thought because I just enjoyed this book so much. The characters were amazing and well rounded, the storyline was intriguing with great writing. I'll definitely be picking up more of Kelley's books.

    9. I liked this book a lot. It has everything one look in a YA book. Teenager drama, coming out, high school drama. I just wish it lasted a little bit more and that we could read about London and Amber.

    10. London Noble is a high school senior, who—unlike most of her counterparts—doesn’t want to be popular. She really just wants to fly under the radar, unnoticed, till she can graduate and move on. Her life is complicated by her younger sister, Jasmine, who is mentally unstable and doesn’t always take her meds. Add into the mix that she and her sister are polar opposites who have to share a room, plus London’s serious dislike of her estranged father, and you find one very stressed-out youn [...]

    11. 4.5I really loved this. The main highlight of this book was London's relationship with those around her. I loved her dynamic with her sister Jasmine. I loved her relationship with Amber and Wade. Really cute f/f story - definitely recommend.

    12. I really needed a casual, light read and I got it here. I really liked this book, and I especially liked the way Wade and London, a gay man and lesbian, were such close, intimate friends because I think a lot of media portrays us as opposites or as really disliking being around one another. Some of my most meaningful friendships are with gay men and so many gay men and lesbians I know have friendships of similar closeness. They're turned into a "joke" or an "opposites" thing far too often. A fri [...]

    13. "I am normal. I am a human being just as deserving of love and happiness as the next person. No, I am not the problem."Dirty London is a beautiful book that I believe everyone should read. It's light, short and lovely. London is such an amazing character that I really love and I believe everyone should read about her and her struggles. This book is about finding yourself, being true to who you are and standing up to people who would do anything to push you down. What is so amazing about London i [...]

    14. FAKE DATING THAT DOESN'T END THE WAY ALL OTHER FAKE DATING DOESThis book was great. London was is a wonderful character that knows who she is but just wants to fly under everyone's radar at school after being burned by a friend in middle school.She's adorable, awkward, and just super cute. Now TECHNICALLY, this is fake dating. BUT it's not fake dating that leads to the two of them falling in loved while I will forever and always love that trope, I loved this book so much for not going that route [...]

    15. Meh? Meh. I was specifically looking for a cute romance with lesbians but this was just too predictable and simple to satisfy me. The prose wasn't exciting enough to transform this into a quick afternoon read and if it wasn't so short I doubt I would have pushed through.

    16. I don't read YA anymore because it seems that everyone is following the same formula.Everyone except Kelley York!Dirty London is just another reason why I'm such a fan

    17. (April 4th, 2016)So, erm I may have stayed up until 6 a.m. in my need to finish a book again. *blush*This one is a pretty standard coming-out YA contemporary, though more focused on the main character and her relationships during her last year of high school than actually coming out. Where it sets itself apart from the rest is that a) it's kind of not badly written at all and b) its protagonist is actually a fully developed character who is just fine with who she is - so instead of completely un [...]

    18. As I write this review, I barely remember the story of Kelley York's Dirty London. I started reading the book with lots of enthusiasm and excitement, but when I got to the second half, my pace somehow slowed down and from then on, I just have a faint idea of what I read. The most important point, however, is that it was not the book, but me. I was way too occupied to give the book my hundred percent. Nevertheless, what I read and remember was simply too good. Unlike other Kelley York books that [...]

    19. Grade B-Nobody in London's conservative community knows she's lesbian. When she encounters a classmate at a Gay Pride event, they agree to pretend they're dating. At home she's juggling a younger sister who's refilling her anxiety medication much too often, a mom who works morning until night and a deadbeat drug addicted father. She's got a crush on a girl in drama club, too. Soon rumors begin to fly and not the kind of gossip a closeted lesbian teenager expects.London is an easy character to ro [...]

    20. Probably the best YA I read this year. It reminded me of how I felt after reading Forgive Me If I've Told You This Before, in a way it made me happy teens now have access to stories such as this one. I loved how London was self aware, centered, and fun without sounding like an adult. I was proud of her throughout the whole ordeal and how she handled the situations at school and with her family as well. It's been a couple of weeks since I've read this one but I still think about it, which is why [...]

    21. Kelley York always has a good story to tell, and Dirty London is no different! Though Hushed is still my favourite of hers, this book was still a good, quick read.(view spoiler)[I loved how in the end Jazz and London got along more. I also loved how London dealt with her father when he turned up at their door yeah, I'm pretty sure I'd do the same if mine ever turned up.And, what, no deaths this time, Kelley? ;-) (hide spoiler)]Dirty London is well worth a read, so just go buy it, okay? Okay.

    22. I was able to borrow this through the Kindle Lending Library, and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. It came on my radar when GR recommended it based on my reading Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel, and this was actually a much better book. The author did a great job of exploring all the relationships in London's life, which made it really compelling.

    23. I had a huge doubt starting this but I ended up happy about it.I just have to point out how I love London, she blew me away after a few chapters.Thank you the focus was not only on sexuality, but also on family relationships with no link with London's sexuality (yaaay) and friendships. I may have ship a couple after a while so hard that I shocked myself ahahNIce novella to read ^-^

    24. gayte (gay great)this was a solid book!! good characters, good plot, good relationships, good development. it took on good themes like being closeted & slut shaming, and dealt with them amazingly. my only criticism is that the character being called london had me imagining london tipton from suite life all the way trough

    25. Wow. Just Wow I am amazed at this author and her capability to write such beautiful words. I could relate to so, so much that London went through. I could FEEL what she felt, could understand her, could love her easily. Kelley York, you should never stop writing. I cried at points, I laughed at others. That is how much this book affected me. Absolutely awesomely fantabulous.

    26. Excellent! Really well written with great characters all around. There were a lot of unexpected twists and turns that kept the story all the more interesting and fun to read. I read it in one sitting. Highly recommend.

    27. This book is good. Nice StoryI like the attitude of London.This book makes you to realise things in this world.Self Acceptance, Self confidence, Real Friendship, Family Issues.And what Matter most

    28. I love how this was written. Once I started reading it I just couldn't put it down. I felt like I was London; going through the same things, experiencing the same things, and feeling the same as she did throughout the book. Not once did my interest wane and I could seriously hug my friend who gifted this book to me. Thank you so much for this!!! On top of it being a cute story, it's also one I would love to have my daughter read when she gets older. This isn't one I'll forget any time soon.

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